The Unremembered Girl by Eliza Maxwell

The Unremembered Girl

In the deep woods of East Texas, Henry supports his family by selling bootleg liquor. It’s all he can do to keep his compassionate but ailing mother and his stepfather—a fanatical grassroots minister with a bruising rhetoric—from ruin. But they have no idea they’ve become the obsession of the girl in the woods.Abandoned and nearly feral, Eve has been watching them, seduced by the notion of family—something she’s known only in the most...

Details The Unremembered Girl

TitleThe Unremembered Girl
Release DateNov 1st, 2017
PublisherLake Union Publishing
GenreFiction, Thriller, Mystery, Suspense, Mystery Thriller, Drama, Mental Health, Mental Illness, Adult, Relationships, Contemporary

Reviews The Unremembered Girl

  • Betul
    **ARC provided in exchange for an honest review**"Now, there was only Eve. Broken, broken Eve. The girl with no name."I usually don't read a lot of books outside the romance/paranormal genre, however every now and then I do. What made me pick up The Unremembered Girl was the intriguing and mysterious vibe I got from the blurb. I love books focusing on small town families, and the not knowing which direction the author will take with the character...
  • Joshua Dancer
    I'm pretty sure the author believes this is a tragic, yet hopeful love/coming of age story. Unfortunately it's actually the story of a selfish ass justifying all his bad decisions (view spoiler)[AND HE EVEN GETS A HAPPY ENDING, WTF. The complete lack of sympathy for Eve and all the trauma she'd suffered throughout her entire life was incredibly upsetting. How can you not only expect a woman pregnant from rape to be happy about having a baby, but ...
  • Wendy
    Upon reading the word ‘girl’ in the title (coupled with its uninspiring cover) I almost skipped over this one. I’m so glad I paid the book summary closer attention as it delivered an addictive read which I read in one sitting this afternoon.Lots of subtle things keep the momentum ticking along nicely as threads are cast out to connect the mundane goings-on in community where an unidentified and dishevelled young woman appears out of the blu...
  • Corina
    Yeah, no. Definitely not my favorite book. The plot jerked along for the whole novel and the characters were two dimensional. While it does smooth over a bit during the second half of the book, I was thoroughly Over It by then and only reading because I Ain't A Quitter. A few notes:1.) When I say the plot jerked along, I meant it. The transitions between scenes were messy and confusing. Sometimes I had to re-read whole passages just to figure out...
  • Jo Sexton
    You can also read my review at This book was my Kindle First choice for October. The life of a rather dysfunctional family living in the backwaters of Texas is turned upside down by the appearance of Eve, a young woman who has suffered terrible indignities and abuse from a very young age. Having escaped from traffickers, Eve has been secretly watching the family and studying their relationships, and it tri...
  • Christine Lowe
    Good Story, Great Writing. This book not only had me fighting tears but also left me feeling sick at times about man's inhumanity to man. The story portrays a family living in the South that has been there for generations. Henry has a kindness that is a reflection of his mother, Caroline. His father died when he was two. His stepfather, Livingston, is a preacher who no longer has a church due to his increasing zealotry. He must have been a good m...
  • Hollie
    The writing style on this one didn't pull me into the story until probably about the half way point. The storyline was original and the characters I liked. That being said, this was a fucked up read. It's not one Id easily recommend to friends, however, I'd still be willing to read some of this writers other work.
  • Goth Gone Grey
    Very dark, twisted tale full of surprisesThe book starts with a teaser chapter, jumping feet first in with a shocker that made me reconsider reading the rest of the book. The second chapter begins a flashback series of events until we catch back up to reread the first chapter, and beyond as the dominoes of events falls neatly in place. I'm glad I didn't quit reading.It's an intricate, cleanly told story of increasingly troubling events triggered ...
  • Melissa Storm
    This is a DNF for me. Nothing about it grabbed me and made me want to keep reading. It felt overwritten but under-explained. I absolutely love the concept. Maybe I'll try to get back into it one day, but I'm not too sure...
  • Cindy Woods
    DifferentThis story is a mixture of trauma, sadness and a few bright spots, although I found it more depressing than anything else. The plot is uneven and the physical descriptions of characters and geography is lacking. I wanted to keep reading because I had a feeling I would find out what it was all about.....there's a young woman of unknown age and origin found living in the woods fending for herself and feral. This is the heart of the plot wh...
  • Britt
    (Slight SPOILER at the end, but nothing too revealing) "You’ll never appreciate the daylight till you’ve walked on the dark side of the night, without even the stars to show you the way." The Unremembered Girl is ironically about a woman you'll never be able to forget, and the horrors she's experienced that made her into the shattered shell of a person that she is. She is the darkness that feeds off of Henry's light, and teaches him the true ...
  • Holly
    The Unremembered Girl is the story that will stay with you long after you finish reading it! As we are introduced to Henry, his sick mother who is dying from cancer, and a crazy grassroots minister for a step-father, you can't help but feel that something bad is gonna happen. It's only when a mysterious girl named Eve appears from the woods that everything starts going downhill even faster for this family.As the story heats up and secrets start t...
  • Emma Diercks
    I found this book through the Amazon Kindle First Choice for this month. I chose the Unremembered Girl by Eliza Maxwell because the description seem to be the right fit for the October spooky theme.This book was in the suspense category on Amazon Kindle, so I’ll be reviewing it with that in mind. I found this book to be… just okay. In a sense the story was suspenseful because one of the main characters had a past that wasn’t revealed until ...
  • Katie B
    3.5 starsHenry has dreams of joining the military but doesn't want to leave his mother, Caroline, behind with his stepfather, Livingston, a fanatical minister who was fired from the local church. Henry discovers his mother has been helping a mysterious girl in the woods, and he is soon drawn to her. He wants nothing more than to protect her from the terrible trauma she has endured. But Henry may realize that helping Eve might come at a terrible c...
  • Erin
    It's probably a 2.5. I finished it and it kept me interested despite a rocky start, but damned if I didn't rush through the last few chapters. It's very dark and sometimes it was hard to feel the protagonist's motivations for holding on to something. As the world started crumbling around him I began to feel sick and spent. I just wanted to be finished with it. I can handle dark and twisty but some of it felt contrived and unnecessary and I don't ...
  • Chrissy webb
    Excellent bookVery good details very good storylines. Very hard to put down. Charter details very good . This book will keep u on the edge of your seat. It has mystery and Romance all in one highly recommended
  • Siobhan
    My kindle first pick for October. WOW. Oh my God this book was dark!! Sooooo good though.
  • Clair
    Overall I found the book a fast read but the sheer amount of tragedy just made me feel sad. Its not a book for the faint-hearted but there are few dull moments as the plot keeps hurtling along. I settled between 2 and 3 star rating.Full review on the blog:https://clairsbookshelfblog.wordpress...
  • Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews
    This book contains many scenes that will cause heart break but rays of sunshine peek through to bring some happiness at the end.I don't even know where to start with my review of this book! The characters are complex and there are some to love and some to hate. The focus of the book is primarily on Henry and Eve. Henry and Eve has a connection and while they not admit it, everyone else can see they have a love connection. However, Eve has quite t...
  • Ryan-mae Mcavoy
    Ahhhhhhmazing. Has the same WTF feel of “Gone Girl” beautifully written. The beginning was a bit hard to catch my attention but once I was involved I COULD not put it down!
  • Lesli
    Not for me. Unbelievable characters. The relationship between Eve and Henry is very confusing to me. The infatuation is unbelievable.
  • Holly Rea
    So it is currently 4.30 am and I have yet to get any sleep because I could not put this book down!! It is about a feral 'girl' called Eve, living in the woods. Originally I thought this was a young girl, and I'm still unsure of her age, but I'm guessing late teenage years or possibly twenties? I don't know. She's taken in by a family and although nobody is sure it is a good idea, she gradually becomes part of the family.Henry, the son of the fami...
  • Tangled in Text
    Original post and giveaway on 10/12 at: Unremembered Girl will leave you with an emotional hangover and a broken heart. After I finished this book I needed to sit in silence for a bit to digest everything that had just happened. There were no boundaries and no taking it easy in this plot. The author pounded relentlessly on your heart until you were as broken as the characters. There were many points whe...
  • Cari
    The Unremembered Girl was my Kindle First selection for the month of October...If you're one of those readers who only enjoys books with a happy ending, this probably isn't the tale for you. In fact, this book was a whole lot of "doom and gloom" and was basically comprised of a series of really depressing, traumatic situations surrounding a nearly feral young woman found living in the woods. Luckily for me, I tend to like dark tales and I am alwa...
  • cathy
    Emotional roller coasterThis book will take you out of your comfort zone. You will find it difficult at times to cheer on Henry as he makes difficult life choices. But you will. The only real negative comment is how the relationship between Henry and Eve came to be. I found it hard to swallow how someone as solid as Henry was characterized became so quickly involved with Eve. I loved several of the characters in the book and felt they stayed in c...
  • Alfred J. Coscia
    4 1/2 Stars For A Gothic Tale Deftly WovenI put 5 stars because in my opinion I think it is far too good for a mere 4. This book is insidiously gripping, leaving one avidly trailing along picking up tidbits of horror, breadcrumbs of mystery, glimpses of hope and prickles up one's spine. The author does an excellent job of setting the tone and writing characters that are realistic and the interaction between them is intriguing.The premise of this ...
  • Bobbi
    This story is full of dark stuff that you find in the underbelly of humanity. While it’s not super graphic at all it could trigger some of the more sensitive. This book wasn’t as good as The Grave Digger in my opinion. It almost felt like Eliza was trying outdo her previous book and a lot of the story felt forced and slightly over the top in places. For instance the main “bad thing” seemed so out of reach and far fetched. The characters w...
  • Susan
    I do not even know how to express how I feel about this book. Basically, it was a look at several lives and how bad things happen to good people and the fact that you are a good person doing something for a good reason doesn't protect you from bad things. Eve, an abused girl, finds herself brought into a dysfunctional family: mother dying of cancer, fanatical preacher father, and Henry, a young man trying to be there for everyone else. Sprinkle i...
  • Sherrie Cuthbert
    A girl I will never forgetThis book was one of the Kindle First's for the month of October, and at first, I was not quite sure it was my type of novel. However, after perusing my other choices, it seemed the most likely candidate, so off I went; and i am I glad I did.Ms Maxwell creates for us, life in a very small town, where everyone knows everyone, up to and including all of their business. If you grew up in a place anything like this, you may ...
  • Michelle
    Deliciously twistedI have to admit that this book did not initially suck me in. In fact, I thought for awhile that it was a little too dramatic and perhaps, predictable. However, just as those thoughts formed, I hit the first sharp corner on what turned out to be quite a rollercoaster ride. I would definitely recommend this book and the only reason I gave it four stars instead of five, is that I felt like I was never given the opportunity to get ...