Batman, Volume 4 by Tom King

Batman, Volume 4

A part of DC Universe: Rebirth!Zero Year. 12 months in which Gotham City was left without power, without laws, without hope. 365 days in which the Riddler ruled the streets. But once again, Batman was victorious. In the aftermath of Zero Year? War. The Joker vs. The Riddler. They called it the War of Jokes and Riddles and it’s story has been untold…until now. Written by breakout star Tom King and illustrated by Mikel Janin, the newest install...

Details Batman, Volume 4

TitleBatman, Volume 4
Release DateDec 19th, 2017
PublisherDC Comics
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Superheroes, Dc Comics, Batman

Reviews Batman, Volume 4

  • Sam Quixote
    The Joker’s lost his sense of humour and he’d kill to get it back - specifically Batman but also anyone standing in his way. Like The Riddler, whose ego won’t allow anyone else to take down Batman but him. And so the two go head to head in all-out war on the Gotham streets, roping in every villain in town in Batman, Volume 4: The War of Jokes and Riddles. I’ve been surprisingly enjoying Tom King’s Batman run a lot though I’ve also bee...
  • James DeSantis
    If you asked me to name top 5 villains of Batman both Joker AND Riddler would be on my list. While Joker is insane and his unpredictable tactics make him interesting, Riddler cold calculated, overbearing personality makes him almost as equally interesting. Put them together and at each other throats? Now that...that sounds like a book made for me. The story starts with Bruce speaking with Selina and telling her what happen years ago. When Joker c...
  • Logan
    Pretty good! So The War of Jokes and Riddles has been a pretty good batman arc that's been happening low key while Snyder is doing his METAL story. I think overall I liked this one! So the story is Batman telling Catwoman the story of The War of Jokes and Riddles, which is basically in the same vein as The Long Halloween I feel, where its this year long story, with Batman's entire rogues gallery. In the story, Joker cannot laugh, he doesn't find ...
  • Lashaan Balasingam (Bookidote)
    You can find my review on my blog by clicking here.With unique charisma and a never-before seen story, writer Tom King, alongside artists Mikel Janín, June Chung and Clay Mann, resuscitate the hopes of fans with what will probably go down as one of the most intriguing wars that the Dark Knight and Gotham have ever faced.Taking place after the events of the New 52’s Zero Year, The War of Jokes and Riddles tosses two of the most unpredictable vi...
  • Scott (GrilledCheeseSamurai)
    I'm not following this Rebirth title. Actually, I'm not following any of the Rebirth titles, but I watched this review of The War of Jokes and Riddles on Youtube the other week and the dude did a good job of convincing me to check it out. So I went out and picked up the run. I liked the covers and the art immediately worked for me, all 8 issues have some AWESOME 2-page spreads that make for spectacular eye candy!Tom King was the other thing that ...
  • Unai
    3,75 Está bien, no le puedes poner muchas pegas, pero tampoco llega con toda la fuerza que quiere llegar a esa ultima pagina. Bien, pero no me ha emocionado, cosa que en el tejado anteriormente, si lo hizo.
  • Siobhan Whitebread
    I think the main problem is that I have quite a specific view of the Riddler, and have problems with how this portrays him. For one thing, he's too muscular! For another I can't see him walking around woth his shirt unbuttoned. For another his actions just read as slightly off to me?Ah well, at least we'll always have Bane!
  • Albert
    Batman, Volume 4: The War of Jokes and Riddles by Tom King is a bedtime story told by Bruce Wayne to Selina Kyle shortly after he asks her for her hand in marriage. Late one night, as they lay together in bed, Selina not yet answering Bruce's marriage proposal; Bruce shares the story of the what happened in Gotham in the aftermath of Zero Year.Zero Year was 12 months where Gotham was left without power and laws. 12 months in which the Riddler rul...
  • Andrew
    4.5/5.King does a great job balancing so many villains, all wrapped up in the war between Joker and Riddler. More than that, he adds some of the philosophy he's known for, which makes this even more enjoyable. I also love how Batman was featured less prominently (along with the flashback nature), and it focused more on Joker and Riddler.
  • Dan
    Kings philosophy on what makes a war between joker and Riddler interesting is apparently...having conversations, skipping over anything interesting they're doing tactically in the war, having unbelievable dinners with Bruce Wayne, and randomly assigning the villains to each side.Plus doesn't Two face know who Batman is? Why is he just standing there going along with Bruce's plan at the dinner?Boring interludesI'm out at part 4, having read 6 issu...
  • Will Robinson Jr.
    Kiteman will save us!!! LOL! Kiteman is in this book. Tom King brings us the proposal of a lifetime. Bruce (Batman) & Selina (Catwoman) are getting hitch. But before they can start making wedding plans Bruce has a few secrets he needs to get off his chest. So this volume of the one greatest superheroes of all time takes us back to Batman's early crime-fighting days. The story takes place sometime after Batman, Volume 4: Zero Year: Secret City & B...
  • Juan
    Now although I enjoyed the story, I felt there were a number of elements that annoyed me and worked to contradict the image I had on both the Joker and the Riddler. Ive read one person comment on how they were not expecting to see a well fit Riddler walk around the world with his shirt opened. I personally took offense with The Joker always having a smug look on his face as if someone told him "no" to something he wanted to do. If this story is s...
  • David Watson
    In Zero year the city of Gotham was left with no power, for a year and The Riddler ruled the night. When power was restored a war began to claim Gotham City’s underworld and the right to kill Batman between The Riddler and The Joker. This story was kept a secret but now Batman tells Catwoman what exactly happened in the Zero war.Batman Vol. 4 The Of Jokes and Riddles is (Rebirth) written by Tom King and illustrated by Mikel Janin. The art in th...
  • Willie Krischke
    This is ok I guess. I had some problems with it, but mostly enjoyed it. I'd give it a C+. Tom King stages a war between Batman's two greatest villains, but at the same time, he wants to take ridiculous characters from Batman’s past and make them serious and dark. The Joker can't laugh, for some reason, and he goes to war against the Riddler, because they both need to be the one who kills Batman. All the Gotham bad guys side up, and the war rage...
  • Mladen
    When it comes to Tom Kings Batman run so far i only read Vol 1 I am Gotham.And i wasn't that impressed by it, i thought it was good and entertaining story.I read a couple of issues after that before i got bored and the only reason i came back to read this story was because of issue 24 to find out the answer to the question that was set up.My major complaint when it comes to tom kings writing is that his narration can be a little annoying.Especial...
  • Luis Reséndiz
    buenísimo. el arco que más he disfrutado de este nuevo batman -- y generalmente es buena señal de la calidad de un run que lo mejor que haya hecho sea lo más reciente que ha salido. me gusta no solo porque "vuelve" al viejo diseño de los personajes --catwoman, joker y batman están ahí: el riddler, por cuestiones del tono de la historia, tiene un diseño bastante menos padre--, sino porque de verdad altera una cuestión esencial de batman, ...
  • Nathaniel Darkish
    Tom King's run of Batman keeps getting better. This was an ambitious book, with a full-on war between Joker and Riddler. Though I will admit the lead-up to this war felt a little rushed, and the book didn't show us the impact this war was having on the everyday citizens of Gotham (though it referenced it was definitely causing a lot of havoc on a daily basis, as the war resulted in a good chunk of Batman's villains joining one side or the other),...
  • Steve Quinn
    I really didn’t enjoy the last volume, I am Bane, and I was starting to wonder if Tom King wasn’t really all that. With this volume, my worries are greatly allayed. Really dark, super atmospheric art, and great storytelling. At first I was confused until I realized it was a flashback, but that’s a minor point. Really great takes on the joker and the riddler that make them King’s own. Can’t wait for the next volume to see what happens, i...
  • Scott
    Just finished volume four of the Rebirth Batman series, The War of Jokes and Riddles. While not as good as the previous arc I did enjoy it. The story was a bit off to me in how The Riddler was portrayed, however, especially his buff, unbuttoned shirt look, sporting a question mark carved in his skin rather than part of a costume. He reminded me more of an Irish thug from a Scorsese movie rather than the skinny riddle spouting villain of years pas...
  • Luís Fernandes
    SOOOO GOOD! My favorite arc so far, no doubt! Love the storytelling, love the art, love everything! I mean, it even made me care, like really emotionally care, for Kite Man (YES, KITE MAN!!!). There's also an insight into Bruce's mind that is amazing and that we don't often get to see. Great stuff here, no doubt!
  • Artur
    I thought that was genuinely clever and made great use of, shall we say, B- and C-list Batman villains (Kite-Man! Hell yeah!). The Joker’s portrayal was quite interesting as well. And then there’s what happens with Bruce and Selina.
  • Rob
    This is the Tom King I was expecting when it was first announced. His first great Batstory. I'm not as sour on the Cat/Bat engagement as some people are, but I also don't see it ever paying off as an actual marriage. I hope it pays off as a TK Cat ongoing however.
  • Anubhav Dasgupta
    it sticks the landing pretty nice tbqh imho fam
  • Guido
    3,80. Gran saga
  • Emmanuel Nevers
    Tom King's Batman is pretty great so far. I can't wait to see how all this plays out.
  • Nick D
    Kite Man!
  • Craig Evans
    I read this all in one go and it's the ONLY way to enjoy this epic story! Brilliant illustrative art with a fast-moving story. This is up there as one of my favourite arcs ever... Get on it now!
  • Dave Sammath
    That conclusion made up for some of the lackluster in-between.
  • Daniel
    Kite Man, Hell Yeah.
  • Gareth Brown
    Some excellent elements and great moments with joker/riddler and bruce/selina, slightly brought down by some goofy moments. 3.5 in reality but ill let it slide for the bruce selina moments.