Rosie Colored Glasses by Brianna Wolfson

Rosie Colored Glasses

Sometimes even all the love in the world is not enough to save someone.Willow Thorpe knows friction… The friction between her parents, Rosie and Rex. The friction inside herself as she tries to navigate two worlds since their divorce.But life has not always been like this.When Rosie and Rex first met, theirs was an attraction of opposites. Rosie lived life for those heightened moments when love reveals its true secrets. Rex lived life safely, b...

Details Rosie Colored Glasses

TitleRosie Colored Glasses
Release DateFeb 20th, 2018
PublisherMira Books

Reviews Rosie Colored Glasses

  • Angela M
    I read the description and for some reason I thought it would be a lighter read. Maybe it was the use of the word whimsical. It wasn’t. It's a sad story, sadder even knowing that the character of Rosie and the story in some ways is based on the author's free spirit mother who was addicted to opiates. Sad because this starts out as a love story between two people who are polar opposites and in spite of loving each other, they both know that it w...
  • Diane S ☔
    When I was about thirty pages into this book I wrote in the comment section of my updates, that Willow was going to break my heart. She did, but what I didn't expect was that this whole family would. It is not that I am getting marshmellowy, but rather than going into a long discourse on my personal life, I'll just say this was a novel in which I could relate. Plus, as the author tells us this is a semi-autobiographical novel, a novel it took man...
  • Kendall
    Rosie Colored Glasses is an emotional and heart breaking read. To be honest, I was not expecting to be so moved and touched by this novel. Brianna Wolfe delivers a rare and inspiring novel about loss, love, attachment, and relationships. What I loved about this novel is how Brianna was able to create a "story" within a story. I loved this!! The novel starts off with introducing us to a unique but unhealthy love relationship between Rosie and Rex....
  • paulie
    4.539 stars - - - expected publication date 02/20/18 how appropriate a name, willow, for i am left weeping.such lachrymosity, such poignancy, delicateness in its writing. ten yr old willow thorpe embraces such beauty in her youthful, absorbing awe of the world - the world as seen through, seen with her mother, rosie. to say rosie is a free spirit is to say, "yes, an ocean does contain some water." rosie, flouncy fabric attracting all senses, can...
  • Debra
    I LOVED this book!!!!! I was a mess by the end but I loved every single page!This book reads like a fairy tale which I LOVED!!! Very nice touch. This book touched on so many things: love, loss, mental illness, addiction, bullying, family, Mother-child relationships, Father-Child relationships, etc.Rosie is eccentric! She doesn't stay in one spot for too long. She wanders around doing as she pleases living here and there, working numerous jobs, ne...
  • Cheri
    ”Willow Thorpe knew friction. The heat it created when one thing rubbed against another. When one world rubbed against another.” From the prologue, we know that Willow’s world is filled with tension, with every “Late again, Rosie.” followed by a dismissive retort from her mother. With every time the walls of her world changed from the fanciful, art-filled walls to generic white ones that scream out that the rules are different here, the...
  • Sharon Metcalf
    4.5 starsHeartfelt.    Evocative.    Poignant.    Beautiful.   These are just a few of the adjectives that found their way into my notes as I read this book.   A book I loved and which should really be required to carry warnings to potential readers.    You should be warned that your heart will be given a workout.    It will be stretched, it may be trampled, it will soar and eventually it should fall back into shape but it will...
  • Delphine Lurin
    I received an ARC copy of Rosie Colored Glasses in exchange for an honest review. Thanks goes to NetGalley as well as Mira Books for this advanced copy which is expected to be released February 20, 2018.Rosie Colored Glasses from author, Brianna Wolfson is, straight to the point an evocative, heart-wrenching, heart-breaking read. I was not expecting to be so incredibly moved by this book. I’ve been reading a lot of books pertaining to touchy th...
  • Toni
    Boy meets girl and they fall in love, except they're totally wrong for each other. Although Rosie is playful, cute and fun, she's flitted from job to job, place to place never able to settle herself down anywhere or anytime. Not unusual for a twenty-something, but eventually most people coast to a grown-up spot of responsibility. Rosie seems to always be in double-time, never able to turn her brain off at night or put her restless body on pause. ...
  • MomIsReading
    I'm going to have to go against the grain here on this review. The blurb about for fans of Where'd You Go Bernadette feels completely off. I do feel the author is a great writer. I just wasn't that captivated by how the story was unveiled. It was a little too "once upon a time". I didn't like Rosie from the start and honestly I had a hard time connecting to Willow. Perhaps if we knew why Rosie was like she was I might have had some bit of underst...
  • Mara
    Willow's parents are complete opposites. Rosie is a free-spirit who believes in the power of colors, the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and not keeping to a schedule, and seems to exist solely on Pixie Stix, cream soda, and pizza. Rex is firm and regimented and believes in balanced dinners and to-do lists. Opposites may attract, but they can also explode. And what happens to the kids when the attraction ends? Willow can tell you, but it's not pretty....
  • Marti
    This book which I read in two days has touched my heart and opened my eyes. This book really went in depth on mental issues. The author made you feel the hurt Willow was going through. I cried the last 30% of the book. This is a novel that I will encourage others to read. This really is an outstanding piece of work
  • Stacy Fetters
    "Because Rex Thorpe finally knew what love was. And she tasted like Pixy Stix and wore polka-dot underwear."This warmed and broke my heart at the same time. From the start, I knew that these characters were going to break me and I wasn’t wrong. A truly heartwarming read that left me breathless. No words can help me express my true feelings for this book. But I do say these words with tears in my eyes and goosebumps on my arms. This magnificent ...
  • violet
    This book is a good start for 2018.I loved everything about this book. I loved the author’s writing style, the way she describes situations with feelings that stabs through my heart. I was hooked right from the start and I couldn’t leave my place without finishing this book. I cried, I laughed, I sympathized, I got angry, and I related to this book so, so much.
  • Ashley
    Gotta go against the grain here. I feel like no one else was thinking when they read this book, just feeling. I really wanted to like it, and started out liking it, but just ended up frustrated, trying to burn through to the end. I couldn't stop thinking: WHERE ARE ALL THE OTHER ADULTS?? There are 2 parents doing a terrible job with their children and somehow there is not one other family member, teacher, therapist, etc present (and with no expla...
  • Heather
    I really wanted to like this book as it deals with a topic that I have had to endure in my life. I just felt the writing was too rushed, too forced, and didn't really touch on Rosie's mental health.I really liked Willow, and the complete seperation of the love she received from her Mom vs her Dad and why they loved her the way they did and how it was shaping her to be who she was. There were a lot of cute moments in the book, as well as heavy mom...
  • Krithika
    At once heartfelt and heartbreaking, Rosie Colored Glasses paints every one of its characters with equal and vivid clarity. The book explores a relatively short time frame, but does so from multiple facets and viewpoints to underscore that the world and the people who inhabit it are anything but binary.
  • Wit & Wonder Books
    ***ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review***Poignant and heartrending, Rosie Colored Glasses by Brianna Wolfson dredged up so many emotions that I am not sure where to begin. Written in an unconventionally poetic style, this unique novel reaches deep down and tears your heart to pieces.Sweet Willow, a fifth grade girl, is different than the other children in her school. Awkward and quirky, she takes after her mother, Rosie. S...
  • Alexandria Tyler
    For the first time ever, a book actually made me cry. I didn't think it was possible (maybe it's the genre I have been picking? Or maybe it's just possible that this is a truly beautiful story that will make you sob like a love starved child. This story is heavy, and the author does a brilliant job of painting her "Rosie" world for the reader. The entire time I was reading this book, I was rooting for Rosie, hoping her and Rex would just bend for...
  • Ciara Noonan
    This book is incredible. The narration is so wonderful, it reminded me of Matilda a little bit. The characters are all so well crafted it was such a pleasure to read about them and each one's quirks.How cute is Asher? The chapters with him were a joy. With the band-aids? Oh, I full-on sobbed. What a sweetie. However, make no mistake. This book will break you. I ugly cried for the entire last bit of the book. It's a truly heartbreaking tale of add...
  • Emily
    ******This book was given to me by Harper Collins as part of a Goodreads Giveaway*****This was a lovely, sad book. Brianna Wolfson does a good job depicting children. Willow, the 11 year old main character was written like an actual child - not overly cute or too smart for her age. Brianna also excels at portraying addiction, mental illness, stress and grief. I loved Rex, Willow's father. He was not meant to be likable but, maybe because of that,...
  • Phaedra Patrick
    A wonderful debut charting the highs and lows of love. Highly recommended
  • iamnotabookworm
    The first thing that beckoned me to this book was the title. Who wouldn't be curious with that? What kind of glasses are rosie colored ones? What magic does it possess?This is probably the most heart-wrenching and heartbreaking tale I read for this year. This story would remain with me for long just like Colleen Hoover's It Ends With Us. This story had the same kind of effect. It affected me very deeply and even until now, days after reading it, ...
  • Katrina
    This is a story about a love so quirky, warm and fun it knocks everyone off their feet. Rex can't get enough of the young florist who spiced up the love message accompanying his floral arrangement for his latest, now ex-girlfriend. Intending to confront her, give her a piece of his mind and move on Rex finds Rosie has something he just can't dismiss. He has strong reservations and a sense of dread that this overwhelming attraction simply can't la...
  • Danielle
    NB: I received this ARC as a B&N Bookstore employee. What follows is my recommendation that I would share to customers, and is simplified as such. I was pleasantly surprised by Rosie Colored Glasses, though not for the reasons I wished! I expected a fun, light book to read this winter and was instead pulled in to a bittersweet family drama. Willow is an adorable, quirky little kid and I enjoyed the shifting perspectives and movement forward and b...
  • Faye
    I received this book from the Publisher for my honest review. Wow, where to start. This book touches so many emotions. It is a profound, heartbreaking story; very well written. I picked it up once and had trouble getting into it so put it down, read a couple of others and the second time I picked it up WOW! I could not put it down. It covers so many issues - love, hate, bullying, mental illness, addiction, family issues. Two totally opposite peop...
  • Katherine
    An amazing, absolutely heartbreaking story. Willow Thorpe, the young daughter of divorced parents Rex and Rosie, struggles to navigate herself through the world. She has no friends at her school and her father doesn't seem to try to understand her. The only place where Willow feels happy and loved is with her mother. Rosie is a dynamic ball of energy and love, wrapping her children in seemingly endless days of fun and adventure. All Willow needs ...
  • Chasidy Kaye Jones
    I received this book free in exchange for review. I almost did not finish this book because at first I really could not get into it. But I am really glad I finished it. They end brought tears to my eyes a few times. Rosie is fun, whimsical and can never be still. She has to keep moving. She is flighty and can't commit to anything for long. She meets Rex, who is her opposite in everything. Rex likes books and lists and rules. They say opposites at...