Braving the Wilderness by Brené Brown

Braving the Wilderness

A timely and important new book that challenges everything we think we know about cultivating true belonging in our communities, organizations, and culture, from the #1 bestselling author of Rising Strong, Daring Greatly, and The Gifts of Imperfection"True belonging doesn't require us to change who we are. It requires us to be who we are." Social scientist Brene Brown, PhD, LMSW, has sparked a global conversation about the experiences that bring ...

Details Braving the Wilderness

TitleBraving the Wilderness
Release DateSep 12th, 2017
PublisherBooks on Tape
GenreSelf Help, Nonfiction, Spirituality, Psychology, Personal Development

Reviews Braving the Wilderness

  • Lucille Zimmerman
    I gave this book five stars because as usual Brown has done her research, and she is a masterful storyteller. These are the two passions of my life: research and storytelling.I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor and an author, so I devour Brown's books. My favorite is The Power of Vulnerability. I have watched her TED talks probably a hundred times. I tell every one of my clients to read her books and watch her videos. I'm a huge fan.However, th...
  • Joy Matteson
    It ended TOO SOON. *cries silently*Brown's words are life-affirming, challenging. Her books tend to re-verberate in my soul, in my mind--so I'm actively savoring them as I go about my day. I belong to myself--and I belong to no one. Speak truth to bullshit. Be civil. Pithy, perhaps--cliched, maybe. But there's simplicity in the brevity here, as one knows Brown has done an avalanche worth of data analysis to back up her simplified phrases.
  • Stephanie
    The best description I have for Brene' Browns' books is she is constantly dropping truth bombs on my head and Braving the Wilderness is no exception. Navigating issues like shame, the persisting feeling of loneliness that people feel in a world that is more connected than ever, and how to humanize people who believe differently than ourselves, are not easy issues to tackle. Brown does so with research backed data and stories from her own life wit...
  • Emily Troutman
    I usually love Brene's books, but this one just didn't seem to move me like the others have. I don't fully understand why she felt the need to make it so political. The same points could have been made, in my opinion, without them.
  • Mehrsa
    She phoned this one in. There's good stuff in here because she's awesome, but there's not enough to warrant a new book. I do wish she would try again to think through tribe and inclusion. Her insights are good and useful, but there is no coherent theory or story here.
  • Danielle
    Oh. My. Gosh. Amazing. I didn't think it was possible for Brene to raise the bar even more, but she did. Everything I needed to hear and have felt. A MUST read!
  • Olga Tomchin
    Huge disappointment. My partner who read the book with me pointed out that Brown mentions that she has a problem with not giving uninformed opinions on political topics but then she goes and does exactly that with much of this book. This is white liberal centrist lady kumbaya bullshit. She doesn't seem to understand how systemic violence works or oppression. There's an extreme amount of false equivalency in the book. Calling trump a pig is not at...
  • Renee
    Although I like Brene Brown, I have to admit that this book was quite a bit of a letdown for me. I was looking for so much more. I don't feel that there was enough "new" information to warrant a new book, let alone a 163 page book that has a $28 price tag attached to it. In the end, Brene published a book on the backs of the numerous people that she quotes throughout the short book. I'm not impressed.
  • Jen
    I won't go into too much detail as to why I liked the book. The book is short and to the point. Many, many sections stood out to me. I will highlight some of my favorites. "Today we are edging closer and closer to a world where political and ideological discourse has become an exercise in dehumanization. And social media are the primary platforms for our dehumanizing behavior. On Twitter and Facebook we can rapidly push the people with whom we d...
  • Nikki Williams
    Six million stars! I listened to the audio book and finished it in one day. I felt like she was speaking not only directly to me, but about me. There were too many shared, specific life experiences and examples that are my own not to wonder if she is either my soul sister or wiretapped my head somehow. I wish everyone would read this and understand not only themselves better, but me! It should have been entitled Braving the Wilderness: A Note to ...
  • Alena
    huge fan of brene, her humor and her work. unfortunately I thought this book was not as concise as gifts of imperfection and waffled around actionable changes the reader can apply. it seemed rushed although it had me in awe multiple times. I thought she could do better. it was heavily influenced by American events over the past couple years which is not universal for non Americans. it wasn't as accessible as her previous teachings imo.
  • Katherine
    I am moved by how applicable this topic is to me right now. To be able to connect with those we love and understand our disagreements, is a holy endeavor.
  • Leanne
    Not my favorite of Brown's work, but there are some good points throughout and much to debate and discuss. A bit too political for my taste, I mean can we have a break please?
  • Patience Phillips
    There's SO many points to touch on. Impossible to. Instead, I'll list a few favorite parts. Knowing this is different for everyone who reads. When Brene' storytells the moment she recognized not 'belonging' to her family. Tears well up. Turned off the audio book. Visited her Instagram page sifting for comfort where others would vibe similar. Left a message for her and the page. Feeling less alone. Start listing to the book againWrapping myself ar...
  • Jennie Canzoneri
    Damn, I love Brene Brown. She's becoming an absolute must-read for me, and I leave her writing with so much to think about, but mostly with such a commitment to continue working toward being my most authentic self (which sounds a little eye-rolly, but never ever feels eye-rolly when I'm reading).I loved so much about this book — from the loneliness epidemic, "self-sorting," social media, gossip, collective joy, joy itself, and so much more. I l...
  • Tucker
    Brene Brown’s new book “Braving The Wilderness” is her most vital and necessary book yet. The book’s subject is how to build and maintain connections and a sense of belonging while also staying true to ourselves and our beliefs. Through her research studies, personal experiences, and case studies combined with her remarkable perceptiveness and wisdom she provides essential directions through the wilderness of loneliness and disconnection....
  • Katie
    So inspiring to hear Brené speak in person at the University of Houston and to get an advance copy of her book! A quick read, and I enjoyed it.
  • Marcus
    Subtance: 4/5Readability: 5/5Brene is such a prophet and saint, and I mean that in the truest sense of the words. There's been a publishing drought after Daring Greatly and Rising Strong, so MAN was I hungry for some Brene words. There are many new ideas from her in Braving the Wilderness, many of which are taking strong aim at the modern trend of political polarization and dichotomization. She speaks hard truth in the way she does so well: truth...
  • Simone Burke
    Brene Brown’s guidance on how to lean into conflict effectively is both user-friendly and necessary in today’s political and social climate in which we often forget that “right” is just as extreme as “wrong.” So much can be accomplished by three words: tell me more.Where I take issue with this book is on the subject of belonging. The importance of thinking for oneself, being authentic, and resisting norms are old concepts. Emerson wro...
  • Victoria
    Where to start…I feel like, no I KNOW, this book was written for me. Published only yesterday I have just finished reading it and wow, it is so powerful and so tender. I am completely grateful for all of Professor Brene Brown’s words, they have guided me towards the beautiful life I have now which both excites and terrifies me, but this particular book spoke to my heart and so now I need to start reading it again to remove and treasure all th...
  • Clara
    One of the pleasures of reading Brené Brown's books--much like one of the joys of reading Anne Lamott's--is Brown's relatability. This is someone, you think, whom you could have an easy conversation with. She's smart, funny, outspoken, and empathetic. She's always learning, and open to learning more, and she passes what she's learned on to us. Braving the Wilderness is about showing up and standing up for our beliefs, even when it's uncomfortabl...
  • Missy
    A short read from Brené Brown that I'll no doubt read again. Actually, I listened to the audiobook first and I have to say, the minute it started and I heard Brené's voice, I let out a sigh and settled in like I was welcoming back an old friend. I love her logic. I love how she breaks things down. I love how she's not ashamed or afraid to swear when talking to us. She's authentic. She's not afraid of the tough subjects and with Braving the Wild...
  • Karen
    So far I would recommend any book that Brene Brown writes, or reads on Audible. I take her on line classes and listen to blogs about her work. She is amazing.Braving the Wilderness is for those of us who feel very uncomfortable with our world today. It is there to make us question how we look at life and how we interact with people. Her stories help us deal with friends, with family, and with coworkers.Please Please Please read this short book. A...
  • Mara
    An insightful and accessible read or listen. I listened to Brené read the book while taking notes in my hardcover version! I feel like everyone in America should have to read this book which helps us understand where we are divided and disconnected unnecessarily. And, I love the definition of True Belonging:"True belonging is the spiritual practice of believing in and belonging to yourself so deeply that you can share your most authentic self wi...
  • Chris
    Brown takes you on an eye-opening journey through the mechanics of what it is to "belong," and how our approach to this seemingly basic human function has tremendous ripple effects throughout our governments, our schools, our families and our companies. As a researcher who began her career studying shame, Brown is uniquely positioned to offer a humbling look at the behaviors of you and I: unpacking how what we believe are just accepted social nor...
  • Holley Gerth
    With her characteristic insight and compassion, Brene explores true belonging in a divided world. She's one of my favorite authors and I appreciate that her research is both inspirational and practical, personal and global. This book is challenging as well as hope-giving. I'll be thinking about it for a long time.
  • Caitlin
    "I am the wilderness!" Brene has me on fire after this book! I listened to it on my run and like every Brene Brown book - I have to order the paper copy so I can highlight my favorite lines. How does she always know exactly what I need to hear? I feel like I was slightly drifting before this one and now I'm on a mission!
  • Kris
    Brené Brown is always worth reading. There are a few parts of this book that offer new insight, and there are some fantastic sound bites. Some of this felt thrown together quickly, and overall, it felt more like it could have been compressed into an amazing TED talk. I do struggle with her "be civil" thing because it feels too much like the whole agreeing to disagree thing, which if your opinions are harmful to someone else, I am not willing to ...
  • Shannon
    I don't know if I should give this book 3 stars, 4 stars, or 5. 5 because I love Brene Brown and her words inspire me and encourage me to be a better person. 3 stars because it was basically a compilation of other people's quotes and thoughts intertwined with Brene's stories. It was way too short. It felt like it should have been a blog or an interview instead. Honestly, it felt like something published just to make money (Sorry Brene).Or 4 stars...