Bad Dad by David Walliams

Bad Dad

The new hilarious story from Number One bestselling author David Walliams, brilliantly illustrated by Tony Ross.

Details Bad Dad

TitleBad Dad
Release DateNov 2nd, 2017
GenreChildrens, Adventure

Reviews Bad Dad

  • Michael Finocchiaro
    Fantastic story as always! My daughter loved Auntie Flip and the majestic return of sentimental Raj!
  • Kristina
    As always, David Walliams doesn't disappoint! The book was tons of fun and I love the LGBT representation!
  • Hayley
    David Walliams has done it again!Oh my goodness! I loved this story.I adored the LGBTQ+ representation in this story and how it wasn’t portrayed as unusual or wrong, the characters simply liked each other and nobody remarked about it. I hope to see more of his books include more characters from this community as this was just refreshing to see in children’s books.As always, this was hilarious and completely action packed with every page. His ...
  • Sand-Witch
    Another amazing book written by David Walliams. Every time. His books are funny and exciting and always full of adventure. Mr Walliams manages to write a story that is full of meaning that can teach young ones the important things in life.
  • Alison Condliffe
    David walliams continues to impress. This book had a strong story line, humour and much less lists than previous books. Illustrations really add to it. Great to read a book about a strong father son bond.
  • Ellie
    Amazing/Sad at the same time 😀😭
  • 15Vailel
    This was a very good book. Bad Dad is a fast and furious, heart-warming story of a father and son on an adventure – and a thrilling mission to break an innocent man into prison! would recommended this to anyone needing a very good easy read
  • Sandra Van Dam
    Another great book by Walliams. Though I am some decades older than the intended reader, I really enjoyed this book.
  • Abbie
    The David Walliams book Bad Dad is the best book he has ever written (in my opinion). I live the use of the Mini racing all the other sports cars.This book (in my opinion) is for ages 8-10 years but older people will probably like it as well, like me because I am 12.I love this book because its very easy to read with amazing illustrations.
  • Millie Hodgson
    I loved bad dad I couldn't put it down it was funny as well
  • Sophia Luo
    Woah. This book is too good. Can I just say how much I love Raj? Like WoAh, he's the best. I LOVE this book because it's really funny but then it's also really sad. And I really like the end when they lived happily ever after. My favourite part is when Raj threw the Rotten Cabbage (naughty) even though the judge said not to throw fruit.
  • Hermione Granger
    Bad dad is a book I would highly recommend. At first i thought it would be pretty set explanatory but as I got further into the plot, I realised there is so much more than what the front cover and the blurb shows us. Walliams is one of the best authors this century! I hope he will continue writing and acting in the rein-acted versions of his stories. Oh and I hope Raj stays in the books too!
  • Junayde
    It was funny but and had a brilliant story line
  • Chloe Wassom
    This book was so hilarious, but also carried a touching story line.
  • Desna
    Great story for young readers who love to laugh out loud especially at some of the nonsense and carry on that happen that are not likely to eever happen.
  • Lynn
    Sweet little book. Cassie liked it too :)
  • Thomas
    The terrible rating is perhaps harsh but it takes into account the expectations around a Walliam's book. Particularly looking at the Boy in the Dress, his first novel, I found it very difficult to like Bad Dad, for many reasons. Being very cynical, it felt like the kind of novel that an established and very successful novelist can bring out - formulaic and basically not very good - but know it will sell anyway. There are so many repeated motifs a...
  • BookPower
    I liked the book. It had everything: exciting parts, funny parts and it was written in a friendly way.
  • jeff
    Love David Communion
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  • Flynn Saxon
    Personally i really enjoyed Bad Dad is was a really good book with lots of language features such as nouns verbs and lots of similes and i was definitely hooked in and i wanted to keep reading but eventually i did finish the book. I liked the bond between frank and his Dad Gilbert i thought they got on really well together but the saddest event in the story was when franks dad Gilbert was sentenced to 5 years in jail.The thing I didn’t like abo...
  • Mr Jeremy C Allan-Smith
    Love the pictures!As fast as Queenie, the yellow mini, does its helter-skelter getaway from a bunch of demented felons, so you can whisk through this. Add a lesbian wedding to a bank heist, exquisite poetry, a DAD with a wooden leg, extreme poverty and a pace like Dennis the Menace on steroids and you have this little charmer of a story. But beware, the whizz-bang-pop humour with its crackpot cartoons and crazy fonts covers up a cloying PC messag...
  • Katy Noyes
    Episodic adventure of a father and son fighting injustice - with Walliams' first same-sex characters nicely handled.This has taken us a while - it's the first of Walliams' books that my son and I have read on paper rather than listening to on the school run in the car. He's been as desperate each night to read more as with the other Walliams titles we've had though, and has surprised me by remembering details days later that show just how closely...
  • Fiona
    I read this book to my 9 year old daughter. It was an interesting idea to start with which then dragged on and on through over 400 pages. Walliams made the same jokes over and over - how many different funny things can you do with a wooden leg?I found the writing style poor and hard to read. Walliams frequently reverts to, "the man said" or "the woman said" as though he has forgotten the names of the characters. I found myself constantly rephrasi...
  • Flynn
    Bad DadPersonally I really enjoyed Bad Dad is was a really good book with lots of language features and I was definitely hooked in and I wanted to keep reading but eventually I did finish the book. I liked the bond between Frank and his Dad Gilbert I thought they got on really well together but the saddest event in the story was when Franks Dad Gilbert was sentenced to 5 years in jail.The thing I didn’t like about the book was I don’t think i...