Jessica Jones, Vol. 2 by Brian Michael Bendis

Jessica Jones, Vol. 2

Jessica Jones is back where she belongs - in her own comic, and taking on cases as Alias Investigations! But as the most dangerous book on the stands digs even deeper into the new mysteries of the Marvel Universe, Jessica has uncovered a truly startling secret. Is this case too hot for even her? Will it shatter everything she has built for herself? Can she put the pieces of her life back together...or is it already too late?COLLECTING: JESSICA JO...

Details Jessica Jones, Vol. 2

TitleJessica Jones, Vol. 2
Release DateDec 12th, 2017
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Superheroes, Marvel, Graphic Novels Comics, Comic Book

Reviews Jessica Jones, Vol. 2

  • HFK
    It seems I just cannot stop reading Jessica Jones. It feels odd as I have never been a fan, and I did not even finish the first season of the series on Netflix. I am not sure what magic Bendis is working on to make me return to this new resurrection even when I have felt it to be unnecessary.I was not at all familiar with Maria Hill, I am not really familiar with S.H.I.E.L.D. either. That ain't a problem if the story is good. And the story was go...
  • Red Panda
    I really enjoyed this one, despite its faults. I thought the Maria Hill storyline was pretty good and loved the Steranko-style flashback sequences drawn by Javier Pulido.Still not overly keen on regular art on this book, though. When all the backgrounds are just Photoshopped photographs and the only thing he's actually drawing are the people, it must take him all of a day to draw each issue... I wouldn't go so far as to say it's 'cheating', exact...
  • David Schaafsma
    This is the second time Brian Bendis (primarily a superhero writer) is creating a series about Jessica Jones. Call it a hiatus? The first time was through the terrific Alias, all too short, but way promising, and now more than a decade later and after a successful Netflix series, he is working on a Jessica Jones series again. And it is great, with a fully realized and interesting and deeply flawed and wholly likeable character who was once a supe...
  • anna van sunshine ☼
    ah i love jessica 💜 i wasn’t as much of a fan of this as the first one (i’m not a fan of maria hill🤷🏻♀ i hated her in the mcu so idk why i thought i could like her in the comics) and halfway through i was gonna rate it 3 stars.buuut that cliffhanger just changed my mind! now i really want to pick up the next volume to see what happens!! ah i love jessica 💜 i wasn’t as much of a fan of this as the first one (i’m not a fan ...
  • Scott
    JJ's new series finally evokes some Alias-like luster with The Secrets of Maria Hill. In this edition Jones is still trying to untangle in her chaotic personal life (motherhood, Luke Cage, . . . prison?) while also digging into a lucrative case by request of ousted SHIELD director Hill. Any bets that Jones' investigation rolls smoothly like a marble on a sheet of glass? Riiiight - just bring the usual pain.A highlight was a Steranko-inspired retr...
  • Artemy
    The second volume of Benids’s unnecessary return of Jessica Jones is slightly better than the first, but only slightly.The book, as evidenced by the title, is focused on Maria Hill and her greatest secret. Does it have anything to do with Jessica and her ongoing quest of becoming a little bit less of a hot mess? Nope. Absolutely nothing. Honestly, the entire Maria Hill storyline in this volume is extremely dull and disposable, and I didn’t ca...
  • Shannon Appelcline
    Bendis' second coming of Jessica Jones continues to be great. In fact, this is stronger than the first volume, because we don't get Jessica's really questionable pretend betrayal. We do get great character development of both Jessica and Luke.We get a nice plot, that has at its heart an interesting mystery that Jessica investigates over the course of the volume.Finally, we get great details on Maria Hill, which may be more than we've ever learned...
  • Ken Moten
    This book continues to be an adventure. The fall-out from the events of Marvel Comics start getting close to home for Jessica with the arrival of Maria Hill. I can't say more than that, but this brings the crime-noir world of Jessica Jones to the espionage, cloak-and-dagger world of S.H.I.E.L.D. The art by Gaydos (and David Mack on the covers) is still fire and the writing is some of the best by Bendis this year.
  • Frédéric
    Someone wants to kill Maria Hill. Hey, who can blame 'em, right?Anyway Maria hires Jessica, of all people, to find out who. Since it's a Bendis book it takes like forever to get to the point. A rather anticlimactic point for that matter but original in a way. Before that pages of silent pages, pages of good punchlines, pages of... not much really. Still I'm fond of Jessica. She's a cool hard-ass character. It's not like I've never seen her type b...
  • Basma
    Jessica Jones is one of those superheroes I just really love even though she's sometimes a jerk and is a lousy person when it comes to relationships and friendships (not talking only about the Jessica Jones interpretation in this comic). I love how more and more comics are starting to showcase motherhood and how one can be a badass superhero saving the world while also being a mother, and sometimes a single mother. I'm all for superheroes having ...
  • Rebekah Gordon
    I still love Jessica and will keep reading this probably no matter what. Sometimes it’s really good, but sometimes Bendis’s idea of what makes something “adult” is like.....really? There are legit 2 full pages about peeing in a cup. Like...??That said, it’s cool and interesting and kind of retro to get deep into SHIELD past/life model decoy shit and a sort of twisty turny case.
  • Jeff Lanter
    I love Alias and Jessica Jones and have never had any problems digesting it or even getting into the character or series but I did with this story. Maybe it is because I read volume one a while ago but I never fully understood what was going on with Maria Hill and all of the espionage that was going on even by the time I finished reading it. I felt like either Bendis or the plot itself was a step ahead of me or knew something that I didn't and I ...
  • Rod Brown
    Time to go on a Bendis bender! (#1 of 8)This book exemplifies everything I like about Bendis' writing. * Characters whose only traits are sarcasm and coolness. * Clever dialogue and Tarantinoesque asides (about the multiplication of Spider-People in this case). * Plots that are filled with action, twists, and cliffhangers that don't really amount to much except short filler between the many delightful pages of talking heads. * A playful dissectio...
  • Tomislav Škrljac
    Kind of dissapointing. Boring, slow and hard to follow.
  • Amanda [Novel Addiction]
    Not bad.
  • Hilary
    Cool, intriguing, self-contained story with lots of Jessica being Jessica. ❤
  • Josh
    Page turning mystery that doesn't let up until the very end. The Secrets of Maria Hill belongs with the best of Bendis's Alias books. Excellent.
  • Maxoel Costa
  • C.E. Case
    This is a fantastic portrayal of Jessica Jones and I enjoyed Maria Hill, but the plot is pretty incomprehensible. The art gets experimental and retro in flashbacks. It's great.
  • C. Varn
    Good arcThis was a solid arc that continues to make me not sure how to feel about Nick Fury. Regardless, the lead into the return of a key character holds a lot of promise.
  • Daniel Butcher
    Honestly, as much of Bendis writes, very interesting.But some plot points were too predictable.
  • Chris Lemmerman
    [Read as single issues]Maria Hill needs help. SHIELD has been disbanded, and now everyone she's ever annoyed (so, literally everyone) is out to kill her. Or are they? Enter Jessica Jones, disgruntled private investigator.This book is soooooo slooooooow. I expect reading it in single issues is probably not the way to go, with the collected edition giving a more complete experience, but I'd know this was a Bendis book without even looking because i...
  • Todd Glaeser
    Jessica Jones is the character that Bendis should write and explore the Marvel universe with. So much of this book is incredible.
  • Liz (Quirky Cat)
    3 1/2 Stars. Jessica Jones: The Secrets of Maria Hill ties a couple of different plots (and therefore series) together. While reading you’ll see a lot of the fallout for Maria Hill (obviously you can guess this much, based on the title). Without reading any of the series focusing on the greater Marvel world (or Captain America), you may not know exactly what happened to Maria Hill, but in all honestly you don’t really need to know the backsto...
  • Shawn Birss
    Both the interior art by Gaydos and the covers by Mack are an improvement in this series over the original Alias. And neither were slumming it back then, by any means. This is a beautiful book. However, the character of Jessica Jones, and the tone of the book, just don't seem to quite know where to land in comparison to that original classic noir book. Jessica Jones in this series is put together. She has a child, and is a good mother. She is mai...
  • Dakota Morgan
    Jessica Jones helps Maria Hill solve the mystery of why someone's put a hit out on her. Shield agents show up and are mad at Jessica for talking to Maria...for some reason? Maybe that's in another Marvel series somewhere. Similarly, Jessica and Luke Cage reunite and everything is grand - instantly! Kind of expected a less fairytale reunion. And one more complaint: Jessica's mystery-solving intuition comes off as pretty unlikely here. She can't fi...
  • Books!Books!Books!
    This was surprisingly good!I *hate* Maria Hill. Just frickin' hate her. Finding her in Marvel comics I want to read is like finding raisins in a cookie I want to eat. But I didn't hate this story. The narrative acknowledge why someone - why Jessica in particular - wouldn't want to be around Maria while also making you realize Maria has demons of her own to address.Jessica's interactions with other characters - especially Sharon Carter - were fun,...
  • Kathleen
    I almost didn't read this book, and that would have been a mistake. This is everything that the first trade of Jessica Jones, Vol. 2 should have been. It's a hard reset without destroying her character development. She is a gutter dwelling mess of a private investigator who is *also* capable of having real human relationships and letting people in. We'll see how it goes, but this, at least, was a reasonably good detective story. I would certainly...
  • Kate
    Yesssss, Jessica Jones. I think she is officially my favorite superhero now. Between the show and the comics, finally there is a superhero that speaks to my soul. She's snarky, relatable, blunt, and focused. The whole storyline following Maria Hill was eh (even Jessica calls her out on the stupid life-model decoy BS), but Jessica navigating her strange life and career is always worth a read. Loved her interactions with Luke as well as the many su...
  • B
    I don't know if the secrets of Maria Hill are good or bad for the story. This one was a lot less fun than the previous volume. Oddly, it doesn't seem to want to pick up most of the threads from the previous volume. Also, it felt like the resolution of the mystery took precedence over Jones' feelings. And we didn't really see Jones work to solve it the same way she worked on, say, the Rick Jones case. It's hard to care about Maria Hill because the...