I Am Watching You by Teresa Driscoll

I Am Watching You

What would it take to make you intervene?When Ella Longfield overhears two attractive young men flirting with teenage girls on a train, she thinks nothing of it—until she realises they are fresh out of prison and her maternal instinct is put on high alert. But just as she’s decided to call for help, something stops her. The next day, she wakes up to the news that one of the girls—beautiful, green-eyed Anna Ballard—has disappeared.A year l...

Details I Am Watching You

TitleI Am Watching You
Release DateOct 1st, 2017
PublisherBrilliance Audio
GenreMystery, Fiction, Thriller, Suspense, Mystery Thriller, Crime, Drama, Contemporary, Adult, Did Not Finish

Reviews I Am Watching You

  • Obsidian
    I read this for "Free Space/Creepy Raven". "I am Watching You" by Teresa Driscoll which is a thriller/mystery. Eh where to begin. Besides the poorly developed characters, the switching from first to third person, and the slut shaming that was thrown in for good measure, I don't know what to think of this book. The initial premise intrigued me, too bad that Driscoll decided that instead of sticking with one character throughout which would have ma...
  • Renita D'Silva
    I LOVE this author's writing and her previous two novels are among my favourite reads ever so I was eagerly waiting for this book. And wow! With this amazing, unputdownable, suspenseful masterpiece, Teresa Driscoll proves that she is right up there with the best thriller writers of today. This book is genius! What I admire most about this author is her beautiful writing, spare and yet heart-wrenching, and this book combines that wonderful writing...
  • Ashlynn
  • Dee Arr
    There are elements that are very good in Teresa Driscoll’s book, “I Am Watching You.” At the same time, there are other aspects of the book that were bothersome.The book is composed of short chapters, with a number of characters relating the story. The main character is Ella, identified in her titled chapters as The Witness. Ella was on a train ride and thus became one of the last people to see Anna before she disappeared. She was also able...
  • Mlpmom (Book Reviewer)
    3.5 Stars. RTC!
  • Jules
    I am Watching You is a gripping psychological thriller that I found very intriguing and almost impossible to put down right from the start. This book felt very real and I was so engrossed in it, I completely forgot I was reading.There was a great mix of believable characters and I really wasn’t sure who to trust, due to secrets certain characters were hiding. Despite having my suspicions, I didn’t guess the outcome in advance.This was a tense...
  • Khushboo
    It's a page turner alright. The basic plot and idea of "what would you have done" was really very intriguing. But, a good thriller in my opinion is one which drops hints throughout the book which leads to the 'Aha!' moment in the end when the truth is revealed.The ending is so unrelated to whatever is discussed throughout the book that nobody could have seen it coming. That totally spoils the fun of a suspense novel however enjoyable the story le...
  • Amy's Book Reviews
    3.5 STARSElla sees two ex cons talking to two teenagers on a train. That night, Anna disappears after clubbing with her friend Sarah. One year later, no new leads on Anna's disappearance and Ella is wracked with guilt. But everyone is holding back vital information from the police, secrets that could lead to the culprit.Told in alternating chapters from Ella's first person POV and the third person points of view of a private detective, Anna's fat...
  • Vikki Patis
    It seems I'm the odd one out here, my 3 stars amongst the 4* and 5*. Unfortunately, this book just didn't live up to expectations. A new thriller is being released every minute, or so it seems, and so it can be difficult to make your work stand out.My honest opinion of I Am Watching You is that there was something missing, some element that meant it didn't completely grab me. Perhaps it could have done with some more character development, but th...
  • Sarah
    Full review on publication day.
  • Teresa
    This book caught my attention from the beginning. A twisty suspenseful story asking the question "what would you do"? Two young girls traveling together for a girls week-end. Two young men fresh out of prison. A woman witnessing an exchange between the girls and the young men. The next morning the witness learns one of the girls is missing. The roller coaster ride begins. This story unfolds in short chapters being told by the friend, the witness,...
  • Nthambi
    Chapter 4 and I am already seething!!!!!!! Ella must have a big problem if she thinks that Anna's disappearance is her fault, and everyone else who blames her is very hypocritical. I don't know the entire story yet, and I am not sure if I can withstand all these stupid feelings of guilt and blame to finish the book.Decided to continue to Chapter 6, and I cannot understand how a woman who almost called a girl's parents (she did not know this girl ...
  • Cathy
    2.5 stars. Girl goes missing. Witness, family,friends and police revisit the unsolved case a year later around the anniversary of the disappearance. The plot definitely held my interest, but I was slightly disappointed at the ending. There is a reason it took the police a year to solve this crime. It's not so much that the ending/reveal was implausible, but rather that the author didn't drop enough breadcrumbs throughout the book to allow readers...
  • Lynda Kelly
    This was my Kindle First choice for September. I was torn between this one and another and I'm pleased I picked this one as I enjoyed it so much. It has mysteries, secrets and plenty of intrigue and I just loved the way it was written as well. She writes like perhaps she uses Twitter a lot.....short and choppy and says all she needs to in those few words which I like a great deal. Why get all wordy when there's no need ? The line she wrote-"You k...
  • Wendy
    Ah, this is what I call a first-rate read - one you absolutely need to discover for yourselves, so I will give nothing away!It conveyed a picture of events so vivid it felt as though I could easily be watching a continuous live footage of key people at the epicentre of a missing girl’s life. With one-to-one personal bulletins connecting them directly to me, the reader, I could experience first-hand the aftershocks that followed as they rumbled ...
  • Cindy Stavropoulos
    Cindy StavropoulosJust finished! Absolutely loved the organization of your book. I began to anticipate each chapter because it kept the twisting and turning at an epic level of suspense. Putting it down was no easy task. Thank goodness my husband was entranced by Sunday football. I loved it so much!!! Thank you for a great read.
  • Lisa Luikart
    Hard To Put DownI have been reading mediocre books lately. Not this one! Very well written. Fleshed out characters. A surprise ending. What more could a reader want?I recommend this book!
  • Colette Lamberth
    I thought this was a great read. It was obviously important to my enjoyment that I liked how Ella sounded as her chapters were in first person and I can sometimes struggle with that. The private investigator was an interesting character and one that I would be happy to see return in future work. I read this is the course of a day and when I finished it I felt like I wanted to read it again to see if there were clues there that I missed the first ...
  • Ashley
    It was a nice attempt at a thriller. The plot was interesting and the characters were made to be somewhat two-dimensional. The book is mostly rambling thoughts of different characters. The chapters are short, clipped, and always end in a cliff-hanger or a secret. Some of the things introduced in the book really don't have anything to do with the plot and were introduced, in my opinion, for shock value. I think the book ended in a very forced, "co...
  • Kirstin
    DNF .. don't think I've ever given up on a book so fast! I immediately hated the way it was written, the self evaluation of her naivety and the fact it just didn't feel at all realistic... I mean, come on, would anyone overhear a conversation and then start thinking about ringing a strangers mother to warn them their daughter is associating with the wrong type of person?????
  • Katherine Walters
    BlahWas boring and slow. Over all just blah with half developed characters, a lot of repetition. Unimpressed, glad I didn't pay for this.
  • Bobbi
    I picked this book as my Kindle First this month. It looked like it had tons of promise. How wrong I was. The premise is good. Girl gone missing. No one knows what happened to her. The story is told from 4 different perspectives that jump around. Ella, the witness. Harry, the father. Matthew, the private investigator. Sarah, the friend. I like when perspectives jump around. It always makes things more interesting when you can get in to other char...
  • Laveda Kasch
    Suspenseful, mystery, thriller. This book based around the case of a young missing girl named Anna. She and a friend take a trip to London for the weekend but only one of them come back. Although the book is basicly about Anna, we get to read several different characters POV's. The fathers, the friend's, the witness, the private eye, and even the one who did it (the watcher), although, you won't guess who did it. That's the best part about this b...
  • Eeva
    It's a very disappointing book.The idea was promising, the execution not so much.The narration seems very scattered - switching from first person POV to third person. It's confusing and annoying, since Ella (the 1st person POV)is such a whiny bitch I just wanted to slap her. Her chapters are repetitive, we just read how she goes on and on and on about her guilt. OMG just shut up!The other characters are one dimensional and annoying just like Ella...
  • Cindy
    I liked this book from the beginning, but the fact that it began like The Girl on the Train made me a little skeptical as I thought it might be just a copy cat kind of book. It was not. I found the book very hard to put down. It was not a predictable ending, which I loved. Some great likable characters (especially Ella, the witness) and some not so likable. The story begins with the witness, Ella, riding on a train and observing two young men in ...
  • Kathy LeJeune
    This was my Kindle First choice for September. It had almost 1300 reviews on Amazon consisting of 3+ stars. 68% were 5 stars! Goodreads was not that kind, I am not sure why it was rated with 1 and 2 stars. I thought the book was great and it was an easy read. I read authors from UK, Iceland and other countries all the time and enjoy the not American English. I think the book was a solid suspenseful novel, I liked the characters and I think they w...
  • Genevieve Burgess
    There were some interesting dynamics here on the nature of guilt, but overall it felt a bit flat towards the end. While we get very thorough characterizations of the point of view characters, several major confrontations or revelations are left off the page. A chapter will end with a character resolving to tell someone a big secret or admit to lying, and then we'll jump back into their perspective after the reveal has been made and they're reflec...
  • Sophie
    A solid thriller, with some twists I didn't see coming. It was jarring to switch points-of-view, because some characters used first-person and some used third, which I suspect is uncommon for a reason. The first half had way too many of those "if only they knew THE TRUTH..." moments for my taste, but the answers didn't wait too long to start coming, and it kept me reading until the end. I liked the flower arrangement theme and Ella was easily the...
  • Tracy Fleming-Swehla
    I loved this edge-of-my-seat suspense/thriller about two young girls who go on a weekend trip with friends. One of the girls goes missing and there are no clues. A woman who was on the train with them comes forward and describes the girls as she saw them on the train, and she begins receiving death threats and negative press. Upon the one-year anniversary of Anna's disappearance more information on the case begins appearing and everyone's story s...
  • Tammy Lee Bradley
    Excellent book from beginning to end. I found the characters to be likable and thoroughly flushed out. There is nothing like a good suspense novel that I do not figure out midway through. Well done!Favorite Character: EllaFavorite Passage: "So often this past year I have wondered what exactly makes us the way we are. I don’t just mean the nature/nurture thing, I mean the sum of our personality and the decisions we make. All the thoughts that fi...