Dark Screams by Brian James Freeman

Dark Screams

Kelley Armstrong, Stewart O’Nan, Taylor Grant, Jonathan Moore, Peter Straub, and Lee Thomas weave six hair-raising yarns proving that appearances can be deceiving—and deadly—in this horror anthology assembled by Brian James Freeman and Richard Chizmar.  INVITATION TO THE GAME by Kelley Armstrong Vivienne dreams of moving up in the company, and now she’s got her chance. All the company asks in return is that she prove her absolute devotio...

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TitleDark Screams
Release DateJan 9th, 2018
GenreHorror, Short Stories, Anthologies

Reviews Dark Screams

  • Jan
    My love of horror shorties continues! As with most volumes of Dark Screams, this was a mixed bag of dark, creepy and intense stories that had by far the most gore. There are definitely two standouts here that are what pushed this rating up to 4 stars.'Invitation to the Game' and 'Torn' had me engaged right from the start. Well written, imaginative and disturbing from start to finish.I'm a huge fan of this series and look forward to the next set o...
  • Char
    DARK SCREAMS: VOLUME NINE was a ton of fun! I was most especially impressed with the last entry TORN by Lee Thomas. I'm not even going to get into what TORN was about because I think it should be related exactly as the author intended. I will say that even though this is a longer story than I usually care for in an anthology, it kept me riveted, it was original and I LOVED it!THE DEAD YEARS by Taylor Grant was another original entry and this one ...
  • Juli
    I love these collections of creepy, demented stories. Each volume seems to improve on the last. Volume 9 features six horror stories:Invitation to the party - Kelly Armstrong. Vivienne comes home from work one day and finds an invitation waiting for her. Not just any invite.... The Invitation. An announcement from her employer that she is being promoted to an executive job. But first, she will have to play The Game. This story puts a new spin on ...
  • Jennifer
    3.5/5 starsDark Screams: Volume Nine is an anthology with six horror stories. This is not a genre that I normally read. But Kelley Armstrong is one of my favorite authors. So I knew that I wanted to read her story included in this anthology.The six stories in this horror anthology are:1)INVITATION TO THE GAME by Kelley Armstrong2)SUMMER OF ’77 by Stewart O’Nan3)THE DEAD YEARS by Taylor Grant4)THE BLACKOUT by Jonathan Moore5)VARIATIONS ON A TH...
  • David
    There are a few gems in this volume but some of the other stories really missed the mark. Invitation to the Game and The Dead Years were exceptional. The Blackout had a cool plot but wasn't a smooth read for me. The remaining shorts didn't cut it.
  • Julia
    I love horror stories, and have read most of the volumes in this series. It is always a pleasure to read these collections.INVITATION TO THE GAME by Kelley ArmstrongDefinitely one of my favorites. Probably because I like the concept so much. An evil, all knowing corporation that asks absolute obedience from its employees. Vivienne is up for promotion at her company, and all she has to do is play a game. Everyone who wants to move up plays the gam...
  • Irene
    Another great collection of short stories that will be published shortly after the new year. For me the shining stars of this anthology are Kelly Armstrong and Lee Thomas. In "Invitation To the Game" Vivienne is up for a promotion at work. Normally that would be a good thing, but this company is anything but normal.In "Torn" Eleven year old Maggie didn't come home when she was meant to and the sheriff finds more than he is looking for when he set...
  • Sharon
    Hydra and NetGalley provided me with an electronic copy of Dark Screams: Volume Nine. I was under no obligation to review this book and my opinion is freely given.Dark Screams: Volume Nine is one of my favorites in the series, as the offerings in this book are both scary and complement each other well. My favorite short story is Invitation to the Game, as it is about one woman's loss of control of her own life. I was also a big fan of The Blackou...
  • Banshee
    This anthology consist of a collection of horror stories. These stories are from six well known authors. The stories were good but not scary. The writing was phenomenal and the story lines were well written. My favorite story was The Dead Years by Taylor Grant while my least favorite story was Variations on a Theme from Seinfeld by Peter Straub. The last story was half the novel which I though was weird but it was good so it was worth it, just no...
  • Wanda Maynard
    Another great book of horror-filled stories to keep you awake as you listen to the night sounds and glance at dark shadowy corners of, DARK SCREAMS: VOLUME NINE.Our first story titled, INVITATION TO THE GAME, by Kelley Armstrong, opens with an envelope on the kitchen table. Without opening it, Vivienne puts it in her laptop bag and continues on with her day, and doesn't think about it any more until later on that evening. Will she open it and fin...
  • Paul Anderson
    Dark Screams: Volume Nine edited by Brian James Freeman and Richard Chizmar (Hydra, January 2018) includes three new stories and three stories originally published in Cemetery Dance Magazine. Since the editors of Cemetery Dance edit this anthology series, it’s easy to see how they’re able to put out dozens of anthologies in just a few years and edit a magazine, too. They have twenty-five years of reprints to choose from and only need to add t...
  • Andrea
    I find it harder and harder to find a decent horror novel that doesn't rely on gore to scare the reader and is at that genuinely scary but some of the stories in this novel certainly went a good way to filling that horror void inside me.INVITATION TO THE GAME by Kelley ArmstrongOf course I love Kelley Armstrong she is one of my absolute favourite authors so it was no surprise that I was won over by this short story, I suspected foul play at the b...
  • Dez Nemec
    Another great iteration of the Dark Screams anthologies. This lot has a great mix of stories, and all were rather dark and disturbing. I loved it!Kelley Armstrong's Invitation to the Game: Vivienne gets an invitation to play a game, and it's an offer she can not - and will not - refuse.Summer of ‘77 by Stewart O’Nan is short, but effective. All I could think the whole time was that this was very Bundy-esque.The Dead Years by Taylor Grant make...
  • Mark Smith-briggs
    Dark Screams: volume nine serves up another six slabs of horror goodness with stories from Kelley Armstrong, Stewart O’Nan, Taylor Grant, Jonathan Moore, Peter Straub and a novella from Lee Thomas.As far as the series goes it's a bit of a mixed bag, with Grant's The Dead Years and Thomas' Torn the real highlights. Both are excellently crafted chillers that make this well worth a go. The first is a dark, twist-filled story of a man who meets a w...
  • Douglas Castagna
    Provided by Net Galley for an honest review. This was a weaker addition to the series with only one story that really out shined them all for me and that was The Dead Years by Taylor Grant. I wish was longer than it was, it started off interesting and took a dark turn and then, got even darker. Great story, strong and tense throughout and nice surprises. The other one I had read previously, and that was Torn. The longest of the additions to this ...
  • Susan
    Can appearances be deceiving? Can they be deadly? How? "That is the theme of the stories in this anthology.the short stories are written. They kept my attention even when someone was knocking at the door. They left, I kept reading. My favorite story was "Torn." I have enjoyed this series very much. I hope they continue this series.Disclaimer: I received an arc of this book free from the author/publisher from Netgalley. I was not obliged to write ...
  • Candy
    Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for an advance copy of this book in return for an honest review.There isn't much I can say about this one, since it was perhaps a bit out of my genre and comfort zone. There were a few good stories, but then one story takes half the book, and it is gory. Didn't much care for the writing or the storyline, even without the blood and guts. If you like this type of book, it might be for you.https://candysplane...
  • Vnunez-Ms_luv2read
    I love this series, another strong entry. There is somehing for everyone. My favorite: The Invitation. Awesome anthology of short stories. I look foward to the next installment. Thanks to NetGalley, the publisher and the author for the ARC of this book in return for my honest review.
  • Benni
    Review also posted on my blog: https://bennilovesbooks.wordpress.com...I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley.Overall, this was a great anthology! I love a good horror short story, and there were a bunch of them here. My three favorites:-“Invitation to the Game” by Kelley Armstrong was a VERY strong start to this anthology. The pacing was perfect, and the use of power imbalances was extremely powerful. I am so glad they put her st...
  • John J Questore
    As with the other eight volumes, I received an ARC in exchange for a review. If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know that I receive a lot of ARCs, but I have to say I look forward to the Dark Screams Anthologies the most. These are always a lot of fun, and I get exposed to some very talented writers that I wouldn’t otherwise know of.This volume holds a little special place in my collection as it includes a story by a very talen...
  • Mommacat
    Another mixed bag of screams from Chizmar, Freeman and Hydra. Starting at the end:Lee Thomas is the winner, winner and for my money is worth the cost of the book. There are so many layers to this story and not all is what it seems. It's a 5 star plus story.Kelley Armstrong's story was strong and a fine read. Made me wonder...Sandwiched between these two were a couple of fine stories by Grant and Moore. On the other hand, O'Nan's story was ok, and...
  • Elizabeth
    Judging an anthology is always difficult. Does one very good story outweigh several that are simply okay? What do you do when a single story doesn't catch your attention, but there aren't many in the volume? The truly excellent: Kelley Armstrong's "Invitation to the Game," where business and terror go hand in hand, and refusing a promotion is against company culture in all the worst ways. Perhaps it's simply a byproduct of living in the Silicon V...
  • Leigh
    Volume 9 of Dark Screams offers a collection of six stories from different authors. This is very much a mixed bag of an anthology, and is worth reading for three of the tales, while the other three are relatively weak. The stories included are:Kelley Armstrong – Invitation to the GameStewart O’Nan - Summer of ‘77Taylor Grant – The Dead YearsJonathan Moore – The BlackoutPeter Straub – Variations on a Theme from SeinfeldLee Thomas – T...
  • Sandy S
    3.5 stars--RELEASE DATE: January 9, 2018 DARK SCREAMS is a compilation of six short stories or horror. My review will cover INVITATION TO THE GAME by Kelley Armstrong and SUMMER OF ’77 by Stewart O’Nan._________INVITATION TO THE GAME by Kelley ArmstrongVivienne dreams of moving up in the company, and now she’s got her chance. All the company asks in return is that she prove her absolute devotion by playing a simple, silly little game.••...
  • Danielle Rose
    I received an ARC from NetGalley to read and review. The below is my honest, unbiased opinion. Thank you, authors, the publisher, and NetGalley, for allowing me to review.DARK SCREAMS is a mutli-author horror anthology. Each story can be read individually and as standalones. This publication consists of short stories, not novel-length pieces. This ninth volume consists of stories written by Kelley Armstrong ("INVITATION TO THE GAME"), Stewart O...
  • Laura Newsholme
    I enjoyed the majority of the stories in this collection and thought that they were well chosen, covering themes around family, love and monstrosity! As is the case with all Dark Screams anthologies, we have 5 short stories and one novella. Consequently, if you don't enjoy the novella, it can sour the whole experience. Luckily for me, I found Torn exciting, well written and thematically interesting...and who doesn't love a werewolf story? Invitat...
  • Kristina
    I love reading these types of books in October when the air is crisp and halloween is in the air. Short stories are the best b/c you get to sample so much. This collection of short stories was pretty good. By far my favorites were "The Blackout" and "Torn." "The Blackout" - though short - gave me that prickly feeling on my neck the way horror films did when I was a kid. It really achieved "creepy." "Torn" was great! It put me in mind of Stephen K...
  • SouthernTodayGoneTomorrow
    This is a collection of short stories by a variety of authors and I didn’t like it.It felt like they were forced out of the authors and I just don’t like them. Normally I am a fan of dark stories, but these just don’t sit well with me.Maybe if you LOVE dark horror stories, you might like this.
  • rebecca lou
    Getting shorter and shorter..I love these anthologies they're a compilation of Some of the best horror I've read and beautifully written. But I've noticed each anthology gets shorter and shorter til its barely a handfull of stories, not even half an hours entertainment.
  • Mulkurul
    Invitation to the Game by Kelley Armstrong ☆☆☆☆Summer of '77 by Stewart O'Nan ☆☆☆☆The Dead Years by Taylor Grant ☆☆The Blackout by Jonathan Moore ☆Variations on a Theme from Senfield by Peter Straub ☆☆Torn by Lee Thomas ☆☆