Murder in the Lincoln White House by C.M. Gleason

Murder in the Lincoln White House

March 4, 1861: On the day of Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration, the air is charged with hope and apprehension. The last thing anyone wants is any sort of hitch in the proceedings—let alone murder! Fortunately the president has young Adam Quinn by his side . . .At the inaugural ball, Lincoln’s trusted entourage is on their guard. Allan Pinkerton, head of the president’s security team, is wary of potential assassins. And Lincoln’s oldest fri...

Details Murder in the Lincoln White House

TitleMurder in the Lincoln White House
Release DateNov 28th, 2017
PublisherKensington Publishing Corporation
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Fiction, Thriller, Mystery Thriller, Historical Mystery

Reviews Murder in the Lincoln White House

  • Linda
    The Times They Are A-Changin' (Bob Dylan)History carries a heavy stick. It raps to a familiar beat heard since the beginning of time. The panoramic stage weaves variations and set changes, but the actors, oh the actors, are cloaked in hues of long-standing hate, greed, animosity, and belligerent behavior.The curtain rises in the Inaugural Ballroom in March of 1861 ushering in the newly elected President Abraham Lincoln. The dance floor is lined w...
  • Juli
    It's March 4, 1861. Tension is riding high between the northern and southern states. War will soon break out, but for now, it's just rumblings and quiet threats. Newly elected President Abraham Lincoln has been sworn in, and a crowd has gathered for the Inaugural Ball. Fears of assassination or other violence are security around President Lincoln is tight. Allan Pinkerton, head of Lincoln's security team, and three other guards watch t...
  • Stephanie Anze
    Its March 4, 1961, the night of the inagural ball for the newly elected president Abraham Lincoln. The room is packed with men & women, northerners & southerners and allies & enemies alike. President Lincoln is surrounded by a tight team of security led by the experienced Allan Pinkerton. When the body of Custer Billings is found stabbed in a room not too far away from the new president, its not Pinkerton who is summoned but Kansas frontiersman A...
  • Kathleen
    I want to give this a very solid 4.5 stars. This was especially well done historical fiction and an incredibly well done mystery! The author does an amazing job at putting you right into the heart of Washington DC during the very first days of Lincoln's presidency. The descriptions of the city and the White House and the clothing were so incredibly clear you could really easily picture yourself standing there observing it all yourself. The myster...
  • Linda
    This is the first installment in C. M. Gleason's Lincoln White House Mysteries. It's President Lincoln's Inaugural Ball and the room is filled with attendees, both supportive and non-supportive. This leaves a long list of possible suspects when a murder is committed on this night of celebration. Lincoln has had so many death threats that his staff can't be sure if he was really meant to be the intended victim. Lincoln puts all his trust into Adam...
  • Krista Taracuk
    Frontiersman Adam Quinn left the racial tension of the Kansas Territory hoping to escape the memories of the violent deaths of his friends and the loss of his arm. He arrives in Washington, DC, in the spring of 1861 to find the city mired in hatred, gossip, and corruption on the eve of the impending war.As a long-time and trusted friend of the Lincolns, Quinn is hired to find a murderer and travels between the high society of the rich and powerfu...
  • Ashley
    I won this book on goodreads in return for a review. I really enjoyed this book! Plot twists, good research, and relatable characters. The only thing I had issues with were there were times when the main character would mention something, and I would get the feeling I should know what they're referring to. Almost like I hadn't read the first book in a series, but I checked and there aren't other books. It didn't take away from the novel at all th...
  • Bryleigh
    This was a lot of fun, and a real page-turner. I have a weakness for mysteries set in the past, and this one didn't disappoint. I'm not going to write much here because it would be hard not to spill the spoilers, but it was well researched, engaging, and the period well captured. Recommended not just for mystery fans, but readers who enjoy a Civil War setting or are Lincoln fans. I received this book as a giveaway from the publisher at BEA 2017 i...
  • Jill Wittkopp
    Adam Quinn is our reluctant detective in this mystery series. A frontiersmen that wants nothing to do with big cities or politics finds himself by Mr. Lincoln’s side as he tries to hold the nation together. This book starts with a murder at Lincoln's inaugural ball and sets off running from there. Instead of the high profile pinkerton detectives set to investigate, Lincoln asks his family friend, Adam Quinn, to discreetly find out what happened...
  • Wit & Wonder Books
    ***ARC received in exchange for an honest review***In this historical-mystery-fiction novel, Murder in the Lincoln White House by C. M. Gleason, gives us the first installment of the Lincoln's White House Mystery series. As far as first in a series books goes, this is a whopper of one. The descriptive detail takes you back in time to 1861, the day Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated, as if you are walking on the cobblestone back alley streets with th...
  • Leith Devine
    I really enjoyed this book. The attention to the historical detail was amazing, especially when discussing the differences between those slaves who were considered "free" and those who were not. The plot was well-written and kept my attention until the very end. At the party after Lincoln's inauguration, a dead body is found. The President asks Adam Quinn, recently arrived in Washington from Kansas and the son of an old friend, to investigate. Ad...
  • Linda
    3.5. An easy read that kept my attention, and it moved along swiftly. I liked the characters and am looking forward to Mystery #2.
  • Julie Failla Earhart
    I’m a historical fiction buff, especially for the Civil War era and doubly for anything about the Lincolns. It was with bated breath that I opened the cover of this first book in the Adam Quinn series. The time is March 4, 1861, Lincoln’s first inauguration. The day has gone rather smoothly…a bomb threat at Lincoln’s podium was thwarted, but otherwise it’s been a peaceful day. Now it’s almost 11 p.m. and the Lincoln’s have…finall...
  • Bridgett Brown
    I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway. It's President Lincoln's Inaugural Ball and the room is filled with people, both supportive and non-supportive. This gives Adam Quinn, a long list of possible suspects when a murder is committed. Lincoln has had so many death threats that his staff can't be sure if he was really meant to be the intended victim. Adam is determined to find out just who the killer is .
  • Robin Crawford
    Excellent first entry in what appears to be a new series. Can't wait for the next one to come out!
  • Beverlee
    Thank you to Goodreads and Kensington Books for the opportunity to read "Murder in the Lincoln White House". The combination of historical fiction, a mysterious killing and a little romance - made for a fun and interesting book. I think that Adam Quinn will be seen in many more books by C. M. Gleason and I will look forward to reading them when they are available!
  • Zoe
    Thanks Kensington Books and netgalley for this ARC.You'll never see Lincoln or the White HOuse in quite the same way after reading. this. Loved the way you feel right there in the city and action.
  • nikkia neil
    Thanks Kensington Books and netgalley for this ARC.Can't wait to read more from C.M. Gleason. This is just the right combination of mystery, romance, and intrigue. It seems like a unsolvable mystery, but it all comes together in the coolest way. Love the originality of this series.
  • Tina Satterwhite
    it's a quick read, but quite good for something different and entertaining.
  • Christine Boswell
    As a sweet piece of history within the story. Excellent book! I loved it.
  • Kristen
    I really enjoyed this! An interesting and unique combination of historical fiction and murder mystery.There were several things that were different about this from what I normally gravitate to. First the main character was male; not that I don't like male narrators, but I somehow tend to pick up books driven by women. But I really connected with Adam Quinn - he was smart and resourceful, and while he didn't want to be in Washington, coming from t...
  • Kim
    Ultimately this is a murder mystery set in the days shortly after Abraham Lincoln’s election to the Presidency. This book has a little bit of everything, history, politics, romance, feminism. With so much going on the mystery at times takes a back seat to the dichotomies of the period. The animosity the secessionists felt toward Abraham Lincoln was so well defined it was palpable throughout the book. The cruel reality of life in Washington D.C....
  • Ellen
    I loved this book! The setting, the time period, and the characters all brought vividly to life by C.M. Gleason. Set during the early days of President Lincoln's presidency, the book focuses on the murder of a man during Lincoln's inaugural ball. Who did this and why? Was it an attempt to distract security thereby allowing an attempt on Lincoln? A random act? Through the investigation by Adam Quinn, frontier man extrordinaire, we see the politica...
  • Bethany Swafford
    When a murder is discovered at the inauguration ball of President Lincoln, he turns to a young friend from home, Adam Quinn, to investigate. Quinn must search through prejudices, suspicions, and false clues to bring the murderer to justice.This is a fantastic historical mystery. From the start, I very much enjoyed Adam Quinn's character. He was clever and thorough in searching for clues. He used his experience from tracking animals to analyze and...
  • Starr Wilde
    My favorite author writing about my favorite president..AWESOME!I love love love Colleen and I love this book..I love it when there is a fictional book with historical truth mixed in as background. If you love murder mysteries with historical backdrop, this is the book for you. I cannot give the story away but it is well crafted and brisk plotting with heartwarming touches of charcters and places. Do not miss it!
  • Eileen Hall
    Not knowing much about Abraham Lincoln originally, I requested this book to learn.The story was well written and taut.The characters were believable, but I did baulk at 2of them, was the female journalist and free man of colour, put in to be PC? I hope not.Maybe future books in this series will enlighten me.I was given a digital copy of this book by the publisher Kensington Books via Netgalley in return for an honest unbiased review.
  • Carole
    A really great series debut. Some history and very likeable character in Adam Quinn. The murderer in this case a southern sympathizer charading as a loyal northerner who wants his hoped for future father in law accused of the murder so he can get control of money, etc. can’t wait for nest book ( August 2018).
  • Tracie
    I am not a big mystery reader. This was excellent. Lincoln's role was very believable. The storyline was very believable. I loved the characters and had a vivid picture in my mind of how they looked and behaved. So looking forward to the next in this series! Maybe Gleason has converted me to another genre.
  • Andrea Engle
    Amazingly atmospheric reconstruction of Washington in 1861 forms the background for this intriguing murder mystery ... a young frontiersman from Kansas is tasked with solving a guest's murder for the newly inaugurated President Lincoln ... believable characters and an interesting plot-line complete this thoroughly satisfying read ...
  • Cathy
    An easy book to read with interesting look backs to Washington at the time of Lincoln. Adam Quinn's background, that made him a successful detective, is unlike that of today's detectives and the science of detecting is nothing like today! But Quinn prevailed and came to a conclusion that was unexpected and satisfying.I received this book from a Goodreads giveaway.