Extinction War (The Extinction Cycle #7) by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

Extinction War (The Extinction Cycle #7)

The seventh and never-before-published book in USA Today bestselling Nicholas Sansbury Smith's propulsive post-apocalyptic series about a soldier's mission to save the world.An army advances...In Europe, Master Sergeant Joe Fitzpatrick and Team Ghost return from a mission deep into enemy territory only to find that the Variant army has grown stronger, and they are advancing toward the EUF's stronghold in Paris. On the brink of Civil War...Back in...

Details Extinction War (The Extinction Cycle #7)

TitleExtinction War (The Extinction Cycle #7)
Release DateNov 28th, 2017
GenreHorror, Zombies, Science Fiction, Apocalyptic, Fiction, Post Apocalyptic, War, Military

Reviews Extinction War (The Extinction Cycle #7)

  • Nikki
    I’ve read about a dozen of NSS’s books at this point, but this is the first completed series of his that I’ve finished. I must say, that at 7 books, this series hits my limit for how many books in a series I’m willing to commit to. And that magic # for me is actually 7. Fortunately, NSS knows just how to finish up a series without making me feel let down. Not everything is perfectly tied up, not everyone lives, and not everyone gets an HE...
  • Cheryl
    "All it takes is all you got, Marines."This seventh book in the EXTINCTION CYCLE series was non-stop action from page one to the very end. And this book is quite a doorstopper of a tale at 450+ pages. The Hemorrhage Virus has spread worldwide, leaving monstrous Variants in its path. The remaining humans have divided into two camps - those loyal to the U.S. President and those those following a sadistic psychopath.Fitz and Team Ghost are in Europe...
  • BookLoversLife
    I don't know what to say about this book to do this justice!!! It was phenomenal. Everything I wanted and more. It's all out war, both with the Variants and ROT! The battle for Europe is still going strong and Fitz and Apollo are knee deep in it. The Variants there are bigger, badder and harder to destroy than what they had in America, and it's all Fitz can do to keep Team Ghost alive. Meanwhile, in America, Beckham is battered and bruised but st...
  • Michael Hicks
    In case the threat of the monstrous Variants and the pending extinction of the human race wasn't enough, Nicholas Sansbury Smith adds in some extra tension with the possibility of another civil war. Rogue, fanatical soldier Andrew Wood and his Resistance of Tyranny (ROT, an acronym that feels a bit too on-the-nose for this vicious homegrown squadron of terrorists) are attempting to undermine President Ringgold by unleashing the infectious Hemorrh...
  • andrew jackson
    The end of the war is at hand. A civil war is at hand in th U.S. And Team ghost , the Marines and the rest of the European forces are trying to find victory in Europe. Beckman is down but not out and Fits is trying to live up to his role as the new leader of Team Gohst fighting in Europe. Reading this last chapter in A Great Series, I found my self going back to the first book and reliving Team Ghosts story again, their up and downs , losses , he...
  • Lisa Omstead
    War has gone global!Of all the books in the Extinction Cycle series, this story was hands-down the most stressful for me to read in terms of its unrelenting suspense. Fierce battles are being waged. Humans are on the ragged edge in this fight for survival against the evolving Variants AND a power hungry human psychopath. From prologue to epilogue, Extinction War is a brilliantly crafted, 5 star page-turner. It is also not a book you want to start...
  • Jim
    Loved this book!! My favorite Extinction Cycle read yet. Non-stop action and a fantastic story line. This is one you don't want to put gown it's so good. Technically accurate and the flow is awesome. I highly recommend this series for those that enjoy military action, post apocalypse, and zombie-esque apocalypse action series. Very well written, I can't say this enough times.
  • Cynthia Terrones
    WHAT A WAY TO END A SERIES. THIS IS NICHOLAS SANSBURY SMITH AT HIS BEST. WOW. Hats off to Nicholas Sansbury Smith, what a way to end a series. This had been by far my most favorite series in all of kindle by one of the best Authors around. With Gunnery Sergeant Fitzpatrick and Team Ghost fighting for their lives in Europe and trying to make it safe over there, they have no idea what is happening with their friends and loved ones back in the Unite...
  • Erik Vesper
    I need to start this review with some honesty. This is the first Extinction Cycle book that I've read... You see, I've happily enjoyed the performance of Bronson Pinchot throughout the first 6 installments--- so this was a new experience for me. (I found myself trying to do Mr. Pinchot's voices in my head while reading and it made me appreciate him even more). Back to Extinction War-this book is the best piece of art Nicholas Sansbury Smith has p...
  • Scott Pratt
    The Extinction series was my first exposure to the work of Nick Smith. It hooked me from the start. With War, a great series comes to a dramatic end. This book has all the action of the earlier installments, and the climactic final scenes make it hard to put down. I particularly liked the Piero Angaran storyline; the humanity in this brave Italian soldier's friendship with a mouse, while the world crashes down around both of them, is an unexpecte...