As She Fades by Abbi Glines

As She Fades

From the #1 New York Times- and USA Today-bestselling author of the Rosemary Beach and The Vincent Boys series, Abbi Glines delivers another smoldering, compulsively readable YA romance with As She Fades. On the night of her high school graduation, Vale McKinley and her boyfriend Crawford are in a terrible car accident that leaves Crawford in a coma. They were supposed to spend the summer planning for college, for a bright future full of possibil...

Details As She Fades

TitleAs She Fades
Release DateApr 3rd, 2018
PublisherFeiwel Friends
GenreRomance, New Adult, Contemporary

Reviews As She Fades

  • Sabrina
    PRE-ORDER Amazon US * Amazon UK3.5 StarsReview to come.ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.
  • Read InAGarden
    After reading the other reviews, I am glad I gave up on this book before the "major plot twist". It wouldn't have made sense to me and would have made the time I put into reading that much less worthwhile. I found the one-note main character very hard to relate to.
  • Sam Kozbial
    Rating: 3.5 StarsI have now read 28 books by Abbi Glines, and I keep coming back to her, time after time, because she fills a certain reading need of mine. Though this book was a lot lower drama than her previous books, it still had many of Glines' signature elements, which never fail to delight me.•Pro: One of my favorite things in this book was the family focus. Vale was the youngest of five, with four protective older brothers and loving, pr...
  • Michelle (Michelle's Book Ends) Shealy
    "Everything was different now. I was lost. Alone. I didn't know how to find myself. I needed Crawford. Knox worrying about me liking the wrong guy was ridiculous. I loved Crawford and I had my entire life. A pretty smile and incredible eyes weren't going to change that. I wasn't shallow."...Vale and Crawford met as children. From friendship to a plan of life long commitment. The whole world was before them. Until the night of graduation, when an ...
  • Brooklyn Tayla
    I was sent an advanced reader’s copy of this book by Pan Macmillan Australia in exchange for an honest review. This does not impact my thoughts on the book at all. Okay, so I did like this book, Vale was a lovely main character, very sweet, she loved her family and her boyfriend, and was shattered when he became comatose after a tragic accident. I found myself feeling sad for her, but I’m glad she decided to do something for herself and allo...
  • Katie (Lost in Pages)
    This was my first dive into an Abbi Glines book, and I doubt I’ll do it again. The writing was super trivial and childish, and the plot made no damn sense. It felt like two novellas crammed into one story, and the author tried to make some connections between the two. I would’ve much preferred the story to just continue with what happened in Part One, but even then, I would’ve given it maybe 2 stars. Vale was a hypocritical and stoic charac...
  • Teresa
    This was my second time reading Abbi Glines and I already know that I am going to find all her backlist and devour it...she knows how to write a wonderful, steamy romance! This book in particular had a nice twist that I didn't see coming but one that I loved so much. Without getting into too much detail I will say that I am now crushing hard on Slate...I think I have found my new book boyfriend :) Grab this book as soon as it comes out if you are...
  • Amy
    I'm going to start with what I liked about this book: Slate Allen. He is multi-faceted, well-developed, and captivating. You will be far more worried about what becomes of Slate than you will about what becomes of Vale and Crawford. I liked how Abbi Glines wrote him, and I liked the way she showed his growth and maturity. He is fabulous.I liked the plot twist. I thought it made the book more interesting, and I looked forward to what Glines would ...
  • Victoria Kennedy
    It’s beautiful & I want more FULL REVIEW TO COME NEXT WEEK!
  • Bickering Book Reviews
    For a more in-depth review watch: book felt like a basic coming of age/going off to college book but the lack of character development and slut shaming with male chauvinism made this book disappointing.We received an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
  • Amy
    Review to come!
  • Rachel
    I had expected something very different when beginning this book. Something a bit heavier given the description. I liked the main character, Vale, but had a tough time with the first 60%. With a lifelong boyfriend in a coma I expected much more heartbreak about moving on. The pace felt very quick with just how fast Vale accepted life without Crawford and it seemed as if things were added in the moment to make him less likable, yet it didn’t fee...
  • Terri
    ****Some Spoilers follow****OK story but did not understand the 2 halves of the book. It was as if the author thought of 2 different ways to tell a story and couldn't decide which way to go so did both. The book starts with Vale and her boyfriend in a car accident. He is left in a coma. Vale struggles to get on with her life but finally does, ends up going away to college, meeting someone new and starts a new relationship. The second half has Val...
  • Caitlin Audet
    You know you absolutely love an author when you're intrigued with a story before you read the blurb. As She Fades by Abbi Glines first popped up quite a while ago and I've been waiting for the release ever since. I was lucky to win an advanced copy so of course I had to read asap.As She Fades to me is like a wise older person who has seen and done it all. This book really put me in the shoes of the characters and got me truly thinking what I woul...
  • Lisa
    I will say it’s been a minute since I’ve read a book by Author Abbi Glines. And to be honest, I was missing her work. She’s one of those authors that writes characters that you either absolutely LOVE or absolutely HATE. With this book, it was no different. I was quite taken with the first half of the book. See it’s broken into two parts. Let’s call the first half, fast paced with a curve ball like no other, but also fast paced where I l...
  • Stacie (Shy Book Nerd)
    Actual rating: 4.5I thought this was a beautiful story about finding ones self. Vale is single for the first time in over ten years and she’s learning to deal with how to be herself again. Her boyfriend, Crawford was really controlling and although he wasn’t abusive or anything Vale didn’t know how to act on her own. She always did what he wanted to do. I thought it was brave of her to move on. In steps Slate, Mr. Playboy. He was the epitom...
  • Briana
    Won an ARC from Goodreads giveaways. I thought this was going to be your typical contemporary romance and that I had predicted the whole thing before I even started reading. But my god was I in for a surprise. The twist halfway through was hands down one of the best I’ve seen in a while and for that alone it got bumped from three to four stars. Seriously give this one a read. It’s not your typical romance novel.
  • Take Me Away To A Great Read
  • Christy
    Well that was an emotional roller coaster!
  • Taylor Fenner
    4.5 or 5 Stars! I'm still processing part 2 of this book. Review to come!
  • Lauren
    Abbi Glines is one of my guilty pleasure authors. Her books are fun, fast paced, and incredibly romantic, and I devour them as quickly as I would a box of my favorite chocolates. Her Rosemary Beach series is actually one of the only series I've read from start-to-finish. Therefore, when my wish for As She Fades, Abbi's latest YA, was granted on Netgalley, I was beyond excited. It was the best pre-Valentine's gift ever, and despite the April relea...
  • Jaime
    **3.75 Stars!**When I first started reading this book, I felt like everything was very rushed. I liked the storyline and I liked the characters a lot actually.Vale was any of us that experienced "young love". She went to the hospital every single day and sat in the waiting room until it was her time to go in to visit Crawford. I know some people had an issue with it, but if it were my husband or boyfriend, I would have done the same thing. ESPECI...
  • Carolyn
    rating: 3.5ok first of all, i know the goodreads synopsis for this book currently describes it as YA... it's definitely New Adult. there are a few pretty descriptive sex scenes and several discussions about sex that are pretty vulgar.anyway: thank you Macmillan for sharing an ARC of AS SHE FADES! here are my very honest thoughts. I have only read an ARC version so please let me know if anything I mention has been changed in the final copy.this bo...
  • Jeraca
    I received this free eARC novel from Edelweiss in exchange for my honest review. Vale has been dating Crawford since she was 6 years old - a 12 year relationship under her belt already. Now, it's graduation night, and they are going to have the best time in college come fall. Even though the college they are going to wasn't Vale's first pick, she wants to be with Crawford and he got a full ride scholarship for football there. Vale will find thing...
  • Jerilyn
    Holy wow double rainbows 🌈 🌈 unicorns 🦄 in the ☁ sky! This booook I was so intensely caught up in the story I didn’t realize it was the end! Y’all! That is when you know the book is amaze balls!!!!! Swooooon I am still reeling! It was perfect, pure and heart wrenching! I love how developed and mature the characters were! I love that they don’t play games. They are honest and it is soooo refreshing! I did not see that twist coming...
  • Kelli Spear
    This premise caught my interest the second I read it. Add to that the beautiful cover, and I decided it was a book I couldn’t miss. This isn’t even close to my first Abbi Glines book. Far from it. I have loved some of her past stories and I hoped to add As She Fades to that list. The story is enjoyable. I think part one can be redundant at times since its focus is Vale being worried about her boyfriend waking up from the coma. She does a lot ...
  • Samantha
    I received an eARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review!I've liked quite a few of Abbi Glines past books, so I was excited to get an ARC for this one. I dove right in, and I think I've formed a pretty good idea of what I liked and didn't like about this one. Honestly I didn't like it as well as some of her past work, which was a little bit disappointing I must admit.The front half of this book was enjoyable. I loved the ba...