カードキャプターさくら クリアカード編 2 [Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card hen 2] by CLAMP

カードキャプターさくら クリアカード編 2 [Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card hen 2]

新たなカードと深まる謎、世界が待ってた新章『クリアカード編』第2弾! 夢で見た透明なカードによって再び友枝町で起こりはじめた不思議な出来事たち。さくらは夢の中で出逢った『鍵』で次々とカードを手にいれていきます! そんな中、さくらのクラスに女の子が転校してきて!? 新章『クリアカード編』はやくも100万部突破...

Details カードキャプターさくら クリアカード編 2 [Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card hen 2]

Titleカードキャプターさくら クリアカード編 2 [Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card hen 2]
Release DateApr 1st, 2017
Publisher講談社 / Kōdansha
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Romance, Shojo, Comics Manga, Young Adult

Reviews カードキャプターさくら クリアカード編 2 [Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card hen 2]

  • Jo
    Can't wait for the anime
  • Dreximgirl
    I'm still really enjoying being back in this world again with Sakura and her friends. Things are getting even more interesting with Eriol, Syaoran and even Touya swing to be hiding a few secrets from Sakura. I cannot wait to read more.
  • Alejandra
    Qué onda ese capítulo extra =O
  • Dalila
    Quero mais!
  • Evey
    J adore les nouvelles cartes!
  • Lexie
    Sakura you have given me a misrepresentation of school life for well in 20yrs at this point and I love you for it.Look CCS is one of the few CLAMP titles that was too pure for my world. I was reading the original series at the same as Parasyte, Video Girl Ai and Fushigi Yugi. Even the questionable romances (there's at least THREE teacher-student romances hinted at during various times) are so sweet that I can't look askance. Any one who read Tsub...
  • Naomi
    I forgot to review this after I finished reading it. Now I can't remember the exact date I read this, but I'm just going to put it to today's. I love that I'm getting new Card Captor Sakura volumes, but at the same time I still worried about how this will turn out for Sakura and her cards. There's a beautiful drawing of Sakura and her previous cards as the background which I found beautiful towards the beginning of the volume whilst she worries a...
  • Doc
    "When all the cards have gathered together...It is not the end, but rather, the beginning. The beginning of the end..."Sakura now has the Gale and the Siege card after her trials in the first volume of the series. If only her cards were not clear and not useful then it might be easier for her. Then again what good would a trial be if you had an easy mode. :)In this volume Sakura has to deal with an abnormal storm, something invisible that is capa...
  • Jenny Clark
    Still super cute :) I love that we get to see more Kero and Soupy in this one. It's also pretty cool that Toya knows about what's going on, and that Yukito knows about Yue. I am loving this series so far. The only bad is it is kinda plotless. Yes, she is catching the cards and there are the mysteries, but none of her cardcapting seams to be that hard, and none of the mysteries have urgency about them. None the less, this is another candy series- ...
  • Sarah
    Well this read an awful lot like the first series...weird things are happening, Sakura has no idea what is going on. Of course Errol, Syaoran and even Touya are hiding the truth from her and running around talking to each other going "we have to hurry!!!!" (Well, Errol and Syaoran are at any rate). Why don't you just tell her what the hell is going on you guys? Seriously, I'm getting annoyed with how all the boys are forever hiding things for Sak...
  • star_fire13
    Again, I'm not enjoying this as much as I did the original series, but I'll stick with it. In this one, Sakura captured Aqua and Action.Syaoran is being SUPER suspicious. He knows something. And Spinny knows something to. It's implied that there's a reason why Syaoran returned to Japan now and/or that the new cards are happening now, and that they're related.I want to know what Toya is implying with Yuki, about them working together (and maybe wi...
  • Sherri
    Another solid volume! I like that they seem to be going a different direction regarding the transfer student — so far, a lot of the series seems be subtly paralleling the first series —but I do wish that we could dive a bit more into some of the side characters. I get that Sakura is the main character, and something is happening that's going to force her to grow again, but I'd love to see more about Fujitaka and what's changed for him since t...
  • Maeweld
    Encore un peu plus d'intrigue avec ce nouveau tome Une nouvelle élève, des "nouvelles" cartes qui n'émanent aucune magie, Eriol et Shaolan qui complotent dans le dos de Sakura ... en parallèle, Shaolan et Sakura deviennent un peu plus intimes ... sans pour autant encore, avouer leurs sentiments réciproques.Hâte au 3ème tome.
  • Florence
    Un second aussi sympa que le premier, avec autant de magie et de mystère. Toujours dans la lignée de la première série, ce manga contente parfaitement la fan de Sakura que je suis. Vivement la suite pour connaître ce que cache Shaolan.
  • WendyDemi
    Bon. On va pas se mentir. J'ai un besoin urgent de réponses ! (je ne regarde pas l'anime, pour info). J'espère que Shaolan va bientôt s'expliquer, car moi, je deviens folle. Et la nouvelle élève. Elle est tellement suspecte.. Il me tarde de lire le tome 3 pour en savoir + (j'espère..)
  • Olivia
    Oopsie, somehow managed to skip this volume. Though, since the anime is ahead, I don’t feel like I missed much. Honestly the anime is so close...but I still like the little reactions they didn’t include. Sakura & Syaoran are so cute!
  • Miriam
    Gah! What are you doing Syaoran?!?!? What are you up to?!?!? Why cliffhanger why?!?!?
  • kerrycat
    so so happy to have CCS back - and Sakura and Syaoran are so perfectly, incredibly adorable. #truelove
  • ❣✪ⓙⓘⓜⓔ✪❣
    Shaoran?? 😟
  • Steven
    These aren't being published fast enough and it's killing me. The manga has so many more details than the anime, but I still need answers for all these questions I have.
  • Sab
    El club Shaoran-Eriol que ocultan cosas a Sakura me molestaaaaDiganle que esta pasando pobrecita :(