Under the Pendulum Sun by Jeannette Ng

Under the Pendulum Sun

Catherine Helstone's brother, Laon, has disappeared in Arcadia, legendary land of the magical fae. Desperate for news of him, she makes the perilous journey, but once there, she finds herself alone and isolated in the sinister house of Gethsemane. At last there comes news: her beloved brother is riding to be reunited with her soon - but the Queen of the Fae and her insane court are hard on his heels.

Details Under the Pendulum Sun

TitleUnder the Pendulum Sun
Release DateOct 3rd, 2017
PublisherAngry Robot
GenreFantasy, Historical, Fairies, Fae

Reviews Under the Pendulum Sun

  • A.M. Steiner
    This gothic tale is stylishly told; imaginative and full of wondrous imagery. In rich prose, it details the adventures of a young lady who enters the land of the fae in search of her brother, a missionary who has gone missing. The premise is great, and the language is lovely, but unfortunately, after a strong first three chapters, the story turns slight and painfully slow. It's also curiously devoid of any sense of conflict. The book seems to ass...
  • Rod Duncan
    Some stories sell themselves in a sentence. I mean, Snakes on a Plane, right? You hear the title and you think, I’ve got to see that. I may hate myself afterwards. I probably will. But I need to know. I had the same experience when I heard Marc Gascoigne last year describing a new acquisition by Angry Robot. “Nineteenth Century Christian missionaries travel to Arcadia to convert the Fae.”A brilliant idea. Marc said he almost bought it on th...
  • Helen
    Not what I was expecting! This is a dark and twisted tale of Victorian era missionaries who travel to the Faelands of Arcadia to try to convert the fae.Catherine Helstone's brother Laon is a missionary who has been sent to the fairy land of Arcadia in an attempt to convert the fae. When he stops replying to her letters she Catherine is so worried about him that she travels to Arcadia in an attempt to find him. When she arrives her brother is not ...
  • Rachel Noel
    *Free copy in exchange for an honest review.Let me start out by saying: Holy wah. Holy wah! Holy WAH! This book was an amazing read! I can't remember the last time I was tempted to take a day off work just to finish a book! There were so many things to think about and work through! I generally highlight parts of a book that make me think, or to look up later, or that might be clues for the overall story. Usually I highlight just a few things over...
  • David Harris
    I'm grateful to the publisher for letting me have an advance copy of this book via NetGalley.Under the Pendulum Sun is a remarkable book. It's at once gothic, literary, magical, and comfortable with the viewpoint of a mid-Victorian world of missionaries and Christianity (whilst equally comfortable dissecting their viewpoints).To begin with, the story looks as though it is going to be a variant on the Heart of Darkness/ Apocalypse Now myth: a Whit...
  • Andrew Wallace
    In this extraordinary first novel, the British Empire attempts to exert its commercial and cultural influence into the Faelands, also known as Arcadia, with predictably disastrous results. Narrated by Catherine Helstone, sister of missionary Laon, the story at first channels and then pretty much becomes a sublimation of Romantic ideals as the siblings attempt to gain favour with the Pale Queen to explore the interior of Arcadia, a realm thus far ...
  • Talitha (Victorian Soul)
    What to expect from this book: lush descriptions, an unusual world built of sinister fae politics and human religion, and rather sluggish pacing for the first half of the book. I would blame the pacing on some of the Gothic elements of the novel, along with an excess of introspection on the heroine's part- Cathy is isolated in a spooky mansion where she is warned not to leave. Her brother, Laon, is away, but none of her fae companions will tell h...
  • Coolcurry
    Under the Pendulum Sun is a darkly enchanting, Gothic tale of the fae.In an alternate version of nineteenth century England, trade has been established with Arcadia, the realm of the fae. And among those heading to Arcadia are Christian missionaries, one of whom is Catherine Helston’s brother Laon. But as the months wear on, Catherine becomes desperate for news of what befalls him, and she manages to convince the missionary society that she (an...
  • Daisy
    Quality Rating: Three StarsEnjoyment Rating: Three Stars◆ Thanks to NetGalley for this ebook for review ◆This book had a promising start and I found myself pleasantly surprised in the opening chapters. But the more I read, the more it felt like I was walking in circles - albeit, very pretty and whimsical circles in this creative interpretation of the the old-fashioned kind of fae - but in aimless directions nonetheless.Under the Pendulum Sun'...
  • Meg
    4.5/5It has been as long as it takes to tell a tale, neither long nor short.If you found yourself wanting something more in the same vein as Guillermo del Toro's Crimson Peak, wait no more. Jeannette Ng's Under the Pendulum Sun expertly weaves fantasy, the Gothic, academia, and religion in this compelling novel about missionaries to Arcadia, the land of the Fae.The story explores a lot of the conventions and repressions of the times and of Got...
  • Rene Sears
    This is a beautifully written, haunting, melancholy book. In the gothic tradition, there's an isolated heroine, a deeply creepy castle, and things are not at all what they seem. Cathy has gone to Faerie to find her brother, who went there to be a missionary a few years ago and whose letters have gotten shorter and further apart the longer he's been there. Once she gets there, she finds that her brother is missing from his mission, and no one will...
  • Danya
    I'm not certain how I feel about this one. On the one hand, UNDER THE PENDULUM SUN is beautifully written and full of gothic goodness, but on the other it's very slow moving and rather too focused on theology for my tastes.Full review to come!
  • Krutula
    Under the Pendulum Sun draws up a richly imagined world of fae in a gothic fantasy style, narrated through our protagonist, Catherine. Cathy set out to Arcadia to find her brother and support him in his Mission. The setting of the story is 19th century, with the rise of colonialism and the dispatch of missionaries who set out to bring the Word of God to what they consider heathens. So, similarly, these two think (like all missionaries) that they ...
  • Megan Leigh
    This review originally appeared on Pop Verse.There’s a lot to be said for a strong authorial voice. Jeanette Ng’s debut novel, Under the Pendulum Sun is set in an alternate Victorian world where the fae are real. To match the setting, Ng employs a gothic voice akin to Bram Stoker’s in Dracula and Mary Shelley’s in Frankenstein. These are heavyweights to attempt to emulate, but Ng manages it with aplomb. The voice is absolutely perfect for...
  • Reija
    This review is based on an advanced reader's copy.I found the story to be really interesting and refreshing. It is heavily inspired by gothic romance and -horror, and also explores Christian religious tradition a fair bit. These two elements pretty much make the crux of the book's central themes.I enjoyed Ng's writing style. Her prose is very pretty, descriptive and atmospheric and I truly felt like I was following the events in a different world...
  • Elaine Aldred
    The Victorians have discovered Arcadia, the land of the Fae, and have sent missionaries to convert these godless people. When Catherine Helstone’s brother, Laon, goes missing in Arcadia, Catherine sets out to find him. It is a journey beset with peril, no less because of the attentions the siblings attract from the Queen of the Fae.I usually become increasingly irritated by novels recreating a the voice of a Victorian heroine. But Jeannette Ng,...
  • Cassie James
    Under The Pendulum Sun is the first book from Jeannette Ng and I am VERY impressed. For a debut author, the quality of this book is just amazing. It begins with Catherine Helstone venturing into the fabled land of the Fae, Arcadia to find her brother Laon who has not been heard from. She finds Arcadia after a little stress and proceeds in her investigation by residing in her brother's castle Gethsemane. Catherine's adventure are sublime, I loved ...
  • USOM
    This is such a difficult review for me to write! I still don't know if I want to rate this a 3/4 so it might go up or down sometime. There are so many different layers to unpack. So excuse me while I do a pro/con list.PRO: (TLDR: The pros seem to have outweighed the cons/caveats for me when I was making my 'average' rating)-The writing is exquisite. There are not only wonderful turns of phrases, but there are so many gorgeous tactics - putting in...
  • Chrys
    There were some fantastic ideas here but the whole thing was really difficult to read, it was overly thick with religious passages and felt almost academic in parts. It started and finished well, but I'd have pared down the middle significantly.Beautiful descriptions and well crafted characters, unfortunately it really wasn't for me - I do imagine that it will be popular with lovers of literary works, if they're not offended by some of the key tw...
  • Kam
    This review is based on an ARC given to me for free by the publisher; it is slated for release on October 3, 2017. This does not in any way affect my review. But less obvious are the theological references: callbacks to Milton, Dante, Calvin, and other theological authors and philosophers are littered throughout the text. Then there are other, far less obvious references that I cannot tease out due to my lack of knowledge of said texts. On one ha...
  • Jay Roberts
    Mysterious, dark and strange. This is the kind of story that you remember for a long time after reading. If you're looking for a book that's different and impossible to put down, grab a copy of this rare gem.
  • malrubius
    Loved it. Please read my review in the October 1, 2017, issue of Grimdark Magazine.https://www.goodreads.com/GrimdarkMag...
  • Sam Wood
    What lies under the pendulum sun? A drippingly creepy atmosphere, a plot thick with twists, and expertly-researched worldbuilding.Under the Pendulum Sun is a remarkable debut. It blends classic gothic elements with a whole load of amazing modern weirdness. There's a crumbling castle, and there's an angler fish moon. There's a Woman in Black, and there's a pack of hunting hyenas. There's roiling mists, and there's whales made of wicker. There's si...