Science Comics by Joe Flood

Science Comics

For over 400 million years, sharks have been the ocean's top predator! They're vital to our ecosystem, but their importance is often overshadowed by our own fear—even though they hardly ever threaten humans.Dive in for an intimate look at the dynamic hammerhead, infamous great white, primordial megalodon, and the gentle nurse shark, the rare species that will let a scuba diver pet them! This book is filled to the gills with jaw-dropping illustr...

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TitleScience Comics
Release DateApr 17th, 2018
PublisherFirst Second
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Science, Animals, Nonfiction, Comics

Reviews Science Comics

  • Faith Tydings
    This is such an amazing, informative, fun way to introduce sharks, and all there is to know about sharks, to kids. Great book series!
  • Jeimy
    This is my first book from the Science Comics series, but it won't be the last. It is comprehensive, but presented in just the right way to keep young readers engaged.
  • Ann
    Way better than I was expecting.super cute series - just the right balance of silly jokes and real science facts. Kids should really enjoy them and will actually learn something.Perfect for reading during commercials while watching Shark Week :)
  • Kirsteen
    This was an interesting book. It is a fact book about sharks in the style of a comic book- no photos all drawings. Personally as a teacher, I prefer the traditional fact-file style book as they are clear and useful when teaching children new genres. However, I can imagine certain children loving this style.It's colourful with lots of types of sharks in drawings. The information is 'bite-sized' because it is in windows of the comics. It is a littl...
  • Maximilian Lee
    I LOVED this book because it was very Very VERY informative. It had TONS of information in it. It was about sharks. In this book a fisherman was trying to convince the really really really really really really really really really really CRAZY captain that the great white wasn't the only type of shark. He taught him about all of the types of sharks and what their abilities are. (ALSO A LITTLE RED FISH HELPED HIM HALF OF THE TIME (THE FISH GOT SCA...
  • Suzanne
    One of the most often visited sections in an elementary school library is that which holds the books on sharks. Young readers are fascinated with these sea creatures in all their various forms. So I can easily predict that the latest Science Comics title will see high circulation rates and probably need replacement quite quickly.The book begins with an introduction by marine conservation biologist, Dr. David Shiffman. He tells of his own fascinat...
  • Lorie
    This review is for the paperback edition of the title about sharks from the popular Science Comics series. The series offers solid, interesting facts about a topic illustrated and constructed like a comic book or graphic novel. The format appeals to kids, it is a non-threatening way to get kids to love reading about non-fiction topics.The shark book delves into typical information on sharks including biology, evolution from ancient times and inte...
  • Janet
    I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from #NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.From the publisher --- For over 400 million years, sharks have been the ocean's top predator! They're vital to our ecosystem, but their importance is often overshadowed by our own fear—even though they hardly ever threaten humans.Dive in for an intimate look at the dynamic hammerhead, infamous great white, primordial megalodon, and the gentle ...
  • Carla Johnson-Hicks
    I love the Science Comics series. I was amazed at the amount of information contained in this graphic novel. Not only were there a lot of facts presented, there were also some great illustrations. There were many facts, information about different species and some history about evolution that I learned from reading this book. The graphic novel layout was appealing and skillfully done so that information was both pictorially and textually availabl...
  • Rosemary
    Science Comics has a one-two punch in March and April, first with Robots & Drones, next with Sharks. Kids LOVE sharks. The introduction nails it with its opening line: "Lots of kids, including many of you who are reading this book, go through an 'I love sharks' phase." Shark books move off my shelves faster than just about any animal, tied only by dinosaurs (and we've already got a Science Comic on them), so this book should be going in your cart...
  • Missy (Missy's Reads & Reviews)
    As someone who has been fascinated with sharks for the better part of her life, this book was a very enlightening read. As a mother who has a child that is obsessed with sharks, this was not only a great read - but priceless time spent with her son, reading and learning about something together. I thought I knew a decent amount of information when it came to sharks, then I read this book and felt as though I knew absolutely nothing going into the...
  • Amy
    As someone who has an irrational fear of sharks, this book was both illuminating and challenging. I learned so much more about sharks than I could have imagined, and found myself challenged to think about sharks with perhaps more information and less fear. The graphic/comic layout was appealing and skillfully done so that information was both pictorially and textually available. I can imagine using this resource with reluctant readers as the pict...
  • Heidi
    Sharks are a fascinating animal. And many children are interested in learning about them. So this addition to the Science Comics series is a welcome one. The book mixes humor with fact using a red snapper and diver and silly illustrations. The information covered includes types of sharks, anatomy, hunting abilities, and brief two page spreads on specific species. Issues related to shark survival are also mentioned including pollution of the ocean...
  • Janie G
    I’m a huge fan of the Science Comics series, they are fun and packed with information. I always learn something new from these books even though they are meant for kids! The subtle humor and easy to read format make these books great for reluctant readers and perfect for classrooms.Sharks is full of fascinating information, it helps to dispell the idea that sharks are terrifying man-eating monsters (although the text still occasionally refers t...
  • Jenn Marshall
    I heard about Science Comics at a literacy conference and knew I wanted to check them out. I read the one on basts first and Sharks next. Bot h had so much interesting information. Sharks felt more like a science text. Tons of cool information, but not so much a story. The bat comic told a story of an injured bat whereas this was just a lot of really cool facts. I loved both bookss and can't wait to check out more.Some fun things I learned.1. Not...
  • Deborah
    Science Comic: Sharks is a wonderfully entertaining and educational graphic novel style book depicting the ins, outs, hows, and whys of sharks of all kinds. The comic book format delivers a science lesson that easily engages the most reluctant reader, especially those who love ocean-life and sharks. It explores food, cells, senses, abilities, and teeth, and whole lot more. Don't forget all those teeth! One icky fact is that sharks can turn their ...
  • Stacey M
    This graphic novel goes into different types or sharks and their enviornments. It was facinating and the illistrations really help. This is a fantastic book for middle or high schoolers. It uses a lot of the academic language and has great information in it. This would be a great text to have in a science or language arts classroom. I received a copy of this from Net Galley in exchange for a review. But when this book is released I will be buying...
  • Anita
    First Second Publishing's tagline is Great Graphic Novels for Every Reader, and their science series lives up to hype. Sharks: Nature's Perfect Hunter, set to be published April 2018, is worth the pre-order. The target audience is grades 4-8, but adults will learn something new about shark evolution and classification. Chalked full of scientific terms, the gorgeous illustrations will have every student turning the pages. Pair this with I Survived...
  • Lizzie
    A great book for children (and adults). ‘Science Comics: Sharks’ is a well written and illustrated non-fiction book. The use of a comic strip makes it different to other non-fiction books and instantly children in my class want to read it. It’s the first time my class and I have come across this series of books and we will be on the look out for me! We can’t wait for it to be published! Thanks Netgalley for the ARC
  • Kristin
    This is another stellar book in the Science Comics series from First Second. Joe Flood is both the author and illustrator. From the opening note by Marine Conservation Biologist, Dr. David Shiffman, to the final frame of this graphic text, *Sharks: Nature’s Perfect Hunter* doesn’t shy away from focusing the reader’s attention on human responsibility in both the misunderstanding of sharks and the threats to their existence. With mentions of ...
  • Emily
    I received a free copy of this book through the GoodReads First Reads giveaways.I originally planned on giving this book to my son to learn about sharks, but when I received my copy I HAD to read it first. Wow...what a fun and creative way to learn and I DID learn...A LOT! I would recommend this book to anyone who would be interested in a fun way to learn about sharks. I found the book entertaining and educational. I would definitely recommend th...
  • Breakfast and Books
    First Second publishers does a wonderful job of providing engaging information mixed with graphics that truly enhance the story/information. I found the information presented in the graphic novel to be both helpful and informative. I really appreciated the included Glossary and Shark Family Tree. I do wish sources for the information gathered would be included in the book. Also, some of the scientific words might be a bit challenging for readers....
  • Earl
    I wasn't really thrilled to be picking up this book because the subject didn't really interest me. But this turned out to be more fascinating than I thought it would be. And I love the focus on trying to save them because of their bad reputation.
  • Smart
    Let my 13 yo son and a few of my nephews read this and they absolutely loved it. They said it was fun and bright and they learned all about sharks! Received a free earc for an honest review from Net galley
  • Jody
    My 9 yr old son loved this one. While I'm a story person, he enjoys non-fiction, learning about whatever catches his interest. Sharks is one of those thing. He keeps it in the car so he can look at it when we're going places.
  • Payge Rustad
    Read it. Learn why sharks aren’t meant to be feared. I’ll leave you with one last thing... SHARKS DO NOT INFEST WATERS, THEY LIVE THERE.
  • Monti Shukla
  • Rebecca Angel Maxwell
  • wildct2003
    Informative, but like the Dinosaurs book, maybe too much science and not enough fun.
  • Shellina Borgman
    great for reluctant readers who need a non-fiction book.