Reading People by Anne Bogel

Reading People

If the viral Buzzfeed-style personality quizzes are any indication, we are collectively obsessed with the idea of defining and knowing ourselves and our unique place in the world. But what we're finding is this: knowing which Harry Potter character you are is easy, but actually knowing yourself isn't as simple as just checking a few boxes on an online quiz.For readers who long to dig deeper into what makes them uniquely them (and why that matters...

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TitleReading People
Release DateSep 19th, 2017
PublisherBaker Books
GenreNonfiction, Psychology, Self Help

Reviews Reading People

  • Megan Ericson
    Because of this book:1) I have an excuse forever to drink multiple cups of coffee per day. (Thank you extroverted brain.)2) I found out my husband is an HSP (highly sensitive person) and how to prevent him from getting into the "Overtalked Introvert Danger Zone."3) Finally confirmed, without a doubt, my Myers-Briggs type. It's ESTJ, BTW ;-)4) And, found an old copy of StrengthsFinders 2.0 on our bookshelf (Score!), so I can hopefully decide where...
  • Katie Toungette
    First of all, I am typically pretty private with my thoughts on a book unless I really hated it or really loved it. Other than this, I am pretty sure that the world will still spin without hearing my thoughts on someone's writing and creativity (or not). I now know that this is because I am the personality type that I am, which is, depending on what chapter of Reading People you are studying - an INFJ, an Introvert, an HSP...and the list goes on....
  • April (Getting Hygge With It)
    I love all things personality. I was that teen that bought magazines mostly for the quiz section. What type of friend are you? What career should you get into? I loved it all and not much has changed. If you are new to personality quizzes Reading People is the perfect place to start.
  • Sarah
    Full Review on my blog... Reading People | Blog Tour Review!This is only my first time through... gonna need to go back and spend some more time on a couple of chapters with a pen and notebook once I get my physical copy!Anne Bogel, of Modern Mrs. Darcy (blog) and What Should I Read Next (podcast) does wonderful job of presenting some of the most common and popular personality frameworks out there right now. Sharing insights from her own journey ...
  • Lindsey
    I had the honor of being part of the launch team for this book. I have been a fan of Ann Bogel for years. First with her blog The Modern Mrs Darcy and recently with her podcast What Should I Read Next. I have to be honest and say I struggled with this book. I was halfway through and wondering to myself what I was going to walk away with. Well, let's just say the end did it for me. A realization that knowing myself, the good and the bad, better wi...
  • Rachel Dawson
    Reading People is the first book Anne Bogel has written, and you guys, it's so good! Anne has long been my most trusted book-recommender (her podcast is amazing and always so fun to listen to!) and one of my very favorite bloggers, so I was thrilled to see her write a book of her own, especially one that is such a marriage of my favorite things! It was a joy to be chosen to join the launch team for this one (heads up, there are affiliate links in...
  • Guy Austin
    Book covers can say a lot about what is inside them. They can hook you and can cause an auto-reflex I call, have-to- have-this-in-my-hand syndrome, or H2H (Have to have). I walk through a bookshop on a mission. I must. Those pesky covers can stop me cold in my tracks, even if I have walked in with force of mind to go directly to the item of want. The fear of the book police (my wife) compels me to get out before my primal bookish urges cause me t...
  • Sheryl
    I feel very lucky to be part of the launch team for this fun and insightful book. I'm pretty stingy with 5 star ratings, but I promise that 4 stars means I really enjoyed it. I definitely think it is helpful, while not necessary, to be a follower of the Modern Mrs Darcy website and especially a listener of the What Should I Read Next podcast, to really get into this book. I can definitely hear Anne's voice in my head while I'm reading. And anyway...
  • Danielle
    I received an advance copy for review purposes and I am so glad I did. Quite simply, I'm a personality quiz addict. INTJ, Enneagram 1, Victor, Slytherin, Acts of Service, Questioner, Strategic. Anne's book embraces the idea of personality frameworks to better know yourself. I've done a lot of self-reflection on the frameworks, especially over the past few years. Reading people has insights that I hadn't considered. (The chapter on the MBTI Cognit...
  • Paul Randall Adams
    Reading People is one of my favorite works of nonfiction I've read in a long time. It tackles complicated information and presents it in a comfortably conversational way that makes it accessible to all readers. As an educator, I have found it particularly useful in understanding the diversity of my students and their varied needs. I will use the information I gleaned from this book to create an even more inviting environment for my students. As a...
  • Rachel Bennett
    "The point isn't to trap you in those boxes; it's to organize your behavior in a way that makes sense and helps you understand how the pieces work together, how to find them when you need them, and how to put them to work in pursuit of your best self." What a fun and informative read from Anne Bogel. I have always enjoyed personality tests and systems so jumping into this for me was already exciting; however, I believe Anne has approached these...
  • Annie Rim
    I love taking personality quizzes but get easily overwhelmed when it comes to applying the information. Sometimes it's too much; other times I feel boxed in. In Reading People, Anne Bogel takes away that intimidating piece of learning about my personality framework.Walking the reader through well-known frameworks, from the Myers-Briggs and the Love Languages to StrengthsFinder and Enneagram, Anne helps describe the purpose, application, and reaso...
  • Kaylee
    I first found Anne Bogel when a friend of mine suggested that I listen to her podcast: What Should I Read Next. I was hooked from the first episode, and not only because of Anne's soothing voice and the discussion about all things books and reading, but because Anne really seemed to be able to discern exactly what people wanted in a book, at a deeper level than just "a good story." I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of Reading People, and...
  • ImLisaAnn
    SynopsisReading People: How Seeing the World Through the Lens of Personality Changes Everything grew out of Anne’s love for personality frameworks. Reading People is a primer for several of the more common personality frameworks with easy to understand applications and examples for how to recognize the personalities in yourself and others.The personality frameworks explored by Anne are• Introversion / Extroversion• High Sensitivity• Chapm...
  • Katie
    As part of the Launch Team for Reading People, I was given an advance copy of the book for review. All opinions are my own.Reading People is a wonderfully accessible primer on all things personality, so if you like to geek out on those online personality tests, then this book is for YOU! But let’s forget about personality for a minute – if you have an interest in people and in relationships, a desire to know yourself, your partner, your child...
  • Carrie Schmidt (Reading is My SuperPower)
    Too much introspection can be harmful, sure, but as Anne Bogel claims in Reading People, uncovering insights into personality – our own and other people’s – also helps us see the world from someone else’s point of view for a while. It can explain why we have a difficult time getting along with someone, why clutter irritates us so much, why we get our energy from being by ourselves, and so on. It can also improve our relationships – part...
  • Erin Odom
    When I learned that Anne Bogel was writing a book, I pre-ordered it as soon as it was available! Anne's down-to-earth and conversational tone shine throughout the pages of this book, but the book isn't "fluff." Reading People will give you a broad overview of a variety of personality types and arm you with the resources to dig deeper on the ones that pique your interest the most. Some of these personality types can be confusing, and Anne's done t...
  • Brandi
    Even though the book is not exactly what I thought it was going to be, it is one of those rare "special" surprises that is actually much better than I thought it was going to be. It is really easy to follow, fun to read and well organized. It would be a good read for readers age 13 and up. It's always good for readers, like me, to learn more about themselves and those around them. I have taken so many of these personality assessments (ENTJ, Moder...
  • Holley Gerth
    I'm a personality book junkie so I can say from experience and with enthusiasm that Anne's book is helpful, insightful and and simply enjoyable. It's like a dessert platter of personality resources--the kind you get at your favorite restaurant on special occasions to share with friends and savor every bite. I know I'll return for second helpings.
  • Janelle
    Review to follow...
  • Andi
    This book, well, I thought I knew a lot about personality frameworks, but I learned so much from this book, including that I had been typing myself for the MBTI wrong for almost 20 years. A great read for anyone who wants to know themselves and the people they love more clearly.
  • Ellie Dashwood
    Personality tests! They’re as old as click-bait on the internet…okay, they’re hundreds of years older than that actually. In Anne Bogel’s Reading People, she goes over some of the best-known personality theory frameworks and from where they come. She also shows how understanding them, and thereby yourself, can be translated into practical application and self-improvement.Reading People serves a great introductory book to the different fra...
  • Angie
    Reading People by Anne Bogel is the personality book I've always wanted to read but didn't know it. She breaks down several of the most popular and well-known personality frameworks to the nitty gritty, making them easy to understand and made me eager to try each of them. This book reads like fiction, but really gets to the heart of why understanding the makeup of our own personalities can help us live the life we really want. I highly recommend ...
  • Carrie
    Huge Anne fan. This book doesn't disappoint!!
  • Ashley Brooks
    Reading People is a fantastic overview into the world of personality frameworks. I've always been fascinated by the idea of improving your overall life by understanding how you're wired, which is basically the entire thesis of Reading People. Reading People covers some of the most popular personality-typing frameworks, including MBTI, the Enneagram, and the Five Love Languages. This book won't tell you how to live your life based on your type, bu...
  • Jenny
    I was happy to receive an advanced readers copy of this book. As a follower of Anne Bogel through her Modern Mrs. Darcy site and her book recommendation podcast What Should I Read Next, I was eager to read her own work about how personality shapes us. I was familiar with most of the personality typing included (MBTI, 5 Love Languages, StrengthsFinder, Enneagram), but this book gave me the incentive to reflect upon why my type matters and how this...
  • Tammy
    As part of the launch team I was so excited to read the ARC! As someone who loves personality tests this book talks about several measures with real stories and applications.As a teacher coach I plan to use personality tests as part of my trainings this year so this book is super helpful.Although I was familiar with most of the measures the real life explanations from Anne added to my understanding. I even learned about a couple new tests!!A grea...
  • Alexandra
    Raise your hand if you’ve taken a BuzzFeed quiz today? More than one? Yeah, you’re not alone. I hate to admit I might have just taken a quiz titled “Choose Some Baked Goods and We’ll Predict Your Future” because if you know me, you know I love bread more than Oprah. (Don’t worry, I received good results. I’m going to travel the world.) I’m a sucker for those silly little quizzes, and for good reason too. It’s more than wanting t...
  • Jenni Simmons
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! I was already a personality framework enthusiast, but through Anne Bogel's lovely writing I've learned more about 7 popular personality frameworks:Introverts & Extroverts (I'm an introvert.)Highly Sensitive People (I am for sure an HSP.)The Five Love Languages (I love words of affirmation.)Keirsey’s Temperaments (I'm an Idealist [NF].)The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (and Cognitive Functions) — (I'm an I...