Splintered Silence (Bone Gap Travellers #1) by Susan Furlong

Splintered Silence (Bone Gap Travellers #1)

Among the Irish Travellers living in the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee, no one forgets and no one forgives. And as former Marine MP Brynn Callahan finds out when she returns home, it's hard to bury the past when bodies keep turning up...After an IED explosion abruptly ends her tour of duty, Brynn arrives stateside with PTSD and her canine partner Wilco—both of them bearing the scars of battle. With a mix of affection, curiosity, and misgiv...

Details Splintered Silence (Bone Gap Travellers #1)

TitleSplintered Silence (Bone Gap Travellers #1)
Release DateDec 26th, 2017

Reviews Splintered Silence (Bone Gap Travellers #1)

  • Brenda
    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I am a big fan of Susan Furlong's Georgia Peach Mystery series and I was very interested to read Splintered Silence which promised to be different from her previous works. And different it is. The tension in this book is so thick you can cut it with a knife! Brynn and her dog Wilco, both suffering from PTSD, return to her family and the insular community of Irish Travellers she had tried to leav...
  • Maranda
    Brynn is a gypsy or Traveller who spent her childhood being bullied and looked down on because of her way of life. She was raised by her grandparents because her mother was absent and her father was unknown. Luck does not follow Brynn. She enlisted in the Marine Corp after high school only to be wounded in action. One shining star in her life is her canine cadavor retriever Wilco. Wilco lives for praise from Brynn when he sniffs out dead bodies. ...
  • Kylene
    Splintered Silence starts off with Brynn's return to her hometown of Bone Gap, Tennessee. The action starts right away. Along with the central mystery involving a dead body, there's also a family mystery, some family dysfunction, conflict between the Travellers (Brynn's community) and the townspeople, and so on. The action doesn't slow down, and I kept turning the pages.Splintered Silence was a great start to a series. I want to know what happens...
  • Nina
    Brynn and her cadaver dog Wilco, both injured in an IED explosion head back home to her gipsy clan roots in the Appalachian Mountains and ugly memories, drug runners, rape and murder.Amazing characters and lots of action. The book just kept getting better and better. I never saw the end coming.This book is the first in a new series called Bone Gap Travellers Mystery.If you read just one book this year. Splintered Silence by Susan Furlong should b...
  • Edward
    I received an early copy of this book for a review from the publisher. The character development was strong and I really enjoyed the premise and learning about Irish Travellers. The story also had an awesome dog that was an added bonus. Wasn't sure what to expect, but I was hooked on the story in the first chapter. I'm looking forward to reading this series.