After On by Rob Reid

After On

The definitive novel of today’s Silicon Valley, After On flash-captures our cultural and technological moment with up-to-the-instant savvy. Matters of privacy and government intrusion, post-Tinder romance, nihilistic terrorism, artificial consciousness, synthetic biology, and much more are tackled with authority and brash playfulness by New York Times bestselling author Rob Reid. Meet Phluttr—a diabolically addictive new social network and a ...

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TitleAfter On
Release DateAug 1st, 2017
PublisherDel Rey
GenreScience Fiction, Fiction, Abandoned, Audiobook

Reviews After On

  • Jane
    I almost DNFed this several times. If I had it to do over again, I would not only not finish it, I would not start it. It took me over a month to slog through it.I really enjoyed Rob Reid's other book, Year Zero, and I'm fascinated by fiction about artificial intelligence and the Turing Test. But this bloated book in the end doesn't have enough interesting to say about either to justify over 500 pages.There is a super macho, misogynistic, Freudia...
  • Tim Chang
    This is going to be one of THE must-read sci fi books of 2017 -- wonderful blend of humor and thought-provoking implications of AI, in a style that's poised to make this the next "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"!
  • David Katzman
    I started reading this...thought it would be a refreshing contemporary change after completely both Infinite Jest and The Alexandria Quartet. And yet. The opening voice on the first few pages was so unbearable grating I had to immediately put it down. I've never been so annoyed by the opening of a book in my life. It was as if the author was screeching at me. Nevermore After On.
  • Brenda Ayala
    You almost beat me, After On. You were almost the first book I DNF'd for the first time in like three years. There were a few times where I was super close. But you know what pushed me forward? You told me I couldn't finish you. So I did, damnit. You can't tell me what I can or can't finish reading!There are heaps and heaps of pages that are just unnecessary. Long, drawn out explanations about various Silicon Valley start ups and established enti...
  • Otis Chandler
    A fun, humorous, fast-paced, and fascinating take on what happens when an AI awakens. In order to tell this story, Reid invents a fictional Silicon Valley company called Pluttr, which seems sort of like a mashup of Snapchat+Facebook+WeChat but with more big data about us all, so it’s able to really personalize it’s experience. Frankly it seems like a good idea and where the afore mentioned companies are likely going. And this is one of my fav...
  • Andrew
    Another rock star performance by one of my favorite writers. This novel reads like a shockingly familiar nightmare/daydream of an imaginary near future, while at the same time bringing us twinges of a shared past...very Meta. From a stylistic standpoint, Reid's writing is sort of M.C. Escher elopes with Douglas Adams and they end up honeymooning at Burning Man with Zuckerberg and Sandberg.
  • Adam
    This review is based on an advanced reading copy I received while at the ALA Midwinter Conference in January 2017. Honestly I didn't get very far in this book. I tried, but there were so many chopped up sentences and rough grammar and squawking doorbells (I've never heard a doorbell squawk. Ding flatly, yes, but not squawk. Come on.) that I just couldn't stomach the thought of continuing to slog through 500 some-odd pages of the same. The book st...
  • Erick Tseng
    Rob Reid's "Forever On" is SO GOOD! It's a must-read.Imagine if Joseph Heller, Michael Crichton, Andy Weir, the writers behind Silicon Valley, and Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors had an orgy. Their love child would be this book.
  • Genevieve Kim
    Brilliant, witty, energetic-- could not put this book down. Forever On got me to look beyond typical black-and-white attitudes toward technology, AI, media consumption, global politics, gender and even spirituality, and to explore the various thought-provoking shades of gray. A must-read adventure for all of us living in a world of encroaching change. I typically don't read sci-fi and loved this book. Hats off to Rob Reid for an ingenious vision.
  • Nathan
    This book alternates between terrifying and hilarious so fast I'm pretty sure I got whiplash several times. One of my favorite aspects of the book is trying to figure out who the narrator is, which I'm proud to say I did. I'm definitely going to be more careful about reading the EULA when I sign up for stuff... OK, let's be honest, no I won't, because who has that kind of time? Anyway, lots of fun to be had in this book, and I definitely recommen...
  • Molly
    I wanted everyone in this book to stop talking, especially the narrator.
  • Sean Randall
    So, yeah - over 2,700 exclamation marks are a bit of a turnoff. and some of the nebulosity and sheer randomness? It goes a tad far. But as a story, it's good. As a montage of the valley, it seems to work. As a pinhole analysis of Humanity, flaws and all, it's pretty damned hot. SO despite feeling frustrated on a pret-ty regular basis ... I liked it. I enjoyed it. I read it at odd hours of the morning when I couldn't sleep and found myself picking...
  • Exapno Mapcase
    This is a Goodreads First Reads review.There is a lot of information to parse through throughout this novel and all of it becomes relevant during the course of the story, you just have to try and keep up. The best part comes when the A.I. comes fully aware and starts interacting with the main characters.
  • Heather
    I really enjoyed this behemoth of a book. It gets very dark and deep, which is to be expected dealing with AI and supercomputers. However author Rob Reid never lets the reader go without lots of humor sprinkled throughout, many of it in the form of old reviews. This helps strike a balance in what could have been overall a very bleak story.My favorite quote in the book:"I think the whole point of the simulation might be the exercise of ...
  • Jeremy
    I had to give up at about 40% when I realized I was skimming all but one story line and fixating in my reading progress, eagerly awaiting the end.Disappointing, I'm a big fan of the related podcast series. Characters are without any substance. Plot is trivial. Writing is sophomoric, though vocabulary is above average. If you are in Silicon Valley and love the smell of your own farts, this is a book for you!
  • Saleh
    Love it! A 2017 must for science, fiction, and tech fans. Goes surprisingly deep on some topics.
  • J. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    I'm gonna try to come back and clean this up later. Let me first say that I greatly enjoyed Year Zero, it is a lot of fun.Not enjoying it so far. It's very dull and not a fan of the narration.It is picking up a little bit and has some redeeming qualities. The fake reviews are too funny.Okay, hate it now.Some beautiful millennial bashing....but it turned into tongue in cheek, wouldn't want to offend those cry babies. They'll start occupy Reid's ho...
  • Joshua Kerr
    I won this is in a giveaway. Forever On is a great account on how super intelligence will arrive, and what it will mean for all of humans. Hilarious, frightening, believable, and marvelously constructed; Forever On has all human emotions.
  • Amr Elnahla
    I found the start of the book, mocking its 576-page length, quite funny, but then found the book, quite boring, running for at least 500 pages more than it should have! Too many plot diversions, too many rabbit hole explorations, and too many narrative voices. It’s a story that barely moves forward, packed with weak dialogue, immature characters, and a senseless direction.I give the book 1 star for what if is, and give myself 5 stars for pushin...
  • Bob Cutler
    I am stunned at how highly rated this book is. It almost made it to my "did not finish" list. The author cleverly challenges the reader to read all 547 pages right at the start of the book. I probably wouldn't have read much beyond the first 100 pages without it. However, I did skip 200 pages in the latter half of the book and I feel like I missed almost nothing plot-wise.Here are the flaws That caused me to rate this as a one-star book:1. Lots o...
  • Nilesh
    After On is a brilliant book. Laugh Out Loud. Makes one learn a lot. With a story. Great twists. Amazing writing style. And social messages too. Still not for everyone. Let me take elaborate on these points one by one.Laugh out loud: The book is humourous absolutely all through. The jokes are mostly in your face and loud a la Douglas Adams, but novel enough in most cases to work because of their high humour quotient. One cannot but chuckle at the...
  • Mark Cohen
    Still not finished this book, but wanted to post a review because its awesome and I highly recommend reading if we share tastes in books. Scifi meets comedy meets silicon valley today. The central theme is about a (view spoiler)[social network - sorry social operating system - that is powered by AI that achieves sentience. (hide spoiler)]Colourful stories interwined with funny characters, and the occasional political opinion or two - and a lot of...
  • Elizabeth
    oh what a fun read. I listened to the audible version, and the narrators were just fantastic. I loved how it wove together multiple texts, and made commentary that was SO very current in a way that made it feel like this could be happening right in this time.
  • HobbitFromPA
    Fun read. It was nice to read a story like this where it wasn't completely dystopian.
  • J. Harding
    Forever On is a great read, one that you can just get lost in, in a good way. Highly recommended.
  • Martim Weinstein
    After following the After On podcast from episode 1 and loving the transition into the long form interviews, I absolutely blame Rob Reid for getting me to unsubscribe a few podcasts (not his) to have time to get into audiobooks. The free chapters on his podcast were too effective. Having a queue of 6 books on my kindle, in which this book was number 4, is also part of the reason to have gone the audiobook route. I'm reaching the end of the After ...
  • Noah King
    I LOVED this book. Fun, charming, insightful, and very well written, it tells the speculative story of a near future technology that leaves you feeling like you just read a very credible prediction of what's to come. Highly recommended.
  • Kevin
    86% done and still considering stopping.At the very least I'll leave my review now, because if I do finish, I may be angrier than I am now.Please note: Audible edition - which isn't helping the situation.Where does one begin?I know, how about Character Development (or lack of). There's a lot of "stuff" about the 3 main characters, but it doesn't equate to much real development.1. The "Main Character" (presumably our hero) - Has a heart of gold, a...
  • Benny Koch
    Worth buying just to read part 1. Very interesting look at silicon valley and where tech is headed. Pretty funny too. Part two was super frustrating to get through and I eventually gave up. The writer tells the story through many different methods and seemed to lose track of the main characters. I got really bored of different bloggers and the narrator telling me what was happening instead of the writer telling the story through the main characte...
  • Jeremy
    My first red flag should’ve been when I couldn’t make it through the synopsis without first having PTSD symptoms from The Circle, followed by intense boredom. It took me no fewer than three tries to read the entire synopsis, and even then I wasn’t sure if this was a fiction, non-fiction, non-fiction-adjacent, or what. However, at the insistence of a cousin who loved the book, I dove in. I have to admit though, he was right. Partially anyway...