Children of Redemption (Children of Vice, #3) by J.J. McAvoy

Children of Redemption (Children of Vice, #3)

“I do not come in peace.” Life has never been easy for the second-born Callahan son, Wyatt. Trained as a doctor, but born a Callahan, his life has always been one of warring dualities.But when the Callahan family suffers a massive blow, it’s time for Wyatt to step up and decide, once and for all, who he really is. Will Wyatt rise to the challenge as his enemies close in or will his actions lead to destruction of the world’s most powerful ...

Details Children of Redemption (Children of Vice, #3)

TitleChildren of Redemption (Children of Vice, #3)
Release DateMar 8th, 2018
GenreRomance, Suspense, Dark

Reviews Children of Redemption (Children of Vice, #3)

  • SueBee★bring me an alpha!★
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐! Children of Redemption, book 3 of 4. It’s time for Dr. Wyatt Callahan unconventional & prescriptive treatment of chaos & betrayal! “Some men lie in hopes of fucking. Me, I prefer to fuck first. To me, knowing how much I enjoy fucking a woman is the very foundation of how I go about approaching that woman.” Books in Children of Vice series should be read in order:Book 1: Children of ViceBook 2: Children of AmbitionBook 3...
  • Hulya Kara Yuksel
    Of course I LOVED it!!! 😁😁😁Wyatt Sedric Callahan ❤
  • Me_LissaH
    I love when a book just leaves me with my mouth gaping open, shocked and just completely at a loss as to what to do with myself other than sitting around and wait for the next book in the series to come out. Children of Redemption did not disappoint in leaving me in that state.
  • MischaS_
    “Welcome to Chicago, the rats die first.” So, here I am. Again in love with the Callahans. “Didn’t you pledge to do no harm?”“I lied. Shocking.”I'm not exactly a fan of spin-off series or adding to a finished series. And with the Children of Vice, it seemed to me that the series lost its spark. I rated it pretty low. Then Dona's book was better, and I could not wait for Wyatt's book, and even though I do not like everything about it...
  • Joana
    So 5 sweet Wyatt stars.Hands down, I love the book/Wyatt/JJ. Like seriously, with every book it gets better.Lets start with non spoiler part. So I think it is obvious that J.J. McAvoy is cruel genius, she torture us, but we still love her. You thought that Mel and Liam and ruthless as hell. Nope. It's Wyatt. He is better version of L&M. And we only got a glimpse. Like some characters said, the look Wyatt had in his eyes reminded them Mel when she...
  • Anis Yasmin
    Whoever invented cliffhangers should be unborn. Not what I expected from adorable Wyatt.He's the worst monster out of the 3 of them & this book focused on revealing those monsters inside not only Wyatt but the other children of Callahan.But the climax though. It wasnt the usual 'blow your mind' climax, instead it was the 'break your heart' climax & made me sniff onions.To top it all of, the epilogue crushed my already broken heart with the good '...
  • Antonella
    I really want this review to be helpful to all of you out there, who love this series and are wondering should you read this or wait for book 4 and grand finale of the Callahan clan. I don't know how helpful I will be but I will be 100% honest. This is not a standalone. You don't have to read Ruthless people to read this series but you have to read previous books in this series. Then again this series is not as good as the Ruthless people in my o...
  • Doris
    Have to think on this to follow.I finished this last night and I needed to take some time to get my thoughts together.When I started this series with our characters Liam and Melody, I was amazed that while they were murderers and ruthless, I fell in love with them. And as each book came out I would sit and read it in one sitting.Then of course we have now moved on to the children. In Children of Vice we meet Ethan and some didn't ...
  • Miss.MocaHontas Book Blog
    Holy Fucking Shit !!!! I love Wyatt Callahan 💕 I’m pretty sure I die and was reborn just to die again ! This book was everything I want and more. 😍😍 The emotional roller coaster I went on was so crazy a few times I had to stop, breathe, and calm down to just keep reading ! WYATT CALLAHAN IS LITERALLY EVERYTHING !!! And Helen is equally his everything ! I’ve been rooting for them and JJ McAvoy sure did deliver. And even though I may h...
  • Bella
    ★4.5 Stars★This book!This series!This crazy author! What kind of badass bitch is she?! Her writing is just as ruthless as the characters she has created and I don't know how to feel about it... except that I am so ADDICTED. I was REELING at the end of book two! It was such a brutal end, and to say I was in disbelief would be an understatement. I couldn't wait to see what the twist was, assuming there was going to be a twist... Goddamn. It's d...
  • Jackie Sigerson
    I had a hard time rating this book because I had really mixed feelings about it. I loved the progression of the mafia story line and thought that was well done. However, I could have completely done without the love story aspect. It didn’t really even start to develop until about half way through the book and then felt very rushed. It went something like this: (her) Oh, I’ve been in love with you for years. (Him) Okay, let me immediately run ...
  • Lindsey Tumsie
    This was not my favourite book of the series, I'm actually disappointed. I was really looking forward to Wyatt's story, but the storyline with Helen ruined this for me. I know they were close, but the love interest seemed to come from nowhere? I'm not against taboo, forbidden romance etc, but this for me was a no no! I loved Wyatts's character, and I was really looking forward to reading his story, but I'm not going to lie, I'm gutted! The childr...
  • Page
    Fabulous. Totally fabulous. This is the third book in the series Children of Vice. A series which spawned from an equally fabulous series, Ruthless People. The world building and character development throughout the two series is perfection. Top shelf books. Highly recommend.
  • Ismahane
    I NEED BOOK 4 NOW!!!
  • Shazy
    2 boring stars! Spoilers!Meh! Why am I always getting frustrated after reading J.J.McAvoy’s books! This was such a lackluster and tasteless story! I honestly don’t understand the point for book 1 if you are just gonna kill IVY anyway. Like did I just seriously waste my time? This author is really losing her touch after The ruthless people series! These books are just not good and doesn’t make sense at all. The kinda of love that was shown f...
  • Caroline
    « The Irish are calling him MahDoc. »« How fitting, MahDoc… Mad Doctor… son of the Mad Hatter. The Irish sure know how to give names. »This book is insane and J.J. McAvoy’s writing is absolutely stunning. I’m a huge fan of her Callahan family saga.Welcome back in Chicago. The forecast is windy with a chance of… murder.« Isn’t the very definition of being a Callahan about doing whatever the fuck you want when you want without ...
  • Bianca Harte-Hall
    Shocked!Again I'm completely stunned and utterly shuck! J.J. has done it again. Though there were a few misspelled misplaced words; the story line was completely on point. Her writing was beautiful and every scene left me craving more. I can't wait for the final installment or Dona's spin off. My only question is will their parents ever come back to them or not?
  • Ann Massad
    I. Need. More. NowFantastic! This was everything I wanted and so much more. I do not know how i am going to wait until the end of 2018 for the next book. I would do things, many things to get Vicious, the next book, just putting that out there!!!
  • Amber- Leave Me Alone I'm Reading
    Children of RedemptionOh. My. God. There will never be enough stars for this series! Every book just blows my mind to pieces. I loooooove this insane, ruthless family. I will be slowly dying inside waiting for the final book. It is going to be E. P. I C.
  • Cikita Oktarina
    Omg 😭😭 why you always left me hanging???? The epilogue omg?? And i never thought this series will be finished on the next book, ahhh i hope Liam and Melody would be there in their life anymore!!
  • Ashley
    Children of RedemptionJ.J. McAvoyThis book was everything the best of the series and everything I expected so worth the wait !!! ❤💯💯Go buy it and read it join the series both children of the vice And the ruthless series. Ms.JJ McAvoy does not fail you !!I loved Wyatt he is my favorite I love all of them but he takes the crown for me. 👑👑👑 I loved everything about him how deeply detailed everything about his character the MahDoc ha...
  • Laetitia
    Wyatt "MahDoc" Callahan is just as ruthless as the rest of his family and he reminded me of a funnier Liam. After the incidents of the last book, Ethan has checked out and Wyatt has stepped up. I think at first everyone doubted him because he is the son who left Chicago, but when it came to the Callahan family, never doubt them. There was method to his madness and I loved every minute of it. It was great to have everyone back under one roof and t...
  • Karishma
    This booked rendered me speechless. J J McAvoy has a written a marvellous story. I love how she can blend violence and emotions so effortlessly. The way the protaganists evolved from family/friends to lovers was wonderfully depicted. I am eagerly eagerly awaiting Ethan’s book. The characters feel so real to me and after reading this book, I am having a serious withdrawal. I need a Callahan family fix soon. Thank you for a marvellous book J J Mc...
  • Missy Herrera
    I don't know how to function after this ending.... the more I read JJ's books I fall deeper in love with them, and this one was no exception. The books are well written, the story line goes really fluidly and you just can't help fall in love with each one of the characters in the books. At first I was like what in the world!!! About Wyatt and Helen but then I got over it because they aren't really cousins if you view it literally, cause when you ...