We're Going to Need More Wine by Gabrielle Union

We're Going to Need More Wine

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER “A book of essays as raw and honest as anyone has ever produced.” — Lena Dunham, Lenny Letter In the spirit of Amy Poehler’s Yes Please, Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl, and Roxane Gay's Bad Feminist, a powerful collection of essays about gender, sexuality, race, beauty, Hollywood, and what it means to be a modern woman.One month before the release of the highly anticipated film The Birth of a Nation,...

Details We're Going to Need More Wine

TitleWe're Going to Need More Wine
Release DateOct 17th, 2017
PublisherDey Street Books
GenreNonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Writing, Essays, Biography, Audiobook, Biography Memoir

Reviews We're Going to Need More Wine

  • Reading in Black & White
    I was kind of surprised by how honest and transparent Gabrielle was in this collection of essays. It is important to note that these are essays so don't expect a full memoir, and with that being said, not all details of her life were given and some things were completely left out. Some essays are hysterical, some are heartbreaking, and others hit close to home. We're Going to Need More Wine is the perfect title as this book touched on a number of...
  • Erin
    I love Gabrielle Union! I love her movies, I love her show, I loved this book, and I love her as a person.Gabrielle or Nickie as her her friends and family know her, has been my friend in my head for years. I obviously don't know her in real life but I've always felt that if I met her I would like her. This book has confirmed it. We're Going To Need More Wine is honest, funny as hell, raw, and smart just like the woman herself. This isn't a memoi...
  • Read In Colour
    Very open & honest, Gabrielle Union is not just a pretty face. She's really smart and really funny and now I want to be her BFF.
  • Michael
    Gabrielle Union had me laughing so loud reading this memoir. I knew that she was a talented actress, but I had no idea that was so funny and had a rough life. Usually when you see people in Hollywood, the perception that you have of them are that they are 'perfect' without flaws. However this book unveiled a lot of things about Union life that I had no prior knowledge of. Things such as being discriminated based on the color of her skin, bullying...
  • Isabel Jones
    This woman is a national fucking treasure
  • Andre
    If you are looking for a memoir in the strictest sense, this is not that book. If you are seeking a book of essays in the sense of argument presentation, again this is not that book. And that's a good thing, because what this is, as the subtitle states are stories from the accomplished Gabrielle Union, which works out absolutely fine. And these stories run the gamut from the personal to the professional. She tells stories about race, gender, feel...
  • Seymone
    She spoke to the nuances of my life. I loved this memoir!!! Will reread and take my time with her words.
  • Cherrelle Shelton
    Gabrielle Union was funny and honest in her collection of essays. There were parts of her book where I laughed, where I teared up, and where I said "I know that's right!" out loud ☺ She was so relatable, explaining situations that I kind of thought I was alone in. I already loved her as an amazing actress, but this book made me love her even more. Gabrielle Union was funny and honest in her collection of essays. There were parts of her book w...
  • Ariel
    More like 4.5 stars. If you're looking for a chronological play-by-play of Gabrielle Union's life, this book isn't it. Instead, this book feels--exactly like the author says in the introduction--like meeting up with one of your really thoughtful and worldly friends, reminiscing over a few glasses of wine and laughing so loud with each other that everyone in the restaurant is staring. The books starts with her as young awkward black girl, spending...
  • Lekeisha The Booknerd
    This book is so relevant. So relevant, that it needs to be passed around and be required reading for young black girls. And hey, I know that a lot of females, not matter your race (and males, if I'm to be honest) can relate to these stories. True stories. Like, this stuff is so honest that I cringed at certain points. Gabrielle lays it all out on the table. Some stories are even funny (I hope you never see Queeshaun again, Gabby), and then there ...
  • Ngiste
    Powerful stories from her life. Less about being an actress, and more about being a successful black woman.
  • Eliza
    (3.5) I wanted to give this four stars but...I’ll be honest: if you weren’t that crazy about Gabrielle Union before, this book probably won’t help. Overall, this was a more honest read than I was expecting. There were times I literally laughed out loud and what she says about raising Black sons is spot on.It’s clear by the end of the book that there were certain topics she wasn’t going to speak on (and that’s 100% her right). I felt i...
  • Melissa
    More like 3.5 stars
  • Valerie
    Gabrielle Union is funny . Like "laugh out loud, I want to be your friend, can we share a glass of wine and dinner together?" funny. There were multiple instances reading this book when I laughed out loud and I'm 1000% percent positive that the woman behind them delivers just as effectively and hilariously in person as she does on the page (mainly because I've been enjoying her press tour for this book over the last few weeks). On top of being s...
  • Jenny (adultishbooks)
    I have very complicated feelings toward this audiobook. First off, I really like Gabrielle Union’s acting and her roles. Deliver Us from Eva is a GREAT movie and one of the best romantic comedies I’ve seen. However, I had a real hard time getting through this audiobook.I understand it was meant to be a collection of stories from her life but it did feel jumbled and hard to follow at points. I found the latter half more interesting that the fi...
  • Angela Pineda
    I loved this memoir. Gabrielle Union is funny, raw, and real: her writing is quite engaging. It felt like listening to an old friend... one who experienced far different things than I ever have, but someone who I wanted to keep hearing from. I always thought she was one of the most gorgeous women alive.. and hearing her talk about her insecurities, especially at a younger age, was eye opening. This is a great read regardless, but is especially po...
  • Zainab Sulaiman
    An honest and very open collection of stories about Gabrielle’s life. I loved every single one. Heavy topics discussed with grace, boldness, and brilliance. Gabrielle is really smart and hilarious!!! While reading I kept waiting for her to mention how she looks like 21 at 45, but she didn’t. Maybe in the next book?
  • Emily Laga
    I love this book. Funny, smart, brutally honest and packed with spot on social commentary. No topic is off limits. I plan on gifting this book to a few people this holiday season. It’s great.
  • Saitonne
    Loved the book. It really is like talking to a girlfriend. She lets you into her world and shares her vulnerability as you would with a dear friend. The lessons contained are for every woman, we can see slivers of ourselves in it. I was also not prepared for how funny some of it was or how heartbreaking. Through it all her spirit shines through. Worth the read for sure!
  • Paige Erin
    Wow. I don't know what else to say right now but wow.
  • Connie
    Wow! Totally heart-tugging as well as captivating! This series of heartfelt essays are also extremely enlightening regarding race relations in America. Ms. Union "talks the talk" about what life throws at us and how our reaction to the experience will either lift us up or slam us to the ground. Her experiences as a young, black girl in school, trying to blend in with her insensitive white schoolmates, are hilarious as well as heartbreaking and pa...
  • Marzie
    I received an Advance Reader's copy of this book from Edelweiss and won a paperback copy in a Goodreads Giveaway.Actress Gabrielle Union pulls no punches in this memoir filled with vignettes from her early life to present day. An outspoken activist for women's reproductive rights, against sexual assault, and against race and gender-related implicit bias, Union gives us a book that is bold and speaks to the challenges of being a black woman, a bla...
  • Michelle
    This isn't memoir but more a series of essays about her life and experiences. Gabrielle Union is the actress you see in movies and offering interviews, but this book is more Nickie Union. That was her name in school. Nickie is funnier, a little meaner, more honest and hilarious. I often found myself laughing aloud in public. She is honest about her first marriage, her jealousy about her career and other actresses, and her childhood as one of the ...
  • Lena Irish
    Nickie! I loved it. I so related to your Bay Area experiences, having grown up in Northern California too. I wish I would have been able to read this BEFORE seeing you in Atlanta at your book signing, because I would have said, "No you did not bring up Kim's Nails AND Rasputin's"...and you even mentioned my Epsilon Mu brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha at San Jose State! I appreciated your transparency and laughed my butt off and all of your experiences...
  • Devan Kaduce
    But what does that say about aspirational living? Hey, you moved into a big house and you made it...except you didn't. There's this idea that you will be safe if you just get famous enough, successful enough, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, move into the right neighborhood, do all these things to fully assimilate into the America people have been sold on. We all bought in, and we keep thinking if we just get over this mountain of assimilatio...
  • Elissa
    Absolutely loved this book!! I loved her honesty. I felt like I learned so much about her and so many ways that I can relate to her as a woman. Her raw honesty and emotion reminded me that she is a human! She inspired me to fight my fears and to open up and be more vulnerable. This woman is amazing and beautiful. This woman is strength!
  • Candy
    Standing ovation to Gabrielle. This was an amazing well written well told story. She had me drawn in from beginning to the very end. There were tears, laughter and eye opening “no she did not just say that” moments. I absolutely love it. She’s so real. I highly recommend this book especially if you’re a fan and more so if you’re not. You just may end up liking the real life down to earth women who lives inside Gabrielle.
  • Naeemah Huggins
    This book was hilarious as hell, it didn't seem intentional though, it just was. I love her experiences, I didn't like her in a few of them but I could understand her motivations and she always told the truth. I respect a truth teller, its says 'This is me, a complete complex human being, and this is how and why I became this way. Take it or leave it'. Well I choose to take it Nicki, warts and all.She talks about her life growing up in Pleasanton...
  • Corie Tracey
    Absolutely loved every single chapter of this book. A great insightful collection of essays with truth about living an authentic life. Gabrielle’s narration added to how personal and relatable these stories felt.