The Chaos of Luck by Catherine Cerveny

The Chaos of Luck

A thrilling new science fiction series -- perfect for fans of character-driven SF adventure. Linnea Sinclair, author of the Dock Five Universe novels calls it "an edge-of-your-seat ride." Mars, the terraformed jewel of the TriSystem, is the playground for the rich and powerful. A marvel of scientific engineering, the newly colonized world offers every luxury. For the first time in human history, the picture perfect life is possible. Felicia Sevig...

Details The Chaos of Luck

TitleThe Chaos of Luck
Release DateDec 5th, 2017
GenreScience Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Dystopia

Reviews The Chaos of Luck

  • Isa Lavinia
    TW: CHEATINGAnd we're back!Felicia is now on Mars and everything seems to be going right for a change.Sure, her new tarot shop isn't as successful as it could be, and Alexei is working too much and their relationship is stressful, but otherwise things seem good.Until an ex-lover shows up and her luck has her feelings drawn to him, and her family from her mother's side attempts to contact her, and Alexei grows more and more distant and disturbingl...
  • Rachel Chiapparine
    I picked up this book in the Nook store on my tablet because I had to know what happens next. My personal review of the book is as follows:There will be spoilers for book in this review so read at your own risk if you aren't up or finished reading the book yet.The romance between Alex and Felicia is hotter than ever, for the most part I love them together however I started to get a little bit annoyed with Felicia for at so many points talking abo...
  • Joshua Smith
    I really enjoyed this novel, the sequel to The Rule of Luck: A Science Fiction Romance. This is a sequel through-and-through: mostly the same characters, continuing the existing story line, and heavily dependent on the world-building of the first novel. So definitely read the first book before you open this one.As with the first book, this is a cross-genre piece: part romance, part sci-fi, part action adventure. The latter two parts are strongest...
  • Catherine Cerveny
    I wrote it so naturally I think it's amazing.
  • Beth
    Great series... I blew through both books within 48 hours!