Bryant & May by Christopher Fowler

Bryant & May

Detectives Arthur Bryant and John May are back on the case in this whip-smart and wildly twisting mystery, in which a killer in London's parks is proving to be a most elusive quarry. Helen Forester's day starts like any other: Around seven in the morning, she takes her West Highland terrier for a walk in her street's private garden. But by 7:20 she is dead, strangled yet peacefully laid out on the path, her dog nowhere to be found. The only ...

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TitleBryant & May
Release DateDec 5th, 2017
GenreMystery, Crime, Fiction, Detective, Thriller

Reviews Bryant & May

  • Paromjit
    This is the latest installment of the offbeat, eccentric and quintessentially British series of the PCU, the Peculiar Crime Unit, with Bryant and May, which I absolutely adore, especially the old cantankerous codger who dresses as a tramp, Arthur Bryant. The central topic for the golden age detectives are London's necessary and essential parks, the wild chambers in the urban machine, we are destined to discover their arcane colourful history of c...
  • Sue
    Another great entry in a very enjoyable series. Solving unusual crimes using unusual methods is the Peculiar Crimes Unit's modus operandi. And esoterica of London itself is once again included in the story as part of the investigation process. Also, the future of the PCU itself is again in jeopardy.more to come....A copy of this book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley in return for an honest review.
  • Gram
    Another wonderful addition to Christopher Fowler's "Bryant & May" series. The opening harks back to a previous case when London's Peculiar Crimes Unit were hunting down the Mr Punch killer and a young boy died in a road accident, partly as a result of an area of London being sealed off as the police gave chase after the murderer. Fast forward a year and the body of a young woman is found in one of London's small private parks - the keys to which ...
  • Christopher Roden
    Unique and brilliant!
  • Susan in NC
    Another delightful outing with Bryant and May, senior detectives of London’s Peculiar Crimes Unit (PCU).As usual, the book opens with action - the PCU has had to divert London traffic on a miserable rainy night as they pursue a suspect, and a young boy is accidentally killed. Fast forward several months and his mother is found dead in a locked London park. The PCU is called in, and the book follows the following week of their fascinating but fr...
  • Tony
    Another fine piece of story-telling. Not sure what else I can say about this series other than help… I’ve reached the end and must wait three months for the next.Character development is second-to-none and after this many books I feel I know them. I hope they’ll be ok wondering aimlessly around in circles for a few months until they are dragged back into action!
  • Sivvy
    The Bryant & May series has long been a favourite, and this latest book didn't disappoint; in fact I'd say it was one of the best so far. Quirky and quintessentially British, the ongoing saga of two indeterminably old detectives and their eclectic team was gripping and funny in equal measure. With numerous quotable lines and some intelligent back stories underpinning a bizarre murder mystery centred around London's parks, this was entertaining fr...
  • Judy Lesley
    Thank you to the Amazon Vine Voices program and Bantam Books for an ARC of this novel.This is book fourteen in this series. Would I recommend that someone begin reading the series at this point? Hmm......sure, why not. But you also need to know that I never worry about that kind of thing when picking a novel to read and don't follow the advice of most who advise against jumping into a series as well established as this. It all depends on how easi...
  • Jill Meyer
    British author Christopher Fowler is back with, "Wild Chamber", a new novel in his "Bryan & May" series. Set in what might be a slightly futuristic London, Fowler's "PCU" (Peculiar Crimes Unit) is charged with investigating crimes which fall out of the normal perview of the Metropolitan Police. And the cops in the PCU are almost as peculiar themselves as the crimes they're investigating. Chief among the unit are Arthur Bryant and John May, two ol...
  • Hazel Johnstone
    500 stars!
  • Maine Colonial
    I’ve read and enjoyed all of Christopher Fowler’s Peculiar Crimes Unit books, and this was no exception. But I do have a couple of criticisms. First, I thought there weren’t enough clues for the problem-solving reader. Instead, the solution all came out in a big wad of exposition. Second, I’m getting weary of the schtick that the PCU will be shut down forever if they don’t solve the latest crime in the next day or two. It’s unnecessar...
  • Donald
    Another triumphant outing for the unlikeliest crime fighting duo. If I had a grumble, it would be that the 'PCU threatened with closure' and the 'no leads with only hours before we close down, miraculously solved at the last minute' schtick is coming to seem a bit formulaic with it happening almost every book.
  • Helen
    What is a park and to whom do parks belong? There are many small gated parks in London which are accessible only to the households which live right around them. They have keys and are required to keep the gate locked at all times. Many of them were created when the houses were built to provide the ladies who lived there with a safe and quiet place to come and read or sit quietly. Today the ladies mostly work and in the case of the deceased in que...
  • Laura Spira
    Another excellent Bryant & May adventure from Christopher Fowler, starring all the usual suspects, even Raymond Land's one-legged pigeon nemesis. It features an unbelievable and complex plot, featuring several murders, gradually unravelled by Bryant with the help of some of his continuing hallucinations (including a particularly amusing encounter with the Queen). The atmosphere of London's parks and gardens is vividly evoked, interspersed with so...
  • Judy
    I can't get enough of the Bryant and May series. I hate to put pressure on Christopher Fowler, but please get back to work writing more. No, seriously, put down that pie and get back to work. I make it a point to listen to this series because between the skillful writing and the talented narration, I'm set for a long trip to my latest vacation destination.
  • Boris Feldman
    Not unlike Bryant and May themselves, Christopher Fowler is running out of steam. I have been a yuuuge fan of the duo and the series. But, dayyenu. Number 14 read as if assembled by a team, from prefab modules of text collected from the prior novels.The central plot was clever and unpredictable. But cuteness can become terminal, and it has here.
  • Gwen - Chew & Digest Books -
    Nailed it, once again. I always laugh or at least chuckle during parts of each of these books, but this time, near the end, I was straight up laughing loudly with the antics the Peculiar Crimes Unit did to keep their specialized police unit from being shuttered. This isn't your average series and definitely not your run of the mill police series. They are all oddballs in one way or another and yet, as a team, they come together with their own ind...
  • Laurie
    The story starts with a ‘locked room’ murder- a woman is killed in a locked park, accessible only to flat owners and the gardener. The gardener doesn’t look good for the crime, but who else could have gotten in and back out when there is only one key per flat owner? The crime is odd enough that it lands in the laps of the Peculiar Crimes Unit. Bryant and May are the old codgers who are the heart of the PCU. May plays straight man to Bryant...
  • Hilary
    Wild Chamber, a Bryant and May book and as fascinating as ever in one of my favourite series. Each book can be read as a standalone but I believe for most enjoyment they are best read in order, or at least begun earlier in the series. A vast history of the Peculiar Crimes Unit and the various relationships of its' members and associates has built up over many years and adds immeasurably to the overall pleasure. Some particular comments or unexpec...
  • Homerun2
    For those who have never had the great pleasure of reading a Peculiar Crimes Unit mystery by Christopher Fowler, it might be difficult to explain their great appeal.This is a truly unique series, and this 14th entry is as wonderful as ever. the PCU is charged with investigating crimes that might cause public notoriety or upheaval. The detectives are not well-respected or well-funded, and exist on the fringes of both the London official police sce...
  • Jason
    The latest instalment of the series featuring the elderly detectives Bryant and May and their colleagues in the Peculiar Crimes Unit (PCU). The wild chambers in the title refers to the various parks in London, which feature heavily in the book as Christopher Fowler continues to give potted histories and oddball facts about London and its peoples through the ages. Indeed Arthur Bryant has vivid hallucinations following some lifesaving treatment an...
  • Viva
    1 star = I did not like it.Considering that this book is #14 in a series, there must be something I'm missing, because there have been 13 other books that enough people have bought for a #14 to be published. Maybe it's some kind of inside thing but I'm certainly not seeing it.The first chapter was a little weird, second chapter was ok, third chapter became interesting. All these chapters seemingly start off in the middle of something but that's o...
  • Pop Bop
    "Still ... [Peculiar] ... After All These Years"Sometimes you just want what you want. And this series, like Bryant and May themselves, is dependable and reliable. So many mystery writers, after a string of successful books, feel compelled to change things up - maybe more graphic violence, or more kitchen sink drama, or some character mental collapse, or extreme sexual violence, or "ripped from the headlines" topics. But Fowler resists this impul...
  • Robin
    Wild Chamber is the 14th entry in the Bryant & May Peculiar Crimes Unit Series. Arthur Bryant and John May are the original detectives with the PCU, which was founded in WWII to handle cases that might cause "national scandal or public unrest." In their most recent outing, a killer seems to be targeting women in London's public parks. While the PCU's misfit team struggle to find a connection with all the cases, a politician takes the opportunity ...
  • Nicola
    Yay, a new author to love! How delightful to pick up a wonderful book and discover there are another 13 that precede it (which certainly makes it easier to pass the year until the next one is published). The writing style is charmingly descriptive; it reminds me a little of Dickens except that it doesn't take 5 bloody pages for a horse to climb up a hill. There are lots of little historical asides that may not to be to everyone's taste. Some auth...
  • Ruth
    c2017: The Bryant & May books may not to be to everybody's taste but for those of us that enjoy the odd historical titbits, what feels like inside London knowledge, social commentary, humour and some surprisingly emotional moments, this is one of the better ones in the series. Sadly, the plot once again hinges on the fate of the unit and as mentioned in my previous notes on the earlier books - this is one of my pet peeves and sometimes feels like...
  • Ron
    Bryant and May along with the rest of the PCU team got a peculiar crime of murder in a private park. The problem is that they seem to have too many and yet too few suspects. Then a link to an old case surfaces and links this murder and subsequent murders in strange ways. Adding in Leslie Faraday mucking about to make money and kill off the PCU just adds a time table to the pressure to solve the case for Bryant who just manages to deliver the murd...
  • Patricia Ann
    Who would think that a mystery novel could be written involving the history of London’s parks and gardens and be solved by PCU’s own May and Byrant. With the help of Byrnt’s idiosyncratic and unpredictable mind , the unit manages to solve the mystery. Enjoyed Byrant’s use of archaic slang in order to issue disparaging remarks. Good to hear that Bryant and May will return!
  • Jill Deutsch
    Another Bryant and May story and another lesson in the history of London. This time a history of its parks and gardens. Glad to see Bryant back to form and to see the PCU continue to be successful. Always a fun and interesting read. I order them from England to get them earlier than the states. Good mystery. As always, I await their next adventure.