A Crazy Kind of Love by Mary Ann Marlowe

A Crazy Kind of Love

Celebrities hold zero interest for photographer Jo Wilder. That's a problem, since snapping pics of the stars is how the pretty paparazza pays the rent. So when Jo attempts to catch a money shot atop the broad shoulders of a helpful bystander, the only thing she notices about the stranger she straddles is that he's seriously hot. Only later does Jo learn that he's also Micah Sinclair--one of rock's notorious bad boys... Soon Jo is on the verge of...

Details A Crazy Kind of Love

TitleA Crazy Kind of Love
Release DateNov 28th, 2017
PublisherKensington Publishing Corporation
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Adult, Did Not Finish, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Fiction

Reviews A Crazy Kind of Love

  • Stacee
    I loved the first book in this series, so I was beyond excited to read Micah’s story. Love love loved Josie and Micah. She’s sweet with a fantastic moral compass. He’s flirty and adorable. Together their banter is charming and sweet and and they have some fantastic chemistry. And of course it was awesome to see Eden and Adam. Plot wise, it was good. The story is mostly all fluff and thankfully the conflict is an outside source. I was thrill...
  • Kari Lemor
    Another great story by author Mary Ann Marlowe. I'd read her first book, Some Kind of Magic and really enjoyed it but this one pulled me in faster and deeper. The chemistry between the two main characters was great and I really loved their personalities and quirks. They were in quite a predicament with her being a tabloid reporter (though not a very good one) and him being someone the paparazzi wanted to exploit. It definitely kept me turning the...
  • Kelly
    I fell for Jo and Micah. Hard. The romance swept me away. The writing was fun and smart, everything I've come to expect from Mary Ann Marlowe. I stayed up way too late reading this gem and have zero regrets. This author is an auto-buy for me every time!
  • Laura Brown
    I absolutely loved the first book in the series and jumped at the chance to get an early read of A Crazy Kind Of Love.One thing I really enjoyed was how the author gave the readers more from the first couple, Eden and Adam. I love seeing bits and pieces of happy ever after and my always-wanting-more-heart was thrilled.That said, you don’t need to read these books in order, they stand alone. But I do think reading in order will heighten this won...
  • Ginger at GReadsBooks.com
    Thanks to the author I had the honor of reading an ARC of Mary Ann Marlowe's sophomore novel. I loved her debut so much, that naturally I was eager to experience another one of her stories. And oh what a sweet, CRAZY story this one is! If you're a fan of honest, down-right adorable, swoon-worthy Romances, then this book is so your jam. I adored Jo & Micah's relationship. In a literary world full of angsty, turmoil Romances, it was quite refreshin...
  • Dani (Dani Reviews Things)
    Waaay at the start of this year, I reviewed Some Kind of Magic, starring scientist Eden and down-to-earth rockstar Adam. I was pretty excited when the author reached out and asked if I wanted to read the next book in the series. This time, the focus was on Eden's musician brother and a photographer looking to make a name for herself. One of the minor niggles I had with the first book was that, despite showing a great relationship, it didn't have...
  • Kelli Newby
    This book had me smiling all the way through. Jo and Micah are both sweet, lovely human beings working in industries that do their best to take all the sweetness away. Yet, they stay who they are. And they find each other and somehow become even more lovely.Sweet as the characters are, Marlowe is wickedly funny--from the slapstick of the opening to the wordplay and banter woven throughout. As with her first book, she dances around tropes giving y...
  • Jeannie Zelos
    A Crazy Kind of Love, Mary Ann MarloweReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre:  Romance, Women's fiction. I loved Mary Ann's first book, and this one covers Eden's brother Micah, who we met in book one. That book was such a treat to read, humour that wasn't forced, drama, real emotions and scenes I felt actually could play out in real life. I was really looking forward to this second book, and it was another terrific read. Poor Jo, curiou...
  • Heather Fleet
    I didn't think I could love anyone more than Adam, but Micah... Dear, sweet, Micah. ♥ Review coming soon.