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Batman’s team of vigilantes continues to protect Gotham City in the next volume of the best-selling series, BATMAN: DETECTIVE COMICS VOL. 3: LEAGUE OF SHADOWS!The next big DETECTIVE arc explodes here as the League of Shadows goes from mysterious rumor to deadly fact! With two new members of the team, Azrael and Batwing, will the Dark Knight’s squadron of crime-fighters be able to discover the League’s plan? And what deadly personal seceret ...

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Release DateOct 10th, 2017
PublisherDC Comics
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Dc Comics, Batman, Superheroes, Graphic Novels Comics

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  • Chelsea
    *** Received an ARC review via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review ***4.5 stars. So, this volume centers around Rebirth! Cassandra Cain and her meeting with Shiva. So, I’ll get the negatives out of the way upfront: (1) This is not my favorite art. Something about it just isn’t as pleasing to the eye, to me. (2) I’m still majorly bummed that this version of Cass is not Bruce’s daughter. This version of Bruce is wary of her and she c...
  • Wing Kee
    3.5. World: The art is dark and brooding and it does work well for a Batman book, that being said I did find it a bit too muddy during action sequences to really see what was going on. The world building is solid, it comes from all the Batman books and the past which is good cause I guess that stuff all happened even in the New52. The focus in characters is also great. The pieces at play and the larger picture really makes a good stage for future...
  • James DeSantis
    This is right around a 3.5. I think Detective Comics remains engaging and fun throughout it's series run though the best part is still the first arc for me. This one brings in the league of shadows. For some odd reason Batman believes they aren't real. Then we find out why he believes that. Then we have some side story with Batwing and Clayface which is entertaining but feels like a afterthought. The main event is Cassandra and her life as Orphan...
  • Lashaan Balasingam (Bookidote)
    You can find my review on my blog by clicking here.If I had to bet money on the Batman-related Rebirth series that would thrive first between James Tynion IV’s Detective Comics run and Tom King’s Batman run, I would’ve thought Tynion IV was on track to delivering the better content. While his run is still highly entertaining and generally much more intriguing than what Tom King has to offer, there just seems to be roof that his run can’t ...
  • Rory Wilding
    At the beginning of DC Rebirth, both Tom King and James Tynion IV were putting new spins the Bat-mythos with their respected runs of Batman and Detective Comics. Based on their first volumes, Tynion’s Detective was more ambitious in making it more about the sense of family with Bruce Wayne pairing up with his cousin Kate Kane/Batwoman to recruit a team of vigilantes that would protect Gotham. However, it’s been over a year since DC did their ...
  • Dan
    Tynions series is great!Not only does Tynion make stories that are better and less convoluted than the flagship title (Batman), but he also has a way of making side characters I could otherwise care less about matter.
  • Ken Moten
    This I have actual read volume 1 of Detective Comics: Rebirth, but this one is the one I want to review first. This is the "Batman Team book" of DC Comics right now and it is a very interesting book. I did not read this series at first, but the buzz over it got the better of me. The story is good, but depending on how you look at it, shows one of the weak-points of the Rebirth project in-general. The tendency to redo pre-Flashpoint stories only w...
  • Luke Sims-Jenkins
    HELL YES!While Batman flounders, Detective Comics flourishes!It was only a matter of time before the focus finally went to Cassandra Cain who is be far my favourite DC character! So I had high hops for this one and they were exceeded. The League of Shadows have struck and soon every member of Team Batman is taken down by the badass that is Lady Shiva. Everyone that is except Cassandra Cain the Orphan! James Tynion IV did my fave justice and issue...
  • Jimmy
    DC Comics has several series on Batman running at the same time and Detective Comics is one of the longest running series not only in DC Comics’ history but also in comic history in general. This volume collects Detective Comics issues #950-956. Here it focuses on Batman fighting a villainous group called the League of Shadows.One of the things that I noticed in this volume is how this is more of a story focused on a team rather than just Batma...
  • Albert
    Batman: Detective Comics, Vol. 3: League of Shadows by James Tynion IV is moving along very well and it is doing so by taking the biggest risk any Batman comic can do. It is making Batman into a supporting character. This series is about the team and the individual members more then it is about the Dark Knight himself. Which is one of the reasons I enjoyed this story arc so much. It is about the League of Shadows. It is about Lady Shiva. It is ab...
  • Evan
    I received an advance reading copy of this book, for free, through Goodreads First Reads program in exchange for my honest review.The last Batman graphic novel I read was Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns 30 plus years ago. Having not read the previous two volumes in the Batman: Detective Comics series, I was concerned about my review being hindered by a lack of context. Thankfully, the people running the giveaway at DC Comics enclosed a c...
  • Citybones
    2.5 Un aprobado.La parte de Cassandra al principio fue muy emocional e interesante, mientras que todo lo que pasa con Azrael no tuvo demasiado sentido para mi. La verdad es que él es un personaje que no conocía, pero puede resultar interesante. La conversación entre Tim y Batman fue total y completamente para propósitos de hacer hype a una nueva serie de batman, lo que me decepcionó un poco, pero funcionó a su propósito, me dio curiosidad ...
  • Chris Lemmerman
    [Read as single issues]Here they come to wreck the day/town/entire Bat family - it's the League Of Shadows!This six part story brings the League of Shadows as well as their illusive leader Lady Shiva to Gotham, and then it's up to the Tec team, including new member Luke Fox, to get them the hell out of dodge. Of course, the fact that Shiva could potentially be Cassandra's mother complicates matters, as does the re-emergence of the Colony. Oh, and...
  • Juan
    I continue to really enjoy James Tynion's work on Batman. Despite this volume being a story on the mysterious League of Shadows, this story is almost entirely about Cassandra Cain, Orphan. I am not personally very well verse on her history but the backend stories I have been following since The New 52 ended make her very interesting and full of a ton of heart. The prologue at the beginning of the volume really helped set her up as the broken hero...
  • Sesana
    The story itself is ok, at best. Batman suddenly forgetting that the League of Shadows is a real thing is initially so puzzling that it took me right out of the story, though it is explained later. However, the character work in this volume, especially on Cassandra, is excellent. Cassandra is awesome, and I love her, but I think a lot of people just aren't sure what to do with her. It's tough to figure out what to do with largely mute character w...
  • Eri (Airy Reads)
    Detective Comics has been such a strong series so far and this volume definitely continues that trend. I really like that each volume arc targets a different character and we get to know them better, with Cassandra Cain taking the spotlight in this volume. The action and character dynamics are really well done and there are enough heart wrenching and emotional moments to go along with the plot twists and reveals that it's hard not to enjoy this s...
  • Nathaniel Darkish
    This is probably the strongest entry in Tynion's run on Detective Comics. He really took the time to dig down into one of the most interesting recent additions to the Bat-family-- Cassandra Cain-- and that really paid off. I thought her fascination with dance as a form of communication was an absolutely gorgeous way to explore her character, and then to have her be at the center of the conflict in this story really worked all the more because we ...
  • Ffcharade
    It's hard to see where this series jumped the shark, but there's no doubt that it has happened. The third volume doesn't even attempt at feigning at any sort of complexity. Characters are as one-dimensional as they come, and villains are interchangeable cackling cliches. The plot is pitifully contrived (with one major plot point being that Batman is framed for murder simply because police "found" a Bat-shaped sword at the crime scene), and serves...
  • Nicola Mansfield
    Excellent strong story. Though I wasn't thrilled with this team at the beginning I'm starting to really like them now. Orphan was the main focus here as she learned about herself and tried to come to terms with who she is. Really bad stuff is going down in Gotham and Batman and the gang had a major showdown with the League of Shadows headed by Lady Shiva and Ra's al Ghoul. Lots of action, story and character. The book ends with a couple of short ...
  • Shelly
    This series continues to be one of my favourites as part of DC's Rebirth. I loved the focus on Cassandra Cain/Orphan in this story arc and she's definitely one of my new favourite heroes. I'm hoping that the series continues to be as great as it's been going so far. If you're a fan of Batman or any of the batfamily heroes (like Batwoman!), I highly recommend picking up this intense but amazing series.
  • J.D. Dehart
    I enjoyed Tynion's work here very much. The story held up for me in terms of plot, and I am always glad to see the characters I grew up with rendered again, along with new ones.The artwork is attractive and sometimes even looks painted, depending on the section of the book. I am curious to see where the DC universe goes from here. These are characters that, in one way or another, will continue, and it takes a strong creative team to keep amping u...
  • Luis Reséndiz
    buen arco, más sobre cassandra cain --orphan, que en la antigua continuidad también fue una excelente batgirl-- que sobre batman. se agradece que detective --a diferencia de batman, que por cierto está bastante bien-- no intente contar La Próxima Gran Historia de Batman sino nomás arcos entretenidos, bien escritos, enganchadores.
  • Kyle Berk
    I really enjoy how Batman himself takes a backseat to other team members in the Detective Comic series. Orphan is the star here. It handles event tie Ima better than any other comic I've read recently and anyone who's left wanting more of Gotham after Batman's own title, pick this up because it is very enjoyable.
  • Adrienne
    I have a soft spot for Cassandra Cain and love how she uses everything but words to communicate her emotions. I loved her story line and her struggle with balancing who she is with who her parents want her to be.
  • Unai
    Va de menos a mas, con un ultimo par de números por todo lo alto.
  • Kevin King
  • Siobhan Whitebread
    Read in single issues.I liked this! I still prefer pre-NU52 Cass, but this was a good look at her motivations and how she fits into the team.Now, if DC would just give her a solo book...
  • Brian
  • Kellee
    Great arc focusing on Cassandra Cain.
    I am sorry to say that I didn't like this comic so much, it's just that in my opinion there far too many orphans in Marvel Universe, and so....anyway, that is just my personal opinion.Mi spiace dire che questo numero non mi é piaciuto poi tanto, anche perché bisogna ammettere che nel l'universo Marvel di orfani ce ne sono giá troppi, ma questa comunque é solo la mia opinione personale.THANKS TO EDELWEISS FOR THE PREVIEW!