Blocked (Breakaway, #2) by L.P. Dover

Blocked (Breakaway, #2)

He’s got every reason to be cocky . . . until a female cuts him down to size.I’m Dallas Easton, the best goaltender in the league. I make a damn good living playing hockey, and with women falling at my feet wherever I go, why not enjoy it? I get whatever I want, whenever I want—that is, until I come across the one player who gets the best of me on the ice.When I try to pummel the dude, all hell breaks loose. Imagine my surprise when the hel...

Details Blocked (Breakaway, #2)

TitleBlocked (Breakaway, #2)
Release DateOct 31st, 2017
GenreSports, Hockey, Romance, Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance, Sports and Games, New Adult, Fiction, Contemporary, Did Not Finish

Reviews Blocked (Breakaway, #2)

  • Madeline ❤️ Romance Bibliophile ❤️
    ♥♥ 3.5 Hockey Stars ♥♥I liked this one. I did. I just felt like maybe there wasn't really much tension? Maybe the chemistry between Callie and Dallas wasn't hot enough for my liking? I'm not exactly sure, except that it left me wanting more from this book.Callie is a nurse living with her brothers in North Carolina; one of the three is a new recruit for the NHL team, and they're all really close. One thing that kind of bothered me was t...
  • Treena
    Thank you to NetGalley for giving me an ARC of this book! Below is purely my own opinion about this book.DNF at 55%Sigh. I forgot that I also did not like book 1 in this series. I can only say that I was reeled in by the cute blurb and the hot guy on the front. While the book starts off in dramatic fashion which was pretty engaging and captured my interest, I thought that the succeeding chapters had too many unbelievable, slapstick-comedy (think ...
  • Nancy Metsch
    The Breakaway series is officially my favorite by L.P. Dover. Dallas Easton stole my heart right from the start. Yea the man was a dirty dog when it came to women, but it's because he hadn't met the right one. Enter Callow Davis. She is one he'll of a spitfire. She wouldn't put up with any of Dallas crap.. What I liked the most is that Dallas had to work for it. He's not used to that. But for him Callie was worth it. and she truly cared for him....
  • Caro Richard
    This is 2 ice hockey books read in a week for me, something I have never done before!I haven't read the 1st book in this series but loved the sound of this blurb.Dallas Easton has found his match in Callie and I was hoping she would be able to bring him down a peg or 2. In Hannah's words (Callies bezzie) 'I think it's time the infamous bad boy learns a lesson in humility.'!!! I loved seeing how Callie played with Dallas seeing as both couldn't de...
  • Jamie C
    *ARC provided in exchange for an honest review*Review to come closer to release time
  • Books and Boys Book Blog
    ***ARC PROVIDE BY AUTHOR FOR AN HONEST REVIEW***Blocked was a Breakaway read!L.P. Dover’s slap shot of a novel, Blocked left me wanting to know what happens next in the series. I need more of all the characters from the Breakaway series. No freaking joke! I really enjoyed Blocked.This sports romance is centered around the wonderful world of professional hockey. Feisty, younger sister of a professional hockey player meets her match with Dallas E...
  • Ofelia
    This is the first book I've read from L.P. Dover and I can't wait to read more of her work. I missed the first book from the A Breakaway series but that's going to have to be my next read. I am hooked. I started reading Blocked and I just couldn't put it down. It was a very addicting book. The way Callie and Dallas met was just so hilarious and so unexpected that I think it was the perfect way to describe their whole relationship. Everyone doubte...
  • Pamela Lilley
    3.5 StarsI love love love sports romance and hockey romance is my favourite, hence I really enjoyed Blocked, which followed cocky manwhore NHL goalie Dallas Easton and kind gentle ER and surgical nurse Callie Davis. Told in dual POV we meet Dallas at an after hockey party just before he gets smashed over the head with a bottle, who comes to his rescue? Yes you've guessed it, sister of one of his team mates (team enemies if you will), Callie. Afte...
  • Alexandra Harris
    OK! SO I've read a lot of Leslie's book and series since I met her on Goodreads, but this is by far they best. It has such an amazing story and the characters were fabulous. Yes, they all had moments I wanted to throat punch them, but let us be honest if you hate a character's actions, or cringe at certain points, then the author is doing something right, because no one is perfect, especially fictional characters.This isn't a perfect love story, ...
  • Diana Carolina
    This is the 1st book I read from L.P. Dover and it won't be the last . I was hooked from the 1st page and couldn't put down . I loved how Dallas didn't give up and fought to prove Callie he was a changed man for her . I can't wait for the next book in the series .
  • Heather andrews
    Dallas has no problem saying his thoughts, “eff yeah, you are. You’re mine.” Dallas likes to make his girl yummy promises, “when I get back home tomorrow night, we’re not leaving my bedroom.” Dallas likes to make sure his girl is taken care of, "Dallas smacked my *** and slipped out of bed. “Call her back. I’m going to make us some breakfast before we both have to leave.” I loved this book, I'm really hoping Maddox is up next.
  • Strider28
    Dallas Easton is the goalie for the Charlotte Strikers. He's also a hot as hell man-whore with a hot temper. Despite playing for the winningest team in the NHL Dallas isn't liked by all of his teammates although the do respect him for his athletic abilities, after all he is the top goalie in the league. But if you have a sister Dallas is the last guy you'd want to let near her.Callie Davis is an ER nurse and sister of Striker hockey player Justin...
  • Holly
    I love hockey. I am a total sucker for hockey romance novels. So when I had the chance to get an early copy of Blocked through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review, I was beyond excited. Until I read the first couple of paragraphs. I was immediately turned off by all the hockey mistakes. How does the author write a hockey romance with almost no knowledge of the sport? A little tip for the author - there is no way a professional hockey team ...
  • Lorianne Ferry
    I received an ARC for a honest review....Well, I really loved this 2nd book in the series! I thought it was well done and enjoyed this book more than book 1, Hard Stick... Dallas and Callie were fun to read. There were parts that were a little funny and maybe unbelievable, but this is a book and written for enjoyment. That is was. I enjoyed Callie as she is a spit fire and truly gave Dallas a run for his money. Dallas has never had to work for a ...
  • Adriana
    L. P. Dover is back with her sexy hockey players in the steamy romance Blocked. Dallas Easton is a hot commodity on and off the ice. The best goaltender in the league, he knows he is good and he isn't ready to pass the puck… Still, when a player gets the best of him, he loses his cool and his reputation comes back to bite him. He didn’t know the dude he hit was a girl. And not just any girl. She was his angel. She was also the little sister a...
  • Book Loving Fairy-Blog
    Star Rating: 4 starsI have found my favorite..for now 😉Dallas Easton you sly devil, I was so curious about you in Hard Stick and now that I had you in my hands and inaide your head I am hanging on like a leech 😁Dallas Easton, goal tender for the Charlotte Strikers and alternate captain under Kellan Carter. His reputation isn't a good one and he knows it but just doesn't care until one night at a party that changes..Callie Davis, Registered ...
  • Jules
    I really wanted to love this book because I really like this author. I read almost every book but I feel like she is starting to repeat her stories. 😟I kinda liked the h, she was strong, she was funny but the part with the test for the Dallas was really stupid. One moment she was like 'I am never going out with you', then 'if you humiliate yourself in front of your team and the world I know that you deserve to be with me'. As for the H, I feel...
  • Bea Turvey
    Hmm. Okay, it's a romance: sporty (jock) who sleeps around, falls instantly for a woman and he changes his ways completely. I like books like that, but this one just didn't ring well.He gets angry very quickly, but apparently that's because hockey players do that. He agrees to do a reality show where he has to pick 1 woman out of 10, as though he's shopping, and thinks he's the luckiest guy on earth.At their first meting she digs glass out of his...
  • Becky Burciaga
    Not having read any of this author's previous books, I was pleasantly surprised at the depth, warmth, and personality Ms Dover has projected into her characters. I can't remember having read a sports story that evoked as many emotions as this one did. I can honestly say that I had so much fun reading Dallas and Callie's story. There were many times I went from an intense, hearts stopping emotional response to laughing in a matter of sentences. Th...
  • Amy (The Obsessive Book Whore)
    **ARC provided for an honest review** What happens when a cocky goalie meets his match? Dallas is the goaltender for the Charlotte Strikers and has every right to be cocky. He’s helped the team win 4 Stanley Cups and has no plans of stopping. Partying, drinking and having any woman he wants is just part of the game. Until he meets her. Callie is an RN and surgical nurse at the local hospital. Oh, and also the sister of Justin Davis the new wing...
  • Teri
    I received an advanced review copy from the publisher via Netgalley for a honest and fair review. So many great characters!!! I honestly can't pick a favorite. And I'm left wanting more!!! Who will be next? Jason or Maddox??? I hope it's Maddox!!!! I want to know what Callie was shown!!Okay now this book, when we first meet Dallas, I will admit that I didn't think I was going to like him. But that quickly changed. I loved Callie. And is it horrib...
  • Pooja
    Dallas Easton is a player on and off the field. Being the best goaltender in the league, he is used to getting whatever he wants and whomever he likes, until Callie. Callie Davis is mostly immune to the hockey player's charms, having grown up with three brothers and one of them being a player in the league, she is not impressed with Dallas and with everything she's heard about him she is not willing to risk her heart getting broken.Dallas is smit...
  • Linda Quick
    I enjoyed this book and loved the character Callie. Dallas is a hot shot hockey player that is all about the party and fast women when he meets Callie, a very serious nurse who doesn't have time for Dallas's games and nonsense. However, Dallas is smitten and doesn't want to let her get away. What follows is a fun contemporary romance that fans of the genre will love. For me, the novel started slowly and with over the top antics that didn't feel a...
  • Richelle Zirkle
    If you want a light hearted HEA, this could be your next read. Dallas is the best goal tender in the league and only ever a minute away from his next conquest. Callie is an ER/surgical nurse determined to make Dallas work for it, but even she can't ignore the attraction between the two of them. Lots of steamy love scenes and several hysterical "dares" later, their relationship still may not be strong enough to survive celebrity tabloids.I have to...
  • Taylor B
    ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for a review.2.5 StarsSadly, this book was kind of a dud for me. I love L.P. Dover's novels, especially the Gloves Off series, but so far, this Breakaway series isn't really keeping my interest. I think this book could have been really good but the problem was that all the characters, especially the main characters, act like teenagers for almost the entirety of the novel. It just seemed like something written...
  • Sherry Bohrmueller
    This was a top notch hockey story. My first book by Author L.P. Dover and it will not be my last. I loved the story of Dallas and Callie. It was entertaining and very cute. Didn't realize this was the second book in the series, but it made no difference I got right into the story. The characters were very entertaining with everything going on. The storyline didn't lag in anyway. If you like a lighthearted hockey story then I'm sure you will enjoy...
  • Lisa Venn sims
    Easton loved his life ice hockey was his passion but he loved his single life The more woman he had the better he loved his bachelor ways.He loved it so much he signed up to appear on a dating reality show rich and single he couldn't wait Callie loved her brothers never missing a hockey game she loved to show her support going to her first after party she never though she would be helping the one and only bad boy Easton As time passes and the mor...
  • Carolyn's
    Well after a good game and win they used to play "Another One Bites The Dust" and I feel that is appropriate here for Dallas Eaton because he won Callie Davis and his single life bit the dust. Boy did she ever score on him and in him over! Loved this story of protective brothers, locker room angst and love finding it's place amongst the one most likely to fall and the one most likely not to be able to trust a playboy. So many scenes were just sim...
  • Brandi
    Dallas Easton was the best. The only problem was he knew he was the best and let nothing stand in his way from getting what he wants. After a practice session someone scores twice on him. Two goals were inconceivable as he took it in his hands to stop them anyway possible. The only problem it was a girl that captivated him with a single glance. Callie Davis was everything he never knew he wanted and everything he needed. Loved it!