Sex Criminals, Vol. 4 by Matt Fraction

Sex Criminals, Vol. 4

Everybody's favorite sex-having, time-freezing, bank-robbing crew of lovable love-misfits come together and ask themselves the big question: are we still into this? THE ANSWER MIGHT SURPRISE YOU (if you think the answer is no). -Part romance, part sex comedy, and part heist drama, [SEX CRIMINALS] manages to turn a story about two lovers who rob banks with orgasms into the most emotionally realistic and relatable sex comic ever made.- -- Wired Mag...

Details Sex Criminals, Vol. 4

TitleSex Criminals, Vol. 4
Release DateOct 3rd, 2017
PublisherImage Comics
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Fantasy, Adult

Reviews Sex Criminals, Vol. 4

  • Kevin Kelsey
    It's slightly meandering at this point, but still such a great comic. I'm enjoying all the new(er) secondary characters, and the trajectories they're heading toward.Also, Matt and Chip actually published five comics in six consecutive months, after the one issue that came out last year, I'm super proud of them.
  • Sam Quixote
    This comic. This fucking comic. Sex Crimz is back on form with the brilliantly titled Volume 4: Fourgy!Story-wise there isn’t much happening and that’s my only complaint about this book. Essentially it’s still Sex Criminals vs Sex Cops but there’s barely any conflict between them here. Kegelface fucks with Ana’s teaching job and… that’s it.But that doesn’t mean it’s a slow read either because the character stuff is really good. ...
  • Artemy
    Sex Crimbos are back!.. But, unfortunately, not quite with a bang (hehe, bang).Jon and Suzie keep having troubles in their relationship, the shrink (Doug? Dave?) finds a new love interest, Ana Kincaid goes to a porn convention to make a quick (and embarrassing) buck, Kegelface is still Kegelface, and there's a new cum-time-stopper in town. In other words, we have a filler volume! It does pick up the pace and goes heavy on the emotions close to th...
  • Anthony
    Delays are hurting this a bit, especially since I'm reading it in singles, but I still enjoy it whenever it does come out. This is more "serious" and less funny arc, shit is getting real for the characters. It's still good though.
  • Maggie Gordon
    Sex Criminals consistently manages to talk about sex and relationships in a surprisingly nuanced fashion for a story that involves being able to stop time through orgasms. Volume 4 gets us deeper into the characters, but I must admit that I felt like the story is dragging. Jon has problems. Shocking. We're not really digging into them, but wallowing in what we already know. Suzie is sick of this shit, good on her. Dr. Kincaid and Dave go on a dat...
  • Samantha
    I have SO MANY FEELINGS about this volume! Stay tuned for a review on Rogues Portal , as well as a fuller, more emotional review here!
  • Erin
    This one was deep. (pun intended)
  • Carolyn
    Suzie and Jon continue to struggle to maintain an actual relationship that's not based purely around sex and for awhile, they actually seem to be succeeding. After the confrontation with the two others who share the same "ability" they decide that maybe they should try and avoid the Sex Police and try to lead normal lives. The reader is happy to see them happy, to see them setting goals and achieving them, really making a life together. But then,...
  • Surly
    The enfants terribles of the comics world are now out with the fourth volume of their profane full-frontal sex adventure. Overall the series is very good: Volumes 1 and 2 are highly recommended, both funny and thoughtful, while Volume 3 tended to get a bit reflexive and . . . self-indulgent. Even so, Volume 4 was a mandatory pickup.Like the previous volumes, there's plenty of frank exploration of relationships and mental health, and Jon's struggl...
  • Noah Appelbaum
    This volume was almost entirely interpersonal relationship development. I wouldn't go so far as to call it "filler," because I think overall it's all important stuff to the arc of the comic, but it's a little bit of a buzz kill to have it all jammed into one volume. The main Jon and Suzie plot feels like it's spinning its wheels, but I guess we'll see where we end up. The art is still really great, and the dialogue heavy "action" is totally carri...
  • Jacquelyn
    I've read all the individual issues, so I can't review any additional materials they'll include in the GN, and I don't know what they'll leave out. What I can say is that Sex Criminals continues to be one of the best stories available, of any genre, of any medium. In addition to the honesty that's been present since issue #1, it also self-examines and tries to correct any inherent biases that inevitably find their way in. It's irreverent and sens...
  • Kyle
    Too much time has passed and I've forgotten who some of the characters are or how they figure into the plot but I still really enjoy this series. I almost wish I had a digital edition so I could zoom in on some of the background gags.I'll have to re-read the series soon and definitely before I volume 5 comes out.
  • Sarah
    I genuinely love this series and am always so happy when the next volume is released! I should wait and take my time because I know it will be a while before #5 comes out, but I can’t help it! The ending bummed me out but I look forward to next time!
  • Jamie Sigal
    Still one of the best books around, but I feel like the story is starting to slow down and this volume ended on kind of a down note. I'll be sticking around for sure, but I seem to be hitting the refractory zone a lot faster than I used to.
  • Mackenzie Doss
    Dirty, hilarious, insightful. I shouldn't have to say more before you go buy this series.
  • Regina
    Kind of a filler.
  • Nicole Michele
    This is more of a 3.5... Sex Criminals is still one of my favorite comics but this volume felt like filler for sure.
  • Ellissa
  • Carlyn
    This was...OK. I still really enjoy the artwork but I think alongside the slight staleness of the story I've also outgrown the series.
  • Jeroen Nijs
    Stiekem hoop ik bij elk nieuw deel dat het net zo goed is als het eerste. Dat wil niet niet zeggen dat dit deel slecht is, en het is zeker beter dan het vorige deel, maar toch mist er iets.
  • Meghan
    Not my favorite volume? Lots of angst and questions in this one. Read in singles.