Now We Are Dead by Stuart MacBride

Now We Are Dead

From the No. 1 bestselling author of the Logan McRae series, comes a standalone spinoff featuring DS Roberta SteelSergeant Roberta Steel has recently been demoted after being caught fitting up a suspect. The trouble is, the man she got sent down has had his sentence quashed now he’s back on the streets. And women are being attacked again. But if DS Steel goes anywhere near him his lawyers will get her thrown off the force for good.The Powers Th...

Details Now We Are Dead

TitleNow We Are Dead
Release DateNov 2nd, 2017
PublisherHarper Collins
GenreMystery, Crime, Fiction, Cultural, Scotland

Reviews Now We Are Dead

  • Paromjit
    Stuart McBride takes us back into Aberdeen and the mayhem that marks its policing with what Tufty describes as 'The Wrinkled Filthy Horror of Doom' that is DS Steel. In a story structured in the manner of Winnie the Pooh, and oh, that seems so apt, the shambolic Steel gets to be the star of show, with the almost complete absence of Logan McRae. Roberta Steel has been caught fitting up a suspect for a crime he actually committed, and she has been ...
  • Liz Barnsley
    Is there a single detective anywhere created in fiction who could outdo Roberta Steel? No is what I say – she is (subjectively) the single most entertaining and cleverly written police protagonist on the block. All the blocks. In my humble opinion anyway – therefore a book from the uber talented Mr MacBride focusing on her was probably the biggest book treat I’ve had this year.I rocketed through this like a grasshopper on acid, immediately ...
  • Sandy
    3.5 starsOh man…this is a tough one. First let me say I’m a huge fan of this author. HUGE. When I see a new book of his on the horizon, I break out the happy dance. And immediately begin plotting how to make it mine.I’ve read all the Logan McRae & Ash Henderson books & although this one is tagged as belonging to the former, it heads off in a new direction starring DS Roberta Steel, Logan’s sometime partner & author of his nightmares. She ...
  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    A novel starring DS Roberta Steel? Can that really work? I mean I like her, she is a great character in the Logan McRae series. But, can she really front her own own book? Oh yes, she can!If you have read any of Stuart MacBride's books, then you already know he's a terrific writer, a man that can write a crime book that feels like three books crammed into one (it works, don't know how, but it does) and mix action, humor and tragedy and hilarious ...
  • Linda Strong
    The fans of Stuart McBride's Logan McRae series will certainly recognize DS Roberta Steel is this standalone spinoff.DS Roberta Steel ... .she's a rather unique character. She's rude to the point of being obnoxious to everyone. She's definitely no lady by any stretch of the imagination. But she fights hard for victims of crime... and she's willing to cross that line to get it.DS Steel was recently demoted from DCI. Actually, she's lucky she didn'...
  • Andrea
    Won this book on first reads,really good cop thriller.
  • Cphe
    Roberta Steele has been demoted after attempting to stitch up a suspect in this spin off from the excellent Logan McRae series. Roberta's not happy and she makes sure that everyone knows it. Roberta knows who the guilty party is and she won't rest until she gets her man.If you enjoy slap stick dialogue then you'll enjoy this offering. This novel doesn't have the intensity or the real humour of the earlier McRae novels. It falls far short. In some...
  • Karen
    When I read this back in January I posted a review. Or at least I thought I did. Imagine my surprise when I found it here in the draft queue. Whoops.NOW WE ARE DEAD is a spinoff from the Logan McRae series featuring the glorious DS Roberta Steel. I say glorious in a "slightly ironic / well of course she's a bit gross but she's unapologetically over the top about everything / has a heart of gold / seriously / if you can't handle your women strong,...
  • Kate
    Absolutely flaming brilliant!!! Yet again Stuart MacBride is the best.
  • David Stimpson
    I Would give this 6 0r 7 Stars if I Could .. Steele is the Greatest Cop Character I Have Ever Read ,,,This Book I think is My Favourite Stuart MacBride .. Wonderful ..Wonderful
  • Liz
    I'm on a roll with these 5-star books. This one could be nothing less.
  • Colin Mitchell
    The presentation of this book is some sort of tribute to A A Milne and comic book add-ons did little to enhance the story. Roberta Steele has been demoted to Sergeant and is back chasing shop lifters and other petty criminals while still seeking to catch the rapist Jack Wallace and bring to book the crazed villain who is also a loan shark. Logan McRae, now an inspector, has only a cameo role. Lots of mindless foul language finally soured the fair...
  • Val
    I received this book from Good Reads."No 1 Times Bestseller". I thought I was in for a good read, as I love detective stories, but I did not enjoy this one. I did read quite a bit of it, hoping my opinion would change, but it did not, so in the end I gave up on it.Too much trying to be funny for me. It was not my kind of humour.
  • Stargazer
    My favourite offering from Stuart McBride so far, from the winnie the pooh opening to the doodles of Tufty at the end, this was an entertaining read of one of my favourite characters of his. Sure it was farcical in parts but it helped lift the heaviness of the storyline and just suited the frame of mind i was in perfectly, though i daresay it won't be everyone's cup of tea. More please!
  • Christopher Williams
    I really liked this one-such good dialogue with lots of humour thrown in. Logan Macrae does not really appear but does not detract in my opinion. Roberta Steel and Tufty are brilliant!
  • Helen
    This is described as "Logan McRae 10.5" and it picks up the story of Roberta post-demotion (you do need to have read the others for this, I think). It's full of farce and very funny (I get so much more out of this now that I know what "sharny" means ...) The title, and the opening scene, are inspired by, of all things, Winnie the Pooh, and Roberta's new sidekick, who has the improbable name of S. Quirrel (nickname, obviously, Tufty), is a Tigger ...
    Super!I didn't think at first that this book would work so well without Logan but Tufty saved the day and became a worthy foil for Steele! I've read all Stuart's books at least twice and this one will be no exception!
  • Jen
    Any book which can incorporate my most favourite not-a-swear-word, fudgemonkeys, is always going to make me chuckle. Any book which combines the aforementioned not-a-swear-word and the irrepressible Roberta Steel – well you are pretty much guaranteed a cover to cover chucklefest of the grandest nature, all wrapped around issues so serious they can make your heart sink and your blood boil. And that is exactly what you are served by Stuart MacBri...
  • Lesley
    I've seen some fairly negative reviews, saying that Logan McRae is sorely missed - and of course, he is. That really goes without saying :)But I still enjoyed this nonetheless.Stuart MacBride's use of the Aberdonian dialectic alone, will keep me reading as I hear (in my head) my parents and other relatives voices saying these words and phrases with their perfect Aberdeen accents.Quite apart from the fact Stuart MacBride writes a damn good story, ...
  • Cindy
    My first Roberta Steel novel and I will definitely go back and read those that came before. What a crazy, out-of-control ride it was. Not sure I’ve run across a police officer quite as complex and interesting. Enjoyed it!
  • gem
    I’m a huge fan of the Logan McRea books, and having this one focus on the recently demoted Roberta Steel was brilliant as she is one of my faves characters in Crime Fiction. Steel and Tufty are after a very nasty man who’s doing unspeakable things outside peoples houses whilst wearing costumes. Much hilarity ensues as the duo try & uncover the criminal, all the whole eating bacon sandwiches & Roberta fiddling with the evil underwire in her br...
  • Doreen
    1/8/18 Not at all what I expected, in the best possible way. Full review tk.
  • Moirad
    Nominally an entry in the Logan McRae series, though he plays a very small part. The emphasis is on Roberta Steel, the cartoon character lesbian police officer who has been demoted to sergeant. The book follows similar lines to one in which McRae was demoted, with the protagonist having to deal with minor crimes for the most part, but with Steel obsessed with one criminal responsible for her demotion. Strange tone to the book, with gruesome crime...
  • Simon
    Fudge Flavoured Wombles in Tartan NoirThe odd thing is that I didn't give this book the best chance because I was in a foul mood when I started listening to it. Half an hour later my troubles were forgotten. This is a gloriously entertaining piece of Tartan Noir from Stuart McBride featuring a lead character who feels like a genuine force of nature.Readers of the Logan MCrae series will well remember the rather unfortunate Detective Inspector Rob...
  • Katy
    If the question is how do you write tartan noir inspired by classic children's books and come up with an absolute belter, the answer is Now We Are Dead. Good job and thank you Mr MacBride.
  • Abby Slater- Fairbrother
    I have recently been trying to catch up with the MacBride novels, I have fallen behind with. Last month I reviewed, A Dark So Deadly and I wanted to get this novel read before the latest MacBride novel release (so excited!). I also had my arm slightly bent up my back, by Kate, Eva and Jen aka the #MacBrideMafia. Who have threatened to kick me out the mafia if I didn’t pull my socks up and we all know what that means! Lol So here are my thoughts...
  • Karen Brooks
    Now We Are Dead by Stuart MacBride is described as number 10.5 in the Logan McRae series. While I believe it could be read as a standalone, there are many, many rewards for those who know the series and in particular, those who have grown to know and love the former DCI Roberta Steel, a major character throughout the series as well as Logan’s previous boss, the mother of his children and in many ways, his nemesis as well. A woman who is the mos...