Dead of Winter (Lily Dale Mystery #3) by Wendy Corsi Staub

Dead of Winter (Lily Dale Mystery #3)

Just as a murderer dumps his corpse into the lake across Valley View in Lily Dale, Bella Jordan happens to be at her window, not quite realizing what she's seeing. Unbeknownst to her, the killer spots her silhouette and prowls straight to her door. That is, until he's interrupted by a black cat. A superstitious gambler, he takes off, but Bella's seen too much, and he vows to return. Jiffy Arden, a neighborhood kid looking for the black cat and st...

Details Dead of Winter (Lily Dale Mystery #3)

TitleDead of Winter (Lily Dale Mystery #3)
Release DateNov 7th, 2017
PublisherCrooked Lane Books
GenreMystery, Adult Fiction, Fiction

Reviews Dead of Winter (Lily Dale Mystery #3)

  • Carrie
    Bella Jordan just happened by her window in her home, Valley View in Lily Dale, when a murderer was dumping a corpse in the remote lake close by. The killer spotted Bella and thinking he had been seen he heads straight to her door when he comes across a young boy chasing a black cat through the neighborhood. Getting scared away that he would be discovered Bella escapes the danger she didn't know was lurking outside her home. Jiffy Arden, Bella's ...
  • Linda Strong
    Lily Dale is a small community, unique in that most of the residents are psychics and mediums who all have such quirky personalities.Bella Jordan happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time ... she hears a man's dying scream and then she sees his body floating in from the lake when he was dumped. The killer looks up and sees her in the window ... and he immediately thinks to silence her.But Jiffy happens to be in the way of the killer and ...
  • Elle ✦ Pretty Little Books ✦
    Release Date: November 7, 2017 Genre: Mystery. Thriller. Suspense. Dead of Winter is another gratifying read by one of my favorite authors. Filled with quirky and likable characters, readers are going to want to be a part of this small town even though there is something shady going on... Like a murder and disappearance! With every step of the way being filled with more tension, readers are going to gobble this one up! It's a taught thriller wi...
  • Heather
    I was lucky enough to be granted an advanced copy of this novel, which is part of the Lily Dale Mystery series. When I requested the book, I wasn’t aware it was a series’ entry. But it stands alone well so that wasn’t a problem. Bella and her young son live in a community inhabited by a large number of psychics, but she’s not one of them. One day Bella hears a weird noise and the next day a corpse in a bag washes up on shore. Then a serie...
  • Angela
    I have been a fan of Wendy Corsi Staub for as long as I can remember and a Dead of Winter did not disappoint.Dead of Winter is the third book in the adult Lily Dale Mystery series. I have not read the other two so at the beginning I was a little lost in trying to figure out who belonged to whom and who could do what but once I got that down pat the book took off. Bella, moved to Lily Dale with her son after her husband died. Lily Dale is a town c...
  • Linda
    I am new to the Lily Dale series, but I was fascinated by the characters and their interactions with each other and with Spirit. In this story, Bella unknowingly becomes witness to a murderer disposing of his victim's body in the lake. But the murder isn't the only thing happening in the town. Bella's son, Max, spends most of his time with his best friend, Jiffy, a child that Bella feels is largely left unsupervised by his mother, Misty, a profes...
  • Jacque
    Set in the village of Lily Dale, where most residents are mediums, a body is found in the lake and a little boy goes missing during a blizzard. Bella lives in the Valley View inn with her son Max, but doesn't really believe in the mediums. But then she starts hearing music and a cat meowing...when none is there. Max's best friend, Jiffy, is the child who disappears. He sees the Spirit and tells Max that he will be kidnapped during a snowstorm. Ha...
  • natalie
    I was so excited when I received my copy of Dead of Winter by Wendy Corsi Staub from Goodreads that I immediately began to read it. First of all, always my thanks to Goodreads for allowing me to win this book.I actually love this author's books and looked forward to this new one, but I really didn't care for this book at all. I'm not fan of mediums and/or psychics and that could be part of the reason it didn't appeal to me. However, it also did n...
  • Chelsea
    A fun mystery. Bella Jordan moves to an unusual town after the death of her husband. Being a single mom isn't easy and she is always busting her tail to make ends meet for her son and herself to survive. Her son Max becomes close friends with a boy named Jiffy. They are inseparable. BFF's! They get into a lot of mischief and Jiffy's colorful character takes all the residents of Lily Dale for quite a wild ride.I do have to ask, what happened to th...
  • Ann
    This is book 3 of a nice suspense series, A Lily Dale Mystery. It's not a cozy and has some violence set among a community of psychics and spiritualists. A young boy disappears and people are thinking the worst. Bella sees a strange light outside her window and a murderer see's her inside assuming she has witnessed his crime. Everyone thinks the two crimes are related and police are frantic searching for the missing boy who is a friend of Bella's...
  • Christine
    Jiffy Arden is in the thick of things in Dead of Winter. A wandering six-year old who has spirit guides, he tells his best friend Max he is going to be kidnapped. Sure enough he disappears during a blizzard. Bella Jordan, not quite a non-believer, witnesses something odd and the next day she finds a body near the lake and that’s when Jiffy disappears. Jiffy’s mother Misty is a medium, but not a very good one and she is casual about caring for...
  • Barbara Ann
    I rate this book at 31/2 stars. It’s a simple read. All the paranormal stuff written in the book is done in such away that it makes the book not very believable. I was expecting a more serious mystery. The book was kind of all over the place for me. However, it makes for a quick cozy mystery and there are some funny scenes. Jiffy was very funny.Received an advance review copy in exchange for an honest review by NetGalley.
  • Donna
    This was not my favorite book by Wendy Staub. Probably if I had read the other books in the series before I read this one, I would have enjoyed more. I loved Jiffy and Max. And I like Bella. Several of the residents are quite quirky. Actually the entire town may be. LOL. If you like Spirit, give it a try, it may be your favorite book.
  • Jen
    I chose this one because it takes place in Lily Dale, the New York hamlet of spiritualists and mediums. What better place to set a mystery than in a community of spiritualists and mediums? Light reading, but kind of fun.
  • Illustrious Illusions
    a fast paced story with good characters. sadly, nothing overall exciting for me but still an enjoyable read.