We're Going to Need More Wine by Gabrielle Union

We're Going to Need More Wine

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER “A book of essays as raw and honest as anyone has ever produced.” — Lena Dunham, Lenny Letter In the spirit of Amy Poehler’s Yes Please, Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl, and Roxane Gay's Bad Feminist, a powerful collection of essays about gender, sexuality, race, beauty, Hollywood, and what it means to be a modern woman.One month before the release of the highly anticipated film The Birth of a Nation,...

Details We're Going to Need More Wine

TitleWe're Going to Need More Wine
Release DateOct 17th, 2017
PublisherDey Street Books
GenreNonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Audiobook, Biography

Reviews We're Going to Need More Wine

  • Lola
    You don’t actually need wine to read this book, but it sure feels as though Gabrielle Union herself is in front of you, at the other end of the table, telling you her life story. She comes out as very approachable through her wonderful writing style. She is detailed and precise, and a skilled story-teller. I could picture everything happening clearly in my mind, and the fact that these stories are all true makes them all the more important.You ...
  • Reading in Black & White
    I was kind of surprised by how honest and transparent Gabrielle was in this collection of essays. It is important to note that these are essays so don't expect a full memoir, and with that being said, not all details of her life were given and some things were completely left out. Some essays are hysterical, some are heartbreaking, and others hit close to home. We're Going to Need More Wine is the perfect title as this book touched on a number of...
  • Erin
    I love Gabrielle Union! I love her movies, I love her show, I loved this book, and I love her as a person.Gabrielle or Nickie as her her friends and family know her, has been my friend in my head for years. I obviously don't know her in real life but I've always felt that if I met her I would like her. This book has confirmed it. We're Going To Need More Wine is honest, funny as hell, raw, and smart just like the woman herself. This isn't a memoi...
  • Sher❤ The Fabulous BookLover
    4 Stars:)*Audiobook Review*I’ve never really known what to think of Gabrielle Union. I loved her in Bring it On and Being Mary Jane, but I didn’t know what to think since I've never really been crazy about her. We’re Going To Need More Wine is a collection of stories that are so transparent and real, from stories about infertility, rape to racism and Hollywood. I was surprised by how candid she is. There’s heartbreaking moments, funny mom...
  • Read In Colour
    Very open & honest, Gabrielle Union is not just a pretty face. She's really smart and really funny and now I want to be her BFF.
  • Holly
    When I think 'Gabrielle Union' I think 'gorgeous woman and talented actress'. This book was not the light fluffy memoir I expected based on my superficial perception, instead it delves into topics such as rape, death, infertility, racism, and divorce. Now, it's not all a downer, there's a good mix of fun in there too to lighten it all up including Prince and some funny high school high jinks. My only complaint, much like with Trevor Noah's Born a...
  • Michael
    Gabrielle Union had me laughing so loud reading this memoir. I knew that she was a talented actress, but I had no idea that was so funny and had a rough life. Usually when you see people in Hollywood, the perception that you have of them are that they are 'perfect' without flaws. However this book unveiled a lot of things about Union life that I had no prior knowledge of. Things such as being discriminated based on the color of her skin, bullying...
  • Obsidian
    I recall this came out last year. A friend of mine went to a book signing by Gabrielle Union and was raving over this book. I was hesitant to read cause I'm heard on memoirs and always feel guilty when I don't like them. Cause if you don't like the memoir, you don't like the person. If it's ghostwritten though all bets are off.I know of Gabrielle Union. I'm an African American woman and have been watching and obsessing over her since I was a teen...
  • Monica **can't read fast enough**
    Gabrielle Union doesn't hold anything back in this memoir and hearing her experiences in her own voice makes her story even more engaging. I knew very little about Gabrielle's personal life before listening to We're Going to Need More Wine, and she is definitely a woman to admire. She embraces her weaknesses and her strengths and is unapologetic in her honesty. Union addresses sexual assault and how it impacted her into her adulthood and relation...
  • Ezinwanyi
    Gabrielle was rather honest about where she is from, where she's been, and where she hopes she is headed. Some of it is funny, some were sad but all of it was candid. I feel like most of Being Miss Jane is based loosely on Gabrielle's life. It is a reminder that celebrities are just humans who have all the same tragedies, work places struggles, and need for privacy like everyone. I enjoyed it and wish her all the success in her life.
  • Luvvie
    I just read this whole book in 4 hours in 1 sitting. It was so honest. So vulnerable. So real. Also funny. Could not have been easy to write cuz she really puts herself on the stand. This is so good. Loved it. Gabby did that!
  • Evette
    I thought I was done reading celebrity memoirs. I've read Gabourey Sidibe's, Shonda Rhimes', Phoebe Robinson's and countless others, and all of them were good, but I thought I'd had my fill. Gabrielle Union proved me wrong. Her memoir in essays is absolutely incredible. It's bitingly funny, but also sobering as Union delves into so many different subjects, including rape, PTSD, racism, colorism, and metastatic breast cancer. By far, "We're Going ...
  • Trish
    Celebrity memoirs are a special breed of animal. Considering how much speculation goes on around celebrity lives in the tabloids, it must be nice to be able to steer the conversation, and admit or deny things of which they have been accused. Gabriela Union keeps it lively; to my sensibility she appears fearless. Forty-five years old now, I suppose it is not too early for her to tell all. She is happily married, her work is widely admired and keep...
  • Lorraine
    What an honest and candid conversation. I was left open-mouthed most times and other times, I was like, yass...girl, you are the one.My experience with Gabriele Union has been through the movie or tv roles she played and I only started paying attention to her a few years ago. Her characters always appeared so in control of everything: their emotions, careers and love lives. I was always in awe of the women she was playing.Reading this book felt l...
  • Jen
    3.75I've liked Gabrielle Union since I was a young teenager, even though I've never really known that much about her.This book - a series of chapters detailing varying moments in her life from childhood, to her present day adulthood and celebrity status - helped to confirm that I had been right all along. She is a fierce.Written in a comfortable conversational tone, it's almost as if Gabrielle sat down to write to me personally. To tell me about ...
  • Eliza
    (3.5) I wanted to give this four stars but...I’ll be honest: if you weren’t that crazy about Gabrielle Union before, this book probably won’t help. Overall, this was a more honest read than I was expecting. There were times I literally laughed out loud and what she says about raising Black sons is spot on.It’s clear by the end of the book that there were certain topics she wasn’t going to speak on (and that’s 100% her right). I felt i...
  • Isabel Jones
    This woman is a national fucking treasure
  • Chris
    I really wish that Lena Dunham's name would stop being dropped when talking about feminist books. I haven't read Dunham's book because everytime she opens her mouth, she shows me that she isn't a feminist. Why she is consider the standard I have no friggin idea.If you want a book that is really by a feminist and someone with a brain, this is the book for you. I can't say that I have seen every movie or tv show in Union's body of work, but she is ...
  • Eilonwy
    I don't usually read celebrity memoirs. But Lola’s review was so glowing, I made an exception. And I am glad I did! Gabrielle Union is amazingly open and willing to share the parts of her life that have caused her the most pain and shame (among happy times, too), and she does it engagingly and with zero judgement for either herself or her reader. Like Trevor Noah's Born a Crime, this is more a collection of essays organized around a timeline o...
  • Andre
    If you are looking for a memoir in the strictest sense, this is not that book. If you are seeking a book of essays in the sense of argument presentation, again this is not that book. And that's a good thing, because what this is, as the subtitle states are stories from the accomplished Gabrielle Union, which works out absolutely fine. And these stories run the gamut from the personal to the professional. She tells stories about race, gender, feel...
  • Seymone
    She spoke to the nuances of my life. I loved this memoir!!! Will reread and take my time with her words.
  • Brandice
    I’ve been a fan of Gabrielle Union for many years, and I enjoyed this book. It’s a collection of stories from her life, not in any particular order, but I appreciated the relatively informal tone throughout the book. It felt relatable, like reminiscing with or catching up with an old friend. She touches on race, class and gender, from her own experiences in work and in life. Some chapters were more relatable than others, and some more enjoyab...
  • Jess | thegreeneyedreader
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5 Stars. I absolutely loved this book! I learned so much about Gabrielle Union that I did not know before. I listened to the audiobook (read by the author) and I really enjoyed it. It’s very easy to listen to and follow along. She was raw and honest about her experiences. Some of her stories were tear-jerking and some were laugh-out-loud funny. I listened to this memoir in only two sittings and I highly recommend it! #jpbookre...
  • Heather
    Her stories were entertaining and thought provoking, her sense of humor is hilarious and she isn’t afraid to use profanity. Score!
  • MissFabularian
    Can't wait for book club! I have so many feelings.
  • Valerie
    Gabrielle Union is funny . Like "laugh out loud, I want to be your friend, can we share a glass of wine and dinner together?" funny. There were multiple instances reading this book when I laughed out loud and I'm 1000% percent positive that the woman behind them delivers just as effectively and hilariously in person as she does on the page (mainly because I've been enjoying her press tour for this book over the last few weeks). On top of being s...
  • Latanya (CraftyScribbles)
    Fan-fucking-tastic!I never saw Gabrielle Union as one that would crack my sides open with laughter. Trust. Not a glass of wine spilled as I read. Read this book. Listen to the audiobook, which she narrates, as soon as possible. But, before that, get your favorite bottle or box and sip fondly.5/5
  • Alana Benjamin
    “My humanness doesn’t insulate me from racism or sexism. In fact, I think I can deal effectively with the world preciously because I am a black woman who is so comfortable in my blackwomanness. I know what I can accomplish. And anything I have accomplished, I did so not in spite of being a black woman, but because I am a black woman.”Man, these short essays are required reading. Union, bravely and boldly, tells her story in vignettes about ...
  • Tender&Delicate
    Great Audiobook! She really reveals herself to her readers layer by layer. A truly relatable woman.