City of Endless Night (Pendergast, #17) by Douglas Preston

City of Endless Night (Pendergast, #17)

What begins as a manhunt for the missing daughter of a wealthy tech billionaire becomes something altogether different when the young woman's body is discovered in an abandoned warehouse in Kew Gardens, Queens, the head nowhere to be found. It appears there may be two killers on the loose--one responsible for the young woman's death, another responsible for the mutilation. A pair of such dastardly killers requires a team of equally talented inves...

Details City of Endless Night (Pendergast, #17)

TitleCity of Endless Night (Pendergast, #17)
Release DateJan 16th, 2018
PublisherGrand Central Publishing
GenreMystery, Thriller, Fiction

Reviews City of Endless Night (Pendergast, #17)

  • Chad
    Pendergast and D'Agosta try and track down a killer who is beating impossible odds and decapitating his victims. But Pendergast isn't his usual self. Constance's departure at the end of the last book has affected him more than he realizes. For most of the book his heart isn't in tracking down the killer. There's some subplots with new characters that don't seem to have a whole lot to do with the overall story. Kings Park Psychiatric Center plays ...
  • Steven
    Thanks to Netgalley and Grand Central Publishing for providing me a copy of this to read in exchange for an honest review.So as many of you know, the Pendergast series is one of my longest followed and most beloved series. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves a good thriller with adventure and strangeness mixed right in. This wasn't the strongest entry into the series, what with a relatively predictable villain and a meandering plot with som...
  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    City of Endless Night is the seventeen book in the Pendergast series, and I have read every single one of them. My personal favorite is the ones that have a slight supernatural element to the story like the first book Relic with the monster in the New York Museum of Natural History, which is why I felt a bit disappointed while reading this one. Don't take me wrong, it's a great thriller, and it's nice to have D'Agosta and Pendergast working toget...
  • Sue
    Another satisfying read in the Pendergast series. While it doesn't move the overall "mythology" of the series along, it does provide a complex thriller, which can be read as a standalone, set in New York City, featuring the the extremely wealthy and the extremely not. Pendergast himself is strangely out of sorts as the story opens, having difficulty involving himself in solving the initial crime (perhaps due to developments at the end of the last...
  • Kimberly
    4.5 stars!CITY OF ENDLESS NIGHT, by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child is the 17th book in the Agent Pendergast series--arguably, their most popular character. In this latest, we join FBI Special Agent Aloysius Pendergast and Lieutenant Vincent D'Agosta in a series of crimes in NY--reminiscent, to an extent, to their very first encounter in the novel, THE RELIC. ". . . the thoughts that you must try to banish are the ones that most persistently pu...
  • Monnie
    Love this series; loved this book. From the first page on, I didn't want to put it down and, for the record, I read the whole thing in record time. While there's no shortage of action, though, this one - the 17th - focuses far less on the almost otherworldly side of FBI Special Agent A.X.L. (Aloysius) Pendergast. Maybe that's because his beloved ward, Constance Greene, isn't part of his life now; she's retreated to a monastery, apparently with no...
  • Bam
    Even after seventeen books, the Pendergast series is endlessly fascinating! This thriller takes place in NYC and begins with the discovery of the headless body of a young woman. FBI Special Agent Pendergast is called in to help D'Agosta and the NYPD because it appears she may have been transported across state lines. It turns out the victim is the only child of a ruthless tech billionaire, and when other wealthy people are killed in similar ways,...
  • Minx -The Genre Minx Book Reviews
    City of Endless Night is the seventeenth book in the Pendergast series and it was a thrilling read! The start of this story snagged my interest mostly because I was wondering what the heck the kids had to do with anything related to the story. That was until they discovered a body in the oddest of places and the victim’s head was nowhere to be found. Then I was very interested to know why the murderer took her head?! Vincent D’Agosta was brou...
  • Vintage Science Fiction Month--January The Haunted Reading Room
    Review: CITY OF ENDLESS NIGHT by Douglas Preston and Lincoln ChildI have devoured the Agent Pendergast novels since the very first. As a faithful reader, I confess to feeling since several novels back that I had gone off the rails. Perhaps it is my questioning if, after 17 installments, the co-authors can create anything new. Well, happily CITY OF ENDLESS NIGHT manages several unexpected twists, a seldom-used plot (although I have read it once in...
  • Heather Fineisen
    A straightforward mystery that could easily be read as a standalone. That said, Pendergast fans may be disappointed that there is no character development to further the series along. There is a murderer who is beheading extremely wealthy victims and police are at a loss. There are political undercurrents featuring the wealthy vs. the nots. A satisfying read.Copy provided by the Publisher and NetGalley