Come As You Are by Lauren Blakely

Come As You Are

I couldn’t have scripted a more perfect night.For one fantastic evening, at a masquerade party in the heart of Manhattan, I’m not the millionaire everyone wants a piece of. Fine—multimillionaire. But who’s counting all those commas? Not me, and not the most intriguing woman I've ever met, who happens to like dancing, witty banter, and hot, passionate up-against-the-wall sex as much as I do.There's no need for names or business cards. And ...

Details Come As You Are

TitleCome As You Are
Release DateApr 16th, 2018
PublisherCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary, Adult

Reviews Come As You Are

  • Lauren Blakely
    What do you get when you mix a masquerade ball, a secret rendezvous, and a billionaire hero who will sweep you off your feet? A brand new standalone romance you don't want to miss! ✦Kindle ➜✦iBooks ➜✦Kobo ➜✦Nook ➜✦Google Play ➜✦Audible ➜✦Amazon PB ➜
  • bookbruin
    I absolutely DEVOURED this book! It was the perfect amount of sweet and sexy, with a pinch of taboo for good measure. No one writes sexy romantic comedies like Lauren Blakely! Come As You Are will have you laughing, swooning, and grinning like a fool!It's rare when I like both the hero and heroine equally. Usually one will stand out more than the other, but this time around, Flynn and Sabrina were the perfect pair. Flynn is one of the most adorka...
  • Cee Cee Houston
    COME AS YOU ARE was a sweet and sexy standalone by Lauren Blakely. It’s not often that we get introduced to a CEO who is both alpha and beta at the same time. That’s how Flynn a.k.a Duke came across, to me at least. He’s a tough as nails businessman at the top of his game but has a soft inner strength and the sweetest of hearts. He’s also a charming, sexy and rich NERD!!! He’s THE tech guy of his world who loves math, and books, and wel...
  • Becca - ✭Little Red Reading Hood✭
    My very first thought on this book ? *Another Lauren Blakely book? Sign me up right now!*Me, the girl who's not really a book-whore, after eyeing the cover for hours? *Hola, amigo!*I couldn't wait to get my hot little hands on this book, because, well, ding-dong, hot nerd alert! And Flynn rocked this role like no one ever! I loved his wit, his sexiness, his absolute down-to-earth attitude. He's kinda like the whole package. And Sabrina! Man, I'm ...
  • Janice
    A Review of Come As You Are by Lauren BlakelySabrina and Flynn - 5+++++ StarsOh how I wish I could give this story a million stars!!! I love every book that Ms. Blakely puts out, but I think this may well be my all time favorite book ever by her. For a contemporay storyline, I thoroughly enjoyed the way these two characters met since Sabrina had a great love of Historical romances, just like I do. I loved the Duke, the Angel, the mystery and the ...
  • Lauren Lascola-Lesczynski
    Masquerade balls, fake money, angel wings, and one start button later...Flynn is a man who has it all. He has a great job, great friends, great family, but he is missing that great gal to go along with all that. Sabrina doesn't have it all. In fact she has had a tough go at life thus far. She is bright, and witty, and just the thing Flynn is looking for. Flynn is thoughtful, charming, and a hot nerd who happens to be sexy as sin. He takes one loo...
  • Nissa | Of Pens and Pages Book Blog
    Review & Excerpt at Of Pens and Pages. It's better because we're Angel and Duke, city explorers, wordsmith and mathematician, poetry reciter and poetry receiver, and most of all, we are us." Come As You Are is a perfect blend of sweet and sexy, with Ms. Blakely's signature humor and tension build-up that I adore. It's whimsical and romantic, but has its fair share of angst and longing. There's the frustration of having strong feelings for a perso...
  • Tanja Kezmic
    Flynn is probably one of the most intriguing character that I have read in Lauren Blakely books. I loved everything about him, even his “paranoia” that everyone who shows intrest in him is due to his bank account. And Sabrina? She’s a woman after my own heart. I think I wouldn’t mind being compare to her; smart mouth, quick wits and all around beautiful soul. “We have lots of favorite places to find. Always is a long long time.””I l...
  • Chris
    Come As You Are grabbed my attention right from the start! Sabrina and Flynn meet at a masquerade ball and this book twists into a modern day Cinderella story! He is the multimillionaire just trying to be himself and she has been trying to make ends meet after being burned by love. It is her night to escape life and have fun. Their chemistry is immediate and their first encounter ends up being hot, sexy and steamy and just like Cinderella, she le...
  • Crystal's Book World ~ Crystal Cordova
    This is why I am a Lauren Blakely fan!!!! I knew I would fall for Flynn from the get go. Sabrina got under my skin. These two characters were Ah-Mazing!!! The storyline had me glued to this book. The way these two were lust at first sight had me sighing along the way. Their idea of putting on the brakes in their relationship was pointless lol. I knew these two would not be able to stay away. Flynn makes me swoon with all his nerdy self and dirty ...
  • Maria✦❋Steamy Reads Blog❋✦
    ➦Sometimes short, sweet and sexy is just what the doctor ordered :) And whenever I'm in need of that I always turn to Lauren Blakely's books!➦This books starts out hella hot at a masquerade ball where our mcs meet. They have instant chemistry and the night gets➦But, as the blurb states, things get a bit complicated the next day. I can't give you more but if you're intrigued then pick it up. It's definitely a story with fairy tale-like endin...
  • Tijuana *BookTwinsReviews*
    This story was perfect for me. The beginning starts out fast and super sexy. The middle is entertaining and intellectually pleasing, not to mention romantic as hell. The end is one of the sweetest ever! From cover to cover, Flynn and Sabrina charmed me.I can always count on Lauren Blakely to deliver a fun and romantic read that will make me smile. That's exactly what Come As You Are does. I fell for these characters immediately. The story is th...
  • Alba and Her Secrets..♥
    5 'Knock, Knock' Stars!ARC provided by the author via Ink Slinger PR in exchange for an honest review.This is how it is done, guys! If you don’t know who Lauren Blakely is by now, well.. you are missing out because this woman knows how to write one hell of a love story! Are you in the mood for something light, sexy and funny? You like swoony, hot AF nerdy multimillionaires? You ready to love another sassy and strong as hell heroine? You ready f...
  • Alex ♈
    3.5 starsSweet, safe and nice read.Likable characters. He was a decent guy, she was a tough girl.What I liked the most - they didn't include 'standard' drama/twist aka misunderstanding & keeping the secret. MCs spoke with each other, they communicated - hallelujah! I wished for more relationship development, ILY came very sudden (for me).The 2nd book by this author with NOT a manho hero. I hope it's her new pattern!
  • Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤
    4 STARS There isn't a book that I didn't enjoy from Lauren Blakely!I love her writing and her stories are fantastic,and Come As You Are isn't an exception!I enjoyed this story a lot, it was a fun and sexy read with two fantastic characters!Flynn and Sabrina have whatever I want and even more in their romance!They were flirty and passionate!Their dialogues were smart and with humor!I easily connected with both Flynn and Sabrina!The story was refre...
  • Dali
    Blakely has whipped up an irresistible romance as sexy and witty as the nerd protagonists she details in Come as You Are. Before Flynn Parker and Sabrina Granger were formally introduced, they met at a masquerade party as angel investor and stealth start-up or Angel and Duke and under their freeing guises they danced, joked, talked, flirted and connected on a physical and emotional level. But their perfect fairytale night came to a screeching hal...
  • ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰
    This book was just adorable!A sexy millionaire nerd and a job-less journalist with a weirdly cute fashion sense!They meet at a masquerade ball and it's mega insta lust/love/attraction. And bam, the next day they find out that she has to interview him - a chance to get an amazing new job. So ... no relationship can ever happen, right?But those 2 can't stop seeing each other and flirting and having the most adorable fun discovering amazing new sigh...
  • Maria...
    ”3,5 Come as you are Stars”W.O.W!!!😮😮😮God dammit those eyes are my kryptonite!!! I’m completely speechless after seeing this cover!!!🙋♀😍🤩😚Is that normal??? 🤨🤔🤫Review to come! ”3,5 Come as you are Stars”W.O.W!!!😮😮😮God dammit those eyes are my kryptonite!!! I’m completely speechless after seeing this cover!!!🙋‍♀️😍🤩😚Is that normal??? 🤨🤔🤫Review to come!
  • Sarah Dorothea
    3 out of 5 stars! ⭐ I really enjoyed reading another book by Lauren Blakely although I have to say that the ‘Big Rock’ series was way better than this one. It was a standalone book and I feel like that books that are part of a series are always better than standalones. So here is what the romantic novel was about: I couldn’t have scripted a more perfect night. For one fantastic evening, at a masquerade party in the heart of Manhattan, I...
  • Shayna
    “I want to lose myself in him.” Beautiful, funny, charming, and insanely romantic! You can NEVER go wrong with a Lauren Blakely romance! COME AS YOU ARE, her latest standalone romance hit all the right spots…and then some! Flynn and Sabrina were so sweet together. Their chemistry, banter, and all around connection with each other warmed my whole heart. Flirty, sexy, and a pure page-turner, I dare you to not fall head over heels in LOVE with...
  • ~Merrideth Hawk ~Filthy Fahrenheit Book Blog~
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐SOLID 4-STARS!⭐⭐⭐⭐Sweet as frickin' pie, with all the succulent sweet bits to make for a solid, entertaining, endearing, super sexy, stand-alone HEA! ^^ Nerdy hot guy, steamy romance? ✓-CHECK!! ^^ PROS:🔥 - more than anything it appeals to my love of a nerdy-hottie-male-antogonist that has serious sex appeal. A strong female knows nerds are great lovers, we are just to hard up to look past the anti-alpha traits to get that...
  • Red Cheeks Reads
    5 SMOOCHES!For me, diving into a Lauren Blakely novel is unlike any other reading experience. Whether it’s one of her authentic feeling male point-of-view romcoms or one of her sexy, swoony contemporaries, there are a few things that always happen for me whenever I pick up one of her novels. I learn cool new things that I didn’t know before I started, her attention to detail never fails to impress me, and I fall helplessly in love along with ...
  • NinaReader
    3.5 Stars!Love that's he's a hot tech nerd and she's a go-getter who can be seduced by word play because as a journalist she appreciates the written words. There's some hot stuff in here. And I LOVE when there's intellectual seduction and this had lots of those. I enjoyed it. Not a much as I've enjoyed Wanderlust and Part Time Lover but still a cute read.
  • Kiki
    I felt the ending was a little rushed.Their “actual” couple time wasn’t enough for me before heroine dished out ILY at least.Hero’s I understood because we were privy to his thoughts and he was in fact in love already halfway through the book.However, I liked the book.No real triggers.Hero did find one of the women he met at a conference hot, before meeting the heroine, but he didn’t make any moves at all. His inner monologue was rather...
  • ✿Penny
    3.5 Stars★Hero - Flynn Parker, 29★Heroine - Sabrina Granger, 28★Dual POV★Safe - no OW/OM drama, no violence★Sexual past/past relationships (view spoiler)[He had a huge crush on a girl he met in college but she didn't have romantic feelings for him so she friendzoned him, after he became succesful she contacted him and told him that she wanted to be with him after all, he was super happy but when the girl started talking about marriage a...
  • Karen Mc
    It doesn’t matter how many books I have to read on my kindle, I’ll always devour every romance Lauren Blakely brings to life. I’ll make time for each book by this author because Lauren Blakey’s stories aren’t just heartfelt; the writer herself has a huge heart. You can’t help but love Lauren Blakely along with her completely captivating love stories. I just can’t say no.Before I can get into the inside of Come As You Are, the outsid...
  • Kindling Micky
    3.5 starsThis was an entertaining listen from Lauren Blakely as always but this one didn’t completely thrill me. It took me a while to get into Flynn and Sabrina’s story after their initial exciting meeting. However, the last couple of hours were really good. I found this to be less humourous than some of Blakely’s books and I’m okay with a more sincere approach sometimes. Even though this wasn’t rom-com territory, the dialogue was gene...
  • Kim
    Flynn Parker is the new tech "it" man. He is a handsome, charming, rich math nerd who made good as an internet superstar and visionary. Everyone seems to want a piece of him. They want him to fund their projects, or women want him for money or what he can give them. So it is hard to trust people.Sabrina Granger's life is not going so well. She was left at the alter, lost her job, and is struggling to figure out how to pay her bills. She is a funn...
  • Shannon
    Usually you'd find me here gushing about the newest #BlakelyBoy that I’ve fallen in love with, but today I'm all about the girl! Sabrina Granger is who I'd want to be, if I was just starting out in my adult life! She's a little bit quirky, incredibly devoted, strong, independent, and determined. I love the relationship she has with her brother, how committed she is to making sure he has everything he needs to realize his dream, even if it means...