When You Love a Scotsman (Seven Brides for Seven Scotsmen #2) by Hannah Howell

When You Love a Scotsman (Seven Brides for Seven Scotsmen #2)

New York Times bestselling author Hannah Howell sweeps readers away with the passion-filled adventures of the MacEnroy brothers, seven daring Scotsmen who take on America in her most turbulent days—and capture the hearts of the ladies each is destined to wed . . .With danger closing in from all sides, Abigail Jenson works tirelessly to protect her small Missouri farm. She doesn’t require saving—but a handsome officer appears on horseback ju...

Details When You Love a Scotsman (Seven Brides for Seven Scotsmen #2)

TitleWhen You Love a Scotsman (Seven Brides for Seven Scotsmen #2)
Release DateDec 26th, 2017
GenreRomance, Historical Romance, Historical

Reviews When You Love a Scotsman (Seven Brides for Seven Scotsmen #2)

  • Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession
    4 War and love Stars ******Spoilers*******When You Love A Scotsman was a good solid read for me. Matthew MacEnroy was yummy, protective and at times playful. Abigail was brave, smart, and had a big loving heart. I thought Matt and Abbie were very cute together. The steam factor was high too. I only had two problems with this book that made it a 4 star read instead of a 5. I will try to relay those issues without giving away a ton of spoilers if p...
  • Sissy's Romance Book Review
    When You Love a Scotsman by Hannah Howell is Book number Two in the "Seven Brides for Seven Scotsmen". This is the story of Abigail Jenson and Matthew MacEnroy. This was an emotional drama filled romance that will have you connecting with the secondary characters. Although Abbie and Matt have a slow start to leading into love I thought they did have a fast attraction to each other. Overall I enjoyed their story.
  • Megan
    When You Love a ScotsmanBy: Hannah HowellRating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Gold Stamp of Approval Hannah Howell's second book in her new Seven Brides/ Seven Scotsman series is here and will not disappoint anyone who enjoys an easy read with a happy ending. Unlike the majority of Hannah's novels which are placed in the rugged highlands of Scotland this series takes you to the wilds of Missouri in the midst of the Civil War. If you have not read the first book ...
  • Jessica Grogan
    The idea of the plot was better than the execution of it. Lieutenant Matthew MacEnroy is just trying to survive the war and make it back home when he and his men happen upon Abigail Jenson's home as she's fending off Rebels. Impressed with her bravery, Matthew helps her to the next town when she has nowhere else to go. The pacing of this story was just bizarre to me. They literally knew each other for a day before he kissed her for the first time...
  • Blodeuedd Finland
    Another damsel in distress and one that is saved by Union soldiers (but she can shoot better than them but if the odds are against you then they just are.)Abigail was kind, a good shot, had learned medicine from her dad, and well I can not say anything bad about her,Matthew, oh these brothers, is that how you court a woman? Ask...talk...I really hope the next brother gets a woman who says, nope! We shall talk a bit first. But I mean he is a sweet...
  • Carol Bisig
    Hannah Howell is the only reason that I finished this book! Plus, I have her on pre order, however, she makes the Southern Army look like rapist, murderers of little children! It was deserters who behaved like that, if they were caught, they were put in front of a tiring squad! Being from the South made me dislike this book. It is a great read, if you are a Yankee! I will now reconsider my opinion of just buying her books, without looking at them...
  • Jennifer
    I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review. When You Love a Scotsman is the second book in Howell's Seven Brides for Seven Scotsmen series. It can be read as a stand alone as I haven't read the first book.Matthew MacEnroy is a Union soldier looking for shelter for him and his group of soldiers to hide from as they are being chased by deserters of the Confederate army. The year is 1864and the second sentence reads, "Fall was ...
  • Clarice
    Hannah Howell has done it again. When danger is closing in from all sides, Abigail Jenson works to protect her family and small Missouri farm from attack. She doesn't require saving from ruthless marauders who has set her cabin ablaze. A handsome officer appears on horseback to save her. Abigail allows the soldier with the seductive Highlander's gaze to escort her shelter in a nearby town. Matthew MacEnnoy was reluctant to join his adopted nation...
  • MarieTurtle
    I tried on this. I really did. Based on the description and author creds, this should have everything I want from a weekend romance read: strong female lead, dashing soldier hero.The prose simply wasn’t what I would expect from a NYT bestselling author. There was a part in the first chapter that was so vague and confusing I had to go back and re-read it about five times before I put together the scene blocking Howell was trying to communicate. ...
  • Jennie
    These romances do not have a lot of tension or build up between the lead characters which is not the norm for most historical romance. But I did mostly enjoy their quiet love story. The story is set in Missouri/ Arkansas during the civil war and focused on the trials and hardships of the characters, which was not completely boring.
  • Lover of Romance
    This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceIn When You Love A Scotsman is a thrilling, on the edge of your seat historical romance that will take you back to the turbulent times of the Civil War that torn the American country apart. This is not as story that is easy or kind....its tough and hard and brave and courageous.The wonderful courageous characters that become the key players are: Abigail Jenson, our lovely heroine, who has ...
  • Donna
    Very nice story set in the Civil War era. Abagail's home was set on fire and Matthew MacEnroy was close enough to save her. He's fighting for the north and tired of the war. He escorts her to the town where he's currently stationed. There's a house filled with women and children who don't know if they'll ever see their families again. One of the children will just steal your heart. No spoilers from me. This is a good story and I recommend it.
  • Sportochick
    Visit my blog for more reviews: Sportochick's Musings I love the Seven Brides for Seven Scotsmen series. Each book is so unique and nothing like the other book to the series. The Author Hannah Howell has always specialized in robust characters that draw the readers into the story and this book is no exception. Filled with rich details of the surroundings and scenes one feels like they are back in time.Matthew is certainly an interesting male char...
  • Tracy Emro
    3.5 stars, rounded up. I liked this book, but I didn't love it and I probably wouldn't read it again. The story opens with Matthew MacEnroy and his men staking shelter from Rebel forces at a farmhouse. The house is the home of Abigail Jenson and her parents. When the Rebels arrive, Abbie races inside to warn her mother and father. Weeks earlier her family was attacked, her brother was "pressed" into service, her father beaten and her mother viola...
  • Paula
    I read this book from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review This is the second book of a new series by Hannah Howell under the name “Seven Brides for Seven Scotsmen”. I had the opportunity to read the first book, “The Scotsman Who Saved Me” earlier this year and even though it wasn’t perfect, I enjoyed it very much and that encouraged me to try the second. I was not mistaken, this book was even better than the first.Matthew’s and Ab...
  • Carmella Siciliano
    I received a copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving an honest review. Abbie lives on a small farm with her parents and brother. It is during America's war for independence that their home is raided by the opposing forces, her father is injured and her brother has been drug off the serve as a soldier.She meets Matthew when he and his soldier's are on patrol and he ends up trying to protect them when they are once again attacked by the enemy....
  • Cathy Geha
    When You Love A Scotsman by Hannah HowellSeven Brides for Seven Scotsmen #2This series in which Scottish men who have immigrated to America will each have the story of how they find their brides told. In book one of the series each brother is met and a bit is told about him and it then tells the story of the eldest, Iain McEnroy, and the woman he finds to settle down with. In this, the second book, Matthew’s romance with Abigail is shared. Havi...
  • Miriam Wolfe
    This is a voluntary review of an advanced copy.I have enjoyed many of Hannah Howell's highlander books and was intrigued about this new series set in American during the civil war. I did not read the first book and after hearing some of Emily and Iain's story, I would like to read that book, and this book was great at being a standalone in case you have not read the first book.I loved Abbie and how she was such a strong woman and so caring even a...
  • Liz F
    ** This is a DNF Review **Review copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley.I couldn't finish this book. I tried several times to get into it and it just wasn't happening for me. I would have bet money on this being the author's first book. Reading it, it felt like it was being written in a monotone. Conversations between characters didn't flow smoothly. Everything felt disjointed and stilted. No one seemed to feel or have any emotions - about ...
  • Pamela
    Abigail Jenson has had enough. Soldiers have already taken most of what is precious to her and she is not going down without a fight this time. Fortunately, some daring Scots come to her aid. Still, with her home a loss, Abigail must leave it behind and seek out a new shelter.Matthew MacEnroy lends help to a woman who is all alone and means to move on. Fate has other plans though and Matthew finds himself remaining at Abigail's side. They must jo...
  • Margaret Sholders
    Hannah you never let me down with your books. You always put in scenes to drop the reader! Some as hot and some drop you though the floor. Keep them coming. This is the second in this series about a family of 7 brothers who came from Scotland to be safe, right during our Civil War. Matthew is a scout. He finds Abigail after a raid. Her father is dying and her mother won't go away from him. Major Spoiler! Matthew takes her with him to a new town. ...
  • Maggie Whitworth
    ❤❤❤❤💋A great story set in the Ozarks 1864. Mathew McEnroy is in the army .When out on patrol his unit is chased to a cabin , while defending their positions the owners of the property are killed , leaving Mathew with their daughter to care for . Abigail Jenson is that daughter , when soldiers poor into her cabin and start a shootout her first reaction is to protect her family , a sick father and a mother who is mentally unstable due to...
  • Debra Taylor
    I have yet to read a Hannah Howell book that I didn't love and this one was no different. This is book #2 in the Seven Brides For Seven Scotsmen series. It was a good story that I liked from the first page.Set during the Civil War there was some sad things that happened in this story. It did get emotional at times, but it was also sweet and romantic and even funny too. I loved Matthew and Abbie. Matthew fell in love with Abbie early on in the sto...
  • Jas
    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This was my first book by the author and it won't be my last. I read most of it on a long flight and it held my interest perfectly. There was so much I enjoyed about this story but the main thing was the heroine Abigail. She was smart, strong and capable but without a temper. She was so much fun to read about. The hero and secondary characters were all well written and the romance w...
  • D A
    The 2nd installment of the series takes place several years after the 1st and late during the civil war with most of the story occurring away from the family as Matt is nearing the end of his enlistment period. While there are only a few skirmishes in the book itself, the war & it's effects were not glossed over either. Matt is stationed not far from home, on the fringes (wilderness) area of the war rather than in the heart of it, but in an area ...
  • Mimi
    Matthew MacEnroy rescues Abigail Jenson from Civil War marauders and thus begins an attraction that ends with their HEA. . . but not before they each face dangerous situations, both together and apart. There is the right amount of tension throughout, leaving the reader wondering what will happen to Matthew, to Abigail, and to their friends or fellow soldiers. As the Civil War draws to its end, it is no less hazardous for both civilians and soldie...
  • Debbie Glenn Brown
    Hannah Howell's second book in her new Seven Brides/ Seven Scotsman. Abigail Jenson’s small Missouri farm has become a battle ground. He brother was kidnapped to fight for the Rebels, her father was wounded and her mother has not been the same after the attack. Matthew MacEnroy and his band of Union soldiers ride to take cover at Abigail‘s family farm where the ruthless marauders set her cabin ablaze. Matthew the seductive Highlander offers t...
  • Paige
    3.5 Stars. I liked this book and am interested to read more in this series. I felt like the hero, Matthew, never really clicked with me, and neither did the relationship between him and Abigail. The romantic element was missing. Having said that, there were things I enjoyed about this book. I especially like that the author used this historical setting, the South during the American Civil war, and made the hero Scottish. We all love our highland ...
  • Tammy
    Abigail and her family are just trying to survive on their farm during the Civil War. Her brother was taken and forced to join with the confederates and her father and her mother were brutalized. When more soldiers show up she tries to protect her family but her parent are both shot and the cabin set fire. Luckily Matthew MacEnroy is there to take her to safety. As they are able to spend time together, sparks fly, can they keep each alive to have...
  • Donna
    I won an ARC copy of this book and was excited because I really enjoyed the first book in this series. I didn’t care for this one as much. First, there were many typo and grammatical errors that made me wonder if anyone bothered to proof it. It also had some errors in the story such as they went for a walk, but hopped on their horse to return. Some of the writing rambled on and some was just confusing. As far as the chemistry between Abigail an...