Direct Fire (Captain Jake Mahegan, #4) by A.J. Tata

Direct Fire (Captain Jake Mahegan, #4)

Packed with high-powered action and stunning authenticity, the novels of Brigadier General A.J. Tata have won widespread acclaim from the bestselling masters of suspense. In Direct Fire, he brings the war on terror to America—with his hero, Jake Mahegan, caught in the crossfire…. A powerful banker, gunned down in cold blood. A military family, senselessly slaughtered as they sleep. A four-star general, hacked and framed by virtual assassins. ...

Details Direct Fire (Captain Jake Mahegan, #4)

TitleDirect Fire (Captain Jake Mahegan, #4)
Release DateDec 26th, 2017
GenreThriller, Adventure, Fiction

Reviews Direct Fire (Captain Jake Mahegan, #4)

  • Glen
    Thanks to NetGalley for this novel.An Islamic group is trying to decapitate the US Military, and largely succeed. Jake Mahegan, after shooting his way out of an ambush, makes his way to the rendezvous, and finds himself on the run from the law, while at the same time, trying to stop the terrorists, who have a few creative attacks in store.I think AJ Tata hit his stride with this one.
  • The Real Book Spy
    See this review and more at Former brigadier general turned best-selling author A.J. Tata (Besieged, 2017) kicks off his fourth Jake Mahegan thriller with a powerful opening that introduces readers to Jackknife, a cold-blooded killer who serves as a worthy antagonist and a formidable opponent for Tata’s hero.After slaughtering a billionaire banker and his family in the dark of the night, Jackknife turns his attention to t...
  • Cheryl
    Clayton Mahegan, the Hawk Wolf, is back in another thrillerFormer Army paratrooper, ex-Delta Force operative and Native American from the Outer Banks of North Carolina Chayton "Jake" Mahegan is back in another thriller authored by retired Brigadier General A.J. Tata. The story takes place in North Carolina with flashbacks to a disastrous mission in Syria.This time Jake is on the run PLUS looking for Syrian terrorists on U.S. soil. Framed for the ...
  • Frank Williams
    This was AJ Tata's best book yet.
  • Lonnie Mixell
    This was the first book I have read by AJ Tata and I am hooked!I was totally invested in the characters and the author had me guessing through most of book on a couple of pieces of intrigue and it was a really fun and thrilling story that has me eager to buy the previous books of the series.
  • Bobbie
    Not bad. The story reminds me of Brad Taylor's books. The story is good but there are so many characters and so much going on that the plot sometimes get lost
  • John M Bowen
    Tony does it again -- he is quickl becoming as 'go to' as Lee Child, Daniel Silva, etc... A great read that makes you think about geopolitical developments in a new light...
  • Sean Courtney
    This was the first AJ Tata book that I’ve read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love the way he describes the mountain setting and Jake Mahegan is such a cool character to get to know. Some of the dialogue from the lesser characters was kind of silly and the ending could have been better but overall a fantastic book and I’ll be reading more of AJ Tata.
  • Damon Drake
    AJ Tata has is starting to become a "must read" author to me. after reading "Besieged" last year, I was looking forward to reading his latest Jake Mahegan thriller "Direct Fire". Direct Fire did not disappoint. in fact, it makes me want to go find every other Jake Mahegan novel Tata has written. I believe this is only #4. from the beginning, Tata keeps you hooked and this is a fast paced, turn pager, action packed thriller. I gave a 4 star only b...
  • Linda Schmidt-
    Not only does AJ Tata write exciting action-novels, but he shows he can also write fascinating psychological studies. His super-hero Jake Mahegan works with a female Army Ranger Cassie Bagwell, along with his former teammates and General Savage to stop a terrorist plot.
  • S. Bomstein
    Unbelievable action and energy. Entwined plots and exhausting action.Well planned character's. Unusual but believable storylines.Want to read next book with this team.
  • TJ
    4.5/5.0Awesome military thriller!
  • Helen
    Fabulous. A stunning high octane on the seat of your pants read. Starts with a massive glitch of automobiles shutting down and the theft of a Mac truck carrying a nuclear war head and just doesn’t stop. Jake Mehegan is in the thick of things dealing with a rogue American military attaché who has an agenda of her own after his sister is killed on her wedding day in Syria and a female ranger trying to locate her kidnaped parents. No doubt about ...
  • Eileen
    Although I found this book was a little slow to,start I was glad I stayed with. Exciting story line which kept my interest
  • Bill Donhiser
    This is my first A.J. Tata novel and I found it to be an excellent adventure albeit similar to many other military thrillers. The plot is great the characters are engaging and the writing is well done. I am going to go back and read the rest of the series in order
  • Randy R
    Another great story by great story teller! Looking forward to the next Jake novel in the series. Keep writing General!
  • Ryan Hillis
    A great thriller!!!
  • Todd Simpson
    Brilliant!! A.J Tata is fast becoming one of my favourite Authors. He certainly knows how to write very clever and interesting Action Thrillers. I thoroughly enjoyed the Intensity of this story, and the detail and background he has put into the characters. Jake Mahegan fits the mould perfectly for the smart, tough guy warrior, with his background in Special Forces he’s definitely a fighting machine, and someone you want on your side.The person ...
  • Stuart Ashenbrenner
    Read more reviews at Ash ReviewsJake Mahegan has recently been dismissed by the Army. Now, the former Paratrooper and ex-Delta Force Operative is hastily called out to a General Savages home, overlooking a golf course, for a meeting...but it's a trap."It's going down right now. Everything, all at once." This is the perfect mantra for this book that we see repeated over and over again, as it is so accurate.A CEO of United Bank of America, his wife...
  • michelle
    * I received a review copy of this book from the publisher for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own.Former brigadier general turned best-selling author A.J. Tata opens his newest book in the bloodthirsty mind of Jackknife as a powerful banker is gunned down in cold blood. Jackknife is a killer with a message to send to a group of Special Forces members, just the kind of opponent to go up against Tata’s protagonist, Jake Mahegan.Direct Fir...
  • Cramer
    Mahegan finds himself in another sticky situation when he is lured into a sticky situation under false pretenses. The people present tell him that "it's going down right now. Everything, all at once". From that moment on, Tata takes you on a thrilling ride as Mahegan tries to piece together the meaning of attacks at the highest level of the army and US financial industry, while evading the local and federal police after being framed for a number ...
  • Steven Zacharius
    Another great thriller from Ret. Brigadier General, A. J. Tata. This type of military tech thriller can only be written by somebody who has the direct knowledge of the military like the author. Jake Mahegan, his continuing character, has to try and save the U.S. from potential disaster from terrorists. The technology discussed in the story is great and the action makes this book impossible to put down.
  • John Purvis
    "Direct Fire" eBook was published in 2017 and was written by A. J. Tata ( Mr. Tata has published nine novels. This is the fourth in his "Jake Mahegan Thriller" series. I received an ARC of this novel through in return for a fair and honest review. I categorize this novel as ‘R’ because it contains scenes of Violence. The story is set in the contemporary US. The primary character is Jake Mahega...
  • John
    Jake Mahegan is a former Delta Force operative who still works as an off-the-books troubleshooter. Syrian terrorists are taking out US military leaders, stopping millions of cars on the highway, stealing nuclear weapons and wreaking havoc on the banking system with cyberterrorism. It feels like AJ Tata really knows his stuff and has put a lot of thought into these scenarios.The characters are not as good as the concept, but they're not bad. Jake ...