Killing England by Bill O'Reilly

Killing England

The Revolutionary War as never told before. The breathtaking latest installment in Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard’s mega-bestselling Killing series transports readers to the most important era in our nation’s history, the Revolutionary War. Told through the eyes of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and Great Britain’s King George III, Killing England chronicles the path to independence in gripping detail, taking the...

Details Killing England

TitleKilling England
Release DateSep 19th, 2017
PublisherMacMillan Audio
GenreHistory, Nonfiction

Reviews Killing England

  • Jim Brown
    This is another great book written by O'Reilly and Dugard. It may be the best yet. It is a history book written almost like a novel. Not as yet finished but on this Sunday with all the negative press about the NFL and not standing for the National Anthem, I had to post this. As I read what American Patriots endured, yes endured, and how thousands died to fight the British, I am even more sickened by what the privileged NFL players and NBA players...
  • Susan Crowe
    Awesome as always! Now I have to wait another year for the next one.
  • Collette Bakken
    Excellent ReadIt should be read in civics class if they still exist, an interesting honest look at our hard won United States
  • Ray
    It is time for O'Reilly to bring this series to a close. It is running thin. The last two books have been sub par. I give this a 2.9 as I did Killing Japan.
  • Ken Baiardi
    Could not put it down. Such a great bookBill O'Reilly books are the most educational and spell binding books of all. I have learned so much I never really knew.
  • Scott
    Politics and lifestyle choices aside, I think Bill O'Reilly is a great historical writer. He actually majored in history at Marist College and taught history at a Florida high school for a couple years, and I think his knowledge of history shines in his writing. Like the previous "Killing" series, I found the writing to be engaging and exciting. While not as exhaustive as a college, or even a high school American history textbook, it's a fairly c...
  • David Bowman
    Excellent overview of the war through the actions and eyes of the main characters. It is very general, but well footnoted and quite interesting. Overall the book reads like the narration to a history documentary. For those who want a general history of the Revolutionary War, this is a really good book. If you’re looking for in depth military or political analysis, you will be left wanting.Very readable, and it does a great job of picking up the...
  • Bob Hines
    A great fun readI am a history buff and often have to dig through wordy and complex descriptions of times and events written by well meaning historians. Bill and his co-author cut through that jargon and give an entertaining fresh description of the times and the events. You truly get to appreciate the human side of individuals that play critical part in founding of our nation. They bring to life all of their flaws and strengths. You get areal se...
  • John Magee
    As far as history books, O'Reilly's "Killing" series are all extremely entertaining. Although O'Reilly has a well-earned reputation for conservatism, those who don't agree with his political commentary could gain much from his well-researched and footnoted "Killing" series and Killing England is just the latest in his apolitical "Killing" series.
  • Steve
    The second book I have read in the Killing Series, The first being Killing of the Rising Sun. To me this is just as good as the one I have read before. This book chronologicalizes the events of certain ones who played the role in America's independence. It also describes the battles that took place during the American Revolution.
  • Barry L Waldman
    To the point: Bill O'Reilly and his histories.Completed , Killing England, in one sitting. As with all his recent work, it is fast faced, factual and highly entertaining. Heartily recommended for those who are not necessarily history buffs. Should be be required reading for high school courses in American history. Hopefully many more O'Reilly histories to follow.
  • Tanya Boerema-gasaway
    One of my favorite series!
  • Kirk Dobihal
    Excellent read.
  • James Baker
    Pretty good. The "Killing" books flow well and are easy reads but the lack of citations bother me. Most historical accounts are thoroughly annotated.
  • Bobbie
    Excellent book. The thing I like about the Killing books is that there is a lot of information included so they have to be read carefully yet there is a feeling of relaxation while reading them
    O'Reilly does it againAs his other books, he covers it all. You learn what really happens, with no exaggeration.Just a good read, like the others, can't wait you next installment.