Because I Was A Girl by Melissa de la Cruz

Because I Was A Girl

Whether they're young or old, household names or behind-the-scenes players, so many women have incredible stories to tell. And now is their chance.Edited by bestselling author Melissa de la Cruz, Because I Was a Girl is a collection of anecdotes from girls and women, ages 10 to 80, about the barriers they've faced—and the dreams they've made come true. Featuring a who's who of successful women in the arts, finance, politics, and more, this book...

Details Because I Was A Girl

TitleBecause I Was A Girl
Release DateOct 3rd, 2017
PublisherHenry Holt and Co. (BYR)
GenreNonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Anthologies, Feminism

Reviews Because I Was A Girl

  • Melissa Flanagin
    So many wonderful ladies in our world. great role models for on kiddos today
  • Mallory
    This book popped up as a popular one being checked out at our local library. So I hopped in the virtual queue and waited. It wasn't until I had 3 days left on my 21 day loan that I started reading. I finished it 48 hours later. I was surprised by how many moments echoed my own experience. Walk in the room with a man colleague and who is addressed first? Who is praised for being loud, authoritative, and assertive? Who is told to get more sleep if ...
  • Ashley Elliott
    I loved this book! True stories of women throughout history and in present day. They are inspirational and I highly suggest you google some of them to get more of their accomplishments. I love knowing that sometimes they faced obstacles and overcame and sometimes they moved on because life isn’t perfect and we aren’t all meant to win at everything. I loved all the different personalities in the stories. It was a good book to end the week on!
  • Danielle Benich
    So inspiring! We have come so far... I just hope we aren't going backwards now.
  • Elaine Leow
    Because I was a girl, I’m willing to prove that females are equal to males,