Dreaming of Manderley by Leah Marie Brown

Dreaming of Manderley

Going from old money to no money, the three Maxwell sisters' lives are about to change drastically. Now, one by one, each must blaze her own trail to happily-ever-after . . .Manderley Maxwell has always been the dependable, hard-working one while her younger sisters live A-list lives, courtesy of their family fortune . . . until it's suddenly lost, leaving behind a truckload of debt! Now Mandy is faced with two choices: play perpetual caretaker ...

Details Dreaming of Manderley

TitleDreaming of Manderley
Release DateDec 26th, 2017
PublisherLyrical Press, Inc

Reviews Dreaming of Manderley

  • Laura
    In the interests of full disclosure, I've never read Rebecca. I think I started it once, wasn't in the mood, and put it down about halfway through the first chapter. So, I went into DREAMING OF MANDERLY with no real idea what it was about. But I loved Leah Marie Brown's IT GIRLS series, so I was excited to read this.The first thing I noticed is that the voice is very different from what I've come to expect from those books. I liked seeing Brown s...
  • Kristi Lewis
    Manderley Maxwell is the reliable and sensible sister. Her other two younger sisters are immature and not responsible. Manderley (Mandy) also works for her best friend Olivia. She is the dependable and hard working person that her sisters and best friend rely on. When Mandy travels to France with Olivia things begin to change. Mandy is swept off her feet by the handsome, sexy Frenchman Xavier. Xavier is something of a mystery. Mandy is unsure if ...
  • Helen Hardt
    Humor, heat, and a sexy Frenchman… Brown’s nod to Daphne du Maurier’s classic is a winner!
  • Peggy Jaeger
    I’ve been a fan of Leah Marie Brown for a while and when I heard about her new Maxwell Sisters series, I was thrilled.In the first book, DREAMING OF MANDERLEY, Brown channels her inner Daphne Du Maurier to tell the story of oldest sister Manderley “Mandy” Maxwell. And just like the classic du Maurier REBECCA, this book is chockablock full of romantic suspense, secrets, and sexy guy who just might be more than he seems.But it’s not just on...
  • BlahBlahBlah...and Books
    Received this book through Netgalley. Will post review soon.
  • Evelyn Carrillo
    This is a modern take on Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. The first half of the book feels too long and full of angst. The second half is much better and entertaining (but you have to struggle with the first half first). If the first half could be edited and shortened it would make for a much better book.