You're Not That Great by Elan Gale

You're Not That Great

I am addicted to positivity. I am addicted to positivity. I am addicted to positivity.I care more about feeling great than being great.I am NOT THAT GREAT. The self-help industry tells you that if you're positive, if you put your best foot forward and if you just believe in yourself that you will find happiness. Let's be real, you can read all the inspirational quotes you want. You can spend your days giving yourself affirmations in you...

Details You're Not That Great

TitleYou're Not That Great
Release DateDec 5th, 2017
PublisherGrand Central Publishing
GenreNonfiction, Self Help, Humor

Reviews You're Not That Great

  • TJL
    I'm of two minds about this book.On one hand, I agree with a lot of what the author says: The positivity movement is weirdly condescending, fluffs peoples' egos beyond belief, and does make some people incredibly hyper-sensitive to criticism. I agree that there are some people who are so desperate for positivity and compliments and ego-fluffing that they overshare on social media or constantly seek validation from others.I also greatly agreed wit...
  • Nenia ✨ Queen of Literary Trash, Protector of Out-of-Print Gems, Khaleesi of Bodice Rippers, Mother of Smut, the Unrepentant, Breaker of Convention ✨ Campbell
    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || Amazon || PinterestI snagged a copy of this ARC because the title made me laugh and I loved the paradox of the snappy, sarcastic title against the baby pink cover. "Mean" can sometimes be funny, as evidenced by the movie Mean Girls, and sometimes we all need a reality check. I was expecting something tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic, witty. Your best-frenemy-for-ever as she channels her inner-Dorothy Parker while sip...
  • Jake Harris
    A not-very-well-written book about a great way of living that gets repetitive around page 50. At 179 pages, it could’ve been way shorter and just as effective.
  • Emily
    I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting out of a motivational book authored by a producer on The Bachelor. In the hands of someone struggling with a mental health issue, this could be a very dangerous book. The concepts in it aren’t altogether wrong, but the way they are packaged and presented might be quite triggering. The basic concept is that we need to be motivated to greatness through negativity; positivity only motivates us to medioc...
  • Caroline
    You’re not that great was maybe... not so great 🤷🏼♀ You’re not that great was maybe... not so great 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • Savannah Wooten
    There were some great points in here! In some ways it was a valid and needed personal (and societal!) call out. That being said, the author verges on unkind to people who do not meet his standards of success and strikes me as still growing in his own ability to be both self-reflective, self-improving, and content/fulfilled - he hints at this at the end. Some components were incredible - laugh out loud funny (the part about the hand on the hot sto...
  • Lisa
    I really enjoyed this book because it's no nonsense good advice. And I relate to it because all of my life I have felt the need to convince everyone that I am worthy of being here! The premise that the things that make us not so great are indeed the things that make us strive to be great is not new to me but Elan in his matter of fact tone brings a level of authenticity to the topic that just blew me away. Working in HR, I am asked often for a bo...
  • Krystyna
    Fucking brutal. This book was nothing like the fluffy self-help books I've been reading. It was uncomfortable and real. Maybe not for everyone, but I really appreciated the honestly and truth as well as a different viewpoint on life and how to succeed and get past anxiety and self-doubt.
  • Gwen - Chew & Digest Books -
    This has one of the most hilarious and completely true opening sections that I have ever read. It was so dead on that I was in tears and ready to apologize to both of my parents. Giving you more detail would only ruin the moment for you, so I won't. It really brought things into perspective with parental relations though and for that, every reader should be at least a bit grateful, especially to their mother.The laughter and honesty keep coming i...
  • Taylor Wilson
    “We live in a world of contentment, mediocrity, and average people who think they’re excellent.” -- Elan Gale, You’re Not That GreatElan Gale is straightforward and refuses to coddle anyone in his new book, You’re Not That Great (but neither is anyone else). This book teaches you how to use all the negativity around you to better improve your life. It teaches you how to take everyday feelings such as hate, regret, and shame and make th...
  • Rob
    As a book about self-improvement, this should really be reviewed on two axes: the writing/entertainment value and the advice.The writing was a good time, at least as much as a book telling you you suck can be. Very readable, and in contrast to other reviewers, it's not especially long, weighing in at 192 pages. It did take me 3 weeks or so to finish, but that's really more about my reading habits getting worse as I get older and have less time.Th...
  • Kelly 💜☕️
    I listened to half of this audio and decided to not to finish.This book came on my radar through one of the podcasts I listen to with former contestants on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. The author is a Bachelor producer, so this book gets my “bachelor nation” tag. This is a non-traditional self help book... it’s very odd with crass language and harsh delivery. I tried to give it a chance since the concept appealed to me, but I just cou...
  • Caroline
    "You're Not That Great" was just that...not great. I felt belittled by someone who really has no place to belittle but I guess that's the point of the book. I'm not a person who relishes in positivity and I certainly understand the power of motivation through negative emotions but Gale doesn't present any evidence that this is more powerful than positivity. He just throws obscenities at you and tells you you suck in the hope that you'll find some...
  • Mrs Mommy Booknerd
    This book is fantastic. I laughed and loved the raw truth in this book. I was left feeling like I needed to look within myself and really see how I can make some changes. Life is going to happen, you control how you react to it. I just adored this approach to looking at life and this is a book that would make a great gift. I loved that is wasn't a typical self help book, it was way better than that! A must read for all (as long as you have a good...
  • Shira Selkovits
    The only self-help book worth reading, in my opinion. Aside from being hysterical and honest, it’s also incredibly relevant and insightful. It’s tough love in the best way and the most inspiring book that ever insulted me.
  • Jess
    Easy to read and some great points to encourage to not be so damn precious. A bit repetitive, but no need to take it all too seriously. Lots of it was very refreshing to read.
  • Joanna
    I’m not really a big fan of self-help books, even ironic ones, but this one is witty and well presented. Still, while I generally support anything that opposes the positive thinking movement, I can’t deal with the bitterness and rapacity of Gale’s worldview. Followed literally, this book would be a recipe for libertarianism and sociopathy.
  • Andrea Seeley
    I love Elan Gale so I had to give this a shot. It really did open my eyes to a different way of thinking- a lot of his stories really resonated with me. It was a bit repetitive at times.
  • Sarah Maier
    This book was funny, helpful and motivating. I'd listen to it again just for the laughs.
  • Courtney Judy
    I wish I had liked it more than I did, I was really going in hopeful that I was going to find this book to be amazing. It had everything I liked, cursing...honesty...bluntness...but towards the end I was honestly getting sick of it. I was struggling with some of the concepts (and I myself deal with levels of anxiety and some of the other normal emotions discussed in the books but not usually openly discussed in public) that the author was putting...
  • Kyra
    So flipped through this book in chapters. read a bit. had to stop. it very much seems like this book is trying very hard to directly emulate the success of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck except Elan didnt have anything interesting to add, didnt actually read the Subtle Art and also hes an asshole.theres a lot of pretentious attitude in here, and a lot of blatant... mistruths? like he says that telling five year old children their art is good...
  • Jo-Ann Duff (Duffy The Writer)
    Harness the power of negative thinking!You're Not That Great (But Neither Is Anyone Else). Yep, if you read my blog, you'll understand why this book caught my eye.  This fresh new wave of frank, 'real-life' motivational books have become very popular, and I've enjoyed some of them immensely.  Get Your Sh*t Together, and Unf*ck Yourself were both great reads, and the very popular The Subtle Art Of Not Giving a F*ck is still flying off bookstore ...
  • Dawn
    I follow Elan Gale on Instagram and have only known him as a producer on the Bachelor shows.So this was an interesting read and for the most part I agreed a lot with what the author says. Like for instance when he talks about being positive and how it's been built into us since day 1 with parents/school/teachers. Whether it's pottying on the chair, sleeping through the night, something in school, etc - everything we did as babies and toddlers/kid...
  • Danielle Stevens
    I'm really torn about this book. On the one hand, I agree with his scathing review of positivity and a culture of telling ourselves we're great. For years people in my family have loyally followed advice they found in books like 'The Secret', thinking that if they just put good vibes out in the universe whatever they desire in life will eventually come to them. Sadly, this is not how the world operates; if it did, they'd all be living in places l...
  • Danielle
    The best part about this book was that it was short. Judging from the title, you probably would think this book is going to be a send up of self-help books. And it seems like the author believes it was a sort of parody. In reality it is just a regular self-help book that is helpful to no one, except perhaps the author. His perception of life is that everyone is told they can do anything, that no one ever tells children that they can't do anything...
  • Rachel
    Hm, this book really wasn't for me. It's fine, but I felt like it was really repetitive, and I felt like the main concepts were actually somewhat contradictory to what he was trying to prove. He made a bunch of points about how positive thinking and thinking that "everything happens for a reason" is bad, because it doesn't teach you anything. And how you should regret things in life, because people that say that they have "no regrets" never learn...
  • Sarah
    Me prior to reading this book : I’m a millennial and I’m special unicorn. Me after reading this book : I might be a millennial and special unicorn, but I’m not really a great person. And being a great person is more important that being a special millennial unicorn.The last time a read a self-help book (The Fangirl Life), I hated myself more and more after each chapter. In reading You’re Not That Great, a certain amount of self-loathing i...
  • Savannah
    Focused around the idea that negative thinking can be just as powerful as positive thinking, and that people's difficulties in reaching their dreams are in part due to a failure in self-honesty, You're Not That Special (But Neither is Anyone Else) is probably a good fit for fans of Mark Manson's similarly subversive self-help book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***. Showcasing self-deprecating wit and evocatively descriptive self-take-downs, the...
  • Vanessa
    Ok, so I’m gonna go out on a limb here and give it 5 stars to raise the over all rating. This book deserves a solid 4 over all and not a half-assed 3.5. I actually agree a with a previous reviewer -at times it felt repetitive- I feel, though, that it’s the author writing in the way any one might talk with their friends when they’re fired up about something. But yes, some of it was like “Ok you said this in the last 3 (or 10) chapters”. ...