Under Water (Duck Darley #1) by Casey Barrett

Under Water (Duck Darley #1)

Duck Darley should have been a winner. Once a competitive swimmer destined for Olympic gold, he drank away his gilded youth and followed his fraudster father's footsteps into prison. Barely scraping by as an unlicensed private investigator, Duck now chases down cheating spouses for the same Manhattan elite who once viewed him as equal, and drowning bitter memories with whatever fills his glass. Duck's lost glory days resurface when he's tasked wi...

Details Under Water (Duck Darley #1)

TitleUnder Water (Duck Darley #1)
Release DateNov 28th, 2017
PublisherKensington Publishing Corporation
GenreFiction, Mystery

Reviews Under Water (Duck Darley #1)

  • Yukari Watanabe
    I obtained signed ARC at BEA in June. The author Casey Barrett was a competitive swimmer and a member of the Canadian Olympic swim team in 1996. He later co-founded New York City's largest learn-to-swim program IMAGINE SWIMMING. He also won three Emmy Awards for his writing work on NBC's coverage of the Olympics Games. Barrett introduces an amateur private investigator Duck Darley who once was an elite swimmer like Barrett. Duck was destined for ...
  • ✭Sunshine✭
    I didn't realize this was a debut novel when I requested it and I still wouldn't know if I hadn't gone to Barrett's page to see what other works he has to offer. I'm really impressed with this novel and I'm excited that it's a first in series. The next book, Against Nature, is due out next year and I'm already looking forward to it. This was an excellent book. I thought the story was interesting and the characters well-done. The writing was engag...
  • Brucie
    competent writing, story of arrogant selfish lucky dick (private), did not get my sympathy, good murder mystery with lots of bad actors.
  • Kerry Pickens
    I read a lot of mysteries, so as far as this genre goes this was decent writing for a first time author. There were several things that put me off about the book, the first being that one of the main characters is a professional dominatrix I find that revolting. Not to mention that I am Jewish, and there is reference to an S&M event with a Orthodox rabbi which is even more ridiculous. I don't understand why this needs to be a theme of this book. ...
  • Cin
    I really enjoyed reading this novel. This is definitely a page turner. Great story line. I would recommend this novel to my friends. I received a free ARC of this book from the Goodreads First Reads program. Thanks a lot for sending me this book!
  • John McKenna
    Under WaterMysterious Book Report No. 341by John Dwaine McKennaThe MBR is ever on the lookout for debut authors with arresting characters, compelling plots and above-average wordsmithing talent. When we find one, we do our best to alert all of you, so that together, we can read and enjoy the writer and character as they grow. Those types of people are hard to find, and when we do, it’s cause to celebrate . . . so put your party hat on, turn the...
  • Taylor Holt
    I sought this book out, and it did not disappoint. Duck is a fascinatingly flawed protagonist. I thought this case would be a bit more straightforward, but it was twisty from beginning to end. I loved the NYC settings; Living on the UES I’m familiar with a lot of the locales, and loved imagining Duck walking the same streets I walk every day. It was also a very interesting glimpse into the world of competitive swimming, an activity I have never...
  • Shanna Hale
    Pretty good. Fast paced from page one, with lots of detail into the world of competitive swimming. Duck is not the most likable character, but that's also part of his charm. His heart is really in the right place, even if his addictions take over more than not. His sidekick is one of the more interesting characters I have read. A dominatrix detective? Why yes, she is. This story really shows the differences between the haves and the have-nots, an...
  • Mary
    This book was pretty gruesome even if it did keep me reading. Duck Darley was a promising young swimmer until his father's fraudulent business dealings caused his family to fail. Duck is a mess but he means well. I find it hard to believe that anyone can consume all the drugs and alcohol Duck does and still function. And I'm probably too straight to understand his partner's day job. Don't think I'll try #2
  • Irene
    Received a copy from Goodreads Giveaways.Interesting characters, even though they are somewhat broken. May be a touchy subject for some. The ending was somewhat disturbing, but nevertheless, I still enjoyed reading this book.Thought it was well written and well worth the read. Would like to read more about Duck Darley and Cass.
  • Kristine
    I am tired of all private detectives having drinking problems and I guess the added opiate addiction was supposed to be a variation on a theme...so some points for originality. At the end of the story he is trying out sobriety which might be more interesting so I'll give the next one a chance.Other than that it was a good story.
  • Raymond
    If you like Ken Bruen’s Jack Taylor books, you’ll probably like this. Protagonist is seriously flawed, drinking and drugging too much, but he manages to make progress notwithstanding the brutal beatings he suffers.
  • Via
    Page turner
    My requirement is always a twinkle in the eye and there it is. Fun and well-plotted
  • Sandra
    Good story, somehow made more interesting because of the author's credits!
  • Robert Parks
    Pretty good for a first novel. It was very nice to read a thriller with a swimming theme, since I swam for so long and now coach.
  • Kendra Richerson-Balzer
    It's a great book. A little dark and rather bizarre but still well written and entertaining!
  • Peter Cotter
    Check out my review, at my new blog...Mystery Thriller Reader
  • retronerd Steinkuehler
    Other than bane dialogue like Reach Out and Fair Enough, this is a decent read.
  • Katherine Basile Joesbury
    Ok thriller. Do not feel compelled to read other books in series and would not recommend. Not bad just nothing really remarkable. Was well paced and well written.