Manhunt (Michael Bennett, #10.5) by James Patterson

Manhunt (Michael Bennett, #10.5)

Michael Bennett, be grateful you're alive.Someone attacked the Thanksgiving Day Parade directly in front of Michael Bennett and his family. The television news called it "holiday terror"--Michael Bennett calls it personal. The hunt is on....

Details Manhunt (Michael Bennett, #10.5)

TitleManhunt (Michael Bennett, #10.5)
Release DateNov 7th, 2017
GenreMystery, Fiction, Thriller, Crime, Mystery Thriller, Short Stories, Novella, Suspense, Detective, Action

Reviews Manhunt (Michael Bennett, #10.5)

  • Matt
    While BookShots can be a real gamble, it’s sure money when James Patterson and James O. Born team up and offer a new instalment to the Michael Bennett series. As is their annual tradition, the Bennetts are preparing for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Eager to secure a decent spot, they leave before dawn and take in all the festivities along the streets of New York. When, during the middle of the parade, Detective Bennett notices a vehicl...
  • Stacey
    4.5 Oh, Michael Bennett
  • Brenda
    Detective Inspector Michael Bennett had a rare day off and attended the Thanksgiving Day Parade with Mary Catherine and his children. But the terrorist attack which occurred right in front of his family left everyone in shock – Michael’s chase of the suspect was an immediate reaction to the carnage. With the hunt on and the combination of agencies working together, the hope was to find the perpetrator quickly. But would they? Could they? Manh...
  • Suzanne
    4.5*My first take was that these little BookShots are great fixes to get a reader through to the next book. However, now that I have binged read the Mike B. books for the most part, the BookShots books on this series are nothing but the equivalent of dangling a chocolate Crunch bar in front me on a stressful day.I need more Michael Bennett books. The Mike B (Go Seahawks!) series is by far my favorite James Patterson co-authored series. In this sh...
  • Linda Strong
    Michael Bennett and his entire family, except for Brian, are positioned on the streets of New York to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade.What happens next is something that, sadly, we're seeing way too much of as "Breaking News". A truck plows through as many people as possible, killing several before coming to a stop. When he gets out of his truck, he yells, and then detonates a bomb.Michael takes it personally .....This is one of this author's s...
  • Jenny
    Manhunt is book 10.5 of Michael Bennett series by James Patterson. Michael Bennett took his family to the local Thanksgiving parade when his law enforcement training step in when a Ford step-van truck barreled down on the spectators. After Michael Bennett save his daughter Shawna, he organises the law enforcement officers looking after the parade and then started to chase the truck driver. The readers of Manhunt will continue to follow Michael Be...
  • Wendy
    I usually always enjoy the Michael Bennett series. I love reading about his huge family. This book just didn't hit home like the others. It didn't seem to end right, it was abrupt and kind of dull.
  • Miloš
    Fast and enjoyable read. 😀
  • Laura Rash
    This started out with a rocket start but slowly dribbled down to a dull, flat ending.
  • Book Addict Shaun
    James Patterson’s Michael Bennett series is one of my favourites of his. Along with the Women’s Murder Club they are by far the best co-written books that he releases. That said, I am a few books behind and reading Manhunt was my first experience of Michael Bennett being written by James O Born. The planning for the co-written stories intrigues me. I remember reading somewhere that Patterson comes up with the ideas and the co-author writes th...
  • Mike Kennedy
    Novella involving Michael Bennett. Bennett takes his family to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. As they are watching a van bursts into the parade and the terrorist jumps out then exploding a bomb in the back. Bennett spends the rest of the novella chasing down the suspect on an FBI Taskforce along with an observer from the Russian Embassy. Not bad for a short novella, keeping with my theory that many of Patterson’s book fit better into thi...
  • Donna Lewis
    I am a softy when it comes to reading a book when I have said many times that I am no longer interested in reading this particular genre. So it is with Patterson’s Michael Bennett books. And this wasn’t even a real book. It was something called a “book shot!” In other words, a short story. I do like reading about NYC, but, my instincts are to stop with the book shots...
  • Emily
    A decent story, but I'm just not a big fan of the Bookshots format, I guess. There's just not a lot of depth to them because of the short length, and they're pretty predictable. Still, it held my interest, though with many interruptions as I haven't had time to read much in the past few days. I probably would have enjoyed it more if I'd actually sat and read it in one "shot". :)
  • Wendy Venza
    Disappointing ending. I love the Michael Bennett and Family series. This one had a nice flow but such an abrupt non-ending.
  • Carol
    This is a very enjoyable read. Patterson is using his Bookshot format, and this one follows that format. Not my favorite but it is good if you want a quick read. In addition to Michael Bennett, I like Alex Cross and the Women's Murder Club. Some of my favorite reading. Bennett is engaged to Mary Elizabeth from Ireland (my favorite country) and 9 (nine) adopted children he and his first wife adopted before she was killed. Can't forget Grandpa, he'...
  • Michele A.
    The beginning of this book was exciting and I was looking forward to an action packed read. The book then wound down to an almost dribble of excitement by the end. When it's so short, it's hard to fathom why it didn't maintain the action throughout. Michael Bennett is always entertaining and his family and him being caught in a Thanksgiving Day Parade bomb plot should have been a no-brainer. I did enjoy parts of this book but found myself wonderi...
  • Jennie
    This was the first Bookshots book that I had read. It is a very small paperback book written by James Patterson. These books are always under 150 pages and cost less than $5.00. This was a quick read about Michael Bennett who is a NYC policeman. He is the main character in many of James Patterson's books. He is the father of 10 children, he has a fiancé and his father is a priest. This book was about a terrorist attack during a Thanksgiving Day ...
  • Mahoghani 23
    There had to be one quick and easy book in the group. A terrorist attack at the Thanksgiving Day parade? Right in front of Detective Micheal Bennett and his family? Let the book began. It’s fast paced and action but this one doesn’t compare to a lot of the others. It feels it was written quickly and the author was brain fried trying to complete it.
  • Liz
    A short story (and therefore a very quick read) featuring Michael Bennett. The beginning was very powerful and sadly, very topical. I liked the interaction between the characters too.
  • Amber Garabrandt
    Loved this book. I decided to add my review to this book with three other Patterson novels in a read-a-thon post on my blog,
  • Jennie Veazey
    I have completed the series! James Patterson please come out with a new Michael Bennett book soon! Love his books, and the audible version was awesome.
  • Amy
    another great this author and series
  • Sheila
    Mike deals with a shooter at the Macy's parade
  • Ginger Mcclintick
    Love the Michael Bennett series another great book in this series.
  • Dad
    A very enjoyable Bookshot—I’ve still not totally committed to this idea of shortened stories using characters from series that I’ve enjoyed quite a bit but this one did Michael Bennett and the NYPD justice. Character development matters and most book shots don’t allow much since they are so short. This one however did a fair job of building on Michael’s extended family and their unique lifestyle—plus, it was a great Thanksgiving theme...
  • Linda
    ManhuntAlways a treat to read a Michael Bennett story. The characters are interesting as the plot thickens. Can't wait for the next book.
  • Christine D
    If you love Michael Bennett half as much as I do, you will enjoy this.And I loooooooove my Michael Bennett. It's the only James Patterson series I read in earnest. Everything else of his for me is a no go.that being said, it may be a little too soon to use the ripped from the headlines plot of terrorists using vehicles to mow down innocent civilians but it's the world in which we live, unfortunately.
  • Joan
    The Bennett clan embarks for their traditional viewing of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, settling in at their usual spot across from Rockefeller Plaza at 49th Street and Sixth Avenue. The parade’s just beginning; the Snoopy balloon’s passing by when a truck bypasses the barricade, mowing down parade participants and spectators. Then it explodes.Who’s behind the attack? Michael Bennett is determined to find the answer for the “holid...
  • Mark
    Another good read from James Patterson in his Bookshots format, so a fairly quick read.This one slots in to his Michael Bennett series.As it's a short story, there is hardly any room for family development (as there usually is in this series) so it's missing that aspect, but otherwise it's standard Michael Bennett.He's involved (with his family) in a terrorist truck attack on the Thanksgiving parade in New York and after the attack, the story tel...
  • Mei
    Manhunt or "Holiday Terror", is pretty low key for a Michael Bennett story...pretty low key meaning boring. The story starts out interestingly enough as most in this series do, but rapidly lost steam and lost my interest on page twenty. I should have guessed this would not be one of Patterson's best, the #10.5 in the series gave it away (half books rarely contribute to a long-standing series). This BookShot does not add to the series and is unmem...