Paper Girls, Vol. 3 (Paper Girls, #3) by Brian K. Vaughan

Paper Girls, Vol. 3 (Paper Girls, #3)

The multiple Eisner and Harvey Award-winning series from BRIAN K. VAUGHAN and CLIFF CHIANG continues, as newspaper deliverers Erin, Mac and Tiffany finally reunite with their long-lost friend KJ in an unexpected new era, where the girls must uncover the secret origins of time travel... or risk never returning home to 1988. Collects issues 11 through 15!

Details Paper Girls, Vol. 3 (Paper Girls, #3)

TitlePaper Girls, Vol. 3 (Paper Girls, #3)
Release DateAug 8th, 2017
PublisherImage Comics
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Science Fiction, Fiction, Time Travel, Graphic Novels Comics

Reviews Paper Girls, Vol. 3 (Paper Girls, #3)

  • karen
    so, i’m enjoying this series, inasmuch as i am still intrigued by what the heck is happening, but this issue is just more questions with no resolution to previous questions and no real indication that the story is heading in a direction where we can gather our breaths and start making progress towards anything resembling a cohesive storyline. this issue is a mix of past, present, and “other” where harsh truths are spoke, albeit in bewilderi...
  • Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin
    Still loving it!
  • David Schaafsma
    It's like all of the eighties Sci-Fi adventures, all of them, all at once. With twelve-year-old girls Erin, Mac and Tiffany finally reuniting with their long-lost friend KJ. Three volumes, three different settings, girls in peril, but no, they are not helpless victims, but ass-kickers.All the gleeful pop references we come to expect from Vaughn: Hitchhiker’s Guide, Bam Bam, Crankshaft, Calvin and Hobbes, Cathy, Stephen King, and on and on. And ...
  • April (Aprilius Maximus)
  • Shannon
    I honestly think the author might be pulling ideas out of a hat instead of having a coherent plan for where the plot will go. Last issue sealed it for me—I'm abandoning this series. I just don't know what it's trying to be anymore and I'm either confused or annoyed after each issue.Individual issue reviews: #11 | #12 | #13 | #14 | #15Total review score: 1.8
  • Donovan
    No joke, Paper Girls is my all time favorite on-going series. It's fucking fun. It's just crazy fun zany fantasy. And the thing is, Vaughan is building to a pretty good mystery. I really wanna know where this is going. And I'm fascinated by the development that's happening with the characters. The artwork is industry best. Cliff Chiang's illustrations are bold and iconic, and paired with Matt Wilson's eye-watering colors, this shit is top notch. ...
  • Kate (GirlReading)
    I am loving this series so much. I'm just mad at myself right now for thinking there were more volumes out because the wait from now until next year is going to be so painful!! Having said that, it would have been impossible for me to not binge read this series. It's so incredibly addictive and fast paced, I've already read it twice over! I adore the artwork, the characters and the utterly bizarre plot line, that doesn't always make sense or seem...
  • Sarah
    Another great volume! If this series keeps turning out awesome volumes like this one, this could turn into another one of my favourite comic series. I love the story, the writing, the girls, the illustrations and the colours. I still can't believe I went from rating the first volume 2 stars to rating the second and third volumes 4 stars. I'm really impressed with this and I can't wait for the next one! I would definitely recommend this.
  • Kaitlin
    This one is the volume which is on the shortlist for #BooktubeSFF 2018 and so I just read through the first two volumes so I could move on to this one. First up, I am definitely happy I got these from the library, as this series just isn't one I am a big fan of. I find this too all over the place, and a bit backwards in regards to some of the decisions with the speech of the characters. I know it's set in the 80s, but I find it just too cringe-wo...
  • Lauren
    3.5 starsHmmmmm...this volume of Paper Girls didn't really captivate me as the previous two. I can completely understand why some people don't like this series and at times it strikes me that Vaughan is literally making the plot up as he goes along. I think for me this volume lacked excitement and there weren't as many twists as I would have liked. The artwork was still top-notch (as always) and the colouring was beautiful but plot-wise, Paper Gi...
  • Chad
    Now the girls have entered prehistoric caveman times. I love the 80's references, especially when they ripped on Cathy. I think everyone feels the same way about that terrible comic strip. Vaughan does tie up one little timey-wimey thing with the field hockey stick. We also meet the inventor of time travel. Still loving the series and looking forward to see where the Paper girls are headed next.
  • Crystal Starr Light
    Bullet Review:I'm of two minds about this:1) I love it. The same way I loved "Ready Player One" with its cheesy 80's nostalgia vibe, I love this. I can't wait to see what happens next.2) I don't think Vaughan even knows what's happening next, and this will be a trainwreck of the likes of LOST.I kinda need to read this from the beginning, because I can barely even remember where this began. But I'm going to ride out the first mind as long as I can...
  • Auntie Terror
    This series continues to grip me. Admittedly, it gets weirder and weirder, and it's hard to remember that the girls were actually paper delivery girls in the beginning. But it has an amazing story unfolding, and slowly we start getting clues as to what might have happened between the original timeline of the girls and the future timeline and its inhabitants which they get into contact with.As I said before, if you know what a demogorgon is and wi...
  • Tom Ewing
    While the exact plot of Paper Girls remains inscrutable, three arcs is enough to get a handle on what the series does and how it feels. What it does, so far at least, is have its single volumes follow a simple structure within an overall architecture we're only seeing in glimpses. How it feels is awesome.So this third volume does the same things the first two did. The girls arrive in a new setting and figure out its rules: when it is, who they ca...
  • Manisha
    It's still interesting... The world is creative and the world building is AMAZING! But I'm still confused. I don't understand what's happening.
  • britt_brooke
    This was decent. I have to admit that I'm a little confused, but I think I'm supposed to be. I still really loved the duo-chromatic (is this a real term? 🤷🏼♀) scenes. The story is compelling enough that I'll read the next volume when it's published. This was decent. I have to admit that I'm a little confused, but I think I'm supposed to be. I still really loved the duo-chromatic (is this a real term? 🤷🏼‍♀️) scenes. The stor...
  • ☽ MaryJane ✨
    Honestly I could probably copy and paste my review for volume 2, and drop it here. The art continues to wow me and the plot continues to confuse me (in an I’m entertained and need to know whats going on kind of way). But overall volume 3 was just a lot more fun and entertaining than vol 2. Unfortunately we still don’t get many clear answers here, but the story doesn’t prompt any new questions in this volume, so I personally was fine with th...
  • Darinda
    The girls travel back in time, to a prehistoric era. They meet a girl running from the madmen of her tribe that are after her baby. Also, monsters. Weird and action packed fun.Volume 3 contains issues 11-15.
  • Erica
    Honestly, I have no idea why I like this series so well.I still don't know what it's about.I mean, I do know what it's about on a general plotline level, but I don't know what it's about and it's such a mish-mash of everything.This particular installment is slow and it drops us all in the Pleistocene era on maybe not even our planet. There's a young woman and her baby running from the baby's 3 fathers who are these muscled mud men of DOOOOOM. Or ...
  • Perry Gough
    This series has got worse after starting so well. Vaughan and Chang are excellent but the series is abit boring now.
  • Stewart Tame
    This series is still going strong. I'm often leery of stories involving time travel because they're so easy to do badly. They're often either overly convoluted to the point of confusion, or just stale retreads of plots that have been done countless times before. Vaughan avoids both pitfalls, delivering one of the best time travel stories I've ever read. Okay: the ending of the volume with the girls getting dumped into a fresh situation, seemingly...
  • Elizabeth A
    I think I might need one of those universal translator thingies so I can figure out what the heck is going on here. Every installment has the four girls and their future selves in different times and places, and this one is the craziest of them all so far. Are we in the future or the past? Does it matter? Time folds in on itself in dizzying ways, but the art continues to be really good, the girls continue to be brave and work on figuring out what...
  • ellie
    i'm giving this 5 stars even tho the plot is a little all over the place because i love soft gay girls still my heart. girlfriends kissing in pastel coloring? please. please. im deadanyway i LOVE the new characters too. i bet the next one will be better and ill have to lower this to 4 but that kiss deserved an extra star anyway sooo..p.s. GOD I LOVE THE COLORING OF THIS SERIES
  • Tink Magoo is bad at reviews
  • MadameMelli
    Weitere versprochene ausführliche Review :Dür eine ausführliche Rezension fehlen mir spontan die Worte.Gedankenfetzen: ich liebe die Anspielungen. Babelfische, Handtuch vergessen. Vaughn denkt Apple auf ein ganz neues Niveau. (Ich werde trotzdem oder gerade deswegen nie ein Apple-Fan sein/werden) Diversity! Mitten in der Vergangenheit wird offen über die Periode der Frau geredet. Schuhe, die coole Fun...
  • Love B.
    Booktube-A-Thon read. Even if this volume was my least favorite I'm still excited for the rest of the series!
  • Chris Lemmerman
    Do you want answers about what the hell is going on? Look elsewhere, because you will get precisely zero in this volume.Instead, we get a prehistoric adventure for the girls as they fight dinosaurs, cavemen, a time traveller from the 2050s, and teenage problems.That sounds a little boring, but I can guarantee you that it is not. The dialogue between these characters feels extremely real, and the relationships that are developing between them are ...
  • Janani
  • Stuart
    Paper Girls, Vol. 3: Story Shifts to A New Direction EntirelyOriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureThis is the third volume of Brian K. Vaughan’s Paper Girls, and if you thought you were starting to get a handle on where the story was headed, think again…[SPOILER TERRITORY AHEAD – DON’T READ UNLESS YOU’VE READ VOLUMES ONE AND TWO]The four paper girls are reunited in a completely new place somewhere far off in the future or past, and ru...
  • Jeraviz
    Lo que consigue Vaughan es muy curioso. No te enteras de lo que está pasando, cuando te da alguna pista hace un giro argumental y te vuelve a dejar con la boca abierta, y aún así, paso las páginas embobado con la historia dándome igual lo que me cuenta.