A Merciful Secret (Mercy Kilpatrick #3) by Kendra Elliot

A Merciful Secret (Mercy Kilpatrick #3)

A pair of ritual murders could expose Mercy Kilpatrick to something terrifying: her own past…Raised off the grid by survivalists, Mercy Kilpatrick believed in no greater safeguard than the backwoods of Oregon. Unforgiven by her father for abandoning the fold for the FBI, Mercy still holds to her past convictions. They’re in her blood. They’re her secrets—as guarded as her private survival retreat hidden away in the foothills.In a cabin ne...

Details A Merciful Secret (Mercy Kilpatrick #3)

TitleA Merciful Secret (Mercy Kilpatrick #3)
Release DateJan 16th, 2018
PublisherMontlake Romance
GenreMystery, Romance, Romantic Suspense, Thriller, Suspense, Fiction

Reviews A Merciful Secret (Mercy Kilpatrick #3)

  • Maureen Carden
    You can take the prepper out of the family circle but you can’t take the prepper out of the girl. Mercy Kilpartrick is an FBI agent who has a hidden cabin in the woods and is a secret prepper. On the way back from a late night visit to her cabin she almost runs over a child desperately seeking help for her dying grandmother.Morrigan Sabin’s grandmother, Olivia, isn’t just dying, she has been slashed to death and Morrigan has been alone with...
  • Linda Strong
    FBI Agent Mercy Kilpatrick is not only a dedicated agent, she is also a 'prepper' ... a person who believes a catastrophic disaster or emergency is likely to occur in the future and makes active preparations for it, typically by stockpiling food, ammunition, and other supplies. Raised off the grid by her survivalist parents, this way of living is something very normal for her.She has a cabin deep in the woods where she goes every chance she gets....
  • Tulay
    Good story.Author created characters we care great deal what happens to them and that makes us read this series. Knifed and killed two completely different people. Mercy and her boyfriend police chief Truman, finds many family secrets.
  • Anita
    Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) provided by the Author and Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an fair and honest review.This is a really, really great mystery. It has a lot of layers and a lot of secrets to uncover to get to the baddie. Just a great old school mystery. Sorry you romance fans, the romance that is here is the cozy variety, but the mystery is off the charts good.Mercy is flagged down in the middle of the night, near her hidden, prep...
  • Melanie
    4.5 Stars!A Merciful Secret is even more action-packed and exciting than the first two books in the series with an intriguing case for Mercy and some great development for the characters.Mercy Kilpatrick was raised in the backwoods of Oregon by a family who believed in being prepared for the end of the world. Now an FBI agent, Mercy still believes in being prepared but hasn't held on to her father's distrust of government agencies. Late one night...
  • CD {Boulder Blvd}
    I really loved this series when it first came out in 2017; giving A Merciful Death (book #1) 4 stars and A Merciful Truth (book #2) 5 stars. I'm also a big fan of Kendra Elliott and I've enjoyed a number of her books.With that said, this book just didn't work for me as well as the first two in the series. I was actually hugely disappointed. Most of the disappointment is due to personal preferences. I don't like 1st POV and I don't like hopping PO...
  • Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey)
    Well, better than I anticipated. And better plot wise than the books before. The villain was slightly predictable. I’d excluded that person for that simple fact. But hey, I was wrong which is a good thing. I enjoyed it for the most part. And now I’m really interested in seeing where things go.
  • Kathy Martin
    Mercy Kilpatrick is on her way back from checking on her wilderness cabin when she almost runs down a girl. Morrigan is desperately searching for someone to help her grandmother. When Mercy gets to their isolated home, she find the grandmother dying after a brutal knife attack. Being out of cellphone range she takes Morrigan and drives to somewhere she can get reception before going back and waiting for the police. Morrigan's mother Salome is awa...
  • Rabid Reader
    The thrilling start to this story sets the stage beautifully for the rest of the exciting, suspenseful tale. When two seemingly unrelated victims are killed in a similar manner, Mercy and Truman find themselves drawn into the hunt for their cruel murderer. With hints of the supernatural, this tension filled story will defiantly keep you guessing. It has lots of breath holding, on the edge of your seat moments, great twists and plenty of action. I...
  • Caitlyn Lynch
    Mercy Kilpatrick is no ordinary FBI agent. Raised by a family of doomsday preppers, her life's philosophy boils down to Be Prepared… for anything.So when a terrified young girl stops her car on a deserted road through deep forests in the middle of the night, Mercy reacts a lot better than most in the situation would. At least, until the child leads her to an isolated cabin where an old woman is bleeding to death from multiple stab wounds.Soon, ...
  • Luli
    You can find this review in English below.**Esta reseña es de una ARC recibida gratuitamente y sólo refleja mi opinión personal sobre la historia.**Esta es la tercera entrega de la serie y es necesario leer las anteriores para disfrutar completamente de la historia. Aunque el suspense es independiente en cada una, las relaciones entre los personajes son una continuación de los libros anteriores.Fantástico suspense, sutil romance y el siempre...
  • Book Him Danno
    A Merciful Secret is a must read book for everyone who has read one story by Kendra Elliot. This is the 3rd book in the series and readers can start with book 1 or book 3 either way the author is able to pull readers in and covers the last two book quickly without taking away from the current story.A Merciful Secret is well paced story that is told from different points of view each one building hooking readers in keeping them wanting to know all...
  • Jean
    Another great addition to the series! This is the 3rd book in the Mercy Kilpatrick series but it can also be read as a stand-alone. Mercy Kilpatrick is an FBI agent trying to repair the damage with her estranged family. Raised within a family of preppers, she has a soul-deep need to always be prepared in case of TEOTWAWKI, the end of the world as we know it. She has a secret cabin where she goes to stock supplies for an emergency. On her drive ba...
  • Diane
    Being a "prepper" means you have to be ready for anything and everything - including witches?Another great read by Kendra Elliot. Mercy is opening up more to her boyfriend the sheriff and to her niece that is living with her - she would do anything to protect them!While Mercy is heading up to her secluded hideaway, a young girl comes running out of the woods, she's covered in blood, but not her own. It's her grandmother's blood and the wounds are...
  • Dawn
    This is my first Mercy Kilpatrick book but I'm so hooked. I cannot wait to go back and read the first two books.A crazy web of secrets and pain and death. This book is both three tragic ending of lives and relationships and the beginnings of new ones.I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
  • Melissa Borsey
    I really love this series featuring Mercy Kilpatrick, an FBI agent who owns a cabin that she maintains as a place she can live in and be prepared for any disaster thst may occur. On the way back into town from her cabin a little girl runs in front of Mercy's truck and leads her back to her home in the woods where her grandmother lays dying from knife wounds. With the help of her boyfriend, Police Chief Truman Daly, Mercy has vowed to find the mur...
  • Reen
    This is Book 3 of the Mercy Kilpatrick series and I do recommend reading the books in order. Mercy is on her way back from her wilderness cabin when she almost runs down Morrigan, a bloodied young girl, on the road. The girl is distraught and looking for help for her injured grandmother who is dying from a vicious knife attack. Morrigan's grandmother Olivia, and her mother Salome, are know as backwoods "witches" and many feel there is a supernatu...
  • Teresa
    Great book! This is the 3rd book in the Mercy Kilpatrick series. Just like all the other books in this series I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN! 😁 Being raised off the grid by survivalists has helped Mercy become a better FBI agent. Leaving her cabin one evening Mercy is stopped by a girl who takes her to her grandmother who has sustained several knife wounds. Mercy must find Morrigan's mother and find out who killed her grandmother.
  • Kim Reads (Read Your Writes Book Reviews)
    Reviewed by GeminiA Merciful Secret is the third book in the Mercy Kilpatrick series. Just like the other two, the suspense kept me on the edge of my seat until the bitter end. Kendra Elliot continues to write stories that draw you deep into the minds of the characters and really want to know why things are happening. Although I figured out who the killer was early on, I doubted myself until it got close to the end. There was a lot of information...
  • John W.
    Kendra Elliot continues developing her Mercy Kilpatrick character in her thrilling and fast-moving new release A MERCIFUL SECRET. Elliot provides her readers with backstory details helping them understand how Mercy’s upbringing and past influences the author’s developing storyline. She builds suspense and intrigue keeping her readers’ interest from the beginning to the dramatic ending. Mercy and Police Chief Truman Daly join forces to inves...
  • Darcy
    This one opened with a bang. At first I worried that Mercy was being lead to a situation where she was going to be hurt, instead Mercy was needed because someone else was hurt. The crimes seemed bad, also seemed connected, yet there was no thread we could see that connect them. It wasn't til the end that we learn how they were connected and it was so crazy how normal it was and how the bad guy's head was so twisted. The action at the end had me h...
  • Anne - Books of My Heart
    This review was originally posted on Books of My HeartI received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. I was happy to continue the  Mercy Kilpatrick series.  This feels more  crime/ mystery suspense than a romance. There is kissing but the sex is off page. I've enjoyed the world-building of this small town in a rural mountain area with many ...
  • Diane
    (Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me to read and review this book) A Merciful Secret by author Kendra Elliot, (Mercy Kilpatrick, 3) Is fast-paced and grabs the reader from the beginning scene. This is the first book I have read by this author and it will not be my last, In fact, I have already added more books by this author to my reading library.I enjoy the tenacity and strong will of the character of Mercy Kilpatrick. Mercy is...
  • Sonia Cristina
    Ora, Mercy e Truman estão de volta. Gosto muito destes dois, como casal são muito fofos. Como agentes da autoridade são bem espertos e trabalham bem juntos.Foi espetacular que Ava McLane e Michael Brody também entrassem neste livro, adoro rever personagens e quando são de séries diferentes, melhor ainda.Mas a personagem que mais me impressionou foi mesmo Salome. (view spoiler)[Mulher corajosa, não é? Mas que vida triste ela tem vivido, se...
  • Alima Livzletlivz
    Kendra Eliot’s new “Mercy Kilptrick” series continues with the latest release, “A Merciful Secret”, as Police Chief Truman Daly and Mercy Kilpatrick cruise into a relationship, taking care of her niece and slowly easing into mending fences with her family. But then there’s never a day off for the law enforcement, as Mercy becomes a key witness in the murder of a little girl’s grandmother. With a similar related murder of a renowned ...
  • Carolyn's
    As always with this series Kendra Elliot has delivered a suspenseful story with twists and turns that keep your attention the entire read. Mercy Kilpatrick is such a great character that is hard working, honest, devoted and compassionate about her job and family. Mercy gets pulled immediately into the story with the initial murder that sets the stage for the book. The setting of this home in the middle of nowhere that becomes not only a crime sce...
  • Book Lover
    Mercy Kilpatrick was raised by parents who are survivalists. Her dad is very angry that she left them to become an FBI agent. However, her survivalist teachings stuck with her. She has a cabin in the middle of nowhere stocked with enough supplies to last for years. She is raising her teenage niece at her brother’s request before his death. On a trip back to town after visiting her cabin, a young girl runs out from the woods to flag her down. Sh...
  • Barb Shuler
    4.5*'sAs always Kendra delivered a story that had me on the edge of my seat. There were a few parts that were not as fast paced as others but over all it was a fantastic read. It seems that Mercy can get herself into all kinds of trouble even if she isn't looking for it. And not just any kind of trouble. Oh no, she has to get herself buried neck deep in the snow, gun fire and well, ya know, fire. Throughout it all she has her friends (co workers)...
  • ⚜️Trea
    Normally, I don't have much of a problem reading a romantic suspense novel. They suck me in, give me thrills, and I wind up chewing through them in a day or less. The first two books hit some of those notes, though not all of them. This one, however, hit none of them.While the story started out with a jolt, it quickly fizzled out, becoming extremely boring to me, to the point where I read other books while reading this one and took a month to rea...