Leonardo da Vinci by Walter Isaacson

Leonardo da Vinci

The author of the acclaimed bestsellers Steve Jobs, Einstein, and Benjamin Franklin brings Leonardo da Vinci to life in this exciting new biography.Based on thousands of pages from Leonardo’s astonishing notebooks and new discoveries about his life and work, Walter Isaacson weaves a narrative that connects his art to his science. He shows how Leonardo’s genius was based on skills we can improve in ourselves, such as passionate curiosity, care...

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TitleLeonardo da Vinci
Release DateOct 17th, 2017
PublisherSimon Schuster
GenreBiography, Nonfiction, History, Art, Science, Biography Memoir

Reviews Leonardo da Vinci

  • Jeffrey Keeten
    ”Although generally considered by his contemporaries to be friendly and gentle, Leonardo was at times dark and troubled. His notebooks and drawings are a window into his fevered, imaginative, manic, and sometimes elated mind. Had he been a student at the outset of the twenty-first century, he may have been put on a pharmaceutical regimen to alleviate his mood swings and attention-deficit disorder. One need not subscribe to the artist-as-trouble...
  • Chrissie
    The audiobook is a fantastic production. It is in this manner non-fiction audiobooks should be made. You are given a huge PDF file with 144 pictures, a character list and a timeline. To get the most out of the audiobook one should sit by a computer and look at the pictures as one listens; the audiobook follows the pictures one by one in the order they are presented, each picture being referred to in the text. Each is minutely analyzed and discuss...
  • Melody Sams
    If you like a little psychology with your history, this is a book for you! It gives you a wonderful insight into the mind of one of the most fascinating men in human history. Da Vinci was quite the character. A bit enigmatic and mercurial. It was a delight learning more about his personality through this book.
  • Netta
    Unlike many readers of this book who were well acquainted with Walter Isaacson and loved his previous works, I picked this biography being quite sceptical and absolutely unaware of how Isaacson approaches his subjects. His bibliography looks like a very impressive collection of genii of all sorts - Jobs, Einstein, Kissinger and Franklin. Surely, adding Leonardo da Vinci to this list must be tempting, but this task, if you ask me, was too difficul...
  • Lou
    There is plenty to learn here about Leonardo DaVinci, and his art, its histories unravelled, codexes explained in ways, and the story of the process and people in the art work.Detail, details meticulously written by the author, almost with obsession like mastery and a hugely accessible reading.Mysteries of the man, the artist, scientist and engineer and the two most famous paintings in history, The Last Supper and The Mona Lisa expounded in a glo...
  • Janet
    Thank you, Net Galley for the opportunity to review this book --- as people who follow me know, I do not regurgitate what the book is about as that is what the description from the author and publisher at the top of the page are for.This book is very well written.This book is very longThis book has many interesting facts ... his paintings are mathematical and he was gay.Did I mention that this book is very long??? This book is full of insane deta...
  • Jim
    "Leonardo went from seeking knowledge that could be of practical use and began seeking knowledge for its own sake, out of pure curiosity and joy"A magnificent and fascinating read of the life and times of one of the most brilliant human beings that ever lived. Walter Isaacson's starting point for this biography was not his art masterpieces (The Last Supper, Mona Lisa) but rather his notebooks that he left and which survive to this day. They conta...
  • Gary
    Walter is a storyteller....If you have read his other bios, you already know this. Same situation here...but I must warn you....Leonardo was a very complicated man....a genius in his art....kept copious notes about everything he thought, felt, and dreamed about....he was a scientist,way ahead of his time,and he used science in his art, and mathematics in his paintings. Walter included all the vast details, because that's the type of person Leonar...
  • Tony
    LEONARDO DA VINCI. (2017). Walter Isaacson. ****1/2.The first thing I’d like to share is that you needn’t be afraid of the size of this book. It runs to 525 pages, plus notes and index. With my experience of reading other Isaacon’s books (“Ben Franklin,” and “Einstein”) I know his skill with the written word. He has the ability to capture the reader’s attention in such a way that the pages whizz past without your knowing it. This ...
  • Joe
    Much of my review agrees with that stated by Netta in her review (https://www.goodreads.com/review/show...), though she writes it much more eloquently.Walter Isaacson presents the biography of Leonardo da Vinci, whose every action is so divine, that, surpassing all other men, it makes itself clearly known as a thing bestowed by God (as it is), and not acquired by human art. (Vasari, LIFE OF LEONARDO DA VINCI)Where, I believe, Isaacson struggles ...
  • Joseph Williams
    I have read two of Isaacson's previous biographies (Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein). I particularly liked the Steve Jobs biography since the author was able to effectively get under his subject's skin due to his unique access to the subject. In the case of Leonardo da Vinci, Isaacson was unsuccessful in my opinon of bringing Da Vinci to life probably due to a lack of primary source material on the subject. That is always the bugbear of writing bi...
  • Farhana
    6 out of 5 :Dগত বছর ওয়ালটার আইজযাকসনের লেখা ২টা বায়োগরাফি পড়েছিলাম। I believe he is one of the finest biographers of our time with uncompromising impenetrable passion for his books. গত বছর থেকেই ওঁর লেখা নতুন এই বায়োগরাফিটা বের হবার অপেকষায় ছিলাম। ...
  • Carolyn
    This book is masterfully written, lavishly illustrated, and a prime example of intensive research. I had read The author’s biography of Steve Jobs, and also the Innovators which showed how collaboration through the years has brought us to the present digital era. I knew some of Leonardo’s workbooks, journals, sketches and finished paintings were lost to history, but was amazed at how much still remains after more than 500 years. The author s...
  • Mohamed Omran
    والتر ايزاكسون هو افضل كاتب سير ذاتيه يجعلك تغوص في اعماق المبدعين والمشاهير لاانسي اول قراءه عن ستيف جوبز عبقري ابل وبنجامين فرانكلين. اينشتاين والتر يجمع مابين السير الذاتيه واسلوب الحكي الممنهج التي تتسارع فيه الرغبه داخلك لتعرف وتتعلم كيف اص...
  • Diana Long
    Excellent in depth look at the life and times of one of the most brilliant human beings that graced the earth. I thought the author did an amazing biography and felt it was thoroughly researched and touched on so many areas of who he was and why he behaved as he did. Not leaving much in actual works of art, he left us his manuscripts and astounded as with his brilliant and curious mind. The many examples of his work and notes with explanations he...
  • Linda
    An extensively-researched examination of Leonardo’s life, including both his engineering feats and artistic accomplishments. As Isaacson notes in his conclusion, “What made Leonardo a genius…was creativity, the ability to apply imagination to intellect.”
  • Mehrsa
    The book is very good because Walter Isaacson is good. But there is a lot in here that did not need to be in here. I understand what he is trying to do and I appreciate it: this is the mind of a genius. There are biographers (Caro is the master of the art) and there are those who use biographies to make a broader point. I feel like Isaacson should have gone with the second impetus in this one because that is where the book shines--the end especia...
  • Dan Graser
    Walter Isaacson is one of the finest biographers of our time - everyone knows that - but in this latest offering he has outdone himself. It takes a lot of work and creativity to make a biography of one of the most discussed figures in history seem fresh and revelatory but that is precisely what this 600-page tome accomplishes. Likely you already know much of the work discussed here, however Isaacson provides so much in the way of primary source m...
  • Susan
    Who does not know of Leonardo da Vinci and his masterpieces such as The Last Super and Mona Lisa. I have always been interested in learning more about the life and works of Leonardo da Vinci and I thoroughly enjoy the work by Walter Isaccson. I found this book extremely informing, fun, interesting and well written! I would recommend to anyone who wishes to learn more about Leonardo da Vinci. 4.5 stars
  • Jeff
    I finished this book with hours to spare in 2017 and it may just be the best book I read this year. I bought the hard cover book and I'm glad I did. This is just a beautiful book, with 144 images of Leonardo's paintings and drawings all on high quality paper. The writing is just fantastic; it doesn't read like your typical history book. I was riveted to Leonardo's story from page one. He was an amazing person, and successfully combined art and sc...
  • Jennifer (JC-S)
    ‘Skill without imagination is barren. Leonardo knew how to marry observation and imagination, which made him history’s consummate innovator.’Walter Isaacson writes, in his introduction to this biography:‘I have embarked on this book because Leonardo da Vinci is the ultimate example of the main theme of my previous biographies: how the ability to make connections across disciplines—arts and sciences, humanities and technology—is a key ...
  • Susan in NC
    This was amazing- I saw Isaacson interviewed on PBS NewsHour discussing his latest biography and his enthusiasm was infectious! I immediately requested it from my library and was number 8 or 9, and figured I might get it in March or April, but somehow I got it last week! I started reading right away, since I’m slow reading non fiction, then found the audiobook available through Scribd, read beautifully by Alfred Molina. It was a real treat to r...
  • Satyajeet
    4.5 stars
  • Falon Papale
    I was actually very disappointed. I had high hopes, but I think even if I didn't I would still be disappointed. The research was there, but the execution was...unbelievably annoying. I swear to god every single page was repetitive. There was hardly anything I didn't already know about Leonardo, and I'm no expert. The people in Leonardo's life were described as caricatures, the Italians tending toward unappreciative, rough, and uncultured while th...
  • Mark Burris
    Disappointing for its repetitiveness and its general lack of effective organization. I pushed through to the end -- primarily to gain insight into "The Last Supper" and "Mona Lisa," but the effort exceeded the value.
  • Ruta Buciunaite
    I'm a fan of Isaacson since I've read Steve Jobs, so I had high hopes for Da Vinci - and this book delivers 120%. Isaacson dissects the myth of a genius and brings to life the real man behind the legend - somebody we can all understand and empathize with. I never truly understood why Mona Lisa or The Last Supper are the greatest works of art known to humanity, but now I do, and the naked brilliance of Leonardo's mind has shocked me. One thing I n...
  • Joseph Adelizzi, Jr.
    First off, what a beautiful book! I’m speaking here about the book itself, not its content. The durable jacket with its close-up portrait of a contemplative Leonardo is so special that I removed it to a bookshelf for safe-keeping for the two weeks or so that it took me to read the book. The pages are very thick and glossy and full of beautiful, logically placed color plates, and the font is comfortable and reasonable. At one point I was horrifi...
  • Joseph Sciuto
    Wow! Wow! Wow! Walter Isaacson's "Leonardo DA Vinci" is a brilliant, spellbinding, analytic, informative and a breathtaking biography.Before reading this book, I always though of Mr. DA Vinci as arguably the greatest genius of the Renaissance period.After reading this book, I can arguably say that he just might be the most extraordinary human being of all time.After reading the first twenty pages of this book, I made the conscious decision to put...
  • Ilinca
    There is only so much you can write about da Vinci, so a whole book about him felt like a bit much, to be honest. It was interesting and enjoyable, but I haven't learned that much from it. I almost wish it had been shorter or longer. Shorter to do away with all the poetic musings, or longer to include more context and history. There was only tangential mention of the de Medicis, Michelangelo, Columbus or all the amazing art being created at that ...
  • Priscilla
    The common complaint about this book seems to be that it's very long, but I'm not sure what the complainers would want cut out. Da Vinci lived to be nearly 70 years old, and he lived a life as full as anyone who has ever lived. He left behind a dizzying array of notebooks, letters and paintings, none of which should be ignored. He is probably the most complete polymath who has ever lived. His interests were not just wide-ranging, they covered lit...