Finding Gobi by Dion Leonard

Finding Gobi

THE SUNDAY TIMES NO.2 BESTSELLERLike A Streecat Named Bob before it, Finding Gobi is a truly heart-warming story for animal lovers worldwide…In 2016, Dion Leonard, a seasoned ultramarathon runner, unexpectedly stumbled across a little stray dog while competing in a gruelling 155 mile race across the Gobi Desert. The lovable pup, who earned the name ‘Gobi’, proved that what she lacked in size, she more than made up for in heart, as she went ...

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TitleFinding Gobi
Release DateJun 1st, 2017
GenreNonfiction, Animals, Autobiography, Memoir, Dogs, Biography, Favorites

Reviews Finding Gobi

  • Brenda
    Dion Leonard, an Australian living in Edinburgh, Scotland, was in China for the 155-mile race through the Gobi Desert when a small brown ball of fluff with big eyes attached herself to him. As he ran each leg of the race, the dog kept pace with him. At one stage they crossed a water course, and when she called to him from the bank, Dion turned and picked her up, carrying her across. When it was obvious the little dog would remain by his side, he ...
  • Kirsti
    Yep, here's another one! Most people who follow my reviews soon realize I read A LOT of animal memoir books. As soon as one becomes available, I must have it! They almost never fail to disappoint, and this one was no exception.Dion Leonard is an extreme runner, after taking up the sport because his girlfriend/wife became interested in running as a sport and encouraged him to join her. Not one to take things by halves, Dion found himself competing...
  • Julie
    It's 4am and I just finished this book. A beautiful story of doggy devotion and perseverance. Dion's determination to save his little friend and to give her a forever home is inspirational. If you love dogs you absolutely must read this.
  • ||Swaroop||
    "Finding Gobi" is a rollercoaster and thrilling ride. This book is well written and an interesting read. This is another example of how dogged determination and faith will always have a positive result and an outcome. The heartwarming story of Dion Leonard and Gobi. It represents the amazing connection between a human being and a dog and also shows how things can be achieved and accomplished when people work together, with a common goal. It does ...
  • Sean Peters
    What Can I say.... I missed this story and the internet chaos the first time around...But I am so happy with this book I know the story thankfully!This his an incredible heart warming, touching, fantastic story, with warmth, humble that touches your heart, more so if like me you are an animal lover....I understand fully how the love of an animal can touch your heart, so much and would have done exactly the same as Dion....This is not only a story...
  • Lauren Blakely
    Mad huge big extraordinary love for this story! A great book for all ages! A story of hope, love, kindness and generosity!!!! And dogs!!!!!!!!
  • Natalie Ward
    So lucky to be able to read an advance copy of this book. I've followed the story from the very start and it is not just inspirational but heartwarming to know there are people that care this much. Beautiful story.
  • MaryG2E
    5★sEx-pat Australian Dion Leonard is an ultra marathon runner, who takes part in 5 day races staged in extreme settings. Like the Sahara, Kalahari and Gobi Deserts. Early in the 2016 event his path crosses that of a cute, skinny little terrier, who then follows him through exceptionally harsh conditions. He names the appealing little stray ‘Gobi’ after the region in which he is competing. By the end of the race, he has decided that he will ...
  • Taylor B
    Having followed Dion and Gobi's story since it broke last year, when it was announced that there was going to be a book about their journey, I knew I had to read it.I will admit, I am not normally a fan of non-fiction books. However, the story was just so captivating that I had to know more. And boy, did I get it!I was on the edge of my seat for most of the book. The twists, the turns, the sadness, the triumph... All of it utterly engrossed me, f...
  • Sharon
    I find a book like this tough to rate, because the rating is more reflective of the subject material, which I was drawn to, rather than the actual narrative or writing. Did I love reading about little Gobi and her indomitable warrior spirit? Absolutely. The passages describing her latching on to ultra marathon runner Dion Leonard, ultimately following him 77 of the 155-mile desert run across the Gobi desert, put an ear to ear grin on my face and ...
  • Donna
    What a cute little dog, just look at that face. I love the cover. This was a sweet story about a how a dog wiggled his way into the heart of a passing by runner and then into the hearts of many across the world. I loved that part of this story. It is a feel-good, do-the-right-thing kind of story. The runner, Dion, eventually becomes Gobi's owner, after many hoops to jump through. The one thing that seemed off was that it felt 'overthought' at tim...
  • Shayne Bauer
    What an amazing story! I was initially intrigued by the author running a 150 mile race, but add in the detail of this adorable little canine joining him, and I was hooked!The journey (literal and figurative!) that these two took together is simply incredible. I was amazed at all that Dion Leonard had to go through to bring Gobi home. I'm so glad they found each other.This is an inspiring story that is simply written, yet it manages to adequately ...
  • Linda
    Of course this was five stars, especially with a cover like that! This little dog is simply amazing, and the sheer number of people, and strangers at that, who devoted their time to ensuring this little dog's safety was astounding. Go Gobi Go!! :)
  • Jenny
    Finding Gobi is a true story of courage and love between a man and his furry companion. Marathon runner Dion Leonard went to China to compete in the 155-mile race across the Gobi Desert. Dion Leonard started to think about giving up in his quest to run across the Gobi Desert when he came across a little stray dog. The readers of Finding Gobi will continue to follow to see how meeting this little stray dog changed Dion Leonard life. I loved readin...
  • Astrid Langeveld
    Dion Leonard is een Australiër en hij woont in Edinburgh, Schotland. Dion heeft niet alleen deelgenomen aan, maar ook gefinisht in een paar van de zwaarste ultramarathons ter wereld, waaronder de veeleisende Marokkaanse Sahara, de 250 kilometer door de Zuid-Afrikaanse Kalahariwoestijn (eveneens 2 x). Dions laatste race door de Gobiwoestijn in China pakte heel bijzonder uit: hij raakte verslingerd aan een zwerfhondje (dat later Gobi is gedoopt) d...
  • H Svinos
    This is an incredible book.  I first heard of Gobi on social media  when Dion set out to bring her home, and followed the story through the devastation of her going missing and the jubilation of her being found.    Devastation and jubilation shared by us all who had been smitten with the story, when Gobi was found I remember the pure joy I felt a feeling that lasted for days and days.  Consequently, it is fantastic to read the behind the soc...
  • Rowan
    Confession: I couldn’t say no to the cute little face staring at me from the front cover. It seems I was drawn to Gobi in much the same way author, Dion Leonard, was drawn to becoming her owner!Dion uses a combination of flashbacks to his childhood and earlier life, while also following his ultra-marathon race in which life changed forever by meeting Gobi. Usually I don’t like such uses of flashbacks, but Dion does this effortlessly in a way ...
  • Peter Trebilcock
    It's not often I sit down and read a book in one day, but this was easy. It had a little bit of everything, from the drama of running ultra-endurance events in the desert, to an extremely cute dog, to possible dognapping conspiracies and intrigue. It is a very lovely story and really just shows how a small animal can have such a profound effect on someone's life. Gobi is an absolutely awesome little dog and I am glad that everything has worked ou...
  • Helen
    At my monthly book group, we vote in books and read the winner. This month was a tie and I had the deciding vote. I didn't fancy either but as this was shorter by half, I thought it would at least take less time. I then struggled to get into it - I don't read non-fiction.Well, it's blown me away! This tiny, plucky pup has gone through hell to stay with her chosen person, who didn't even realise he was chosen for a while but then steps up in true ...
  • Travel Writing
    "They say it takes a village to raise a child. I think it takes a lost half a planet to rescue a dog." p.212There are several stories in this tale of an ultra-marathon runner who gets chosen by a little desert stray dog during a brutal run through the Gobi desert. The story that lies just underneath the amazing feat of a small dog running 77 plus miles across the desert to stay with the gruff and focused ultra-runner, is the back story gently and...
  • Susan Maunz
    This is primarily about the author that is an excellent runner, not about Gobi.
  • Alfred Nobile
    This was a delightful read. A book I was so happy to been given this by friend, so thanks to all. my friend, Dion Leonard and most of all Gobi.You don't have to be a runner, an animal lover to enjoy this book.You have to just believe in the wonder of chance, of love and the fact we all have a soul.Dion an Aussie now living in Edinburgh set off to China to run an ultra marathon across the Gobi dessert. On the night before the second stage of this ...
  • Sharon
    Review to follow.
  • Sebastian Mamaj
    Heart warming story. I was enjoying everybit of the book. I was following the story since begining and I am very happy that :) Gobi is finally in forever home in scothland :) !
  • LeAnn
    Finding Gobi is an incredible story of determination and unwavering loyalty. In the few days that Dion and Gobi spent running together in the China desert, they developed an unbreakable bond which carried Dion through those devastating days when Gobi went missing from a temporary caretaker's home (shortly before she went into quarantine required for her to enter the UK). With the endless support of Dion's wife, Lucja, and a group of dog loving st...
  • Kristine Shullick
    I absolutely LOVED this book. I couldn't put it down. I have followed this amazing story since Gobi ran with Dion during the ultramarathon. The dedication and determination of Dion and Lucja to bring Gobi home and welcome her into their family was inspirational and heartwarming. This is a must read... I can't wait for the movie.
  • Julie
    I have been following Finding Gobi since the story was first posted on Facebook. I was fortunate to have been a part of the first readings with an advance copy of Finding Gobi. I highly recommend this book. Great read for adults and children. What an incredible journey Dion and Gobi has experienced together.
  • Martha☀
    This is the story of a dog, Gobi, who bonded with an endurance runner during the Gobi March multi-stage race in China. The dog chooses Dion as a companion and runs beside him until Dion eventually notices and starts to care about her. The story goes on (and on and on) after the race is done and tells of the hoops and hurdles of trying to adopt and bring the dog back to the UK.This story is mostly cute and heart-warming but should have been told i...
  • Kathy
    Can a little dog follow an ultra-marathoner for 75 miles through the Gobi Desert and find a soul mate and home? Gobi does. Fascinating that she attached herself to Dion Leonard, when there were obviously many others around. Because of her actions, Dion, originally from Australia but now living in Edinburgh, Scotland, decided to bring her home. However, doing that was not easy. There was the never-ending red-tape to bring her home, and, once home,...
  • Anneke van dijken
    Bij het zien van het lieve hondje op de schitterende cover, verwacht je een ontroerend boek te lezen. Gobi's blik in de camera maakt dat je meer wilt weten over haar.Het is het verhaal van Gobi en Dion, waarbij je, nadat je het boek uit hebt, kan afvragen wie wie heeft gered.Het is mooi om te lezen hoe Dion met Gobi in aanraking kwam, hoe de liefde voor elkaar opbloeide en hoe Gobi aan haar naam komt. Het verhaal geeft aan dat de liefde van een d...