Charming the Vicar (Axedale, #2) by Jenny Frame

Charming the Vicar (Axedale, #2)

Finnian Kane, famous master of illusion, mentalist, and renowned atheist, has a crisis of faith after her sister’s death. She rents a cottage in the village of Axedale in Kent, desperately trying to find a safe haven from the intrusive media to grieve and work out how to move on. The Reverend Bridget Claremont makes it her mission to help the enigmatic Finnian find her faith in life again. Bridge has long yearned for a life partner, and her bes...

Details Charming the Vicar (Axedale, #2)

TitleCharming the Vicar (Axedale, #2)
Release DateJan 1st, 2018
PublisherBold Strokes Books
GenreRomance, Lgbt, Lesbian, Butch Femme, Contemporary, Lesbian Fiction, Glbt, Did Not Finish

Reviews Charming the Vicar (Axedale, #2)

  • Kara
    “Charming the Vicar (Axedale #2)” is the sequel to “Courting the Countess”, and is a far better book. The characters are much (much!) more complex and well-developed, the story is interesting, the angst actually makes sense, and the current-day battle for LGBT acceptance by the Church of England was put in human terms wonderfully.I didn’t like “Courting the Countess” much; Countess Harry was annoying, housekeeper, now Lady, Annie wa...
  • Lexxi Kitty
    Book received from both Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest reviewThe POV:There are two main point of views, both of the main characters, plus a few occasions when minor characters take over for a moment or three.The Characters:Main Characters:Bridget Claremont is a 37 year old vicar in Axedale, a village in Kent England. Bridget keeps telling herself and others (mostly Quade) that she wished to have someone to love in her life. That i...
  • Lex Kent
    This is the second book in the Axedale series. I enjoyed book 1 Courting the Countess, so I was looking forward to this. Unfortunately, this book didn’t really appeal to me personally. The writing was decent, but it was more that it wasn’t to my personal tastes. While this is a Book 2 and the characters mingle in both books, this book’s story was contained enough that you would not have to read book 1 first. Finn is a famous magician, looki...
  • Pippa
    3.5 starsFinn Kane is a famous illusionist and atheist known for debunking religious performers. When her beloved sister dies, she escapes to a small English town to grieve. No longer interested in fast women, and life in general, it is a shock when she finds herself attracted to the local vicar.The Reverend Bridget Claremont is a well-loved vicar in the small parish. She is open about being a lesbian, but it helps when her family has been landed...
  • MJS
    ARC received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I wanted to like this, I’d enjoyed the first book, Courting the Countess, and Bridget and Quade were intriguing characters in that book that I assumed would get their own stories. Unfortunately the Bridget from the first story is not the Bridget who shows up here. This Bridget is a ‘Mistress’ dressed in vicar’s clothing. Bridget is caring when she’s trying to get Finn to open...
  • Heidi
    So I really hope there is a book 3 coming! Quade needs her story told. This was a suggestive and tantalizing book. The seduction took its time and was worth the wait. Love the Vicar and Finn together they have great chemistry.
  • Heinerway
    2.5 stars rounded to 3Boring. A lesbian vicar and a lesbian magician, while appealing as main characters, do not make this story interesting. Unusual, yes. But boring.
  • Luce
    3 StarsI had a hard time deciding how to rate this book. I was so looking forward to this book - I loved Courting the Countess and the introduction to Bridget Claremont, the Vicar and the Countess Harry's best friend. I've enjoyed all of Frame's books -going back to her online fiction.This one is my least favorite of her published books. Frame's books are all readable and well written, and so is this one. I was happy to hear this would feature th...
  • Dreaming
    I have mixed feelings about Jenny Frame's books. I've listened to two of them as an audiobook and the each of the narrators greatly influenced my enjoyment (or the lack of it). I picked up Charming the Vicar as I liked Courting the Countess and Bridge's character in it, but she was a very different person in this one. Spirituality, religion, bdsm are not really my cup of tea, but as the book progressed I became more and more invested in the story...
  • Rach (Les Rêveur)
    Charming The Vicar is the second novel in Jenny Frame’s Axedale series and it’s one helluva book. I suggested to all readers to start with the first book in the series Courting the Countess, its also a fantastic novel.I’ve been looking at this blank word document for 10 minutes, trying to form words about how much I loved this book. Here are the words swimming in my head: Sexy, Femme, Vicar that likes kink and Hot Butch Magician that resemb...
  • Amanda
    I actually read this one in ebook form, and then listened to it in audiobook form. I have to be honest and say I love Frame’s books. Before reading this one I also re-listened to Courting the Countess, which is book one in this series. I don’t think you have to read book one, but I would recommend doing so as I think this book will be better. While Frame is one of my favorite go to authors, this is my least favorite of her books. I still enjo...
  • Delitealex
    Finnian is a famous magician who's suffering the loss of a loved one and in need of a quiet place away from the big city. She ends up at Axedale trying to figure out what's next for her.Bridget is a vicar in Axedale she tries to find a way to help Finn with her grief but the magician is very resistant.Bridget was definitely one of my favorite secondary characters in book 1. I loved how she didn't hide being a lesbian and how hard she fought for L...
  • Elske
    Nice light read. Waiting for the one where Quade finds love
  • Tara
    Jenny Frame really pushed herself with Charming The Vicar and it totally paid off in both the romance and the character work. I also appreciate that even though she regularly writes butch/femme characters, no two pairings are the same. Listening to Bridget top the hunky butch Finn, both in and out of the bedroom, gave me shivers.Full review:
  • Kitty Kat
    Jenny Frame really knows how to write the perfect butch. In ‘Charming the Vicar’ she has written 3 very different butches- all of them completely adorable. Finnian Kane is an illusionist grieving over the death of her sister and has moved to Axedale to keep out of the public eye. She is a beautiful boyish butch, an atheist and wants nothing to do with local vicar Bridge’s offer of help. But Bridge is stunningly gorgeous, high femme and with...
  • Jane Shambler
    First of I didn't realise this was a continuing series. So I can not really advise if by reading book one would enhance your enjoyment of this book. I found I quite liked this book and I never read one. There are a couple of times a reference to book one but not often enough to feel you're missing something.This book is about Finn a famous magician who has moved in order to find solace and grieve the death of a loved one. She doesn't do religion....
  • Rike @ RikeRandom
    Usually can't stand anything with a strong Christian theme but I loved Frame's previous novels so I gave this one a try and was positively surprised. The whole religion thing was done really well. I did have some other problems however. I'm generally not a huge fan of age gaps in relationship. There are only ten years between Bridge and Finn and I might not even have noticed if not for the constant use of 'boy' and the ensuing power play stuff, w...
  • Stevie Carroll
    Previously reviewed on The Good, The Bad, and The Unread:I have a bit of a thing for LGBT stories featuring spiritual leaders; I’m not drawn specifically to those involving Church of England clergy, but that does seem to be the faith in which the majority of those protagonists seem to crop up. Rural communities are also a common factor, possibly because it’s trickier both to be different and to meet like-minded people in a village setting, co...
  • Jasmine
    After the death of her sister, magician Finn Kane moves to the small town of Axedale to escape her fishbowl life and grieve in peace. She doesn't expect to feel an instant attraction to the Vicar of the local church, Bridge Claremont, with legs for days and an intoxicating confidence. Will Finn take a leap of faith for the woman of her dreams? Can Bridge stay faithful to her chosen career and stay true to herself at the same time?I love love love...
  • Jade
    *ARC provided by Netgalley and the publisher for an honest review*I am a fan of this authors work but recently I have become disenchanted with the repetition of her storylines, so I am really glad that I can say that she has finally given her readers a slightly new story.I really liked Bridge's character in the first book so I was excited to see how her story would play out and I have to say that I really enjoyed her complexity.I don't really hav...
  • Kennedy
    I did not realize there was an Axedale #1. In my opinion, it did not matter. I had difficulty connecting with this read. I enjoyed the two main characters that wanted to make a different in the world around them in their own unique way Reverend Bridget Claremont, from a prominent family with an interesting background that was not appealing to me. Finnian Kane, illusionist, dealing with a loss. The challenges Bridget and Finnian faced were externa...
  • Ije the Devourer of Books
    I did enjoy this. It is a really lovely story and the characters were engaging and they had depth. I don't read many f/f romances but what attracted me to this one is that the main character - Bridget - is a Church of England priest and a vicar in a small country parish. I really wanted to see if the author could write an engaging story about a lesbian 'Vicar of Dibley' and she managed to do it really well. I read a lot of m/m romance and there a...
  • Louise
    DNF @ 38%I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Charming the Vicar just really wasn’t for me. I had two sort of — bugbears, I guess? — with it that I just couldn’t push through. That being said, contemporary romance isn’t my usual genre (I picked this ARC because its FF and I liked the cover), so I might not be the best person to judge.Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover.On a totally superficial level — and...
  • Pamela
    Bridget, a stiletto wearing clothes horse with a clerical collar, is a vicar in a small village and is happily ensconced in her beliefs, her village, and her place in the world, but she's hiding a secret. When Finn, a celebrity magician, arrives on her motorcycle, the vicar knocks on Finn's door wanting to help the lost sheep. Things do not get off to a good start. The two women could not be more opposite. Over the course of their burgeoning rela...
  • Cheryl Shrock
    Do not let the cover of this book deceive you. This is no quaint little story. Yes the village life and villagers are wonderful but the story explodes with grief, anger, religion and yes...a lot of S and M. The story tantalized you with a forbidden romance, and many likeable characters. Clever dialog, interesting story line. I enjoyed it and recommend it.
  • Gail
    ARC rec'd from NetGalley/Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.I read through the night unable to put this book down. A story with Bridget(sexy Vicar) and Finn (Magician) which is definitely not run-of-the-mill. An unexpected romance with sex and religion that may not appeal to all - just open your hearts and let the story in.Ms Frame never disappoints and usually surprises me.4.5 stars.
  • Emma
    more than 4 less than 5 stars rounded up Jenny Frame knows how to craft a good plot with strong and interesting characters. This one was not quite a 5 stars novel like Unexpected, but still a great and entertaining read. I'm totally looking forward to her next book.eARC via NetGalley
  • Christina
    I have 2 words for this story and I think they sum up quite how good is this book: beautifully crafted!
  • Miss KittyKat
    Not my favorite by this author. The word Boy for one of the characters said over and over by the other character got on my nerves.
  • Andrea
    This book just couldn’t hold my interested.... I’m not sure if it was because of the characters or the setting or the writing or a mix of all of it but it just wasn’t for me. I can’t really pinpoint why it didn’t appeal to me but it just didn’t.