Batwoman, Vol.1 by Marguerite Bennett

Batwoman, Vol.1

Batwoman returns with her own series in BATWOMAN VOL. 1, as a part of DC Rebirth!The newest chapter of Batwoman’s life begins here! Monster Venom is the hottest new bioweapon on the market…and to break up the syndicate spreading it around the world, Batwoman’s going to have to return to the place where she spent some of her darkest hours! With writing from Marguerite Bennett (DC BOMBSHELLS) and James Tynion IV (DETECTIVE COMICS), as well as...

Details Batwoman, Vol.1

TitleBatwoman, Vol.1
Release DateOct 31st, 2017
PublisherDC Comics
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Superheroes, Dc Comics

Reviews Batwoman, Vol.1

  • Chad
    Steve Epting's art is fantastic. He's able to give a classic feel but with modern sensibilities. We're introduced to Kate's lost year where she spent time on an island full of degenerates, with her lover keeping the peace. Now she returns while tracking down some arms dealers who are selling the monster man serum. My one complaint is that we don't really get enough backstory to care about (or even know) who some of these characters are. The last ...
  • Wing Kee
    Pretty bad. World: The art is okay, it's a bit bland and the sense of motion and contrast in shadows is not really there, rather forgettable. The world building, the first 3 pages of Rebirth was good, the rest was rather ho hum I don't care. I want to love Kate and I do, Williams III built an amazing world for Kate to play in and I am comparing this world to that and this world, is bland, poorly constructed and the motivations are wonky and just ...
  • Swaye
    Why oh why do I keep holding on?! *SIGH* The story was lame, the dialogue was cheesy and ffs DC would you please make a decision on what Kate looks like and just stick with it?! kthx. I plan on reading the next arc only because Renee Montoya was in the final issue (I ship it so hard!), even though I can't fathom why the artist made them look like two old ladies.
  • Chris Lemmerman
    [Read as single issues]It's been a while since Batwoman had her own series; after the New 52 one kind of lost its way, she's mostly been a supporting character, and the lead in Detective Comics as part of Rebirth. However, she's now launching back into solo adventures with writer Marguerite Bennett (with an assist from Detective writer James Tynion IV).This volume collects the first five issues, as well as the Rebirth one-shot which reintroduces ...
  • Cat (cat-thecatlady)
    kinda sad that this was my first encounter with batwoman... there's not a thing I liked about this, except for the art of stephanie hans. the story is pretty boring and full of self entertaining monologues. didn't quite feel like this was a batwoman story, almost any characters could kinda fit into this plot. and the overall art wasn't necessarily bad, it just wasn't my thing.disappointed but don't plan on giving up on this character just yetfull...
  • Scott
    3.5 starsVol. 1: The Many Arms of Death started off promisingly enough - a nice, lively pace and artwork; character back-story that was helpful to me (I'm really only familiar with Kate Kane / Batwoman from the recent Batman: Detective Comics Rebirth series); some humorous moments (see Julia Pennyworth's 'Creepy Twin Bingo'); and the occasional sly and/or innuendo-filled dialogue and scenes to catch a reader off-guard. And then . . .Some of the l...
  • Danielle
    Read this review and more on my blog, uncovered-books.I received a free copy of Batwoman Volume 1: The Many Arms Of Death from DC Comics in exchange for my honest opinion.If Batman is too tame for you, then Batwoman will be right up your alley. Having not read about Batwoman before (apart from in the crossover event, Night Of The Monster Men), I found it very interesting how they managed to weave in her origin without making it purely an origin s...
  • Nicola Mansfield
    I haven't been a Batwoman fan and this new "rebirth" volume hasn't changed that. I don't know much about her having only read the new 52 vol 1 and of course, she always turns up during a Bat Family crisis. This book is all over the place from the past to the present, back and forth, until jump ahead to the future. I really couldn't understand the importance of any of it and on top of that Batwoman was fighting corruption, industry, spies, intrigu...
  • Steve Quinn
    I was PRETTY good. The Epting art was lovely. But we're still a far cry from the glory days of the original Batwoman (which are closer for me because I just read them for the first time a month or so ago).So Kate had a lost year on Gotham, and then another lost year on this island? and it's tying in to this League of Shadows cross-Bat-book plot? Okay, but leaves me a bit flat. Kate is awesome and she can carry her own side story.and the...
  • Kristy K
    I am fairly new to superhero comics and though I have a read a bit of Marvel, DC has been limited to mainly Batgirl and Nightwing. I enjoyed those and was hoping Batwoman would fall along the same lines. However, I felt the story line was forced and didn't care about what was happening. The story was not quite an origin story, not quite fighting the villain plot.I've read one other DC rebirth comic and didn't like it, so I think this DC universe ...
  • Hannah
    DRC REVIEW Story: Katherine Kane's life wasn't an easy one, the traumatic events when she was a child spiraled her life onto a difficult path. She was kicked out of West Point for being gay and then became a socialite drunk. It all changed though when she was saved by Batman. She went back to her training and then donned the cape and cowl as Batwoman. There is one year of Kate's life she doesn't talk about that's about to change when her past fin...
  • Sad Sunday (Princess Consuela Bananahammock)
    NetGalley review.Wow. The artwork was pretty nice. As for the storyline - not so much. I would have preferred more linear storyline, since loads of jumping and inconsistency happen, and sometime it's hard to tell who is who and what is happening. I am fairly new to comics but I know who the Batwoman is, and it was hard to understand what book was about - her youth, her adventures, her nemesis, her becoming Batwoman or else. Beware, loads of kissi...
  • Jenny Clark
    This is between a 3 and 4 for me. The volumes were all pretty well written, and the art was good throughout, but the final volume threw me off. I get that it's supposed to be a Future's End kind of thing, but why just for Batwoman? Nothing else has it, there is no way to make sense of how things went from the rest of the story to that, so it's really just nonsense. The backstory was good, but it feels like there is a lot left out of that too. If ...
  • Jeff
    I've enjoyed all the BATWOMAN titles I've read, but this is definitely the high water mark. Eager for more.
  • Jana
    3.5*I received a free copy from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I really enjoyed this one. I hadn't read a Batwoman comic before, but I really liked it for how dark it was. The character of Batwoman was very interesting, but the storyline sometimes got almost a little too dark for me.
  • Jessica (HighFantasyFanatic)
    Arc provided through Netgalley Batwoman is one of my favourite DC heroes and this was a solid start to her rebirth. Will see if it lives up to the new 52 run.
  • Marianne (Boricuan Bookworms)
    I love Kate so much!!! My only problem with the story is how non-linear it is? I wanted a little bit more consistency but other than that I'm very curious where the story will go.
  • Norman
    I feel like whoever wrote the dialogue feels like there is more characterization than there actually is. What bothers me the most about the title is the facade of intended deeply rooted character analysis. It just tastes like a really boring plot-heavy exposition. I feel duped.Art is cool though. I liked the juxtaposition of written colors and drawn colors. Or I guess just “red” since Kate is the “red.” Maybe I didn’t like the art that ...
  • Amanda (TheBookwormAdventures)
    3.5⭐ I don’t get why this has low ratings compared to the Bombshells series, which started out great and got progressively worse. This was good and I could actually follow most of the storyline (unlike Bombshells). 3.5⭐️ I don’t get why this has low ratings compared to the Bombshells series, which started out great and got progressively worse. This was good and I could actually follow most of the storyline (unlike Bombshells).
  • Carrie
    I have a weakness for dark heroines with pasts they don't want to talk about, and I'm apparently becoming a big Marguerite Bennett fan. Looking forward to volume 2!
  • Cheri
    I was pretty excited about this one after enjoying Batwoman: Elegy so much. Ultimately, I was very disappointed. The artwork was great but the story didn't do it for me at all. I didn't enjoy the writing, the story, or the characters. But I loved the art. So there's that.Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the digital ARC.
  • Nancy
    This review can also be found on my blog: not a DC fan, and definitely not a Batman fan, I decided to give the rebooted Batwoman a try, based off good reviews of other books about her. I went in totally unfamiliar with Batwoman, so I appreciated her origin story in the beginning to get know what shaped her into who she is now. As a child her twin sister and mother are killed in a failed kidnapping...
  • Marthese Formosa
    Thanks to the publishers who gave me an advanced copy on netgalley. I was so excited for this. Batwoman is one of my favourite heroes, but I haven't finished all of the 2011 series and I hope that this series will not be cancelled.This story is about many things. It's about the present, the past and the future. As someone that was not following the Rebirth and the Fall of the Batmen archs, the latter story was a bit confusing but I think it will ...
  • Wayne McCoy
    'Batwoman Vol. 1: The Many Arms of Death' by Maguerite Bennett and James Tynion IV, with art by Steve Epting and Ben Oliver is the first volume in Batwoman's own series. It collects Batwoman issues #1-6 and the one shot Batwoman: Rebirth #1.In flashbacks, we learn about Katherine Kane's life. It wasn't an easy one with trauma following her all over the globe. There is one year in her life that is not known to anyone. It comes to light in this vol...
  • Shannon Appelcline
    The newest volume of Batwoman is certainly better than the Marc Andreyko issues that ended v1. Which I suppose isn't saying much.But here we have good artwork, that occasionally is astounding. We have good characterization of Kate. And we have workmanlike writing.Somehow, there's no spark here though. We get a story deeply embedded in Kate's backstory, with lots of different characters, and none of it feels particularly personal. I don't care muc...
  • Jill Jemmett
    I loved this graphic novel!I had never read a Batwoman comic before, and this one is a great introduction. There was a lot of background given through flashbacks, so I felt like I knew her whole history. The main conflict in the story dealt with people from Batwoman’s past returning to her life, so it kept returning to her younger years.There was a lot of diversity in this graphic novel. There were characters of different races. Batwoman also h...
  • Kim Dyer
    My feelings about this comic are a bit mixed. If you're not already familiar with the Batwoman, it's not really a great introduction to the character. While the first issue does skate over her backstory, I think it would be a bit hard to follow if you hadn't at least read Batwoman: Elegy first. I also wasn't wild about the final volume - which seems to be set in the future. I don't read Batman so I'm not sure if this ties into a current event, bu...
  • Rochelle
    This was a good book. I first got introduced to Batwoman from the DC animated movies. Kate Kane has some similaries to Bruce Wayne. Besides both being billionaires,  they get help from either Julia or Alfred Pennyworth. Her sexuality shouldn't be a big deal. The armed service did her wrong. What happened to don"t ask, don't tell? Hasn't this country fought for equality? The upside is that Kate's military training has made her a strategic vigilan...
  • Jessica Woods
    Batwoman Vol.1: The Many Arms of Death is a dark and gritty but beautifully drawn graphic novel. Kate Kane is the female equivalent of Batman, a womanizing, rich, tortured soul fighting crime with her own Pennyworth watching her back. With a childhood shaped by violence, she turned to her own vices before she shaped into the crime fighter she is. A crime fighter not afraid to work with criminals to take care of business. Story lines that include ...
  • Kelsey
    :/Really not how I want to feel about Kate Kane's return. Overall, I like the plot of the Mediterranean island that Kate left her first love on. I like her and Julia working together as an ultra modern Bruce and Alfred. I don't think it should have taken 7 issues to get through. I don't think the single what-if of the future should have been there, because it was so open-ended and there wasn't much badass there. Only do future what-if issues if t...