Hawkeye by Kelly Thompson


Hawkeye finally gets a lead on the top-secret case that brought her to Los Angeles in the first place - but to solve this mystery, Kate Bishop will have to take a good hard look at who she is and where she came from. Is she really ready to face the ghosts of her past? Maybe fixing things for a young client with oddly similar problems will help her fix herself! Probably not, though. At least she'll get to punch through her frustrations courtesy of...

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Release DateJan 2nd, 2018
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Superheroes, Marvel, Graphic Novels Comics

Reviews Hawkeye

  • Christy
    This continues to be one of my favorite books.
  • Wing Kee
    Characters stories are the best! World: The art is great, cause it gives so much characters to the characters. The motion is also good and creative splash pages make me happy. The world building is solid but on the simple side. It's okay cause it's well constructed so yeah it's good. Story: Very simple and straightforward tale and it's good. The pacing is fast and the character moments throughout making readers care and fall in love with Kate and...
  • Natalie
    1. I can’t wait to read the next one.2. Where’s my effing Kate Bishop Netflix show?!?
  • Chris Lemmerman
    [Read as single issues]Kate Bishop's favourite person in the entire world has returned - that's right, Madame Masque has come to town, and that means nothing but trouble for Kate and her pals. Plus: Clones! Pizza dog! Daddy issues! And a hell of a lot of arrows!Controversial opinion: I think this version of Hawkeye is better than the Fraction/Aja one. Kate's a much more interesting character, and the voice that Kelly Thompson gives her is wonderf...
  • Emily Randolph-Epstein
    Kate Bishop's Hawkeye was my favorite part of the Young Avengers and I'm so happy she's got her own book. She's smart, sassy and has great friends. I'm loving the storyline so far and I'm eager to see where things go next. Also, Wolverine crossover - who doesn't love one of those?
  • Josh
    This series is another where art and writing and everything simply comes together in unison. I've enjoyed Bishop's character from the beginning, and Thomson's writing only makes that more true--backed by the rest of the creative team. The captions, the use of panels--everything is on point here.Volume 2 brings Kate back with all the sass and attitude, all the adventure, and all the mystery that made volume 1 so excellent. With Bishop on the west ...
  • Em
    book 2 of 2018
  • Jenette
    I love Kate. Her whit, her snappy remarks, her fondness for frozen peas and dramatics and the way she absolutely always kicks ass.
  • Carlos Tineo
    Not enough Lucky.
  • Fiona
    I JUST WANT KATE BISHOP TO KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE HEREverything she's in is consistently good :'))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  • Heatherblakely
    Issue 7: Kate backstory! (Though, where is her sister? Why isn't she in any of these flashbacks?) Little Kate in her bathing suit with the sides cut out!Issue 8: This is more serious than the first six issues, but I love learning about Kate's family.Issue 9: Listen, obviously Amerikate is my #1 endgame, but if Kate and Detective Rivera hook up I won't hate it (just admit Kate is queer, Marvel, come on). This case was over pretty quickly--I know t...
  • Lindsey
    Read in single issues.Loved this second volume even more than the first & I LOVED the first volume! Read this comic!
  • Joshua Buhs
    Getting a little snug.The plotting in the second of the Kate Bishop TPBs is better than the first, smoother. The art continues to be very good; even the final issue, which is a bit of filler that does not advance any of the story arcs and is by Walsh, who did pretty poor work on earlier issues.Kate remains an engaging character; her sass has not worn through, and she is growing, slowly. All of which is good.I wanted to see an expansion of some of...
  • Avi Grundner
    I seriously love this series. Now that Kate is more settled in her new surroundings, the big plot is unfolding- this trade sets up a new quest, and it involves delving into Kate's family. It's incredibly satisfying to finally bridge the gap in her background, so now as a reader her motivation is very clear. It makes you root for her even more.Anyway, Kate is great in this trade. Determined and angry, but still quippy. The writing is just so good,...
  • David
    This art-style is growing on me, and I enjoyed the story of this volume so much more than the last one. Even if Madame Masque didn't seem to be as much of a threat as she was in Matt Fraction's days, I liked how personal the story-line was to Kate, and I enjoyed the flashbacks (yeyy, purple!). I loved having Lucky back (he's so cute), and he even helped Kate by biting that bad guy and providing the means for an escape route! Yeyy, useful Lucky! T...
  • Norman
    I wish I liked this more. It was so tedious... without any connection. Something felt missing because I absolutely loved the first one. It's not that it was written poorly or anything. Actually, it was pretty "good" in that sense -- it just felt so shallow to me. I don't know. I'm sad to be giving up on this one.
  • Brooke
    god i just love kate bishop so much
  • Iris Nevers
    YES!!!! HAWKEYE IS LITERALLY THE BESSST!!! i'm seriesly 1000000% upset about the fact that she's been cancelled
  • Ken French
    Kate is at least as good a character as Clint, so I like that this series is concentrating on her at the moment.
  • Beth
    Lucky! What a good boy :)3.5 stars
  • Nirica
    oh issue #12 made me cry
  • Benjamin
    It's not Hawkeye if there's not body doubles and tacos!
  • Gretchen Alice
    Five stars for lady rage and emotional connections and well-executed family issues and Lucky the Dog and a double dose of X-23s. (With a bonus actual Wolverine!)
  • Emmanuel Nevers
    This continues to be an amazing, quirky delight! Kate Bishop is still trying to figure out what happened to her mother and runs into Madam Maske and even her father!
  • Lukas Holmes
    It's just wonderful. One of those books I hate to finish, but am glad because I can't wait to get it over to my kids to read.