Murder with Lemon Tea Cakes (Daisy's Tea Garden Mystery #1) by Karen Rose Smith

Murder with Lemon Tea Cakes (Daisy's Tea Garden Mystery #1)

In an old Victorian in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Amish country, Daisy Swanson and her aunt Iris serve soups, scones, and soothing teas to tourists and locals—but a murder in their garden has them in hot water . . .Daisy, a widowed mom of two teenagers, is used to feeling protective—so when Iris started dating the wealthy and not-quite-divorced Harvey Fitz, she worried . . . especially after his bitter ex stormed in and caused a scene at t...

Details Murder with Lemon Tea Cakes (Daisy's Tea Garden Mystery #1)

TitleMurder with Lemon Tea Cakes (Daisy's Tea Garden Mystery #1)
Release DateDec 26th, 2017
GenreMystery, Cozy Mystery

Reviews Murder with Lemon Tea Cakes (Daisy's Tea Garden Mystery #1)

  • Carla Johnson-Hicks
    This is the first book in a new series by Karen Rose Smith and I enjoyed it. It takes place in a small town with Daisy as the main character. Daisy has returned to her hometown after the death of her husband. She and her two daughters are living in a renovated barn and she and her Aunt Ivy have started a business. Purchasing an old Victorian home, they have opened The Tea Garden. All is going well until Harvey, Ivy's boyfriend, is found dead, blu...
  • Peggy R
    This is the first book in a new series by Karen Rose Smith and the first work that I have read by this author. I thought it was a very pleasant read. I enjoyed the setting of the tea room and thought the characters were charming. Daisy is a widow raising her youngest daughter at home and trying to make a go of the tea room with her aunt. I think reader will connect with Daisy and find her to be a main character that is likable. I also enjoyed tha...
  • Linda
    Daisy Swanson is concerned that her Aunt Iris is going to get hurt in her relationship with Harvey Fitz. After all, he is still technically married, and even though Iris has assured her that he is separated and arranging to sign the divorce papers, Daisy still has her doubts. But when Harvey's dead body is found in the garden of their tea shop, and her aunt is the prime suspect, Daisy knows she has to snoop around to help prove her innocence. Thi...
  • Stephanie Hobrock
    Well, she has done it again! Smith draws you into mystery and intrigue as well as she does romance. Daisy and all her friends and family come alive quickly in this story and make you want to stop by the tea garden for a great afternoon of quiet and reflection. Her delicacies make your mouth water and the recipes included seem easy to follow. Can’t wait to try the title recipe for sure. I love that there is a great family theme to this story and...
  • Judy
    I loved it. The characters are great and while dealing with the plot of the story, there were some side stories that I thought were good. It will be interesting to see who Daisy ends up with. It’ll be fun watching her girls grow up and continue on with their lives. I would love to go to Daisy’s Tea Garden and try some of the soups, sweets, and teas. Would that not be fun? Some of the recipes are included in the book.I received an ARC of this ...
  • Ellen
    A good start for this new cozy mystery series, with appealing characters and an engrossing mystery. Daisy and her Aunt Iris own a tea shop, which is disrupted when Iris’ boyfriend gets murdered outside their store. With two possible love interests introduced for Daisy, plus her two daughters with their own personalities, I look forward to the next installment.
  • Barb
    I was lucky enough to win an ARC of Murder with Lemon Tea Cakes from Kensington. I literally devoured this book, almost in one sitting! Karen Rose Smith has created a delightful setting - a quaint tea garden in the middle of Pennsylvania Dutch Country, as well as truly believable characters. The family dynamics at one memorable meal were absolutely spot-on. The heroine, Daisy Swanson, is a widow with two teen aged daughters, who has come to Willo...