Given to the Earth (Given Duet, #2) by Mindy McGinnis

Given to the Earth (Given Duet, #2)

Duty, fate, desire, and destiny collide in this intricately wrought tale, perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas.Although she was born to save the kingdom by sacrificing herself to the rising sea, Khosa's marriage to King Vincent has redeemed her. As the Queen of Stille, she's untouchable. But being Queen hasn't stopped her heart from longing for the King's stepbrother, Donil. And it hasn't stopped her body from longing for the sea itself, which still...

Details Given to the Earth (Given Duet, #2)

TitleGiven to the Earth (Given Duet, #2)
Release DateApr 10th, 2018
PublisherPutnam's Childrens
GenreFantasy, Young Adult

Reviews Given to the Earth (Given Duet, #2)

  • Danielle
    The slow decay of magic in the book was pivotal in the book, Khosa is still having fits and being called to the sea, the earth is growing quieter and quieter. Khosa finds a possible way to save the people of Stille, but would they agree knowing that what is proposed has never been done before?This book did not suffer from the “Sophomore Syndrome” when it comes to books in a series, I found this book to be better than the first one to be hones...
  • Jenny Jo Weir
    Ah Mindy. How you screw with my head and heart! Seriously, this woman is a beast at writing. I have nothing but respect for her and her talent (I’m also a little bit scared of her). Oh Dara and Donil. Sweet Vincent…and Witt. Even Ank and Khosa. Every time anything Dara came up I would immediately think of that line in Pride and Prejudice: “I never saw such a woman. She would certainly be a fearsome thing to behold.” I mean really, when yo...
  • Jill Criswell
    In Given to the Sea, readers were introduced to five tragic characters. Vincent, the reluctant heir to the throne of Stille. Khosa, a young woman raised to be sacrificed. Indiri twins Donil and Dara, the last of their race. And Witt, the leader of the Pietra, a young man who must pretend to be heartless to keep his people safe. Given to the Earth follows them to the end of their journeys. As the earth beneath them crumbles, so do their loyalties,...
  • Megan
    I hated how this ended. I hated how the stupid romance came together.. if you can even call it that. I finished this early this morning and I have had time to calm down but still hate it. Im just not upset enough to rant out a review.
  • Nina van der Kooij
    This book had such a sad ending, which I won't talk about too much to avoid spoilers. What I liked: The great and varying cast of characters, with many people on different sides of a conflict where neither party is right or wrong. There were two characters I absolutely didn't expect to even like each other who got together, and I liked that development. It didn't come out of nothing, in a way they made sense together. What I didn't like: In the b...
  • Kels Fidler
    Title: Given to the EarthAuthor: Mindy McGinnisAge Group: Teen/Young AdultGenre: FantasySeries: Given to the Sea, book twoStar Rating: 5 out of 5 StarsThe author gave me an advance reader copy of this book at a library visit in August—she even signed it for me—thank you so much, Mindy, it means so much to me!When I heard that Mindy McGinnis, one of my favorite Ohio-based authors, was coming to my local library to discuss the book club book, N...
  • Abby Pechin
    Although this book took me a while to get into at first, I was not disappointed! About halfway through I didn't want to put it down! I hope she makes a third book to this series but the ending was sufficient.
  • Beccy
    True rating; an incalculable amount of negative stars, whose collapse would cause enough supermassive black holes that the universe would cease to existAt some points this book is actually offensive - there are a colony of rejects who are completely stigmatized and ostracized, but surprising are more accepted than the indigenous population. Go figure.At other points it is ridiculously stupid - I could not tell you why some character perspectives ...
  • Cassie
    Given to the Earth follows a few months after the captivating ending of Given to the Sea. Also, told in multiple points-of-view like its fantasy duo, this book focuses on how Khosa’s thought-to-be tragic sacrifice to the sea has now turned into a chance to live and be queen. But with these new changes in motion, the Earth begins to literally crumble beneath them and the loyalties among the characters are challenged. Love becomes a triangle of c...
  • Kaka_shi
    For me? The way i know i loved a series is when i want more. So even though im unhappy and gosh darn pissed 😠 about more then a few events in this last book. Ultimately... i confess im head over feet in love. 😍i think what it really is. Is the writing? Nothings repetitive. Everythings described in a way where it's detailed without.... details? Hmm🤔yup that sounds weird. I dont rally know what im trying to say. Except this book got me. Th...
  • Christina
    Wow! Excellent sequel to the amazing Given to the Sea. McGinnis writes books that you have to slow down and savor; these are the most literary fantasy books I've ever read, very different and memorable. The stories of Khosa, the Given who is now The Redeemed, King Vincent, the Lithos Witt, and Dara and Donil the Indiri, continue in this volume to be as intertwined and interdependent on each other as the land and sea of the kingdoms of Stille and...
  • Caro Herrera
    This actually a high 3.5 for me. So... 3.6, I guess?The story started out slow and I was a little bored at first. I kind of felt the same way about the first book, though. However, the ending really picked up and tore my heart out.Also- I'm going to need more information in this epilogue. I have questions! Lots and lots of questions that remain unanswered!!! (Ok, it's really just 3 questions, but they're big questions!)Anyway, this book is beauti...
  • Michelle Vandal
    Amazing conclusion to wonderful story. Since reading Given to the Sea, I anxiously awaited this story. I was pulled in from the beginning and did not want to stop reading but I needed sleep. The cast was large. Khosa & Vincent's story was beautifully told. As were the intertwining stories of others, Dara, Donil, Witt & Ank.This tale of a kingdom facing disasters from so many turns draws you in and doesn't let you go until you are immersed. You ar...
  • Lekeisha The Booknerd
    Well, I wasn't expecting to like this more than its predecessor, but it took away the dislike for that god awful love triangle! I am pleasantly surprised by whom is "given to the earth". It does make sense in the end. And I found myself liking Khosa more in this sequel. Together, these two books are good fantasy for your fodder. Okay, that sounds totally dirty. LOL! Seriously, if Given To The Earth was just a standalone, I'd have probably given i...
  • Galaxia Moon
    The ending sucks. Okay, the way to kill off a beloved character is not to have a secondary character who’s rarely named and has no thoughts stab them in the chest. Other than that, it’s a lovely book. A little dismal I guess you could say. These books are strange to me simply because of how quiet they seem. Like even when action happens, it feels hollow.It’s cool though, and I’d pick it up again.
  • Toni
    This series is so thoughtful and beautiful and also thoroughly fucked me up. Thank you, Mindy, for these wonderful characters, but also for destroying me? I will never be able to forget them. They mean too much.Cool. I’m gonna go cry some more now!
  • Garrett Olinde
    Too many major improbabilities in one character's storyline. Otherwise 4 stars.
  • Taylor
    I skimmed the last half. I was just really bored of the domestic drama and stopped caring about anyone's lives.
  • Amber
    3.5 stars
  • Cassandra (Thebookishcrypt)
    *Copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review*I didn't even notice that I never wrote my review for this book!! What?!It doesn't help that I made no notes on my reading experience either since I was too busy devouring this novel. Because of that I'm about to attempt to write this review from memory alone. Given to the Earth picks up a short while after Given to the Sea as Khosa's life was changed forever. This sequel completely sto...