Peter & Ernesto by Graham Annable

Peter & Ernesto

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TitlePeter & Ernesto
Release DateApr 10th, 2018
PublisherFirst Second
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Animals, Adventure, Childrens, Comics

Reviews Peter & Ernesto

  • Erica
    Peter and Ernesto are sloths and BFFs. Their favorite pastime is hanging out at the top of the tree, finding shapes in the clouds while snacking on hibiscus flowers.One day, Ernesto realizes he loves his friend and his tree and the sky and everything else but he also knows there are more pieces of sky to see. He decides to follow his curiosity, promising Peter he'll be back soon.Peter is a worrywart who does not like to take risks, who is comfort...
  • Lauren
    My new favorite graphic novel for young readers! Think a mix of Burt and Ernie, Finding Nemo, Mo Willems, and SLOTHS!!
  • Erica
    A cute story that will appeal to younger children. This is a good one for the themes of friendship and bravery. The art was delightful.
  • Annie
    Sweet and funny. Evokes comparisons to Frog and Toad before Frog became a little overbearing and Toad started getting all resentful (which is not meant as a burn on the Frog and Toad books which I love deeply and with my whole heart). Both my kids enjoyed Peter and Ernesto. My daughter (five) gave it two thumbs up. Seriously. This is how she responds when I ask her how what she thinks about books. With her thumbs. My son (nine) took it to school ...
  • Hannah
    Move over Frog & Toad... here come Peter & Ernesto. Hilariously deadpan and goofily sweet, this great beginning reader graphic novel will make readers want to drop everything (except, maybe, this book) to make cloud pictures and star gaze.
  • Sabrina
    Ernesto is a very unusual sloth, he is not at all slow or lazy like the other animals think he is. In fact he decides he wants to see all of the sky so he goes off on an adventure, leaving poor Peter behind.
  • Jillian Heise
    Bravery, friendship, humor, helping others, and a couple of sloths. This was too fun. A perfect early graphic novel for my transitional readers. They're going to love giggling with this one.
  • Judith
    super cute!
  • Mary Lee
    What we won't do for our friends!! Great graphic novel for beginning readers.
  • Molly
    Peter and Ernesto are best friends who are usually content to hang around their tree and cloud picture. Ernesto, though, decides he'd like to see a little more of the great big sky, so he sets off on an adventure -- an adventure that leads Peter to worry about him and set off after him! Both sloths have their own sorts of adventure in this delightful graphic novel, which is rife with deadpan, dry humor. Pretty delightful.
  • Earl
    Two friends are separated when one of them has wanderlust. Can they find their way back to one another?This first in a new early chapter graphic novel series will be perfect as a read-aloud with all its silly songs and fun friendship storyline.
  • Josh
    How does a teacher reinforce the fact that sometimes we need to go outside our comfort zones to learn more? Perhaps by using sloths?Ernesto and Peter are the odd couple of sloths. Ernesto likes to explore. Peter likes to stay at home. But both end up learning a great deal more about the world, and themselves, in this journey that takes them to encounters with a musically inclined whale, an encouraging macaw, a wise camel, some singing monkeys, a ...
  • Barbara
    Sloths might seem to be unlikely characters for a graphic novel adventure story, but because the two featured here are so different, the story works well. Best friends Peter and Ernesto love living in their tree and enjoying the simple things in life, but Ernesto gets the wanderlust and longs to see what else is out there. But Peter is too afraid to venture out of his leafy comfort zone. He stays home while Ernesto has several adventures and take...
  • Tasha
    Peter and Ernesto are two sloths who are best friends and live together in the same tree. They spend their days looking at clouds, eating snacks and singing songs. Then one day, Ernesto realizes that he wants to see more of the sky than that above their tree. So he sets off on an adventure. He has to cross a shaky bridge and a river, then find a way across the ocean. Ernesto makes friends along the way, discovering oceans, mountains, deserts and ...
  • Linda
    I love sloths, so when I saw this title, I knew I had to read it. These two are great friends, but you know how sloths act, they hang around, seeming to do very little. This time, Ernesto decides to do something different, he sets off to see "all of the sky", not just the small piece that they see all the time. Peter is not interested but cannot persuade Ernesto to stay. What happens in the adventures of them both is told in a graphic novel forma...
  • Melissa
    So, so cute and it had me laughing at many a turn! Ernesto is itching for adventure and decides to go off exploring! Peter is much more content to stay at home in their treetop, but reluctantly follows after to make sure Ernesto stays safe (read: doesn't get eaten by a bear). Ernesto goes on epic adventures across ocean and desert and tundra and meets many a friend along the way to share in his journeys. Peter makes it partway, nervously traversi...
  • Rachel
    Some sloths will spend years living in the same tree. So what happens when one (Ernesto) decides that he is no longer content and wants to see all the pieces of sky and not just the one above him in the tree he shares with his best friend Peter? Peter, happy making up songs and cloud gazing in their tree, is terrified when his friend sets out on this adventure and imagines all sorts of horrible tragedies befalling him. Will Peter find the courage...
  • Ashley
    Peter an Ernesto are two best-sloth-friends who live together in a tree. They've never left before, until one day, Ernesto gets curious and decides that he's going to go off and see all the different bits of sky there is to see. Peter is much more cautious and nervous than Ernesto - he'd rather stay home in their familiar tree. But, fearing for Ernesto, Peter sets out to follow him, and together they have some grand and absolutely adorable advent...
  • Erin
    Two sloths having an adventure? Who would have thought? Ernesto decides he wants to see every bit of sky and takes off to go see it! His best friend is worried he will be eaten by a bear and doesn't want him to go. Ernesto runs off anyway (sloths running...). Along the way he meets all sorts of animals who help him discover different types of sky. Peter decides he will find Ernesto to bring him back safe and scares himself along the way. He also ...
  • Becky
    Sloths Peter and Ernesto are best friends spending all their time together in a tree. But everything changes when Ernesto decides he want to see the world and goes on an adventure to discover new things. Peter is left behind and must decide if he is going to stay in the safety of his tree or be brave and venture out into the world.This was a super cute graphic novel that beginning reader will enjoy. Plus, the message of overcoming your fears is a...
  • Christine
    I was super excited to read this story, as it was written by nearby Sheridan College grad, however I couldn't get into this title. I wanted to enjoy it because the illustrations and sloths were so darling, but the story simply didn't engage well enough. The comic frame format was very choppy in e-book format, so perhaps it is better to view in full book format. The dialog was not enough to hold my son's attention. This one was a miss, but I will ...
  • FrumpBurger
    Adorable little book about two sloth buddies, Peter and Ernesto. Peter is content in the treetops, cloud watching with his best pal, Ernesto. But Ernesto wants more--he wants to see the whole sky. When Ernesto takes off on a journey, Peter worries, but his friend is off having the time of his life, seeing the sea and the desert and the Northern Lights. Cute drawings and a story full of fun animals and adventure. Would be great for small children,...
  • Ana Calabresi
    I absolutely loved it! Very nice graphic novel for kids about two sloths and the most unlikely adventure they had. Ernesto wanted to see the whole sky and leaves the comfort of his tree to search for new places. Peter is afraid to join his friend, but soon follows Ernesto to try to protect him from danger. Super cute friendship story, overcoming fears and having a great time. Looking forward to more!Thanks to Netgalley for the advanced reader cop...
  • Chris
    "Adventure" means different things to different people. Carefree Ernesto wants to experience all the things and sets off to do so. Peter is terrified of anything new, so following just a wee bit of Peter's route is far more adventurous for him than Peter's experience of limitless roaming.Wonderfully expressive artwork, limited text, and unironic humor make this a delightful graphic novel tale for young readers.
  • Sophia
    I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I really, really liked this. It was cute and positive. The illustrations were simple but attractive. This is a graphic novel for kids but I think that it will prove to be very popular for adults too! I have already recommended this to friends and family.
  • Tracey
    *Reviewed from uncorrected e-galley.*children's graphic fiction (talking sloths go on adventures). I loved this! Such a sweet friendship between the two sloths, and so many charming characters met during their adventures when one of them decides he needs to see the rest of the sky. Another quality story from First Second.
  • Sarah
    I love sloths, so of course I wanted to read this. It literally took me less than ten minutes. It's pretty cute, very simple, so definitely good for a beginning graphic novel reader. It's a nice little story about going out of your comfort zone and finding adventure.Thanks to the publisher for a digital advance reader's copy, provided via NetGalley.
  • Erin
    Adorable children's comic about two sloths, Peter and Ernesto, and their very un-sloth-like adventure. Ernesto decides he must go off to see the whole sky. His friend Peter gets worried about him and goes off after him. I'd hand this to any patron who likes slightly silly stories and has either just started or is almost ready for chapter books.