The People vs. Alex Cross (Alex Cross #25) by James Patterson

The People vs. Alex Cross (Alex Cross #25)

This time it's Alex Cross on trial.Alex Cross is on the wrong side of the law. Serving a suspension from the force while he awaits trial for murder, Cross has been branded as a trigger-happy cop, another bad apple walking the streets with a gun, an accusation that Cross will do anything to refute. To make himself feel useful again, Cross opens a counseling office in the basement of his home. When his former partner Sampson shows up needing his he...

Details The People vs. Alex Cross (Alex Cross #25)

TitleThe People vs. Alex Cross (Alex Cross #25)
Release DateNov 20th, 2017
PublisherLittle, Brown and Company
GenreMystery, Thriller, Fiction

Reviews The People vs. Alex Cross (Alex Cross #25)

  • Matt
    After an apparent snafu with all the Alex Cross and BookShot releases to confuse many fans of the series, Patterson attempts to set things back on track with this much-anticipated novel. Alex Cross is on trial for two counts of first degree murder, stemming from an apparent unjustified shooting of a number of Gary Soneji lookalikes (see BookShot ‘Cross Kill’, eventually labelled properly as Alex Cross 24.4). However, he has been able to stay ...
  • Jessica Avery
    This is my favorite book series and I'm happy to say that the newest installment didn't disappoint
  • Monnie
    Another stellar effort - not that I'm surprised, mind you. Washington, D.C., police detective Dr. Alex Cross has long been my favorite of the author's catalog of series characters. Also unexpected, given the title, is the way this one begins: with Cross's upcoming jury trial. The prosecution claims he murdered unarmed cronies of former archenemy Gary Soneji. Alex, of course, insists that they had guns and he shot in self-defense. While awaiting t...
  • Erin
    This book was supposed to be about famed detective Alex Cross being put on trial for murder but in actuality the murder trial was a B Plot. I was really excited to read The People Vs. Alex Cross after reading the novella(I'm sorry Book shot) in which the alleged murder takes place but this book was a real letdown. The trial ended with 100 pages still left in the book and I had stopped caring about it. The trial wasn't even the most important thin...
  • Mandy White
    I went off Alex Cross books for a while... so happy he is back to doing what he does best! Fantastic book!
  • gem
    The People vs Alex CrossI have been a huge fan of James Patterson's Alex Cross books since by aunty lent me her copy of Cat and Mouse almost twenty years ago.It's been a long road, full of danger, love, kidnapping, shootings, serial killers, more love and every kind of emotion possible which makes it such a brilliant series. This new instalment, The People vs Alex Cross, has several interweaving plots, the main one being Alex Cross being on trial...
  • Nurse Lisa In Ohio (PRN Book Reviews)
    4.5/ glad it was such a good story!
  • Lorraine Southern
    4 stars ****Just when I think that’s-it-Patterson-I’m done-with-your-churned-out-rubbish, he goes and pulls out a fab one like this! I’ve been a Cross fan since Spider, but Patterson’s last few books have really tested my loyalty. I’m convinced he just puts his name on the cover of some of his collaborations purely for the money cos some of those are horrendously bad. This latest Cross one however, shows him back on top form with all th...
  • Donna Lewis
    What a nice surprise. The old James Patterson seems to have returned. The outlandish story is surprisingly believable. Actually worth 4-1/2 stars....
  • SissiReads
    THIS! This is how you write a thriller! 5 mind-blowing andabsolutely mesmerising stars! This time it tells the story of Alex Cross who becomes a “public enemy” as he is put on trial for gunning down three people (he acted in self-defence during the last case he solved); during the trial, he is also trying to get to the bottom of the mysterious recent disappearances of several young girls. Honestly, this book has left me guessing from cover to...
  • Charlotte Smith
    What a book really good. It picked up near the end. it was a book I didn't want to end but I did.
  • Scott
    I read a lot of James Patterson books. My favorite character has always been Alex Cross. He was Patterson’s first detective series that helped lay the foundation for his kingdom of multiple bestselling series and stand-alone novels. Alex has always been the gentle, intellectual knight of moral character and action. I can remember reading the Alex’s first adventure, “Along came a Spider” and almost cried when Alex, then a widower, faced th...
  • Gail
    I believe that this is one of the best of James Patterson novels that I have read. There are several plots within the book. I will just say the story is excellent. To say anything about the plots would be too revealing.
  • Amber Garabrandt
    I loved the dual story lines of this book! It was a great read for me. Full review is on my blog:https://garabrandtreviews.wordpress.c...
  • Darlene
    This is the 25th book in the Alex Cross series, and yes I have read every one of them. Each time I sit down to a new Alex Cross book it's like sitting down with a dear old friend. Alex and his family are the best. His nine year old son, Ali, plays a big roll in this book. Ali is growing into a very smart, confident little man. Each book in the series just gets better and better. Alex is put in a situation in this book where he really has to do so...
  • Hapzydeco
    With multiple twists and turns, James Patterson has produced another thrilling read. Alex Cross is Patterson’s best character by far.
  • Dorel
    I loved ❤ this book's story line. Some parts of this story was gruesome. Some parts of this story was sad 😢. I loved ❤ reading about Alex's family 👪. I liked ending. Awesome job Mr. Patterson.
  • Julie Garner
    I love reading Alex Cross stories. The fast paced action never stops. His dedication to his family, his friends and to his job are inspiring. However, all of that is on the verge of being taken away as he goes on trial for police misconduct and murder. That said, even whilst being on trial himself, Alex still finds time for his family and to help out his friend on the disappearance of some girls. Alex's moral code is never far from every decision...
  • Laura Rash
    So many mini plots wrapped up in one! A tad slow in the middle but a quick fire ending with a couple cool twists.
  • Carol
    This is the twenty fifth book in the long running Patterson Series featuring Detective/ Dr. Alex Cross. I have read nearly all of the series. I absolutely loved this episode of the series.Dr. Alex Cross is man that stays extremely busy. He is a qualified psychologist but he is also a detective with the local force. He is ambitious, a man of integrity, a man of principle, he works hard to solve the nastiest of crimes and provide support to the vic...
  • The Humpo Show [ Richard ]
    James Patterson is the master of the thriller. He, again flexes his storytelling muscles in his latest Alex Cross mystery. This time Alex is on trial for murder as he becomes the victim of a witch-hunt among the public, media and government that are trying to put away a high-profile cop who has killed in the line of duty, which they are portraying as a unnecessary show of force. Alongside his trial, his former work partner Sampson asks Cross for ...
  • Megan Jones
    Alex Cross finds himself in a unique position, on the wrong side of the law. Charged with gunning down followers of his nemesis Gary Soneji, Cross is being made into the poster man for trigger-happy cops. Cross knows it was self-defense but will a jury see it that way? As Cross fights for his freedom, his former partner John Sampson brings him a gruesome video linked to the disappearance of several young girls. Despite his suspension, Cross canno...
  • Evelyn Wilson
    I didn't think ALEX could get more interest but he is! What a lovely family! Scary! Truth be told, used look up for the word guilt. OUCH! Don't do that but it gave me relief. Page 44 . . . "If you stay a priest, you'll sacrifice personal happiness to continue to help the poor and the members of your congregation. But if you leave, you could find similar, rewarding work, marry Penny, and raise her sons with as much love as possible, which is a nob...
  • Vickie Sarmina
    James Patterson has done it again. I was hooked from the first paragraph!! Dr. Alex Cross, former FBI and now with the Metro PD, was involved in a shoot-out, which was self defense. However, there were witnesses that claimed that he gunned down relatives of a past criminal psychopath, Gary Soneji. There were no guns found on their persons. Alex Cross was on trial for two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder. Not only was he trying t...
  • Kay
    Love this series and The People vs. Alex Cross did not disappoint.There are two plots in this book. The major one being Alex Cross accused and tried for excessive violence. Killer Cop. Second plot which ends with a major thrilling action was the missing of six blonde women. Chapters are short, the story is fast and overall a page turner.With dozens of book out annually, I find it difficult to follow James Patterson and so I stop. Almost all the b...
  • Teresa Crawford
    "Are you guilty, Dr. Cross?" he shouted. "Did you shoot those people down in cold blood?"That'll keep you reading! Looks like we might have the old Patterson back!!! We finally find out what happened with the infamous Soneji look-a-likes and the whole twisted set up. The only slightly negative I have about this book is that it's not entirely about the trail of Cross - almost like a side dish in this book; but the dual story line is good and feels...
  • Liz
    Yet another great installment in the Alex Cross series. Loved the trial storyline and the mix of personal and professional incidents. I did find the kidnapping plot a bit confusing/distracting and personally I would rather the book had just concentrated on the trial but nevertheless it was a good, quick read!
  • Elena
    Now, THIS is written by the James Patterson I've come to know and love! Heart pounding twists and turns right to the last page. However, if you haven't read any of the previous Alex Cross books you will have no idea what is going on. I need to go back and re-read the last two in the series to refresh my memory.Please Mr. Patterson, give up on the second authors and the BookShots, and write what you know! Stories just like this one!Excellent, I lo...
  • Julie
    This book wraps up the previous cliffhanger with Alex Cross arrested for murder. He shot and killed 2 people and wounded a third in self defense. But when police arrived, the victims had no guns. Cross is now on trial. His former partner needs his help trying to find missing kidnapped blonde beauties. This great novel is a thrilling continuation of the Alex Cross series.
  • Suellen
    Typical Alex Cross ... very satisfying read.