Genome (The Extinction Files #2) by A.G. Riddle

Genome (The Extinction Files #2)

A code hidden in the human genome...Will reveal the ultimate secret of human existence.And could hold humanity's only hope of survival.* * *In 2003, the first human genome was sequenced. But the secrets it held were never revealed.The truth was discovered thirty years ago, almost by accident. Dr. Paul Kraus had spent his entire career searching for what he called humanity’s lost tribes—human ancestors who had gone extinct. When Kraus compared...

Details Genome (The Extinction Files #2)

TitleGenome (The Extinction Files #2)
Release DateOct 12th, 2017
PublisherRiddle Inc.
GenreScience Fiction, Fiction, Thriller, Audiobook

Reviews Genome (The Extinction Files #2)

  • Tom W
    Decent conclusion to the series, but after 1 and 3/4 build up about the Looking Glass, the reveal as to what it actually was capable of was quite disappointing. The entire ending also seemed abrupt and penned by an author who realized that the book was ending.
  • Jerry Mount
    I’m a little conflicted about this book. I enjoyed Pandemic a lot, and was anxious to read the sequel. Overall, I liked the book, but something felt off. The author has stated that he originally planned a trilogy, but later changed to a two book series. Maybe there was not a natural break point to transition to a 3rd book. It seemed to me that there was too much material in Genome. A world-wide chase and battle story, a double time-line, a grea...
  • Katie blakely
    This book is full of intrigue, mystery and deep philosophical theories, religious beliefs merged with science.Lots of secret society groups, spy, love triangle, adventure and honestly confusing dialogue. I enjoyed this at times, others I really had to force my self to read because of all the waiting , some of the action and fighting was confusing , but I admit I can't visualize technical descriptions of some of equipment, subs and stuff. The over...
  • Annmarie (Annie) Kostyk
    I've read all of Riddle's novels thus far and loved them. Polished each of them off in a day.This one though, it took a week. I couldn't get through it. I know these are self-published, but I felt he need some help on this one. It seemed like I was reading a first draft of a book. It was all over the place. Back and forth between past and future in the same chapter. A lot could have been edited out (easily 100 pages) and added to the last book to...
  • Aristotle
    Unimatrix Zeroa virtual construct created by a group of Borg i mean Citium scientists.This read like a James Bond movie, fast and fun.In Pandemic a group of megalomaniacs known as the Citium created a virus that killed millions. The cure which they also created was administered to the world. Little did mankind know is that the cure contained a technology called nanites that would allow the Citium to download human minds in a virtual reality to li...
  • K.
    Trigger warnings: violence, gun violence, death of a loved one, fire (in the past), serious physical injury. Probably other stuff too, but I read most of this on a 10.25pm flight from Krakow to London/on a 12.30am bus from Stanstead to King's Cross/in bed at 2.45am because I ONLY HAVE 20 MINUTES LEFT DAMMIT, so it's entirely possible that I missed stuff... So here's the thing: I enjoyed Pandemic. But I also had very little desire to actually pick...
  • Rishabh Natarajan
    GoodThe book is about an existential topic that is quite widely tackled in some TV shows and movies. The pacing was quick but the ending was somewhat abrupt.Like other AG Riddle series, this Genome series also moves fast and the scope of the books expands very rapidly, sometimes leaving the reader wondering where he/she is being led and what the true intention of the material is.All-in-all a good read but could've been treated with a little more ...
  • Larry Hamilton
    A very thought provoking, fast paced science fiction thriller dealing with the history of mankind, human genome and a global conspiracy. At times the story got confusing as it switched between different characters and timelines, in addition to the science fiction that for me was a lot to fully comprehend.
  • Chad
    Fun read. Cool science and thrilling action had me burning through this book. Loved some of the twists and turns at the end, even if it did feel like it ended sort of abruptly. I've really enjoyed everything Riddle has written so far.
  • Jacqueline Byers
    Thought provoking end to the Extinction files series. Wow! What an amazing author and books. Can't wait to read more books by this intelligent, creative, though provoking author.
  • Kerry
    Interesting concept again. Brought the series to a fairly satisfactory conclusion and so the read was worthwhile. i find the ideas behind this series interesting enough to read some of his other books. Will look at his first series and see what that is like. The science was interesting.
  • Chabeli Terrero
    Mind-BlowingBeen Waiting For This Book For Months..Great, Out Of This World Ideas And Awesome Plot..Want More Sequels But Their Won’t Be Another One ;(... Really Loved It And Definitely Recommend All Books By A.G. Riddle Great Author
  • Jennifer
    Enjoyed both book 1 & 2I loved the characters in these books. They were interesting and seemed real. The story flowed really well and never at any point left me bored with it. Everything connected and was described really well.
  • Said Al-Maskery
    I really enjoyed the science fiction, very imaginative! This was much better than the first book in the series. I really enjoyed it.
  • Matthew
    Good bookEnjoyed the book, but not as much as the first one. The last third of the book starts getting a little tough to follow. The science, technology and history was hard to keep track of. It all started to get jumbled together and the story jumped around from past to present enough to make the flow of the story slow down.
  • Betsy
    Too long and detailed. The explanations of the different parts of "The Looking Glass" were confusing. The story and intrigue were good. I felt that in some places the story dragged and then left the reader hanging. I'm glad I read the 2nd book in the series but still not sure exactly what the conclusion meant. I guess it was just a little too much science fiction/fantasy.
  • Morandia
    I loved this conclusion to the Extinction Files. The author does an excellent job of encorporating the downloaded memory into the story. This book makes one wonder if this is the direction we are headeed. The last line of the book was a perfect ending!
  • Iona Watson
    This started off well but then it kind of went downhill. It's quite long, but most of it is just repetition with various people chasing each other around the globe, and explaining things to each other so cryptically that they're not actually saying anything at all. I didn't particularly care for any of the characters, except maybe Avery.And then we have the Looking Glass. (view spoiler)[Ok, so it's virtual reality. I was expecting something more ...
  • Chris Andrews
    Whilst I enjoyed the premise of part conspiracy theory and part post apocalypse and I enjoyed the characters of Peyton, Avery and Desmond this really should have been one book, I completed stopped paying attention for long sections of it.
  • Benjamin Rooij
    Liked the first book better. Unfortunately, more of the Dan Brown style writing, an annoying and unnecessary love triangle which got on my nerves (we've got YA novels for that kind of stuff, come on!) and the ending clearly shows the author meant to write a trilogy.The story is still cool, uses some nice tech that could actually be possible even though it is probably far into the future, but it deserves to be played out further.
  • Betty Davis
    Enjoyable read and interesting theories... matrixesque if you will
  • Donald A. Hensch
    Hard to understand at first, then entrancing.For the first third of Pandemic, I had no idea where the story was going. It finally started to make sense then, and after that was hard to put down, all the way through Genome. A good read.
  • Edwin Siahaan
    Listen, I tell you a mystery: We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed— in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed. For the perishable must clothe itself with the imperishable, and the mortal with immortality.1 Corinthians 15:51-53 NIV, this is not a religious book and none intended, I think....
    Whoa...There is so much I would like to say about this book, and series, but I find myself spinning after this ending. I guess I feel like the greyhound that caught the rabbit. :-)I’m a huge fan of this author and look forward to reading more of his works. A word of advice, pay attention when you read. It’s a lot to take in.
  • Erika Adams
    This book reminded me too much of the Atlantis series. Wish it would have gone in a different direction. Also, the ending felt rushed. I feel like the "love triangle" was not resolved in a well thought out way.
  • Alaa Ahmed
    I will tell you about the looking glass. Never.The following is my honest review of this book and may contain minor spoilers.The premise of this book (and the former) is really good and provides a fresh plot. I like Riddle's writing in general. However...It felt like the writer was trying to over explain and over rationalize every detail. While I do appreciate the mostly accurate science, it felt at many spots the story was dragging too much.I al...
  • Jim
    PANDEMIC is really the first part of a single novel cut into two parts, and concluding with GENOME. Riddle apparently likes to do this, and used the same strategy with his first (and also hugely successful ATLANTIS GENE, ATLANTIS PLAGUE and ATLANTIS WORLD.PANDEMIC starts out as your basic plague that destroys the earth thriller, but with a much richer and more complex backstory. Initially there is an outbreak of a new type of hemorrhagic fever, l...
  • Leya
    A.G. Riddle is a typical thriller writer with very little original thought behind his stories. Many of the concepts and plot lines in this book have been used and/or discussed in other books. The way he compiles these into a story is original and interesting. What I couldn't stand was the constant reference to the interesting parts of the story "Rendition, Rapture, Rook, and Looking Glass" and every time someone was asked about it, the person eit...
  • Lina
    I am a bit torn writing this review. I enjoyed Pandemic; the way the author reveals piece by piece of the puzzle for the reader to learn that the virus has no traditional cure except for the use of nanotechnology. So far, it was a clear story with exciting bends and twists.Then came book #2. It was for sure a page-turner, filled with action and moving at a decent pace. The twist and turns that characterized book #1 were magnified in Genome, and t...
  • Mike Nemeth
    Desmond Hughes and Peyton Shaw saved the world in the previous book by helping world governments inoculate their infected populations. In "Genome," the followup to "Pandemic" in the Extinction Files, author A.G. Riddle continues the tale. Peyton has been reunited with her mother, who plays a role in the underground organization that nearly took over the world. And Peyton realizes they only delayed the inevitable. The Citium still controls the nan...