Born of Darkness (Hunter Legacy, #1) by Lara Adrian

Born of Darkness (Hunter Legacy, #1)

Midnight Breed - Hunter Legacy Book 1New York Times bestselling author Lara Adrian introduces the first novel in a thrilling new vampire romance series set in the darkly seductive Midnight Breed paranormal story world.As a former assassin in the Hunter program, Asher is one of a small group of Gen One Breed vampires who survived the horrors of a madman’s laboratory and the cruelty of the training that made him one of the most lethal beings in e...

Details Born of Darkness (Hunter Legacy, #1)

TitleBorn of Darkness (Hunter Legacy, #1)
Release DateMar 27th, 2018
PublisherLara Adrian, LLC
GenreRomance, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Vampires, Adult

Reviews Born of Darkness (Hunter Legacy, #1)

  • Sophia Triad
    Asher and Naomi A spinoff series from the Midnight Breed! And obviously it is a great start.Hunters are the Gen One Breed warriors who were constructed to be killers by Dragos and they managed to escape when their collars were removed.Hunters' stories are included in the following books: ,There are part of the main series and they are mainly stories about Gen One warriors that have strong connections with the Order.Of course there are also man...
  • Kat Valentine
    What a awesome start to this new spin off series by lara adrian!! In this first hunter series read we find out about one of the most feared of drago's assassins Asher. When asher saves Naomi from a certain death from some thugs out in the desert the gen one breed will meet his match! Naomi has lived by her wits and her need for vengeance and no one will stand in her way not even a hot sexy vamp with a body full of beautiful dermalyphs and smellin...
  • Sarah
    Born of Darkness is the first book in Lara Adrian's new Hunter Legacy series, a spin of set in the same world as her bestselling Midnight Breed books. Each of these stories are going to be standalone paranormal romances so you don't have to be familiar with the original series to enjoy them but longtime fans will appreciate the chance to spend more time in this world and to find out what happened to the many Gen One Breed Hunters bred and trained...
  • Katie Reus
    LOVED this kickoff to her new series!
  • Dorsey aka ❤️ Wrath Lover Reviews ❤️
    4.5 Gen One Hunter Stars!! Born of Darkness, is Book#1 of Lara Adrian’s new spin off series Hunter Legacy. If your a fan of Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed series then you will love this series. It’s set in the same world as MB, 20 years after the Breed had been outed to the world. Now all of Drago’s freed Hunter Assassins are learning to live with the freedoms they have been given upon their release..This first book we are introduced to Asher...
  • Under the Covers Book Blog
    I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.It's no secret that we are huge fans of the Midnight Breed series here at UTC.  In fact, if you want to start reading a good PNR and don't know where to start, Lara Adrian is a great place to start!  So when we heard she was writing a spin off we were beyond excited.The Hunter Legacy series follows ...
  • Shayna
    “On your back, vampire. It’s my turn to torture you.” Paranormal Romance was how I actually got introduced to the romance genre and at first it was my absolute favorite, but in the recent years I found myself shying away from it. I’m not sure if it was the lack of great material out there or what, but Contemporary Romance ended up taking over my life and PNR got pushed to the wayside and when I think hard on that, it’s incredibly sad. I...
  • Edwina
    WOW!! What a Spin Off!! Hunter Legacy is the spin off from the Midnight Breed series. For all the the readers of MB you will remember Dragos and his Gen One Hunters. This is the Hunter, Asher"s story and his wonderful breedmate Naomi/Narumi. These lead characters are written very well. You will fall in love with both of them. The story is a fast paced, suspenseful, great secondary characters, sad at times and good backstory, for those who have re...
  • SheLove2Read
    I liked Asher, the Gen One Breed vampire, quite a bit. Silent, broody, deadly. I can't say the same for Naomi. In fact, she ruined the book for me. There was not a single thing about her that I found that I liked. There was zero chemistry between her and Asher, and TBH, I was glad. He deserved better. Storywise, this is a 2, but I'm bumping up to a 3 because I've always enjoyed Adrian's work in the past. I'll give book two in this new series a tr...
  • AJ
    4 stars!This is the first book in the Hunter Legacy series, and I was so excited to dive back into Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed World. This series is a spin-off from one of my fave PNR series, but you don’t need to have read Midnight Breed to enjoy this one, it easily stands alone as a great vampire romance, though long-time Lara fans will love it!Asher is a Hunter - a vampire cruelly bred in a laboratory to become a lethal, ruthless assassin...
  •  B.E.Love
    I really liked this one. The hero Asher was great, very devoted and possessive and of course strong. I liked the heroine also but I will say she did have a TSTL moment that I thought to myself really. Nothing horrible though. I will say I wish we had gotten more of the hero's past int his book. We obviously know from her Breed series but I would have loved more of his actual history in this one. This is a great start to a new series that I am ver...
  • Ronda
    I wasn't sure how the Hunter Legacy would be in comparison to the normal Breed books..... I shouldn't have worried, Born of Darkness was every bit as good.... and I bet that future books will be even more!!Loved Asher and Naomi and their entire story. Lara Adrian never ceases to amaze me with her writing and I can't wait to read more in the new spin off series.
  • UltraMeital
    I'll admit I have HIGH expectation from Lara. The Midnight Breed is one of my absolute favorite PNR series and the Hunters' stories is something I wondered about especially since "Deeper than Midnight" (Hunter and Corrine's book). I wanted to learn more about them, what they went through, to see them grow into independent men. In this one I felt we got a lot more of Naomi's story than Asher (which was mostly revealed to us in the end). Asher have...
  • ◊♦ Naomi
    Okay so it wasn't everything I was expecting it to be but it could have been much worse. I love Lara Adrian and to be honest, I had not read one of her books in quite a while so Born of Darkness was just what I needed to start new with her. A new series, albeit a spin-off of her Midnight Breed series, you can definitely read it without previously having read the other one. I stopped the MB series at book 7 if I remember correctly and I can say fo...
  • Romance Readers Retreat
    Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed series is my all time favorite paranormal romance series, so when I found out she was writing a spinoff series I was more than a little excited. This series takes place approximately 20 years after the original series. I will make note that you can most definitely read this without having reading the Midnight Breed series. However, for anyone who has, we do get to revisit with previously loved characters (and it’s...
  • Lynn Kupser
    The start of another fantastic series, that I could not put down!!Naomi is a woman of many talented and clever disguises!! Don't blink or you might miss her! But she also has a heart of gold for the abused & abandoned children in Las Vegas! Asher is a Gen One Hunter, a trained Assassin. He lives alone out in the deserts of Las Vegas caring for the ranch animals left behind by the only person who ever cared if he lived or died! All he wanted was t...
  • Alys Baldwin
    I received an advance copy for my official review. I really enjoyed this book. Asher and Naomi were an unexpected couple. Both with dark pasts that can come back and destroy the lives they are trying to build. Many twists and turns. I will recommend this book to everyone who loves her books and if your looking for something new. I just have questions as to how all these others hunters escaped the program?
  • shms
    1.5*. This was such a disappointment, it was skirting the 1* mark but I couldn't quite do that to the author of one of my favourite series. I haven't any issues with the writing, or even the plot but the non-romance. To call what happens between the main leads cannot be called a romance. No emotional depth, no chemistry, the h was particularly annoying all equated to no romance. I sincerely hope the next book will be a lot better, because we know...
  • Michele Monk
    couldn't put this down!! I don't know how she does it,but Lara hasn't ever disappointed me with her stories yet..I don't think she will...I'm not going to go into specific details as I received this as an ARC and can't give out any spoilers,I can say you won't regret reading it...
  • Debbie Watson
    What an amazing first book in this new spinoff series! Asher has things he's done in the past that still haunt him. Naomi is finding herself deeper in trouble in her quest for revenge. When these two finally come together it's explosive!
  • Lisa books
    HunterWow a new book that is a spin off from Midnight Breed. In book one Asher ex Hunter is living in the desert when he rescues his breedmate. She has had a rough life but it's getting better with an exciting Hunter on her side to love and protect
  • Kath
    Thank you Lara Adrian, I have enjoyed the first (of many I hope) book in the Hunter Legacy series enormously. The story of Asher and Naomi was thrilling and had me turning the pages. I highly recommend Lara Adrian Midnight Breed series and this first book in the Hunter Legacy series....enjoy!
  • Ann
    As a big fan of the Midnight Breed Series I was looking forward to the spin-off, the first book of the Hunter series: Born of Darkness. As a very proud member of the Review Team I was so thrilled to get an ARC copy, and then the agony to don’t have time to start reading the moment I’ve got the book...arrgh. Luckily I could make time the next day and once started I hardly couldn’t stop reading. I had to because I had to work and sleep, but w...
  • ErinMickC
    Set in Adrian’s Midnight Breed world, but having very little connection to the Order, Born of Darkness revels in the beauty that is a member of the Breed with his Breedmate. In this book we see Asher, a Gen One warrior born in Dragos’ lab, save a woman from certain death out in the Mojave desert. The woman, Naomi, had been taken to the remote location to be killed by some security goonies from a Las Vegas casino who caught Naomi stealing mone...
  • Twinsie Talk Angie J
    Check out this review and others : Born of Darkness (Hunter Legacy #1) by Lara AdrianI received this book from the authors for an honest review.So exciting to see a spin off series from one of my favorite original paranormal books/authors. Midnigh...
  • Brigitte
    A terrific start to the Hunter Legacy Series. The after effect of being under Dragos' regime is disturbing, but shows the resilience of the Hunters.Asher is one Dragos' assassin and after being unleashed from that terrible life, he chose a quiet and humble path in the middle of nowhere.Naomi was orphaned at a very young age and after going through endless care homes, she chose to live on the streets where she befriended Michael. They are now best...
  • Kathy
    This is the first book in a new series by Lara Adrian called The Hunter Legacy Series. For fans of Lara, they know they will get their moneys worth and this book didn't disappoint. This book centers on the relationship between Asher, A Gen One Breed Hunter and a woman he rescues in the desert, Naomi. Both Asher and Naomi have had extremely difficult, albeit very different childhoods which have scarred them and caused them to be more loners. Asher...
  • Mikail Alband
    This book was an amazing start to a spin off series! As a long term fan of Adrian's Midnight Breed series I have to be honest, when I heard the words "spin off" the first thing that came to mind was it was going to be one character from the main series with their own series. A common concept that many authors have tried and I've come to dislike. But what I like about this one is that it is not. The concept was taken from the original series but i...
  • A
    I've loved the Breed series and had high expectations of this spinoff. Those expectations were exceeded in many ways. While it isn't required to read the Breed series before starting this, I would highly recommend it as you will be missing some things. The severity of the things missed ranges from not important to the more details the better. The book does include a bit of history from the series, enough that you'll get the gist of what is going ...